The Variant Play Arts Kai Batman is up for Pre-Order and HOLY...

This is worthy of a triple take!
May 12
Square-Enix has really been pushing their Play-Arts Kai line as of late and after grabbing some of the superhero licenses, they've done some pretty interesting new designs, particularly around the DC side.  We've seen th... read
PAKV Boba Fett

Play Arts Kai Boba Fett and Stormtrooper, what could go wrong?

Hope you got empire full of cash
Mar 27
I'm still not sure what to make of the Play Arts Kai Variant Series. It's cool that they're willing to take risks with beloved characters, but I'm not exactly much of a fan of some of the results. I really don't know what to ... read
Get excited.
Spider-Man, Catwoman, and Iron Man will be the newest inductions to Square-Enix's Variant Play Arts Kai line and are some of the most exciting designs to grace the line. If that wasn't enough, fans can look forward to a Final... read feature

One small step for Iron Man, one giant leap for Marvelkind
[UPDATE: New image] Hidemi Matsuzuka has tweeted two images of Square-Enix's Variant Play Arts Kai Iron Man. This marks the first Marvel character released in the Variant Play Arts Kai line. Square-Enix has always excelled at... read feature

Variant PAK Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku goes from Letterman to new Play Arts Kai

Anything is better than that performance
Oct 09
[Update: Now with actual images. Duck face?] Yes, we all have seen that thing that happened last night. (In case you haven't it's after the break.) It's now time for better things and with New York Comic Con opening in just u... read
Also known as the front side
Both Tomopop reader Kirin Lemon and Square-Enix's Hidemi Matsuzuka have tweeted photos showing the front side of Square-Enix's newly unveiled (unpainted) Variant Play Arts Kai Darth Vader (Star Wars) which is on display right... read feature

There's probably a pretty easy pun in there
Hidemi Matsuzuka has tweeted an image of an unpainted Variant Play Arts Kai Darth Vader (Star Wars) along with a notice that it will be on display at Tokyo Game Show this weekend. Square Enix will be just the latest in a long... read feature

Remember what the dormouse said
Hidemi Matsuzuka recently tweeted an image of a painted Play Arts Kai Fran (Final Fantasy XII) along with some accompanying text which apparently translates to, "Painted towards the comic-con-exhibition in ‼︎" Fa... read feature

Variant Parademons would make for nice companions
Square-Enix has chosen to threaten our galaxy with new photos of its upcoming Variant Play Arts Kai Darkeid and Hawkman. Darkseid previously appeared unpainted at Toy Fair earlier this year where he instantly attracted my att... read feature

Don't wake the Mole or it might get Mad
If you were checking out Square-Enix Merchandising's twitter feed last night, you would have spotted two choice images of upcoming Dragon Quest X toys. The first tweet previewed a sleeping Mad Mole plush from the Nakama Monst... read feature

President got turned into a zombie on your watch? Better keep your service a secret
Resident Evil is one of those franchises you'd assume a horror fan would be into, but it's never quite caught on with me. The zombies and assorted monsters are cool, but I've always been turned off by all the convoluted consp... read feature

Star Wars

Star Wars finally to be mass merchandised by mass manufacturers

Not just a select few anymore
Jun 13
If a catalog coming out of the International Tokyo Toy Fair is to be believed, there is going to be a lot of people involved in Star Wars over the next few years. Bandai has already revealed their hand partially with S.H. Fig... read
Including the exclusive for San Diego Comic-Con 2014!
E3 2014 is in full-swing and while most of its attendees are plugged in and glued to screens of various sizes, several booths displayed toys as well as electronic media. One such booth was Square Enix and their headliners wer... read feature

Fat Chocobo plush

Fat Chocobo plush looks like tons of fun

There is just more to love
May 19
Building on the hype of Theatrhythm: Curtain Call and the upcoming Static Arts Minis in the game's style, comes another character featured in the game, Fat Chocobo! And, oh my Gysahl Greens, does he make the perfect plus... read
Final Fantasy

PAK Advent Children Tifa probably isn't the best follow-up to Fran

More of the same?
May 17
In a move sure to elicit a groan or two,  Hidemi Matsuzuka unveiled two images of an unpainted Play Arts Kai Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Tifa. These photos come hot on the heels of a newly revealed PAK FFXII Fran ... read
Variant DC

Variant DC Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman photos take the Static Arts line by force

