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Scott Tolleson

Tolleson, Crooks, Catlin photo
A fantastic mix of designer toys from three amazing artists
The corner booth at DesignerCon that housed Scott Tolleson, Lana Crooks, and Carson Catlin had a eye-catching combination of plushes and figures, both original and customized. It also had several tantalizing con-exclusives av...

Kookie No Good photo
Kookie No Good

De Korner, Scott Tolleson bring us Kookie No Good

A Chinese New Year surprise ... just don't break him opwn
Jan 30
// Brian Szabelski
Scott Tolleson's new work with De Korner is a pouty little bowtie-weatring fortune cookie named Kookie No Good. What is he no good at? Well, might just be fortune telling for all we know, but the little guy (he's a 3.5-inch-t...
DCon 2013: Scott Tolleson photo
Also featuring Leecifer, Lana Crooks and Carson Catlin
A lot of artists had shared booths at DesignerCon, like they do at larger conventions, but Scott Tolleson might have taken the cake in this regard. Not only was he manning a booth this year, but Leecifer, Lana Crooks and Cars...

DCon 2013: Ink It Labs photo
DCon 2013: Ink It Labs

DesignerCon 2013: Ink It Labs

Wooden (designer) toys for girls and boys
Nov 13
// Brian Szabelski
The folks at Ink It Labs brought plenty of wooden collectibles with them to DesignerCon 2013. Those included Scott Tolleson's Lil Rufus, the S.S. Meow Meow from Crowded Teeth, Onorio D'Epiro's Flower Eater, and-&nbs...

DesignerCon exclusives photo
Scott Tolleson's Rufus will be an exclusive at the event
According to one of Scott Tolleson's Instagram posts, a legend speaks of the first infected zombie, a boy named Rufus. In honor of the tragic lad, Scott has partnered up with Ink It Labs to create a unique wooden toy tha...

3DRetro DCon exclusives photo
3DRetro DCon exclusives

Here are 3DRetro's DesignerCon exclusives

Strife and Sire, Bitta Critta to have glow in the dark versions
Nov 07
// Brian Szabelski
3DRetro's DesignerCon offerings are of the glow-in-the-dark variety, taking two recent releases and making them a little brighter at night. First, there's the MoonSHINE Bitta Critta, taking Scott Tolleson's character and maki...
DesignerCon exclusives photo
This plush is fresh to death
Just days ago, we discussed the teaser images of Scott Tolleson and Lana Crooks' Deadbeet plush that had been cropping up on Instagram. We now have clear images of the plush along with all the juicy information we had be...

DesignerCon plush teaser photo
Available at the upcoming DesignerCon
Fans of designer toys are no doubt familiar with Scott Tolleson's Deadbeet soft vinyl figure. The toy has graced the pages of Tomopop more than a few times and even had its own custom art show at Los Angeles' Toy Art Gallery....

NYCC 2013: Kidrobot photo
NYCC 2013: Kidrobot

NYCC 2013: Kidrobot

The next Kidrobot Black piece debuts
Oct 14
// Brian Szabelski
Kidrobot's NYCC offerings included the reveal of their newest Kidrobot Black vinyl figure. It's called Murder, by British artist Craww, and features a 12-inch-tall woman cloaked in a feathered crow-like outfit. She also comes...
Dunny Evolved photo
Dunny Evolved

Kidrobot's new Dunny series is Evolved

A little different twist on the same old platform
Oct 09
// Brian Szabelski
Kidrobot's next blind-boxed Dunny series — Dunny Evolved — is here, but it's got a slightly different twist. Instead of recruiting a bunch of artists for the 15 Dunnys in the series, there's only five: Huck Gee, M...
Bartholomew Punchyface photo
Bartholomew Punchyface

All colorways of Bartholomew Punchyface now available

Now available at a little stranger's online store
Sep 09
// Natalie Kipper
Tomopop has been reporting on the development of Luke Chueh and Scott Tolleson's Bartholomew Punchyface plush since the little guy was just a conceptual design sketch. Now, the adorable bear has grown into a real boy (err, to...
SDCC 2013 photo
A trio of fantastic artists show off their wares
The booth housing artists Gary Ham, Scott Tolleson, and Julie West was my first stop on preview night of San Diego Comic Con. The space was laden with prototypes for future toys and con-exclusive goods. I came there for Gary'...

