Snow Dumpling

Chill out with the Snow Dumpling

New custom from Shawnimals coming to myplasticheart Friday
Dec 10
Shawnimals and myplasticheart, in conjunction with Squibbles Ink, have a new holiday custom ready for you: the Snow Dumpling! Yes, Shawnimals' Dumpling is now in a festive flavor (though you still shouldn't eat it), decked ou... read
C2E2 2014: Shawnimals

C2E2 2014: Shawnimals

Collaborations and Dumplings abound
Apr 28
Need a plush fix from C2E2? Well, Chicago's own Shawnimals was of course on the show floor with a bunch of old favorites and one new plush: the Happy Sherpa. A collaboration with the folks at Basecamp, and designed after thei... read
Pocket Pork Dumplings

Patty O'Dumpling released today, won't cost you a pot of gold

Channel your luck of the Irish for this release
Mar 17
In the spirit of St Patrick's Day, today (March 17th) sees a release by Shawnimals, My Plastic Heart, and Squibbles Ink in the form of a limited pocket pork dumpling. The darling little things are painted in the colors of the... read
Shawnimals' Black Friday

Shawnimals's Fuzzy Friday sale features very special toys

Two exclusive characters highlight the company's Black Friday event
Nov 22
Perfect for such a cuddly company image, Shawnimals calls their Black Friday sale "Fuzzy Friday." The event looks to be one to watch forward to for fans of designer toys. Not only will every visitor be able to get 20 percent ... read

C2E2 2013: Shawnimals

Suddenly, ninjas
Apr 30
Shawnimals of course represented at their hometown event, bringing with them several new releases with an exclusive or two just for fun. The two exclusives were the Mucho Moustachio (a hefty US$50 for a hefty plush) and the H... read
Hint: it involves dumplings, mustaches, and ninjas
Shawnimals and his wonderfully colorful characters are making their way to C2E2 in a few weeks and they are bringing some awesome toys with them! According a post on the official site, the exclusive merchandise are a Muc... read feature

Shawnimals announces Baby Ninjas plushes

So cute yet deadly
Mar 16
I have always wanted to snuggle up with a baby ninja and, thanks to Shawnimals' latest blind bag series, I may very well have a chance. The Baby Ninjas come in ten different styles: Baby Ninja, Macho Ninja, Zombie Ninja,... read

Give a little love with three Valentine-themed releases

New Shawnimals Ninja, Cavey and resin piece from Ume Toys might warm your heart
Jan 31
Looking to add something to your collection in time for Valentine's Day, or maybe find a special gift? There's at least three options going to be released over the next 48 hours that just might warrant some attention: F... read

iam8bit's Plush Week 3 begins February 2 in Los Angeles

A plush lover's dream come true
Jan 22
In just a week and a half, iam8bit's Los Angeles gallery will begin hosting Plush Week 3, where incredibly talented artists will showcase and sell their handmade stuffed creations. Among the artists featured are: Alisha Murr... read

Gingerbread Dumplings launch tomorrow

Fresh from the oven and looking oh-so yummy!
Dec 10
It's that time of year when sweet things are all around and the the air is scented with eggnog, peppermint, and gingerbread. And what better way to commemorate the season than with a designer vinyl toy, courtesy of Shawnimals... read

Shawnimal's final NotM, Ragdoll Ninja, releases today

Plus, the Legends of Ninjatown bundle is put up on pre-order
Dec 05
It is both a sad day and a happy one. Shawnimals' final Ninja of the Month plush releases today and, from the ashes of the plush subscription service, rises the Legends of Ninjatown. NotM is going out with a bang and its gran... read

Shawnimals' Softer Monday starts tomorrow online

I suppose the "tomorrow" bit was a tad obvious.
Nov 25
Shawnimals' Black Friday a.k.a. Fuzzy Friday sale may be over but there is still Softer Monday (Cyber Monday) to look forward to. The sales event begins tomorrow, Monday the 26th at 10 a.m. Central. Keep your eyes on Shawnima... read

