Secret Red Keel Haul Cleg Unveiled!

Nov 06
Back when I first posted the release of Greg “Craola” Simkin’s Cap’n Rotnclaw and friends and then the unveiling of the series’ hidden treasure, we had yet to see the special Keel Haul Cleg eleph... read

Cap'n Rotnclaw's treasure revealed!

Oct 27
STRANGEco. has released some further details about the Greg Simkins Cap’n Rotnclaw and Keel Haul Cleg figures. In the original post I mentioned that the figures would be packaged with special treasure maps and now we kn... read

Tokidoki introduces The Cocommando!

Sep 30
Tokidoki, along with STRANGEco, is revealing a new character series headed up by Captain Coco, who was forced to eschew his carefree monkey ways and form the Cocommando when his tropical paradise was invaded by evil developer... read

Greg Simkins' Cap'n Rotnclaw takes on the high seas this October

Sep 23
Arrr! More pirate goodness! At SDCC08 we were introduced to Cap'n Rotnclaw (Gray), the surly and crabby pirate captain unveiled by Greg Simkins and STRANGEco. The series comes in four iterations, two of which are part pirate ... read

Tokidoki's OnitsukaTigers: the cutest thing to happen to one of my favorite animals ever

Aug 18
These are the best thing I have seen in a great while. White Tigers are one of my favorite animals of all time and I definitely need these. Tokidoki makes anything cute, of course -- it could be something completely morbid bu... read

Julie West's Bumble and Tweet colorway sneak peek at My Plastic Heart

Aug 09
There's no way around it, Julie West is amazing. I'm a huge fan of her artwork, so seeing she's got a line of vinyl figures coming in the fall from STRANGEco makes me a very happy man. Vinyl Pulse has got info on the two piec... read

STRANGEco announces SDCC Tokidoki and Vivisect Playset Exclusives

Jul 09
STRANGEco's booth (#4629) at San Diego Comic Con this year is aiming straight for my personal weak point: Tokidoki. I hadn't made up my mind about the 8' Dunny or Tokyoplastic geisha exclusives, believe it or not -- I can on ... read

First-ever Singapore Toy and Comic Convention underway

Jun 30
Here in North America, we're all getting ready for the upcoming San Diego Comic Con or just getting back from Wizard World Chicago, but those are far from the only two events on the schedule right now. In fact, this weekend w... read

MARS-1's Observer, or how to appeal to my curious side

Jun 23
Have you ever had that feeling, where something's just so odd that it's really, really cool? That's the vibe I'm getting from MARS-1's latest creation, simply titled Observer. The piece features an alien-like creature with a ... read

James Jarvis and Bounty Hunter's King Kun arrives in America

Jun 23
Now, King Kun isn't exactly the newest vinyl figure on the market. James Jarvis and Bounty Hunter's mash-up of King Ken and Skull Kun was announced last month, but now we're getting the details on when you'll be able to buy y... read

StrangeCO announces new four legged Tokidoki friends: Skeletrino and Skeletrina

May 06
Simone Legno's delightful world of hyper-adorable characters will never fail to capture my heart. The latest in the collectible toy line are two mini figures (1.5") that would likely look lovely alongside the Cactus Pups... read

STRANGEco's Somewhere City plush dolls (and more!)

Apr 30
Somewhere City is like the ultimate pairing of children's toys and designer art sensibilities -- simple, brightly colored and iconic.  The series is a collaborative effort between STRANGEco and The Museum of Modern Art, ... read

StrangeCo announces New York Comicon exclusives

Apr 07
New York Comicon is already shaping up to be the geek equivalent of a Bacchanalian orgy -- with exclusive figures and artists available for signing at nearly every booth at the con, you may have to go with Kleenex wadded in y... read

Vivisect Playset debuts in LA and San Francisco, destined for stardom!

Jan 30
What exactly is this Vivisect Playset business, you ask? Well, I'll tell you: Vivisect is in fact a much awaited "blind box" vinyl toy set featuring the work of multiple artists. Boasting art veterans such as Luke C... read

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