SDCC exclusives photo
Scott Tolleson and Luke Chueh's poor little nerd bear returns
Scott Tolleson and Luke Chueh's adorably pitiful Bartholomew Punchyface plush is seeing his second release at San Diego Comic Con. You may remember his initial release in April 2013, in which he wore a green sweater with brow...

New Raaar! pre-orders photo
New Raaar! pre-orders

Jay Bee Raaar! pre-orders begin today

Scott Tolleson, Dynamite Rex, De Korner come together for exclusive
Jul 10
// Brian Szabelski
A new Raaar! has arisen, and the design of the dino called Jay Bee is unmistakably Scott Tolleson's work. An exclusive to De Korner, the 6-inch figure is coming in the third quarter of 2013 (around November) and appears to be...
3D Retro SDCC exclusive photo
Scott Tolleson's creation the latest exclusive
The latest 3D Retro SDCC release is a little fellow we knew was coming sometime this year: Scott Tolleson's Bitta Critta. Seen recently on an OutsmART Originals T-shirt, this is the 5-inch-tall vinyl debut of Scott's little c...


Even Deadbeets aren't safe from Carson Catlin's knives

Meet Julienned
Jun 07
// Kristina Pino
Carson Catlin has shared his latest eviscerated custom, which takes the form of one of Scott Tolleson's sofubi Deadbeets. It's going to be at Toy Art Gallery for the Deadbeet Show, starting June 29th. This custom will be...
Custom Cavey sneak peek photo
Custom Cavey sneak peek

A look at some of the custom Caveys for Friday's show

Some are cute and cuddly, others ... not so much
May 29
// Brian Szabelski
This Friday marks the Custom Vinyl Cavey Show in London, and as a peek, we're getting to see the customs a little early. There are 41 customs that are part of the show, all of which have now been posted to the Hey Cavey blog....
The Making Of photo
The Making Of

Learn the history of Bartholomew Punchyface

It looks like quite the merry road
May 10
// Natalie Kipper
Here at Tomopop, we have followed Bartholomew Punchyface's long and arduous journey to plush-hood and, up until this point, it has all been from an outsider's point-of-view. But, Holly Stanway a.k.a a little stranger, the art...

