Shunya Yamashita

Bishoujo Lady Deadpool

From left field, it's Marvel Bishoujo Lady Deadpool

This is a thing
Feb 04
Well, this is something I didn't expect whatsoever. Kotobukiya has had its weird concepts for its popular Bishoujo line. Sure, there's the oddball, at least to me, of Freddy and Jason, not to mention the MiB Agent. The latest... read
HCB+P all day
Kotobukiya's Bishoujo lineup seems to be growing by the day. The latest Street Fighter gal to hit the, uh, streets is Cammy. Although she isn't out in the US, she is currently available to import from Japanese retailers. When... read feature

DC Bishoujo Zatanna

Kotobukiya conjures up more Bishoujo, teases Zatanna

It's magic how bad these puns are
Jul 17
Kotobukiya is going to have quite the show for us at San Diego Comic Con. We've already seen the teasers for Street Fighter Bishoujo Sakura. Then there was one for Marvel Bishoujo Wasp. DC hasn't been forgotten as the la... read
Marvel Bishoujo Jubilee

Painted Bishoujo Jubilee is here for pre-orders

December will be a blast
Jul 15
[Update] Pre-orders are now available and listed below! She'll be out in late December for ¥7,200. Wasn't it just yesterday that we finally got to see the prototype sculpt for Jubilee? Oh yes, it was. In what was just a d... read
SF Bishoujo Sakura

Next challenger for Kotobukiya Bishoujo is Street Fighter's Sakura

Short skirts. Short skirts everywhere
Jul 13
Perhaps you're watching a stream of EVO right now and you're in the mood for some more fighting. While we've seen the release Bishoujo Chun Li and are awaiting Cammy and Juri, how about one more fighter to add to the mix? Kot... read
Amiami's preview inspired me
One preview gallery clearly isn't enough for us to wrap our heads around Kotobukiya's upcoming Bishoujo Freddy figure, so Amiami has provided their own. A lot of people reacted negatively (or with confusion) to this supposed ... read feature

DC Bishoujo Starfire

Kotobukiya releases full gallery of DC Bishoujo Starfire

This is the perfection of the Bishoujo line
Feb 17
This has to be one of the quickest figures I've seen from sketch to market. It's no secret that Starfire was pretty much the perfect choice for the DC Bishoujo line, but it looks like Shunya and the folks at Kotobukiya wanted... read
Bishoujo Freddy vs. Jason

Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: Bishoujo Freddy vs. Jason

Feb 09
Back at NYCC, Kotobukiya hinted at Bishoujo Freddy and Jason. This proposal honestly seemed like a nightmare to me, but hey, someone has to like it right? Today, in the mounds of all the hype from WonFes, Shunya himself took ... read
Bishoujo Nina Williams

Tekken Tag Bishoujo Nina Williams enters the arena

Enter the ring as a blonde purple assassin
Feb 08
I'm kind of amazed at how many Bishoujo figures that Kotobukiya has released. Of the many releases, I'm most surprised at the amount from Tekken Tag 2. Not that it doesn't have a great roster for release, but that it's gone o... read
A mutant ninja, but not a turtle
Psylocke has been a popular character among Marvel Comics fans, although she's probably more known for her X-Men incarnation than her original stint as a supporting character in Captain Britain. While western manufacturers ha... read feature

SF Bishoujo Cammy

Street Fighter Bishoujo Cammy has a teaser

Bishoujo Round Two FIGHT!
Dec 03
It's no surprise to many of you, but Kotobukiya's Bishoujo line of figures are one of our favorite figure lines here at Tomopop. As excited as I am for Chun Li, others on staff are similarly excited for Cammy as the second re... read
Bishoujo Spider-Woman

Bishoujo Spider-Woman has first color sample display

This turned out much better than I thought it would
Nov 08
Spider-Woman is a character I've never really looked into before. When she was announced, the pose certainly drew attention. The prototype was on-hand at NYCC and it was revealed then that she would come with alternate, maskl... read
And no, that's not a sly way of saying that she's all bad
[UPDATE: Pre-orders are now available through select retailers] It's something of a rare treat that Kotobukiya should produce a Bishoujo figure that I can find myself actually praising, but the company's Star Wars Bishoujo Ma... read feature

