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SEGA photo
Just call them KidHedgehog?
Kidrobot seeks to expand its array of gaming collectibles with figures based on SEGA's beloved Sonic the Hedgehog games. Set to release this Winter, Kidrobot's offerings will include a blind-boxed figure line, a blind-boxed k...


Top selling toys in Japan for week of 11/30 to 12/6

Dec 18
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Interesting week this time around. Not one, but two toys made specifically for girls found their way into the overall ranking this week. Meanwhile the hobby ranking features a male Nendoroid and two female knights that couldn...
F4F NiGHTS photo

First 4 Figures debuts NiGHTS as next Sega All-Star

May all your dreams be free of nightmarens
Mar 26
// Rio McCarthy
Many people who have followed Tomopop from its infancy may know just how much the Sonic the Hedgehog series meant to me growing up, but it's much fewer and far between that I get to talk about just how important NiGHTS Into D...
Shining Blade photo
Shining Blade

Flare has a new Roselinde Freyja, complete with giant triangle

That blade isn't SO shining
Feb 27
// Oansun
Someone's going out for a night on the town; and taking that enormous weapon with her. From Shining Blade (one of the more recent entries in Sega's decades long Shining franchise), the priestess with the leastless fun: R...

Valkyria Chronicles photo
Valkyria Chronicles

Selvaria Bles may be up in flames, but with Vertex she's burning up the pre-orders!

Fan-favorite Valkyria Chronicles baddie, in fighting form.
Jan 21
// Oansun
She may be committed to her cause, but a top General of the Drei Stern from 2008's Valkyria Chronicles can now be under your command. If that command is to stand in a pose on your shelf. This battle tactician has long been a ...
F4F Beat photo
F4F Beat

First 4 Figures puts Beat from Jet Set Radio up for pre-order

Stomp to the beat and get your grind on!
Nov 19
// Rio McCarthy
First 4 Figures has pulled another memory of my childhood from out of its magical hat! Beat from Jet Set Radio is the newest figure to reach their collection, and is up for pre-order through their website shop. Beat obviously...
Megadrive plush photo
Megadrive plush

Hug gaming history with COSPA's Megadrive plush

I heart 16-bit
Sep 07
// Natalie Kipper
At the end of Wreck-It Ralph, "retro" was defined as "old but cool." In the case of COSPA's new Megadrive plush, I would substitute "cool" with "absolutely, freaking adorable." I mean, look at this thing! It's arms are contro...
Mega Drive Megatron photo
Transformers fans, get pumped!
With the new images from Takara Tomy's site, we get another chance to "ooh" and "aah" over Sentinel's Mega Drive Megatron. Andres posted the pre-order information last May and I totally share in his excitement. As previously ...

Sega photo
Epic sitting
Sega's Summer WonFes booth featured prize figures for Neon Genesis Evangelion, Vocaloid, and Terra Formars, among other properties. Among the highlights were a seated Gendo (!!!), Caster (Fate/EXTRA CCC), mini Terraforma...

Star Wars photo
Star Wars

Star Wars finally to be mass merchandised by mass manufacturers

Not just a select few anymore
Jun 13
// Andres Cerrato
If a catalog coming out of the International Tokyo Toy Fair is to be believed, there is going to be a lot of people involved in Star Wars over the next few years. Bandai has already revealed their hand partially with S.H. Fig...
Cardcaptor Sakura photo
Cardcaptor Sakura

Ichiban Kuji goes mad for Cardcaptor Sakura

Never has Cerberus looked so snuggly
May 30
// Martin Siggers
As a long time Cardcaptor Sakura fan, I feel confident in saying it's a pretty good time right now. Not only are we getting the painfully cute Sakura Nendoroid, but NISA recently rescued the show itself from licensing he...
Kill la Kill photo
Kill la Kill

Sega shows off prize figures of Kill la Kill's Ryuko and Satsuki

I can barely believe these are prize figures
May 27
// Martin Siggers
The 36th Prize Fair was held in Tokyo earlier today, and Sega came out swinging pretty hard as they unveiled these wonderful looking prize figures of Ryuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryuin from anime sensation Kill la Kill. I can't ...