Tomopop About Town: Bartholomew Punchyface release party

Apr 23 // Natalie Kipper
I was super-psyched for the release party, perhaps a bit overly so because I arrived way too early and the gallery was still setting up the inside bit. Fortunately, that gave me plenty of time to take a few photos of the Bartholomew Punchyface-themed window display. It had a large poster advertising the event hanging along with one for an exhibit called "Facial Recognition," which was also on display in the gallery. The pair of prints along several of the plushes advertised the night's goodies to passers-by.  The party was actually ready ahead of schedule and I got in about about 5 or 10 minutes early. I noticed on my way in that there were flyers for DesignerCon 2013. This year's logo may be my favorite one I have seen so far. Right behind the counter, out in plain sight, sat a gaggle of Bartholomew Punchyface plushes, all sealed up in there bags and waiting to be purchased. I, of course, bought one as soon as I could. I was actually the second person to get one! I practically ripped the bag open (I would have used my teeth, if need be) to free my plush as soon as I could. He was perfect! Just as I imagined he would be.  See? I told you there was cake! The picture doesn't really show the scale but this monster pastry is twice the size of a normal cake. It was chocolate flavor and smelled so freaking good. I really regret not having a piece. The lovely picture of Bartholomew Punchyface is even edible.   At the back of the gallery was the table where Luke and Scott were set up with prints, markers, and a few other fun things which I will discuss in a moment. Even before the bulk of the crowd arrived the pair were doodling on the prints. I was hilarious to watch. They are brilliant! Both were kind enough to sign my plush.  At the table with Scott and Luke were notes to tape to your back that either said "Gimme a Wedgie" or "Kick Me." There also a pile of pictures of Bartholomew Punchyface for party-goers to draw on showing how they would "bully" him. The top entry chosen by a panel of judges (Scott and Luke) would a special pair of prints. Every so often, Luke would explain to those just arriving how the contest works.  I wasn't the only one who asked Luke or Scott to sign something other than a print. One of the attendees had Luke sign and draw on one of his Target figures. The figure was also for sale at the gallery. At some point during the first hour, the cake was served but in the most comical way possible. Luke and Scott cut the cake together, wedding-style. Luke even took a handful of cake to smash into Scott's face like the bride sometimes does to the groom (hence the messy edge on one side of the cut). Don't worry; he didn't follow through with it.  After the cutting of the cake, it was all about chatting with the artists and other fans. One of the things I especially liked about this party was how happy it felt. Everyone there, including myself, was laughing and having a blast. People walking on the street would peek there heads in to see what all the commotion was about and I noticed some even stuck around to take part in the festivities. I noticed one couple, who clearly had no idea who the artists where or what a Bartholomew Punchyface was, purchased a plush after seeing them being held by myself and other party-goers. Even if you missed out on the release party, you can still nab yourself a Bartholomew Punchyface plush over at 3DRetro's online store for US$39.99. I highly recommend it.
Tomopop About Town photo
Giant Robot gallery celebrates the plush's debut
It is release parties like the one for the Bartholomew Punchyface plush that really make me love living in Los Angeles. The event took place over in the Little Osaka area at the Giant Robot gallery a.k.a. GR2. Both Luke ...


Bartholomew Punchyface releasing April 13 with a party

And you are invited!
Apr 04
// Natalie Kipper
It has been a near unbearable wait but Bartholomew Punchyface, the nerdy bear plush collaboration between Luke Chueh and Scott Tolleson (produced by 3DRetro), is finally being released on Saturday, April 13. If you live ...

More pics of Bartholomew Punchyface emerge!

And he is looking un-bear-ably cute
Jan 07
// Natalie Kipper
Luke Chueh and Scott Tolleson's Bartholomew Punchyface plush was teased way back in late June of last year. We then saw the prototype made by Holly Stanway a.k.a. a little stranger at San Diego Comic Con 2012. Since...

OutsmART Originals' next shirt is a Scott Tolleson debut

Say hi to Bitta Critta, now through Dec. 17
Dec 10
// Brian Szabelski
The latest from Outsmart Originals is yet again a T-shirt, but this time around, the artist is Scott Tolleson with his Bitta Critta T-shirt. The grumpy little fellow has made some appearances over the past few years, but this...