NYCC 2013

NYCC 2013: Kotobukiya Bishoujo

Shunya has done right by these ladies
Oct 11
After taking a brief look around Kotobukiya's booth, some of you were undoubtedly impressed by the assortment of Bishoujo figures. As any good man would, sometimes you have to go back and take a second look. In doing so, I wa... read
NYCC 2013

NYCC 2013: Kotobukiya Industry Panel

Marvel. DC. Bishoujo. Star Wars. More.
Oct 11
Last night, Kotobukiya held its annual panel at NYCC to discuss what's next for the company in 2014. The company had a few surprises for its main franchises, including Marvel and DC Comics, Star Wars, and of course the Bishoujo line. The company also has some brand new properties that will definitely surprise you.  Hit the jump to check out the new items from the panel! read
DC Bishoujo Starfire

Kotobukiya adds one more Bishoujo, DC's Starfire

Set the world on fire
Oct 10
Kotobukiya made fireworks appear yesterday with the announcement of Marvel's Jubilee for the Bishoujo line. Today they bring DC Comics into the fold with the unveiling of the Starfire. If there was ever a character that has l... read
Marvel Bishoujo Jubilee

Prayers are answered, next Marvel Bishoujo is Jubilee

Cue Daniel Bryan YES! gif
Oct 09
I can't begin to tell you how excited I am about this announcement. On their Facebook page today, Kotobukiya revealed a new sketch for the Marvel Bishoujo line. It is none other than Jubilee and I can't say enough about how w... read
DC Bishoujo Wonder Woman

Kotobukiya armors up for newest Bishoujo Wonder Woman

Cape = Armor.
Sep 27
For a while now, Kotobukiya has been teasing their latest in the DC Bishoujo line, Armored Wonder Woman. Today, we get to see the Amazon in all of her glory and all of that armor, which is as invisible as her jet. As to what ... read
Bishoujo Spider-Woman

The next Marvel Bishoujo will be Spider-Woman

Jessica Drew swings into the range
Sep 13
Today, Kotobukiya posted a new Shunya Yamashita illustration on their Facebook page, revealing that the next figure in their range of Marvel Bishoujo figures will be the original Spider-Woman, Jessica Drew.  I have ... read

Keep that Tekken collection pretty with Bishoujo Jun

Kotobukiya - 1/7 Scale
Sep 12
I like Tekken. As far as fighting games go, it's one I've never been actually terrible at, and I've always loved the character designs--especially the ladies. Whether you love or hate Shunya Yamashita and his treatment of the... read
SW Bishoujo Mara Jade

Mara Jade gets illustrated for next Star Wars Bishoujo

She's a killer
Jul 16
Kotobukiya's Bishoujo line took a risk in going to the expanded universe of Star Wars and it's largely paid off. Jaina Solo was a great start to the line, which hasn't seen anything new since. The next in the line is none oth... read
DC Bishoujo Armored WW

Shunya draws up sketch for Bishoujo Armored Wonder Woman

Shunya crafts a new version of the Amazon
Jul 12
The DC Bishoujo line has had its share of great entries. The original release of Wonder Woman was certainly among them, but Shunya is coming back with another version of the Amazon. In his newest sketch, he depicts what they'... read

Recruit this new Fiona, from Shunya Yamashita

Wing - 1/7 Scale
Jul 10
Border Break is apparently getting to be even more popular than first glance, with not one, but two Fionas available for your perusal. We first heard about this new Fiona back during WonFest, though only in her unpainted form... read
SF Bishoujo Chun Li

Street Fighter Bishoujo Chun Li strikes a pose

She kicks high...wait wrong game
Jul 02
Last time we heard anything about Kotobukiya's plans for Street Fighter Bishoujo Chun Li, it was simply a placard at Wonder Festival Winter. When we talked about it last time, many of you noted Shunya's "upfront" approach wit... read
Not the mother of dragons, but the stepsister?
I thought I knew a little bit about the X-Men, but somehow I never caught on to the fact that Shadowcat has a pet dragon. Weird, right? This information didn't escape Kotobukiya, who packed in Lockheed the dragon alongside Ki... read feature