Tomopop Review: Sega's PM Figure Rei Ayanami

May 17 // Tianxiao Ma
Figure Name: PM Figure Rei AyanamiFigure Maker: SegaRetail Price: ¥1,800(Formerly) Available at: HobbyLink Japan  Prize figures are typically found, as the name suggests, as prizes in various arcade and game machines in Japan. The major figure retailers sell them straight up as well. You can just think of them as a cheaper line of PVC figures. With this Rei figure I wanted to see if the old notions about prize figures were still true. Are they smaller, less detailed, and of lower quality? Let's find out! There's no window on this box, which probably isn't all that unusual when it comes to prize figures. I do have a few other prize figures, and their boxes all have windows. My first impression upon unboxing was "dusty." I apologize in advance for all the dust; I did give the figure a once over with a cleaning cloth, but apparently it needed a few more passes. As you can see, the sculpt is actually pretty good. A plugsuit isn't the most elaborate of outfits, but there is a good amount of detailing and relief in this sculpt. I also really like the job Sega did with Rei's face. As for the paint job, it's somewhat rough but not to a distracting degree. I think the plugsuit helps a bit in this department because there isn't much shading or coloring required. I might be in the minority when I say I prefer the Evangelion 3.0 plugsuits over the classic ones. The new designs look sleeker and modern. The one exception may be Asuka's classic red, just because I like shiny red stuff. This isn't a gratuitous butt shot, I promise. This shot highlights the biggest problem with the figure: those gigantic seams at her pelvis. The black plugsuit does hide them a little bit, but they're still noticeable. If you were curious about the size, here's Rei next to Wave's 1/10-scale Asuka. At 22cm tall, you're getting a lot of figure for ¥1,800! Here's Rei next to a couple more Sega PM Figures. Alter's making an Asuka figure, so maybe in a few decades we'll see Rei and Mari figures from them. Until then, our options are limited. Prize figures have improved a lot since I first started collecting, and Sega's PM Figures are good value for money. This Rei figure is comparable in size to a 1/8-scale PVC, with a decent sculpt and paint job. At the same time, you can see why they only cost a fraction of their more expensive cousins. The quality, although far from shoddy, still isn't all there. But that's the trade-off you make for a better price. [Thanks to HobbyLink Japan for the review sample!]
Sega PM Rei Ayanami photo
The ups and downs of prize figures
Prize figures, when I started collecting, weren't things you'd go out of your way to get. They were too small, not very detailed, and had dodgy quality. Over time, all three of those aspects gradually improved to the point wh...

First 4 Figures' Vyse photo
First 4 Figures' Vyse

Revisit Skies of Arcadia with First 4 Figures' Vyse statue

Join the crew of the Blue Rogues!
Apr 29
// Natalie Kipper
Okay, I am totally having a nostalgic, fangirl-y trip here. First 4 Figures revealed the third character in their SEGA All-Stars line (the first two being Ryo Hazuki and Akira Yuki) and it is none other than Vyse, the he...
Mega Drive Megatron photo
Mega Drive Megatron

Check out Mega Drive Megatron being transformed in this video

He's a lot of bot in such a small package
Apr 19
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
It's been a little over two months since we first saw the Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. Transformers Mega Drive Megatron and it doesn't look like there's been a whole lot of progress. But don't let that get you down! More new de...
1983 Tokyo Toy Show photo
1983 Tokyo Toy Show

Witness toy history with this 1983 Tokyo Toy Show video

See the event that would help give birth to the Transformers franchise
Jan 16
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
There are a lot of retro nostalgia toy videos on YouTube; mostly retrospects and individuals gushing about their favorite figures. So rare is it for a video to surface that takes a slice right out of time, and even more-so wh...
F4F Vyse figure photo
Flying ships not included
First 4 Figures promised a teaser of an upcoming statue at 5,000 Facebook likes, adding that it was from a Sega game. They've now posted a photo on their Facebook page as a teaser, a tiny ribbon of a photo featuring a prototy...