Shawnimals to end Ninja of the Month subs in 2013

'Legends of Ninjatown' is announced
Oct 26
Shawnimals just announced that, at the end of 2012, its popular Ninja of the Month plush series and subscription service will cease operation. Fans can expect to see this year's November and December releases b... read

A storms brewing at Shawnimals' Ninja of the Month teaser

Can you guess the mystery ninja's identity?
Oct 20
Hopefully the weather is finally starting to cool down in your neck of the woods, dear readers. It certainly looks that way in Ninja Town, home of Shawnimals' more stealthy characters, the ninjas. The Ninja of the Month puzzl... read
So many exclusives, so little time.
It is the second day of New York Comic Con and we are here to bring you news straight from the floor, courtesy of Tomopop's own Brian Szabelski and Andres Cerrato. This time, we'll be taking a look at booth #3313, belonging t... read feature

Plus some news on retiring plushes
Shawnimals' lack of a booth doesn't mean lack of a presence at the upcoming New York Comic Con. Shawn Smith, the head ninja and plush maker extraordinaire, be present at myplasticheart's booth (#3313) on Saturday, October 12,... read feature

Shawnimals' Sneaky Ninja is October's Ninja of the Month

What a spooky surprise!
Sep 30
Wow, I don't know about you guys but October really snuck up on me. So, it seems only fitting that Shawnimals' plush Ninja of the Month for October be named "Sneaky Ninja!" Check out his bio: Copious amounts of cookies and c... read

Three more art shows, events opening this weekend

Featuring creations and such from J.Shea, Amanda Spayd, Shawnimals
Sep 06
This weekend seems to be a busy time for events, because in addition to the Rotofugi dual-show opening on Friday, and shows opening at Stranger Factory, there's other events happening from one coast to the other ... and place... read

Shawnimals' September Ninja of the Month puzzler is up!

Aug 19
Shawnimals, creator of cute yet stealthy plushes, has released his teaser for September's limited edition ninja plush. So, let's put our heads together and take a look at the header image (or if you want to see it in motion, ... read

New Shawnimals Pocket Plushes are leggy, stumpy

Aug 04
Shawnimals has added two new adorable characters to his Pocket Plush line of affordable, portable friends. The two new additions, the fuzzy Stumpy and the lanky Leggy, carry on the series with a price tag of only US$12 each. ... read

August's Ninja of the Month is Animal Spirit Ninja!

Jul 27
Wow, where did the month go? It's already time to announce Shawnimals' Ninja of the Month plush for August. He's furry! He's stealthy! He's Animal Spirit Ninja! Doesn't he look like one of those old-school shaman you see in g... read

Shawnimals' Ninja of the Month for July is Pink Ninja!

Jul 04
Did anybody guess the identity of July's Ninja of the Month based off of the teaser Shawnimals provided? I thought this one was quite easier than previous months. Although, I am a fan of the Trees of Doom smartphone game so p... read

myplasticheart hosts a Pocket Pork Party on July 6

Jul 04
Feeling hungry for a new blind-boxed series? Well, if you're in New York, head on down to myplasticheart this Friday, July 6, for a Pocket Pork Dumpling release party! From 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at MPH (210 Forsyth St., Lower East... read

Shawnimals' Ninja of the Month teaser for July is up

Jun 26
It must be getting to be the end of another month. How do I know this? Because Shawnimals has posted a teaser for next month's Ninja of the Month plush! And, it seems it wasn't that hard of a teaser as someone has already cra... read

Today, Shawnimals, myplasticheart, and Squibbles Ink revealed their latest plot to take over the world. With dumplings. But not just any dumplings, oh no, these are the cutest, most awesome vinyl not-actually-pork-f... read feature

Shawnimals' Sandstorm Ninja will blow you away

Jun 07
For any Shawnimals fan, the 6th of the month is the special day in which the latest Ninja of the Month plush is revealed. And on that date in June, that ninja was Sandstorm Ninja. This desert dweller and his succulent buddy a... read

