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Top sales 8/10 to 8/16 photo

Top selling toys in Japan for week of 8/10 to 8/16

So Toynes.jp took a break from doing their top sales lists for a few weeks, but it looks like, at least for now, they're back! There have been a lot of summer releases since the last period posted ending July 19, so there must have been som...

Top sales 7/13 to 7/19 photo

Top selling toys in Japan for week of 7/13 to 7/19

I remember a time when toys were toys; not trading cards and professional drones. Times have really changed... Overall (→)Yo-Kai Watch Youkai Medal Busters Vol.1 (Bandai) (New) Shuriken Sentai Ninninger DX Lion Haoh (Ba...

Top sales 7/6 to 7/12 photo

Top selling toys in Japan for week of 7/6 to 7/12

It was a short absence, but Yo-Kai watch is back and with authority. It was only a matter of time really; a series can't be in the top five so consistently and not reappear when something new comes around. Lots of other new figures, too so ...

Top sales 6/29 to 7/5 photo

Top selling toys in Japan for week of 6/29 to 7/5

It was a short break, but it would seem Ninninger is back again in the top five. Clearly Bandai hit a home run with the current Super Sentai incarnation. It is interesting to not see Yo-Kai watch return, or Kamen Rider Drive for that matter...

Top sales 6/15 to 6/21 photo

Top selling toys in Japan for week of 6/15 to 6/21

For some reason Toynes.jp took a short break so we don't have rankings for the week of 6/8 to 6/14, but things appear to be back on track! This particular time frame has been a bit delayed, so expect the week of 6/15 to 6/21 to be up soon a...

Top sales 6/1 to 6/7 photo

Top selling toys in Japan for week of 6/1 to 6/7

Normally the majority of toys we see make the rankings every week are robots. But this week things are a little different with only three bots on the list, and only two of those are Gundam. Plus we've got two girls on the list and the retur...

Top sales 5/25 to 5/31 photo

Top selling toys in Japan for week of 5/25 to 5/31

Hey, this is actually a really cool mix for this sales period. Sure, we've got the usual mix of Yo-Kai Watch, Super Sentai, and Gundam, but we've also got a Transformer, a second week of Hatsune Miku, another Kamen Rider, and a Nendoroid! G...

Top sales 5/11 to 5/17 photo

Top selling toys in Japan for week of 5/11 to 5/17

Not sure why, but apparently during this period there was a surge in toy sales from Shuriken Sentai Ninninger. Japan's current big Super Sentai series claimed the bottom four overall slots. Meanwhile all of the hobby slots went to gian...

Top sales 5/4 to 5/10 photo

Top selling toys in Japan for week of 5/4 to 5/10

Well this is a little odd. For the first time since we started reporting these Japanese sales ranking we've got absolutely nothing new for the overall and hobby lists. In fact none of the rankings reported by Toynes.jp had new items on...

Top sales 4/27 to 5/3 photo

Top selling toys in Japan for week of 4/27 to 5/3

Well this is interesting. For the first time since we've been following these top lists we're absent one Shuriken Sentai Ninninjer DX Shurikenjin. It and the Ninja Ichibantou have been something of a staple on the list for the past six week...

Top sales 4/20 to 4/26 photo

Top selling toys in Japan for week of 4/20 to 4/26

By now we should be used to Bandai owning these top lists so I won't harp on that any more. Instead we'll focus on what's actually made the lists rather than who made them. Like last week the overall list matches the boys list which can be ...

Top sales 4/13 to 4/19 photo

Top selling toys in Japan for week of 4/13 to 4/19

I guess this is what we've been building up to. It started to look like they were losing their grip, but a steady gain in rankings lead to this point: total domination. I'll comment more down below. Overall (→) Yo-Kai Watch Yo-Ka...

Top sales 4/6 to 4/12 photo

Top selling toys in Japan for week of 4/6 to 4/12

This week supported two known facts: trading card games and Gundam are insanely popular in Japan. To say it was a great week for either, especially Gundam, might be an understatement. There are only three new items this week, the rest is a ...

Top sales 3/30 to 4/5 photo

Top selling toys in Japan for week of 3/30 to 4/5

So last time I lamented a bit that figma Sinon from Sword Art Online II didn't rank during her release week. Well it seems she received a delayed reaction as she ranked pretty high in the first week of April. And she wasn't even the only fi...

Top sales 3/23 to 3/29 photo

Top selling toys in Japan for week of 3/23 to 3/29

Looks like Bandai finished March on a high note by releasing a bunch of new Gundam stuff as well as their continued Sentai domination. Plus game cards keep being big sellers and... Star Wars? Here's the ranking: Overall (↑) Shuriken ...

Top sales 3/16 to 3/22 photo

Top selling Japanese toys for week of 3/16 to 3/22

  Curious about what's the Japanese are actually buying and how they lineup with your own collecting habit? Toynes.jp has you covered with a weekly and monthly sales round up. Last week was a good week for robot fans as four big names ...

Figuarts Zero MMPR Green photo

Figuarts Zero summons MMPR Green Ranger for release

This is an unexpected development here. I thought that when MMPR went heavily into S.H. Figuarts and just a slight dip into Super Robot Chogokin, those were going to be the two lines. Now coming out of the Premium Bandai shop is the Green R...

SHF MMPR Arm Black Ranger photo

Tamashii Nations' next SDCC exclusive is Armored Black Ranger

I'm sure you all remember the episode of MMPR. Sure, it was 20 years ago but you remember it like it was yesterday. Zack needs to overcome the odds, Tommy lends him his shield and we get the Armored Black Ranger. It was an episode made for ...