Readers vote on pose for First 4 Eggman statue

The winner? None of the above.
Oct 14
// Pedro Cortes
First 4 Figures wants nothing more than to make a classic Eggman statue for their Classic Sonic line. Problem is, they don't have a pose picked out. Being the awesome guys and gals they are, they put up a poll in their forums...
WonFes Sega photo
WonFes Sega

Wonder Festival 2013 Summer: Sega prize figures

Gainax, Vocaloid, and some Pixar too
Jul 31
// Tianxiao Ma
Sega always has a diverse assortment of prize figures to peddle. Their booth at WonFes reached all the way across the ocean for some Pixar and Disney figures to go alongside the licensed Japanese ones. Toy Story, Monsters Uni...

Lovely SEGA prize Kuroneko hitting UFO catchers in June

Jun 07
// Kristina Pino
The last time I was at the arcade, I caught sight of this absolutely lovely Kirino Kousaka figure in the UFO Catchers. She is big, and detailed, and just so happy and cheerful-looking; I actually tried getting her despite kno...

First 4 Figures new SEGA All Stars line leads w/ Shenmue

Ryo Hazuki is first in line featuring statues of marquee SEGA characters
Apr 23
// Andres Cerrato
First 4 Figures has been making many collectors' figure dreams come true. With absolutely gorgeous pieces detailing the expansive universes of Sonic the Hedgehog, The Legend of Zelda, and Metroid to name a few, it's difficult...

Good Smile's Mikudayo coming to Project Diva f

You've been warned, PS3 owners
Feb 27
// Brian Szabelski
Project Diva f is coming to the Playstation 3 next Thursday, but Sega apparently has one terrifying surprise for that version of the game: Mikudayo. Yes, as seen in scans from Famitsu, the PS3 version will have Good Smil...

Medicom rolling out a RAH Hatsune Miku for 2013

Spotted on the Wonder Festival show floor
Feb 21
// Brian Szabelski
There seems to be a never-ending chain of surprises still coming out from last week's Wonder Festival, and the latest of those would be the reveal of a Real Action Heroes Hatsune Miku figure. Produced by Medicom Toy with a fa...