Tomopop About Town: Cavey's American Cousins, Part 2

Nov 30 // Natalie Kipper
Frank Kozik's print was kind of cartoon-y. It depicted a Cavey that looks very similar to his hedgehog character, Heathrow, mingling with woodland critters. The colors were very bright and the majority lines were bold, adding to the coloring book quality of the print. Frank's Cavey was an excellent plush version of Heathrow (I assume that was what they were aiming for). The spines were a orange-ish red that stood out against the simple orange body without clashing. The Cavey's snout was absolute perfection. It was perfectly formed and I actually couldn't make out the seams. It was like magic! Luke Chueh's print had a shocking (yet fitting, given who made it) take on the Cavey plush. The print very much resembled Luke's many of other works, right down to the color scheme. It was sad but oddly cute. The little spine in Cavey's torso made me smile for some reason. Luke's Cavey looked very much like his print. I think the translation from print to plush was the most literal in this one. The little bone even made it in there. It looked liked the bone was velcro (I didn't touch it, so this is just a guess). If that is the case, perhaps The poor beheaded plush could be reattached and separated at will? In any case, the pool of blood was a nice touch. Mochi Mochi's print was a picture of her custom plush. At first, I wasn't too impressed, mainly because everyone else used a more artsy interpretation of their plush in their print. But when thought about how much I loved Mochi Mochi's Cavey, I appreciated the print more. The knitted Cavey customized by Mochi Mochi was a bit bigger than the other Caveys at the show. I loved the colors used and the fact that anyone familiar with her patterns would immediately recognize her Cavey-ified teeny tiny gnome on the plush's shoulder. It was very much a signature Mochi Mochi design. Onell Designs incorporated the traditional-looking Cavey as well as their custom one into their print. It almost looks as though they are meeting each other from across country borders (or am I reading to much into this?). The custom Caveys looked a little menacing but, judging by Cavey's simple smile, they must mean no harm. The print was an interesting one, to be sure. Like Luke Chueh's custom, Onell Designs' Cavey looked very much like the one in the print. I thought the use of safety eyes against the black fabric of the eye pieces was an interesting touch and it caught my attention when I was walking from display to display. While the design is more simple than some of the others, it was executed well and looked great. If you want an overload of cuteness, you need only look to Scott Tolleson's print. The animated style of his Cavey in a slightly slumped pose just exudes adorable. Of course, an argyle pattern made it on there (they are always on Scott's Nosellots plushes). I can't actually pick out which aspect of Scott's Cavey I like the most. Was it the layered hair piece? That cute little smile? Or the comically large tie? I honestly can't say. All I know is all the components to this custom worked in wonderful harmony. I also noticed that the print on the actual plush's "pants" matched perfectly with the print. Sket One's print was a colorful depiction of their Cavey, right down to the scars and Santa cap. The bright yellow against the green almost made the print look illuminated. For some reason, when I walked past the print, it felt like the eyes were following me. I blame the Cavey's demonic-looking eyebrows.  I was impressed that the details on Sket One's Cavey were pieces of cut fabric that were sewn on and embellished. It made the eyes and scars on the face more noticeable and added depth the face. The santa hat could be removed but I don't know why one would want to. I looks so nice with it on. That wraps up my coverage of Cavey's American Cousins! The show was great and it was nice to see Holly Stanway and the artists who participated in the show. The plushes themselves have all found homes but the prints I talked about are still available for purchase over at Holly's online store. 
We finish up our coverage of the plush par-tay!
It may have been a while since part one of our coverage for Cavey's American Cousins, a pop-up art show that took place on November 10, but that doesn't make the event's custom Cavey toys any less awesome. Last time, we ...


DesignerCon 2012: Dynamite Rex

Dinosaurs, plus designer toys, always equals win
Nov 06
// Brian Szabelski
Based on my initial reaction to seeing Dynamite Rex's first figure, Raar!, as well as some of your comments, we knew we had to stop by the booth and check out this little dino dude with the dynamite in mouth. It looks as if R...

DesignerCon 2012: Scott Tolleson

The Nosellots family adds one more
Nov 04
// Brian Szabelski
Companies weren't the only one in attendance at DesignerCon: plenty of artists had their own booths, too, and once again this year, Scott Tolleson was among them. The booth this year included both the new Melange colorway of ...