They may not be the characters the Static Arts line wants, but they're the one the line needs
May 01
Hidemi Matsuzuki has released some images of Square-Enix's upcoming DC Comics variant Static Arts Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman. While the trio was previously seen at Toy Fair, (and we caught our first glimpse of Batman ... read
Final Fantasy

All hail new photos of Bahamut, King of Variant Play Arts Kai Dragons

Very narrow, specific rulership
Apr 22
Some new official photos for Square-Enix's upcoming Variant Play Arts Kai Bahamut have turned up and... he still looks great. While there had been some fears in regards to the color scheme, the tones work well enough even if ... read
Final Fantasy

Get the jump on the Variant Play Arts Kai Dragoon pre-orders

I tossed a pun up in the air...
Mar 25
Pre-orders for Square-Enix's Variant Play Arts Kai Dragoon have literally fallen out of the sky and landed on our heads. Although many of the usual suspects have yet to list Dragoon, the jumpy among us currently have an oppor... read
Squall along with a Moogle and Chocobo join in
We have been tracking the Final Fantasy Theatrhythm Static Arts mini series since the first figures were spotted at last year's Tokyo Game Show. At that point, the only characters to be seen were Final Fantasy VII's Cloud, Se... read feature


Play Arts Kai Rorschach takes to the streets with new photos

Who watches the people who watch people post photos of the Watchmen?
Mar 18
Scarecroodle's journal. Saint Patrick's Day yesterday. Streets filled with drunks and insanity. Bigger news is that Hidemi Matsuzuka unveiled new photos of Square-Enix's upcoming Play Arts Kai Rorschach. Same Rorschach seen a... read

PAK Batman Arkham Origins Deathstroke and Batman get official photos

Deathstroke may be a hit... and a slash... and a gunshot
Mar 04
Square-Enix's upcoming Play Arts Kai Batman: Arkham Origins Batman and Deathstroke have received some official product images which show off Deathstroke's accessories. The mercenary will apparently come with his customary bo ... read
PAK MGS5 Quiet

Play Arts Kai MGS5 Quiet gets some more exposure

I think you already know what I'm going to say here
Feb 27
I've had my share of words regarding the upcoming release of Play Arts Kai Quiet. With two new shots released courtesy of Hideo Kojima's Twitter, we can once upon gaze on the tranquil nature of Quiet. This time, let's just fo... read

Fan makes Lego versions of Xenogear mecha

Currently up on Lego Cuusoo
Feb 17
Dale North over at Destructoid posted about these custom Xenogears designs, up on user diegocabrera's Lego Cuusoo page. Built mechs include Fei's Xenogear, as well as the Fenrir and the Weltall. Be sure to check out diegocabe... read
Toy Fair 2014 Square-Enix

Toy Fair 2014: Square Enix debuts its newest figures

Bahamut and more in full glory
Feb 16
Square-Enix has made a lot of strides in its offerings. The Play Arts line evolved into Kai and in more directions than just the company's own game lineup. The Variant line for DC Comics, for example, has been fantastic so fa... read
Final Fantasy

New Variant Play Arts Kai Dragoon photos jump out

Who said white Dragoons couldn't jump?
Feb 04
Hidemi Matsuzuka has posted two new photos of Square-Enix's upcoming Variant Play Arts Kai Dragoon (previously seen at NYCC 2013). While I wasn't sure what I thought of the figure when we first saw it unpainted, I've quickly ... read
Final Fantasy

Now is your time to get Theatrhythm Final Fantasy figures

Jan 30
It feels like a long time since I first saw Square Enix’s Theatrhythm Final Fantasy figures painted. That was only in October, but now there’s no need for waiting because these mini figures are finally open for p... read
MGS Play Arts Kai Quiet

MGS 5 Play Arts Kai Quiet sneaks out for a preview

Such character design. Many opinion.
Jan 20
If you remember a couple of months back, Hideo Kojima let us in on some of the details for Quiet, a new character introduced in the latest installment of the franchise. I had my own quips as to his reasoning for the design, a... read
The Top 100: Because why stop at a top 10 or 30?
Diamond Comic Distributors (parent company of Diamond Select Toys), North America's largest comic book store distributor, has announced its 100 top selling figures* for 2013. The resulting list contains items from Kotobukiya, Diamond Select Toys, DC Collecibles, Square-Enix, Good Smile Company, Hasbro, McFarlane Toys, and more. Full details after the jump. read feature