Tomopop Review: SEGA Premium Prize Mari Makinami

Oct 18 // Kristina Pino
Figure Name: Premium Mari Makinami IllustriousFigure Maker: SEGA PrizeRetail: ¥1,550Buy it at HobbyLink Japan As usual, we're starting with the packaging. Mari comes in a big plastic shell and wrapped in a bright pink box with the NERV logo on it. Oh right, and it's pink. Really, really, pink. All things considered though, this pink box is only about as big as it needs to be, which is great for folks who like to keep their pink boxes put away for future use. Once you free her from her pink box, she's already screwed onto her base, which is square and white with the red NERV logo and the phrase, "God's in his heaven. All's right with the world." Her plugsuit is various shades of pink from collar to footies, and she's got this cutesy pose with her face turned down. At a glance, and from this distance, she looks rather nice. Once again, I need to mention that I don't like when figures have their faces turned down, though the effect is nice overall when she's placed on a shelf above eye level. In this case, I shot the full-body images with my camera basically resting on the floor (for your reference). Mari's chest and sides are... well, it's there, inside her plugsuit. She's got the white ribbing on the sides and some black and white material there. The lines are rather sloppy, but this is made apparent by taking close-up pictures of it. There are scuff marks all over the figure, some of which I was able to reduce the appearance of after the shoot, and others which are the result of paint transfer or simply won't come off. Her belly here has some shading on it to emphasize the molding, and she's got that attractive space between her legs right there at her crotch. You can also see some of the scuffing I mentioned above where the glove is hovering over her hip. She's got some blue stripes along her thighs, which aren't all that badly painted, all things considered. There are some extra lines molded in there to simulate the different seams on her plugsuit, as well as the obvious figure seam all along the thigh, cutting it in half. Her butt is as much as a pink butt needs to be, though there's some more obvious scuffing and seaming present as well. Considering how much work went into making the full back view so attractive, I'm disappointed it's a bit marred -- but again, these are things you notice when you're really observing the figure closely. As I write this, I'm looking at the figure on a surface about two feet away, and I don't see any of these issues. Her hair's sculpting is a major highlight for me with this figure. It gives her a good sense of movement and doesn't look like a 8-year old made it with Play-Doh. And to top it off, the head seam is hidden by the blue headband. Don't worry about those lumpy things on top, though. It started raining while I was outside with Mari, so that's actually just water. Before we get to her face, let's quickly take a look at her back. From most angles, her hair basically covers this part, but nonetheless I thought it was important. There are some scuff marks here again, but otherwise this area doesn't look bad at all. Thankfully, Mari's face actually looks rather nice. The glasses don't move nor are they in danger of falling off, which is a good thing. Her fingers aren't quite touching her face here, so there isn't any paint transfer to be seen. Actually, there were no scuff marks or blemishes on her face at all. All the problems with this figure are from the neck, down (starting with the bleeding blue paint on her collar and that gaping seam at her shoulder). As I mentioned before, she does have this cutesy pose going for her, despite my quick Google image reference search led to many angry-looking expressions of this character. I guess it's refreshing? I wouldn't know, character-wise, but it's definitely easy on the eyes by virtue of the figure itself. Her glasses don't totally block her pretty eyes from view and her mouth is molded just enough to make her seem like she's amused. Overall, I'd say Mari here is definitely worth your dough if you're a fan of the character and if, like me, you're a fan of prize figures. She's nicely molded and features some great shades of easy-to-photograph pink, without looking like she's suffocating in her suit and more-or-less painted well. There are some gaping seams and blotch issues, but those are easy to overlook once she's on display. She isn't my cup of tea whatsoever, but that doesn't matter since she's a prize for this month's photo contest sponsored by HobbyLink Japan! Thanks to them for sending this figure over! Mari was released recently enough that, for now, you shouldn't have too many issues purchasing your own. Check out the gallery for more images that didn't make it into the main body of the review, and leave your feedback in the comments below!
Review sponsored by HobbyLink Japan
When I think about prize figures, I think of cute little static figures that are somewhere around 1/10-scale, though sometimes up there at 1/8-scale. Mari here? She's a hulking ~10.4 inches tall, much taller than almost every...

Tomopop Review: Sega Prize Princess of the Crystal

Sep 25 // Kristina Pino
Figure Name: Princess of the Crystal (Premium Figure)Figure Maker: SEGA PrizeRetail: ¥1,550Buy it at HobbyLink Japan The box doesn't have any windows. At first, I did think this was a bit strange, but then I opened up the package and saw why: she needs to be assembled. Now, you might look at this tray here and think it'd be a breeze. But: Honestly, this is what the "assembly" resulted in for me most of the time. It was a royal pain to get her to come together, and a bigger one to keep her together while I handled this review shoot. Once on the shelf, she's fine — as long as you aren't moving her around, you don't need to worry about her falling to pieces. Until then, though, beware! Once assembled, she looks rather nice. Her dress is held up by this plastic stand thingy with stars on it, and if positioned correctly her shoes should naturally rest on the ground and keep her balance. There are two separate pieces making up the ribbons and bow over her dress, which were kind of tough for me to wedge in. The ribbons have to be slid between her dress and hair first, then you have to match the notches on. The big bow goes last and attaches to the end. It's heavy, so mine fell off several times. Besides these little hitches with the assembly, I don't really have anything negative to say about the figure. Promise! Let's take a look at various points of interest, starting with her shoes and working our way up: Her shoes are just plain black boots with a little shine to them, and end up at her mid-thigh. The detailing is nice, particularly where you see here at the ankle with the wrinkles and the realistic heel and platform below the foot. Yay! Once you get up here, you've got this white leotard bottom type thing with her vest and the beginning of ruffles that go all the way to the back of the skirt. Right, and she's got a ruffly bandana/scarf sort of thing on as well that adds a little more volume to the overall effect. From what we're seeing here, the overall paint application isn't shabby at all. It helps that her color scheme is rather simple and the mold is nice and detailed, so Sega has produced a solid piece of work here. Even her dainty little hand here is nicely molded and set with pink nail polish. Of course, she's got her emperor penguin cap on and the yellow bits that come out of it are part of the assembly as well. They pop in rather easily, though, and you can hardly tell it's a separate piece since there's some frill there. The hat itself has an almost perfect paint job (I only notice a tiny bit of sloppiness with the black paint on the jewel at the forehead); nothing to complain about here. Her hair has this pastel pink/mauve shade to it that is rather nice, and it goes nicely with the bandanna and her purple eyes. It matches well with the pastel yellow look of the hat's tails, and apart from the hair I wanted to show off the detail at the ends. Nice and clean. Finally, we get to her face. Princess of the Crystal has a calm expression on, and my attention is mostly drawn to her eyes. Once again, great molding and application here. There's a lot to be said about those eyes ... she could be simply calm and monotone, or more expectant and demanding. I honestly haven't watched Mawaru Penguindrum, so I'm not entirely sure what her demeanor is like — though I'm leaning towards expectant. With her hand reaching out as it is, it's like she's waiting for someone to hand something over. Miss Princess of the Crystal is a beautiful figure, and Sega really outdid themselves here. For the price, you really are getting a nice big piece that will stand out, and thanks to HobbyLink Japan one of you Tomopop readers will be getting this as a prize soon! Check out the gallery for additional images which didn't make it into the main body of this review, and check out our September contest for a chance to win this figure for yourself.
Sponsored by HobbyLink Japan for September's Megapixel Contest
Princess of the Crystal figures always look rather impressive because of that outfit of hers. It tends to, you know, take up more space than the lonesome figure normally would. And in some cases (like with the figure we're lo...