Tomopop's Big Bad DesignerCon 2012 Roundup (Part 2)

Nov 01 // Brian Szabelski
Toy Art Gallery Toy Art Gallery's booth this year, #400, is host to a multitude of exclusives. These include the black edition of Nathan Hamill's Strife and Sire; Metallic Rainbow Uamous from Uamou; Deathshead White Edition by David Flores; 4-inch MyGuys by Meredith Dittmar; Pokken Kaiser and Luftkaiser editions by Paul Kaiju; Waodog one-offs from Waotoyz; an exclusive or two from Galaxy People; and more. There's also three planned signings: Davis Flores from noon to 12:30 p.m.; Nathan Hamill from 1 to 1:30 p.m.; and Paul Kaiju from 2 to 2:30 p.m. Finally, visitors will get a peek at the TAG Lifesize Figure Series. Munky King The big news from Munky King for DesignerCon is the release of Luke Chueh's Target (US$100, 1000 pieces in colorway total), which comes with a removable brush accessory and walls that will interlock with the other colorways to let you create a shooting gallery-like display in the future. Luke will be signing at the booth, #217, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.   Scott Tolleson If you pop by booth #708, you might find yourself in the middle of an army of brand new Deadbeets! The second run of Scott's sofubi carrot monster will be at the show (US$60, 25 pieces) and not only is it cast with translucent orange glitter vinyl (that's a mouthful), but it apparently glows in the dark. Sounds like some serious qizardry may be involved there ... If you're a fan of the Designer Toy Award-winning Nosellots plush line, then you'll want to know that Jedidiah McDoogle, the last of the gang to debut, will be making an appearance at DesignerCon. There will also apparently be a special "D-Con Deal" on the Nosellots line. Scott's also releasing the artist proofs of his Mr. Pinkerton Mini Qee, with five pieces of each of the four colorways available for US$50. These will be signed and it sounds as if the first 20 purchases come with a limited edition print. Squid Kids Ink Squid Kids Ink is hunkering down in Booth #600, and their exclusive is the little guy you see above: a golden DesignerCon 2012 Mini 10-Doh! figure! Nate from Squid Kids Ink actually designed the back cover of the program for the event, and the Mini 10-Doh! features the old version of Vincent because ... well, Nate said he couldn't get the new DCon logo design for this year to fit on the label. Still, it's a nice little figure and another chance to pick up an event-exclusive golden 10-Doh! for those of you who collect these little fellows.  Vaud Villain Studios Along with bringing Bi-Polar Molar, Vaud Villain Studios will have the Mostly Mono Modern Martians at booth #828. The first in the Mostly Mono Martians series, these are a series of custom Munnys painted in a single color; this variant happens to be blue, with some yellow and red accents. The five-eyed little fellow is also wearing a little hat and dressed in the most modern of fashion. He comes inside a hand-painted box with an illustration showing the Martian and his fancy little Hover Vespa. You know he has to have one being modern and all. Nick of Vaud Villain has also sent us teasers of a second Martian he just finished up, the Mostly Mono Madness Martian. No, it's not Randy Savage-themed, sadly, but it does come in green with pink and purple accents. He's got the words "1STP BYND" tattooed on his knuckles, a motto that he tends to live by on the big red planet. Kuso Vinyl Kuso Vinyl will be setting up shop in booth #330, and in addition to Ponburger, they'll have a few other things. One is a chance for the West Coast folk to get their hands on the Chester Runcorn Gin and Tonic edition from NYCC (US$150, 150 pieces in total between both events). Also at the booth will be four custom Celsius and Fahrenheit figures from James Fuller (a.k.a. Fuller Designs), who's turned Rotobox's gunslinging hero and villain into Punisher, a Celsius Spawn, Wolverine and Gunslinger. The customs will be on display at the booth. Evilos Those of you who are Vinylmation fans (yes, that's you, Kristina) probably already know who the heck Evilos is. For the rest of us, he's the artist who does some nifty Vinylmation customs and is taking up residence this weekend in booth #428. For DesignerCon, Evilos is bringing along an Alien Vinylmation pin (limited to 100 pieces) and some custom Vinylmation figures. Among those are the Mickey in Carbonite (20 pieces), which features some nice detailing on the surface, and the Jedi Mickey Vinylmation customs. Quite fitting given the news this week, don't you think? Galaxy Monkey The duo known as Galaxy Monkey have taken over booth #325, and they'll be bringing along a DesignerCon exclusive colorway of their first sofubi figure, Monkeynaut (US$65, 20 pieces). Monkeys in spacesuits? I'm pretty sure that idea always works for a figure, especially if Tim Tsui's work taught me anything. They'll also have limited numbers of GID and solid black DIY variants on sale for US$50 each and some customs at the booth. [So ends Part 2, but stay tuned: Part 3 is on the way and it's got some big hitters in it!]
Chock full of Martians, superheroes, monster carrots and Jedi!
Part 1 of our Big Bad DesignerCon 2012 Roundup had a lot in it, sure ... but it barely scratched the surface. We're on to Part 2, and this time, we've got some more familiar names for designer toy fans. Kuso Vinyl, Evilo...