Arkham Origins

Play Arts Kai Arkham Origins Deathstroke and Batman

Dec 09
Photos of Square-Enix's Play Arts Kai Batman: Arkham Origins Deathstroke and an unpainted Batman have popped up on TAG Hobby. PAK Deathstroke looks fantastic. While both Mattel and DC Collectibles have taken stabs at the char... read

This Lady of the Lake takes your cash, gives no Excalibur

Square-Enix - 1/8 Scale
Nov 21
It's pretty strange to see Square-Enix making an actual PVC figure instead of their horribly hideous Play Arts line, but that's just what we're getting with this very cute Nimueh. Hailing from Arthurian card battler Kaku-San-... read

VPAK Bahamut getting remodeled, size increase

Make my monster GROW!
Oct 16
Size? It makes all the difference.  Hidemi Matsuzuka has tweeted that the upcoming Variant Play Arts Kai Bahamut is being remodeled with a bigger body (presumably to appeal to fans who thought the King of Dragons' propor... read
Dragon Quest plushes

Buy a plush, get a special item in Dragon Quest X

And my, don't those plushes look fabulous!
Oct 09
Square-Enix's MMORPG, Dragon Quest X: Mezameshi Itsutsu no Shuzoku Online, may be limited to those in Japan (or those with Japanese Wii's, I suppose) but that shouldn't stop fans from being excited about the new round of plus... read
Play Arts Kai

Tidus and Yuna re-mastered with some PAK photos

I wish I had a game-savvy pun but I've never played this one
Sep 27
Official promo shots for painted Play Arts Kai Tidus and Yuna have shown up on Hidemi Matsuzuka's Facebook page. Tidus was previously seen unpainted at SDCC. Final Fantasy X has always evoked mixed feelings for me as it was t... read
Theatrhythm prototypes

Prototype Theatrhythm figures spotted at TGS

Cloud, Tifa, and Sephiroth go all cutesy-like
Sep 22
The recent Tokyo Game Show didn't just show off the latest and greatest in electronic entertainment; it also had displays of related merchandise to be released in the future. One example of this was a display over at Square-E... read
VPAK Aquaman & Cyborg

VPAK Aquaman, Cyborg revealed at Tokyo Game Show

Ex-Teen Titan Go!... to pre-order status soon, please!
Sep 20
[UPDATE: Cyber Gundam has posted additional images] Cyber Gundam has posted photos of the painted Variant Play Arts Kai Aquaman and Cyborg on display at Square-Enix's Tokyo Game Show booth. Cyborg looks incredible although, g... read
Variant PAK

Variant PAK Supergirl, Superman have come to save the day

Superman? No thanks, I'll just wait for Supergirl to save me from this burning building. I'm not in a hurry
Sep 12
Photos of Square-Enix's upcoming DC Comics Variant Play Arts Kai Supergirl and Superman have appeared on Hidemi Matsuzuka's Facebook page. Supergirl, traditionally a B-act, has completely stolen the show from her cousin as he... read
Assassin's Creed PAK

Assassin's Creed gets a few sequels in a PAK gallery

Pre-orders may creep up behind you
Sep 06
[UPDATE: Pre-orders are now open] Hidemi Matsuzuka has released photos for the upcoming Play Arts Kai Connor (Assassin's Creed III) and Edward Kenway (Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag); both previously had unpainted versions o... read
lmt Variant PAK Batman

Limited edition colorway of Variant Play Arts Kai Batman

A variant of a variant? What?
Aug 30
[UPDATE: Pre-orders have opened, check out the gallery for additional images] Hidemi Matsuzuka has tweeted an image of a "limited edition color version" of Square-Enix's Variant Play Arts Kai Batman. In short, it's a variant ... read
PAK black suit Superman

Play Arts Kai Superman will be back in black for NYCC

May have gone black but he did go back
Aug 29
Toyark has posted photos and details in regards to Square-Enix's upcoming Play Arts Kai Man of Steel black suit Superman. The site alleges that the figure will be a NYCC exclusive and sell for US$80 at the event. The costume ... read
Variant PAK Bahumut

All hail Variant Play Arts Kai Bahamut, King of Dragons

Sure, Bahamut is exciting but this is a little anticlimatic
Aug 22
[UPDATE 2: Hidemi has tweeted a photo of Bahamut side by side with Kain which shows off the size difference. Check it out in the gallery] [UPDATE: Another new photo has been tweeted, this time of the front view, along with th... read

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