Kikaider photo

S.H. Figuarts Kikaider gets a photo gallery

A photo gallery has appeared for Bandai's upcoming S.H. Figuarts Kikaider, based on the character's appearance in a rebooted film. [EDIT: I've been informed that this is the costume from the original show, not the film.] I was more than a l...

Review - SHF MMPR Black photo

Tomopop Review: S.H. Figuarts MMPR Black Ranger

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers defined the childhoods of most of those born in the mid-1980s. Compared to the toys of the past, it really isn't fair to compare them to what we've already seen from Tamashii Nations in their release of S.H. Fi...

S.H. Figuarts MMPR Yellow photo

Complete the team with S.H. Figuarts MMPR Yellow Ranger

You've been collecting the MMPR for some time now in just about every variant. Tamashii Nations has done pretty well in releasing the whole team, but there's just one last one left. While Black and Blue wait for their releases in the very n...

1983 Tokyo Toy Show photo

Witness toy history with this 1983 Tokyo Toy Show video

There are a lot of retro nostalgia toy videos on YouTube; mostly retrospects and individuals gushing about their favorite figures. So rare is it for a video to surface that takes a slice right out of time, and even more-so when that moment ...

SHF MMPR Blue Ranger photo

Bandai gets smart with the SHF MMPR Blue Ranger

Tamashii Nations has been quite successful with their trip into nostalgia with the line of S.H. Figuarts of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (or Zyuuranger). With Red, Armored Red, Green, and Pink already released, along with Black upcoming, th...

Tokkyuger photo

Bandai reveals 2014 Sentai series and toy line Tokkyuger

Bandai has revealed the next Super Sentai series through a catalog being sent to Japanese retailers. Thanks to images posted over at Japanator we've got our first look at Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger, and more importantly, the first ba...

SHF Red Wind Ranger photo

Tomopop Review: S.H. Figuarts Ninja Storm Red Wind Ranger

Power Rangers Ninja Storm took on a different feel from previous entries in the series. Only 3 main team members at first, a 3D Guinea Pig for a leader, and Disney finally putting together a decent series. Ninja Storm was the series that ac...

Review - SHF Red Ranger photo

Tomopop Review: S.H. Figuarts MMPR Armored Red Ranger

The 20th Anniversary of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers has finally brought them into the S.H. Figuarts lineup. The initial releases of MMPR's Green, Red and White Rangers have proven themselves to be great releases for the line, but now it's ...

Review - SHF White Ranger photo

Tomopop Review: S.H. Figuarts MMPR White Ranger

The 20th Anniversary of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers has brought the attention of Tamashii Nations. As seen yesterday, the two main Rangers of MMPR, Jason and Tommy, have gotten their Red and Green Rangers as releases in the S.H. Figuarts l...

S.H. Figuarts photo

Figure King Magazine announces normal SHF Goku, MMPR

It's been the dragon you chase but could never catch. For years, the sample of a normal S.H. Figuarts Goku has been shown at just about every Tamashii show. Every time, there would be zero confirmation. Today, however, is different as it ha...

SHF Armored Red Ranger photo

S.H. Figuarts Armored Red Ranger's packaging revealed

Bluefin Tamashii Nations USA has posted the packaging photos for Bandai's upcoming S.H. Figuarts Armored Red Ranger (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers). The Armored Red Ranger will be on sale at NYCC before being made available through other U.S...

Bluefin photo

Bandai SDCC exclusives available on Bluefin Premium

For those who missed picking up Bandai exclusives at the Bluefin Distribution booth during SDCC (and want to avoid scalpers), Bluefin Distribution is currently selling those exclusives through Bluefin Premium. The site charges a flat US$10 ...

Power Rangers Samurai photo

Tomopop Review: S.H.Figuarts Power Rangers Samurai 5-pack

For me, Power Rangers basically ended with Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie. However, the show has continued for over a dozen more seasons and, through the magic of Linkara's Power Ranger reviews, I've actually been tempted to check out a few o...


SDCC 2013: S.H. Figuarts Power Rangers/Super Sentai

It's an exciting convention for fans of the spandex clad heroes as Bandai had a bunch of great Power Rangers stuff on hand. First and foremost were their con exclusive metallic S.H. Figuarts Power Rangers Samurai team, complete with sn...

SDCC13 - Tamashii Nations photo

SDCC 2013: The leaks erupt from Tamashii Nations' booth

[Update: Now with the full SHF MMPR lineup] The doors haven't officially opened to San Diego Comic Con just yet, but as you saw from the prototype S.H. Figuarts Sailor Jupiter, that hasn't stopped news from flooding out. The Tamashii Nation...

SHF MMPR Armored Red photo

MMPR Red Ranger gets armored up for new S.H. Figuarts

Armor is a good thing. Plot armor is even better and the two combined for Jason's Red Ranger following Tommy's departure. When Tommy goes away/Burai dies, his powers get transferred to Red. What we get now is the S.H. Figuarts version of th...

Bluefin photo

Bluefin teases something Power Rangers-ey

Bluefin Tamashii Nations USA have begun teasing what they're going to be bringing to San Diego Comicon and earlier today they threw up the above image on their Facebook page. Shot through heavily frosted glass, it's impossible to make out a...

SHF MMPR Pink Ranger photo

SHF MMPR Pink Ranger is available for order

Late Thursday came the announcement of the next S.H. Figuart for the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers lineup, none other than Pterodactyl summoning Pink Ranger. Bluefin wasn't lying when they said that pre-orders would be soon to follow, as no...

Tamashii Nation releases photo

Tamashii Nations' September releases for US & Canada

September is looking to be a good month for the obscurities of many franchises. Figures I never thought would see the light of day are coming in and just as many are heading back out to school. Bandai is set to release quite a bit of said f...


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