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3:00 PM on 06.28.2013

First fan-designed Squishables now available

Fans of Squishable may still be voting on Project Open Squish's fan-submitted designs but some of the early winners are already starting to become available. Tera S.'s Werewolf (for which Squishable held a...

Natalie Kipper


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7:00 PM on 05.04.2013

Squishable's Werewolf plush is up for pre-order

Project Open Squish, Squishable's ongoing campaign centered around fan-submitted designs, has yielded its first purchasable plush! The Werewolf is now available for fans to pre-order at the cost of US$42. This plush's de...

Natalie Kipper

8:00 PM on 04.23.2013

Squishable Fezzy grows a moustache, wins my heart

Squishable had teamed up with the artist Andrew Bell several times before, resulting in the birth of such plushes as the Worrible, Deville, Batty, and Skettle. However, none of those compare, at least in my mind, to the sheer...

Natalie Kipper

10:30 PM on 02.13.2013

Toy Fair 2013: Squishable

Squishable's booth at Toy Fair was probably one of the cuddliest, but it had it's fair share of new reveals. First and foremost, there's the Comfort Food Squishable line, which will feature such things as toast, waffles, panc...

Brian Szabelski

9:00 PM on 02.04.2013

Let Skettle shake, rattle, and squish your bones!

A skeleton for Valentine's Day? Sure, you bet!  Squishable and Andrew Bell surprised fans with this odd concept just a few days ago. The new plush's name is Skettle and the roly-poly ball of bones just wants to...

Natalie Kipper

3:00 PM on 11.27.2012

Squishable unveils two new Andew Bell plush collabs

During Squishable's Cyber Monday hub-bub, site-goers may have noticed two additions to the plush roster. The two new members of the Squishable family, Deville and Batty, were created in collaboration with Andrew Bell. You may...

Natalie Kipper

9:00 PM on 10.19.2012

Rock the vote on Project Open Squish!

Not too long ago, Squishable announced Project Open Squish, in which fans of the spherical, squishy plushes would submit their own designs to see if they will be turned into a new stuffed friend for purchase. Well, after coun...

Natalie Kipper

7:00 PM on 09.07.2012

You design the next Squishable in Project Open Squish

Squishable is one of those companies requests feedback on their products (in this case, plushes) and not only listens, but delivers. They ask fans to vote on what critters they'd like to see next and showcase designs as they ...

Natalie Kipper

9:30 PM on 09.05.2012

New limited edition line of Squishable plushes launches

Big things are happening over at Squishable. And by "big", I mean "mini." The company recently launched their limited edition line of Mini plushes. The first plush, the Mini Rainbow Unicorn, was announced yesterday on Squisha...

Natalie Kipper

3:00 PM on 07.23.2012

Squishable Shiba Inu gets a Kickstarter campaign

After helping out with Jonathan Rosenberg's Scenes from a Multiverse Bunny plush Kickstarter (which were successful, by the way), Squishable has taken the plunge and started their own funding campaign on t...

Natalie Kipper

5:00 PM on 07.09.2012

Beartato mini plush is cuteness in bite-size portions

Just when you thought that Nedroid's Beartato plush couldn't get any cuter, they squished him down, thus concentrating his charm. The bear/potato hybrid is now available as a mini plush (codenamed: Beartato Tot) from the...

Natalie Kipper

2:00 PM on 05.14.2012

The bunnies of Scenes from a Multiverse need your help!

Browsing Kickstarter this morning led me to discover an epic project of even more epic proportions: the Scenes from a Multiverse Bunnies Planet Mini Squishables! Scenes From a Multiverse is a webcomic by Jonathan Ro...

Natalie Kipper