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Tomopop Review: Seven Two's Sengoku Otome Hideyoshi

Apr 11 // Rio McCarthy
Figure Name: Sengoku Otome -Momoiro Paradox- Toyotomi Hideyoshi 1/6-scale figureFigure Maker: Seven TwoRetail/List Price: ¥9,334Available at: AmiAmi | Hobby Search | J-List | ToysLogic We'll start with the box as always, which is a bit of a greenish-yellow color on all sides except for the back. There are several pictures showing the figure itself, but no shots of Hideyoshi from the show/game. I guess that makes more since considering they're trying to sell a figure, not a DVD of the series. I can't complain, I like her regardless to what form she's in. We also have a window on the front so you can wave to her before you get the box opened up. Just sliding her out of the box you can get a glimpse that she's all in one piece, and already on her base. Luckily she didn't move around much in the box, since all there was to protect her was the clear plastic you see here. She looks so cheerful and happy doesn't she? I love it! This is the type of happiness and cheer I needed in my figure collection. Who couldn't use more happiness in their life? I mean, seriously. Her face brightens up a room! This is just how the character herself was in the series as well, so for that, I give Seven Two the credit of bringing her happiness to life. From the side, she mostly looks alright, but this is where we can start to see some of the unfortunate flaws that I wish weren't on this figure. The crease where her skin bends on her abdomen is nice, as well as the crease in her skirt, but the coloring on her thigh where the top of her stock is looks a bit bothersome. It's awfully orange and dark compared to the rest of her skin tone, and it's pretty noticeable in person. The sculpting on the skirt leaves a little to be desired as well. There are a couple of places in the orange, on both the top and the bottom, where it seems like things weren't smoothed down properly, and the paint doesn't look quite right because of that. However, her arms do look nice, as do the bracers she's wearing. Paint issues aren't just in one or two places though, unfortunately. You can see how rough the paint is on her foot that's attached to the base. There are white splotches where there shouldn't be, as well as places where the brown paint didn't connect all the way, so it doesn't really complete her sandals well. From behind, she actually looks pretty good! I love that big orange bow that she wears on her behind. It's so cute for her, and fits perfectly. The lines on her head to show her hair lines are actually pretty nice, but unfortunately, it almost looks like a triangle chunk fell out of her head, then was put back in and painted over or something. It looks a little odd. You can also see that that orange tint to her skin shading also shows up on her arms where her clothing starts up as well. From this view, you can see that her rump has some sculpting to it so that her skirt fits nicely. However, the paint on the bottom of her sandal could definitely stand to have been thicker so that it wasn't see-through in parts. In this view, you can really see the seams that go up her side. It's probably most noticeable in this photo on her thigh, though you can definitely see it in her top as well. The base she stands on is very simple. It's just black and has a greyscale version of the show's logo printed on it. Here, you can get a glance of one of her meatballs in her hair. They're sculpted decently enough, as is the rest of her hair on this side. There's a bit of detail in the hair, as well as a little in her ear. Here, you can see there are a bit of issues with flash, though. Her hair on the left side has some extra gunk it doesn't need in there, and her left hair meatball has an extra scratch in there she doesn't need either. I think the proportions on her are great, especially for her age. There's just a teeny bit of definition on her abdomen, but enough so that it doesn't look completely flat and detail-less. They did a decent enough job on her face as a whole in my opinion as well. However, I notice that her suspenders on her stocking don't quite go up all the way on her leg. They just kind of stop right at the bottom of the skirt. The back of her heel shows another area like her head, where it looks like a chunk got knocked out and then painted over. It's unfortunate when the rest of the figure is decently smooth, and then ... bam! Random chunk out of place. You can see that she does have individual fingernails sculpted in though over there, so that's a plus. So, what's the overall verdict? Well, considering there is such little merchandise for Sengoku Otome as a whole, I can't complain a ton. This is really the only option you have if you want a figure of Hideyoshi that's not a garage kit, however, I wish it had been done with a lot less quality issues. If you're a fan of the series, I can definitely say, "Go buy it!" just because I doubt there will be a lot more to follow it. Though, if Seven Two wants to give me a Nobunaga Oda figure as well, I'd buy it. If you're just looking for a little cutie to add to your collection, you might want to look for something a little cheaper, as ¥9,334 is quite a bit to swallow for something with this many possible issues.
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