Hobby Round 9: Slayers CharaGumin

My favorite mysterious priest live and in color!
Apr 14
// Rio McCarthy
It's no secret how much I love Slayers. It has been my favorite anime since back in the 90s when it came out. Now, what some people may not know is that Xellos happens to be my favorite character in the entire series, so it's...

Wonder Festival 2012 Summer: Volks' Slayers CharaGumin

Jul 29
// Rio McCarthy
We've seen these babies in prototype form before at the previous Hobby events, but we're now getting to see the man with the gorgeous blonde locks in full-color form. Poor Gourry Gabriev may have the brains of a jellyfish, bu...

Gourry joins VOLKS' Chara Gumin line with Chibi Lina?

Apr 08
// Jonathan Tubbs
How far is VOLKS going to go with Slayers? Enough to start bringing us a MAN from the title. Not just any man. The man with a heart of gold and a brick for a head, Gourry Gabriev. Shown off at Hobby Round 7, VOLKS had on disp...


Slayers' famous White Serpent up at Tokyo Hunter!

Apr 06
// Rio McCarthy
That infamous laugh, the well known jiggle - yep! It's none other than Slayers' Naga the White Serpent, and she's ready to make her way to your home in color resin kit form thanks to Volks and Tokyo Hunter. Continuing the ama...

Do you see the banner above? That's all you need to know!! Volks are releasing Selvaria Bles from Valkyria Chronicles as the next figure in their Charagumin line of colour resin kits. No oversized chest, no dodgy swimwear, an...

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