Border Break's Fiona is getting made

But all we have is a blurry photo
Sep 23
// Tianxiao Ma
Border Break is a mecha arcade game by Sega that I've never heard of until just now. The folks at Wing have done the natural thing, which is to take the bustiest character from the game and make a figure of her. The character...

Another look at adorable upcoming OreImo prize figures

a.k.a. the awesome limited figures that might bust your wallet
Sep 05
// Kristina Pino
It was only a matter of time before I found another reason to gush about figures from OreImo. We've posted about these Lucky Lottery items before, but now we've got some new, clean images and a reminder that now in early...

First 4 Figures' Knuckles gets a few videos!

Aug 14
// Rio McCarthy
Well now, I'd say Knuckles has been playing in the cloning machine a bit too much! I'm kidding, of course. First 4 Figures has shared a few videos on their blog showing the process of getting Knuckles finished up and ready t...

Blue Blur hits Sanrio: Incoming Sonic Hello Kitty plush!

Jul 11
// Rio McCarthy
This is the cutest thing I have seen in my life. I can't even.. I don't have the words for this. You don't understand. I have been a life-long fan of both Sonic the Hedgehog and Hello Kitty, and my brain can't handle the awes...

Under the Radar: Sega Prize Vocaloid Vignettes vol. 2

Jul 05
// Kristina Pino
I didn't know these adorable Vocaloid Vignette figures existed until I started seeing them everywhere, only to find out they were set for release in June? Included in this wave of figures are a Rin and Len Kagamine, Meiko and...

Sega reveal new upcoming Hatsune Miku prize figure

Jul 02
// Kristina Pino
I realize the subject of my post isn't anything shocking, but the new figure really is cute despite that fact that Miku is wearing her standard uniform instead of any of the great outfits she's got in the Project Diva games. ...

This custom Miku keeps cool during the summer

Jun 29
// Tianxiao Ma
Hey check it out, another Snow Miku! The design isn't all that original, but that's because it's a repaint of Sega's "Fairy of Music" Hatsune Miku figure. For a custom paint job, that's pretty good! We came across this on fg,...

Kuroneko dons a magical girl costume, looks adorable

Jun 22
// Kristina Pino
I couldn't help but notice that there are not one, but two upcoming prize figures featuring Kuroneko of OreImo fame dressed up in a magical girl outfit (Alpha Omega Cosplay Version). She looks absolutely adorable, and I ...