Cavey's American Cousins are fully revealed

Now, I am even more psyched about the show!
Oct 31
// Natalie Kipper
Okay, no more teasers now. This is the real deal. We have the full images of the custom Cavey plushes set to appear at the pop-up art show, Cavey's American Cousins, taking place in Hollywood on Saturday, November 10. Curated...

Last six artists revealed for Cavey show's line up

SketOne, Angry Woebots, Luke Chueh, Mochi Mochi, Onell Designs, and Scott Tolleson's customs are teased
Oct 26
// Natalie Kipper
We are edging forever closer to November 10, the night of Cavey's American Cousins plush show in Hollywood, California. We have already given you sneak peeks of six of the twelve artists who will be showing off their custom C...

Check out what's in store at Tenacious Toys' NYCC booth!

Oct 03 // Natalie Kipper
The artist collaborators are good folks that will be sharing a portion of the  booth Tenacious Toys. The first of which is Bugs and Plush, a vinyl toy design company (check out my Wonder Con coverage of them here). Next up is Rampage Toys, which focuses on sofubi designs. And last but not least, is Furry Feline Creatives, headed by Alvin and Cheri Ong. Rampage Toys and Furry Feline Creatives will bring con-exclusive merchandise for purchase to the booth, but they aren't the only ones. Here's the rundown on the exclusives: Jon-Paul Kaiser's Pandaimyo Blue Mini Qee (limited to 300 pieces, US$28 each) Scott Tolleson's Uncle Argh Noir Mini Qee (limited to 500 pieces, US$28 each) Furry Feline Creatives' Black CandyCat Purridge (limited to 10 pieces, US$40 each) Rampage Toys' Ugly Unicorn, Manotaur, and Dinosaurs blue resin figures by Jacob JAMS There will also be a few items that will be sold at NYCC before being released to general retail. They are: Nathan Hamill's Strife and Sire vinyl figure set (US$50) VISEone's Tube Monsters (all three colorways, US$15 each) Jason Freeny's Gummi Anatomy figures (two colorways) plus prints Rich Page's Dita sculpture And, who wouldn't want to get that new figure signed by the artist? Here is the schedule of artist signings going on throughout the days of the convention: Friday October 12 11am: Jacob JAMS signing his resin figures (including blue Tenacious Exclusive colorways) 2pm: VISEone signing his new Tube Monsters (all 3 colorways) 3pm: Nathan Hamill signing his new Strife & Sire vinyl figure set Saturday October 13 11am: Jason Freeny signing his Gummi Anatomy figures, Gummi Anatomy prints by 1XRUN & the Freeny CAPSL figures 1pm: Jon-Paul Kaiser & J*RYU tag team signing, featuring our exclusive JPK Pandaimyo Blue Mini Qee and J*RYU's Baby Sapling resin figure (also a Tenacious Exclusive) 2pm: Carson Catlin signing, featuring his Reticulated Dunny series 3pm: Rich Page of UME Toys signing, featuring the debut of Dita and a whole slew of other offerings 4pm: JC Rivera signing, featuring assorted customs and resin figures Sunday October 14 2pm: Jason Freeny signing his Gummi Anatomy figures, Gummi Anatomy prints by 1XRUN & CAPSL figures Is there a toy or artist you are particularly excited about? [via Tenacious Toys' blog]  
Signings, exclusives, and collabs!
New York Comic Con is swiftly approaching and Tenacious Toys planning on taking part in a big way. Their booth, number 3121, is one you will certainly want to hit up. Why? Well, how you feel about artist signings? And event e...

