It never was: The lost toys of SD Gundam Force

Yeah, people hated this show a lot
Jan 01
You utter the name of SD Gundam Force to most Gundam fans and the reaction isn't too pretty. It was a show purposely aimed at kids and people got upset over a children's television show. Even with its shortcomings, I really l... read

Santa Gundam has landed his sleigh in Tokyo

Event in Odaiba began yesterday and runs through to Christmas.
Dec 02
It's been a pretty quiet weekend. With no big conventions or events happening it makes for a good time to dig out your Christmas decorations if you haven't already. To get you in the mood here's something festive straight fro... read

Sputnik Supplies some cuterror with their B-list monsters

I'm still campaigning to get the word "cuterror" into Webster's. It's a portmanteau of the words "cute" and "terror"
Sep 19
Sputnik Supplies is a name worth remembering. The company produces some incredibly cool "b-list" film memorabilia, the most recent of which are super-deformed statues of Marty the Mutant (header; from The Day the World Ended ... read

Cute SD Gundam Gashapon hitting the machines this month

Apr 16
I don't know if we usually post about Gashapon, but these were too cute for me to resist. This month, the ¥200-a-pop machines will be releasing little SD robots of the varieties you see in the header. We've got a Sinanju,... read

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