Tomopop Review: Sonic the Hedgehog Nendoroid

Jun 17 // Rio McCarthy
Figure Name: Sonic the Hedgehog NendoroidFigure Maker: Good Smile CompanyRetail/List Price: ¥3,334Available at: Hobby Search | Big Bad Toy Store We'll start with the packaging as always. It's a little bland, but it does its job. You've got the Sonic blue box with plenty of photos of the Nendoroid to get your ideas flowing on poses you can do once you open him up. Upon opening the box you'll see two layers of accessories ready for your perusal. Let's take a closer look shall we? As you can see there are a couple different faces, several hands, an arm and a leg, several items for the item box, the gate, the stands, a ring and an emerald! Whew!  Here's how Sonic looks as soon as he pops out of the box. Isn't he cute? As you can see, it's obviously the current iteration of Sonic with the green eyes and all. If you still haven't gotten over the design change, then I guess you probably wouldn't have bought this figure to begin with. When you turn him around you'll see all of his quills in full glory. You will see several visible seams on the quills themselves, and if you pan down and check out his legs you'll see that mine has a bit of raw flash. Hopefully this will just be my Nendoroid and yours will look fantastic, but it's worth pointing out. Another big seam is the one that runs along the round of his head. His hand however has a good sense of movement, and I really like how it looks. I'm sure most of you know how these Nendoroids look when you pop their hands off to change them, but just in case you haven't, here you go. You can also see how cleanly painted Sonic's little tummy is in this shot. One of my favorite things is that he has that classic wagging finger that was the staple of the opening video of my favorite games. Everything looks pretty clean for the most part, so let's look at some more accessories shall we? My favorite of the actual accessories that comes with Sonic is by far the Chaos Emerald. It's sculpted so well, and the see-through materials used make it look almost like glass, which reflects awesomely in the light.  Sonic came with two extra faces to switch out, and if you haven't seen how that's done there's a shot of that as well. What's a little weird to me though is just how there are so many other seams around Sonic's head. There aren't really any places where his switched out face is actually visible, but the rest of the seams are very apparent. The checkpoint gate looks incredible, and yes the little ball bars do move up and down. If Sonic's made it through the checkpoint you can move them as you please! Now we've finally got a look at the item container, I called it a box earlier, but that's because I'm old. It's clearly not much of a box anymore and more of a container. Regardless we've got a couple shields, some rings an extra life and the speed shoes to choose from. I wanted an extra life, so I thought I'd show you how the pieces come apart. The clear plastic is in two parts so that it can easily pop off, and then the cap for the top is just easily placed on top of them once you put them back into place. Go get your extra life, Sonic! Wait! Will he go for the extra life or the ring? Such decisions! As you can see, here is the stand in action. It easily holds Sonic up for whatever your posing needs may be. The stand for the ring and emerald are both decent as well. He decided to go for the ring! You might have noticed something a little off though... ... and that's because I'm a total dork. I forgot you can change out Sonic's leg to the bent one so his running looks far more accurate! When he went for the Chaos Emerald he got it all put into place and everything looks great! As you've seen there are a ton of accessories, and as a Sonic fan I'm extremely happy. If you're cool with Sonic's current design (which actually almost looks a little like old Sonic with his tubby little belly in this Nendoroid) then I say you should have no problem with wanting to pick this Nendoroid up. If you can still find him for purchase, I would suggest doing so. There are so many great accessories, and he poses very well - assuming you're smart enough to remember the correct pieces, unlike I did. I'm extremely happy with my purchase, and sometimes that can be rare for me with poseable figures, so it has my seal of approval. Alright now kids check out the gallery and I'll see you next time. Gotta juice it loose!

Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the most iconic characters of my childhood. From the very first game I knew he was the character that would stick with me through my childhood, be it through all the comics, cartoon shows, and fut...


Alright! GSC has teased us with some new photos of Nendoroid Sonic over on Mikatan's Blog, and it makes me even more excited for mind to arrive before long. In fact, the blog post mentions that GSC will be shipping them on Ap...