Outsmart Originals photo
Outsmart Originals

Who is Outsmart Originals?

Sep 22
// Brian Szabelski
So who is Outsmart Originals? It's a company led by Kevin Winnik, formerly of Toy2R USA before they closed their doors, describing the company on their Facebook page as "bringing exceptional designs to the masses using m...

Uncle Argh Noir Edition Qee headed to Tenacious Toys

Exclusive to be on sale Wednesday, Sept. 19
Sep 18
// Brian Szabelski
You might remember back in March, we posted about a Kickstarter for Scott Tolleson, Toy2R and Tenacious Toys' Uncle Argh Noir Edition Qee. Well, the Kickstarter was a success, the Qees have been shipped off to the backers, an...

Checking in with the customs for The Super Suck Up

Latest reveals include art from Scott Tolleson, DrilOne, Onell Design, Luke Chueh and more
Sep 10
// Brian Szabelski
A while back, it was announced that The Super Suck Up was coming to DesignerCon, and that a number of artists would be lending their skills to customizing some Suckadelic figures. So, just about two months out from the show, ...

Nosellots Super Show Shindig comes to Screaming Sky

Aug 09
// Brian Szabelski
Are you a fan of Scott Tolleson's Nosellots plush series and characters? Happen to live within a reasonable distance from Portland? Well, you're in luck: the Nosellots Super Show Shindig comes to Screaming Sky Gallery st...

The SDCC madness continues with a trip to booth #4836, belonging to Gary Ham, Scott Tolleson, and Julie West. The biggest news was the prototype of Bart Bear, the plush collaboration between Scott Tolleson, Luke Chueh, and Ho...


Bart Bear is so cute, it'll make you cry

Jun 28
// Natalie Kipper
Holly Stanway (a.k.a. a little stranger), Scott Tolleson, and Luke Chueh are working together to cook up something extra-special.  It's a new plush by the name of Bart Bear. He was designed by Scott and Luke then ma...

Toy2R announces four new Qees from four artists

Jun 27
// Brian Szabelski
Toy2R has a bunch of new Qees coming out in the next few months; in fact, four of them have already been announced by Toy2R, each featuring a different artist and different theme. Whether you want an undead warrior, an o...

Sayjo Bean's exclusive colorway revealed!

Jun 18
// Natalie Kipper
Sayjo Bean of Scott Tolleson's Nosellots was previewed only last week on Tomopop. And now, we have found an image of her exclusive colorway, courtesy of Scott's twitter account. I love the color scheme for this one, even more...

Designed by Scott Tolleson with Screaming Sky Gallery, the next Nosellots plush, Sayjo Bean, will be sold for the first time at the San Diego Comic Con this July. And much like the Francis plush at Scott's booth at WonderCon,...


Scott Tolleson and Howie Green create new MAQETs

Jun 02
// Natalie Kipper
Have you been to the MAQET site lately? If so, you may have noticed two new additions to the line-up, Scott Tolleson's DIY Bernie Cotton as well as Howie Green's new artist edition series featuring MAQET bear f...

The Missing Elements comes to Stranger Factory May 4

Apr 28
// Brian Szabelski
Scott Tolleson and Brandon "Ragnar" Johnson are names fans of designer toys might know, but did you know both are also accomplished 2-D artists? Starting on May 4 at Stranger Factory, Scott and Ragnar will be showing off new ...

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