Prepare to enter the top tier of legs
I haven't played a lot of Tekken games in my life, but I am enjoying Kotobukiya's Tekken Bishoujo figures. Overall, it's a solid line of figures. The latest one to arrive is Emilie de Rochefort, otherwise known as Lili. This figure has its unique charms, as I was pleased to discover during the review process. Read on to see what I mean! read feature

See the artwork for DC Comics Bishoujo Black Canary

May 10
Kotobukiya have recently revealed the official illustration for upcoming DC Comics Bishoujo Black Canary (she was revealed back in Toy Fair) by Shunya Yamashita up on their Facebook page!  What do you think, folks? ... read
Fighting game storylines and wrestling storylines are often alike
Tekken seems to have returned to its status as Namco's flagship fighting game series with several new titles having come out in the last few years. One such title is Tekken Tag Tournament 2, which is where Jaycee comes f... read feature

It's Shunya ... what else did you possibly expect?
For most folks who know Shunya Yamashita, they are familiar with his work on the various Bishoujo lines for Kotobukiya. His pin-up stylings of popular characters have a lot of fans, and some definite haters, too, but he's als... read feature

Tekken Bishoujo Jun Kazama illustration revealed

No other details yet, of course
Mar 25
Kotobukiya has just posted the Bishoujo Jun Kazama illustration to its Facebook page, and no surprise, Shunya Yamashita has put a little more sexiness into the Tekken fighter. Based on an illustration Shunya did for Tekken Ta... read
Stop! In the name of love!
Kotobukiya's Bishoujo line has touched many licensed properties, but I can honestly say I didn't expect a Mass Effect Bishoujo. I wasn't sure what to make of the Mass Effect Bishoujo Shepard, as she looked quite a bit more co... read feature

Have some more Hobby Maker Exhibition photos

Danny Choo's photos shine a light on some of the smaller companies
Feb 21
Mikatan grabbed a few photos from Hobby Maker Exhibition, mostly centered around Good Smile and its closely affiliated companies. Danny Choo has posted some photos as well. However, he grabbed a few more photos of compan... read
Now THAT'S a woman I can believe in
The latest in the DC Comics entries, Power Girl, is a nice change of pace from the recent baddies from Kotobukiya. Power Girl is a "good guy," and unlike her cute, Super counterpart, she's more woman than most can hope to han... read feature

Kotobukiya has more Tekken, Shining Blade, and others

Mikoto dresses for the beach again and the Dark Magician Girl poses in a cute super deformed fashion.
Nov 22
Kotobukiya has many titles that it can easily pluck from to bring regular releases and the latest magazine scans show that still to be true. The company has more coming from the Shining series, more for their Tekken Bishoujo ... read

NYCC 2012: Kotobukiya's Bishoujo Commander Shepard

A singularity to my heart!
Oct 14
We're back again to show off some more stuff from New York Comic Con! Straight from Kotobukiya's booth is Bishoujo Commander Shepard, a lady that can kick some alien butt. A lot of people were relived to see the final sculpt ... read

Under the Radar: The next Star Wars Bishoujo is Mara Jade

Jul 30
Jaina Solo hasn't reached stores just yet, but Kotobukiya is forging ahead with the next piece in their Star Wars Bishoujo collection. The next piece in the line will be Mara Jade; the announcement was pretty quietly and brie... read

Previously on Tomopop, Marvel Bishoujo Storm was met with a resounding "YES" when we first reported it, and then when we started seeing some prototype images of the original release, folks started feeling a little mixed. Was ... read feature

Kotobukiya reveal DC Comics Bishoujo Huntress' prototype

Jul 12
With all the hustle and bustle for SDCC, we almost missed this awesome news. Kotobukiya revealed Shunya Yamashita's artwork for the fierce Helena Wayne a little over a month ago, so it's nice to see a prototype right away. Th... read

Reserve or Regret? Import round up for June 7, 2012

Jun 07
More MegaHouse, more re-releases, more Persona 4, and more of the usual is what you'll be seeing available in today's Reserve or Regret. We'll have to look at the spotlight title first and that's Persona 4. MegaHouse is bring... read

Yamato's Nennen up for pre-order

Apr 24
I'm a big fan of Yamato's Creators' Labo line. Other companies tend to get jump onto bandwagons when choosing which figures to make, but Yamato focuses more on original or less popular subjects. I also like the work of Mitsum... read

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