Shawnimals' teaser for June's Ninja of the Month is up

May 22
It seems to be rather blustery in Shawnimals' Ninjatown, and just in time for June's Ninja of the month teaser! This time, the teaser, or "puzzler" as it is referred to on the site, is a more than just a static image. The win... read

Shawnimals' Rainbow Takeout dumplings are colorful cuties

May 18
Shawnimals' latest release is really appealing to the candy lover in me. His new Pocket Pork Dumpling Rainbow Takeout remind me so much of Skittles and M&M's, with their myriad colors, that I can almost smell the sug... read

Shawnimals' Ninja of the Month for May is Summer Ninja!

May 01
After their interesting teaser for this release, Shawnimals has announced the Ninja of the Month for May: Summer Ninja! As described on his tag: This fair-weather Ninja celebrates everything that comes along with warm weathe... read

Shawnimals releasing a very special Ninja this Wednesday

Apr 30
Recently, Shawnimals creator Shawn Smith's dog, Remmy, was viciously attacked by two other dogs. The poor pup barely survived. Remmy is, thankfully, in the now process of recovering but medical bills are steep. So, Shawnimals... read

C2E2 may be over, but Shawnimals still has surprises in store for their fans that couldn't make it to the event. Show exclusives, Dreamstachio and Pork and Bean mini vinyl dumplings, join fan favorites like the... read feature

C2E2 2012: Shawnimals

Apr 16
This past weekend, Tian and I headed over to Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2), where there were a few familiar faces exhibiting at the show. One of those was Chicago's own Shawnimals, with quite a few plush ninja... read

Boy, is there tons of action going down in Ninjatown! Not only was the Eel Ninja plush, April's Ninja of the Month just released but it looks like there is still plenty of new stuff coming up very soon. If any of you Tomopeop... read feature

Squibbles Ink, Shawnimals and MPH make Easter yummy

Apr 04
It would seem that Pierre Rouzier wasn't the only one getting busy for an Easter release, as you'll be able to buy some blind boxed Easter Pocket Pork Dumplings over at MyPlasticHeart, available tomorrow (Thursday)! There are... read

April's Ninja of the Month is Eel Ninja!

Mar 29
Well, it seems my reptile prediction for Shawnimals' April Ninja of the Month was off by a bit. The plush in question ended up not being an iguana but an eel. An Eel Ninja, that is. Check out the description provided by Shawn... read

Shawnimals continues to tease April's Ninja of the Month

Mar 26
Okay, I am starting to think that April's Ninja of the Month is something reptilian. The first teaser that Shawnimals threw at us had the word "iguana" scrambled in the image (I am pretty proud of myself for figuring that one... read

Teaser for Shawnimals' April Ninja of the Month is up!

Mar 22
To whet our appetites for Shawnimals' next Ninja of the Month (which would be for April), they have put up another puzzler on their blog. With Action Ninja, Dumpling Ninja, and Galaxy Ninja, 2012 has had quite a good run... read

Shawnimals' Galaxy Ninja is March's Ninja of the Month

Mar 01
The teaser that Shawnimals put up on their blog a few weeks ago prepared plush fans for something otherworldly. It's a good thing too because I think I needed to mentally brace myself for the sparkly awesomeness that is Galax... read

March's Ninja of the Month teaser is up!

Feb 23
Earlier this week, Shawnimals posted on their blog the teaser for next month's limited edition Ninja of the Month plush. The header image is the hint we were given. Some guesses from the blog post have been Star Ninja, Night Ninja, or Thief Ninja. I'm positive that whatever it ends up being, it'll be awesome.  What do you all think? Post your ideas in the comments! read

Shawnimals' February Ninja of the Month is Dumpling Ninja

Jan 26
Here is a fun little factoid: in Ninjatown, dumplings aren't food; They're pets! Don't believe me? Just ask Shawnimals' Ninja of the Month for February, the Dumpling Ninja! He runs the dumpling pet shop and is dressed in the ... read

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