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8:00 PM on 04.01.2014

Kotobukiya's Jabba silocone tray a Hutt-sized prank?

Kotobukiya has posted some photos of a chocolate Jabba the Hutt, purportedly created via a new silicone ice tray mold that the company intends to release in April 2015. Besides the fact that Hutts are indigestible (a Sarlacc ...



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2:00 PM on 04.01.2014

Help destroy the second Death Star with C-Wok Caveys

The Cavey family is heading to a galaxy far, far away with its next release, the C-Wok Cavey. Based on the Ewoks from Return of the Jedi, the little fellows will be available in both plush and vinyl versions, as seems to be t...

Brian Szabelski

7:00 AM on 03.31.2014

Fuller introduces us to the world of Bizarre Wars

If the competition for "Best Custom Dunny Series of 2014" is underway, then allow me to submit one of the likely finalists: Fuller's Bizarre Wars. A series of six Dunnys set in an alternate galaxy far, far away — where ...

Brian Szabelski

6:00 AM on 03.13.2014

Funko's Fabrikations need no embellishment

Some official images have popped up for Funko's 6-inch Fabrikations Soft Sculpture line. The line features plush-looking fabric exteriors which are apparently filled with a dense foam and feature some weighting to help them s...


5:00 PM on 03.02.2014

Preview Diamond Select Toys' upcoming Summer releases

After their attendance at last month's Toy Fair, fans of Diamond Select Toys are no doubt wondering when we will get more news on the goodies the company had on display. DST recently released additional information on many of...

Natalie Kipper

8:00 AM on 02.24.2014

Evilos customized the Android I'm looking for

[update: added some more images to the gallery] Evilos has recently Instagrammed the image below of a stunning custom job he did on a mega Android, making it look like R2D2. "Mega" here means the Android is 9 and 3/4-inches ...

Kristina Pino

8:00 AM on 02.20.2014

Toy Fair 2014: Kotobukiya

Kotobukiya is always fun to see at conventions because you never know what new stuff they’ll have. Their recently revealed DC Bishoujo Starfire was on full display, and actually looks better in person than those promo ...

Vanessa Cubillo

8:00 PM on 02.16.2014

Toy Fair 2014: Hasbro - Star Wars

Jabba the Hutt and a new Star Wars miniatures line were just two of the many awesome unveils Hasbro had for Star Wars at their Toy Fair preview night. The company officially showed Jabba, Darth Vader, a EPVI jedi Luke, Chewbacca, a clone trooper, and an Imperial scout with speeder bike for the Star Wars Black series among other cool reveals. Details after the jump.


12:00 AM on 02.14.2014

QMx adds DC and Star Wars collectibles

Quantum Mechanix is known for creating collectibles with a few notable Western sci-fi licenses such as Star Trek, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, and Doctor Who. Recently they've secured deals to add two more huge licenses: DC...

Tianxiao Ma

5:00 PM on 02.10.2014

Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: Star Wars invades MAFEX line

A short time ago at a convention far, far away... (cue opening theme) Episode IV.V: A Newer Hope It was a period of great excitement and financial anguish. The mighty Japanese toy companies have gathered in one place in a ful...


11:30 PM on 02.09.2014

Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: Kotobukiya Bishoujo Roundup

Most of Kotobukiya's newer Bishoujo figures were up at WonFes, included a painted Starfire sculpt for DC fans! I think she looks great; her green eyes really stand out, and the sculpting on her hair is awesome. We've seen the...

Tianxiao Ma

Kotobukiya's Mara Jade now has to choose sides photo
Kotobukiya's Mara Jade now has to choose sides
by Tianxiao Ma

I really loved Kotobukiya's Jaina Solo (reviewed), and the upcoming Mara Jade is looking equally impressive. This latest production update from Kotobukiya doesn't really have much new, save for a couple of shots of her base. It uses interchangeable cards, like you see with the Tekken Bishoujo bases. For Mara Jade you'll have a choice between Rebel and Imperial logos.

Everything else is looking great, from her face to the outfit to her attractive armpits. And how about that swanky purple lightsaber? Sam Jackson isn't the only one who gets to rock the power of purple.

All that's left is to await her April release. If you haven't already, you can put in your pre-orders now. There's no rush as this should have plenty of stock in the US.

[via Kotobukiya's Facebook]

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