Can't get lucky with Sega's Strike Witches 2 lottery

Mar 07 // Jon Wills
Most prize lottery rewards are arranged by a letter grade, here is a summary of what could be won; If you like these you can watch your favorite stores for them to show up one day. Prize A: Myafuji, Traditional School Swimsuit Myafuji stands about 20 cm tall in her swimsuit. She is a little generic, but that pretty much describes Myafuji, right? I almost feel like this figure is a little less cool because she so spot on. It would be nice to see her wear something unusual or prettier, and perhaps with her blushing or just to doing something different. Despite all of that, I feel that she will please her fans and swimsuit figurine collectors alike Prize B: Lynette Bishop, One Piece Swimsuit If I were to pick one of the two larger prizes for myself I would pick Lynette, because her colors are very vibrant and she looks like she is having a lot of fun! I always love to have cute figurines on my shelf and I certainly wouldn't mind one that shows so much energy. Lynette stands at around 20 cm tall and would look great frolicking on any beach. Prize C: Two Sided Pillow Nothing like a soft pillow to lay your head on, and what could be softer than a pillow featuring moe characters? One side shows Myafuji and Lynette in their usual uniform while the other side is black with a red cat patterned on it. I'm not a big fan of body pillows because they can be creepy, but because this is about 40 cm long it is more of a throw pillow and it is reversible which makes it nicer and easier to hide if you need to. Prize D: Towels, two Styles! Not my thing but hey, they are 80 cm by 40 cm and are fairly practical. I can never imagine myself using one of these kinds of towels; it would be so awkward for me! Prize E: Mugs, two Styles What's a better way to wake up in the morning than to a cup of coffee? A cup of coffee in a moe mug of course. Still I wonder how many collectors use cups like this as coffee mugs? Do you? I have thought about it, then I always hesitate, maybe I need to start using them! Prize F: Clear Files, four per ticket, five varieties These are cute and colorful! I don't personally collect them, but I imagine if I had a bin for them and I won them randomly sometimes, I would collect them. Files can be a good way to keep affordable memorabilia of your favorite characters. Prize G: Mini figures of Strike Witches Ah, minis, my favorite little ones in my collection. Like most minis these stand around 8 cm tall. They are pretty cute and made in a deformed chubbier style. I like this style because most Strike Witches figurines show a little too much for my taste; however, when they are chibified they become less realistic, thus more appealing to my taste. Last Prize These black ones are neuro witch doctors and are the last place prize. Nobody likes to be last, but it is kind of awesome that the last place prize is a villain. I think even if I won a figurine on my first try I would play again to try to win a witch doctor to compliment the set, then again if they are last I bet there are a lot of these and they could be bought for a low, low price! In the end my favorites were Lynette, the minis and the mugs! So what do you think Tomopeeps? Did you enjoy the fan service? What prize sets do you like the most?

Fans of Strike Witches and lovers of moe characters have another good reason to be excited! As if we didn't already have enough reasons! Sega is holding a prize figure lottery where people in Japan can buy a reasonably priced...


It's time for SEGA Prizes for February 2012

Feb 28
// Rio McCarthy
Woohoo! It's time to check out the SEGA Standard and Core prizes that could have been won in UFO Catcher games during February 2012. There's actually a couple I might try to find somehow or another! Besides the usual Hello Ki...

At Prize Fair 2012 Summer, Sega's booth had a boatload of plushes but, to be honest, a good portion of them were from series that I am not familiar with. This is a flaw on my part and I must ask you, good sleuths of the Tomoc...


Surprise pre-order: Staind series Yozora and Sena

Jan 27
// Kristina Pino
Completely out of left field I've just noticed that last night pre-orders have begun for a 1/10 scale Yozora and Sena (separately, of course). They're both a part of Media Factory's Staind series, and while I'm not entirely c...

The latest batch of scans has a ton of info on this year's Wonder Festival Winter exclusives. Besides Good Smile Company, Volks, and CM's Corporation's releases, we have Orchid Seed, who's bringing 1/7-scale Ichijou Mai,...

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