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SDCC 2014: Rotofugi photo
SDCC 2014: Rotofugi

SDCC 2014: Rotofugi

Further proof that less can sometimes mean more
Jul 27
// Brian Szabelski
Rotofugi's SDCC booth was lighter on the exclusives this year, but the ones they did have were a little bigger deal. First, there's Tristan Eaton's new Floral Pleasure Bot for Kidrobot, which has a pretty nice design ... but ...
Redjack Squadt photo
New exclusive set to be available in limited numbers each day
Jamungo have announced a few exclusives for SDCC, and specifically, they've given us info on their Rotofugi exclusive, Redjack. The newest Squadt army member includes two sets of arms (classic and 2.1 versions), a shotgu...

Konatsu colorways photo
Konatsu colorways

Konatsu's kaiju creatures are back with new colorways

More Negora and Shibara for your hoarding pleasure
Mar 19
// Brian Szabelski
Konatsu's Negora and Shibara sofubi figures have been favorites for some time now; I think it's just seeing pets transformed into gigantic kaiju that makes me smile a bit. But as with all sofubi, a collector's work is never d...
Rotofugi Astrolapin photo
Rotofugi Astrolapin

An exclusive Astrolapin touches down at Rotofugi

Released ahead of Mr. Clement's May exhibition
Mar 18
// Brian Szabelski
Mr. Clement's work is coming to Rotofugi for a May exhibition, and to celebrate, he's released a special variant of his Astrolapin figure. The Rotofugi variant is in a nice cherry red color, and he carries a map of Chicago in...

Rotofugi January shows photo
Rotofugi January shows

Rotofugi's gallery opens 2014 with a double exhibition

Jeremiah Ketner, Yosiell Lorenzo to show off new works Jan. 10
Jan 03
// Brian Szabelski
Rotofugi's first gallery shows of 2014 are opening next week, and two familiar names are kicking off the year. Jeremiah Ketner's Day Dreaming and Yosiell Lorenzo's Woodland Orphans will feature both artists' works on canvas. ...
Toy Titans Toytem photo
Toy Titans Toytem

Gary Ham's Toy Titans Toytem is finally here

Releasing on Friday in several places
Dec 18
// Brian Szabelski
Back in May, Gary Ham made a one-off custom called the Toy Kings Toytem for the Triplets of Clutterville show at Clutter Gallery. The piece featured the mascots of SpankyStokes, Rotofugi, Lulubell, Clutter...
SDCC 2013: Rotofugi photo
SDCC 2013: Rotofugi

SDCC 2013: Rotofugi

Chicago has been overrun by kaiju ... and owls
Jul 21
// Brian Szabelski
Rotofugi's booth at SDCC again played host to a wide range of designer toys, as well as some new surprises. The biggest of those are the new Eyezon sculpt from Max Toy Co.; and the Mark Nagata/Javier Jimenez collaboration, Ga...
SDCC '13: Nagata/Jimenez photo
SDCC '13: Nagata/Jimenez

SDCC 2013: Mark Nagata/Javier Jimenez signing at Rotofugi

Not just sketches, but a sneak peek, too
Jul 19
// Brian Szabelski
Thursday marks the traditional beginning of the signing sessions at San Diego Comic Con, and one of the first over in the designer toy corner of the show floor was Rotofugi's signing with Mark Nagata and Javier Jimenez. The t...
Rotofugi @ SDCC photo
Rotofugi @ SDCC

Rotofugi shows off some SDCC exclusives

New Misfortune Cat, Coarse piece to be available
Jul 04
// Brian Szabelski
Rotofugi's revealed two exclusives they'll have at their SDCC booth (#5248) starting on preview night: One is an old favorite of some collectors, the Playge Misfortune Cat, this time in a radioactive green and black colorway...
Mapleman Mini Marshalls photo
Mapleman Mini Marshalls

Mapleman Mini Marshalls march out of 64 Colors' exhibit

Now available for the tree lover in you
Jun 11
// Brian Szabelski
With 64 Colors' Maple City exhibit opening last weekend at Rotofugi, a new batch of Marshalls were also released! The Mapleman Mini Marshalls are not made from wood (they're vinyl), but they've been given a little bit of a wo...
Black Helper Dragon photo
Black Helper Dragon

Tim Biskup's Helper Dragon rides in black

Latest colorway from Rotofugi
Jun 05
// Brian Szabelski
If you happen to be at Rotofugi this month, maybe checking out the 64 Colors exhibition opening Friday night, you might also notice that the Roto-a-matic has a new colorway for Tim Biskup's Helper Dragon. This time, it's blac...
64 Colors at Rotofugi photo
64 Colors at Rotofugi

64 Colors' newest exhibit opens Friday at Rotofugi

Maple City runs through June 30
May 30
// Brian Szabelski
We haven't posted about one of Rotofugi's exhibit openings in a while, but this one involves the lovely duo known as 64 Colors. Their new show is called "Maple City" and will feature new work from them. One might presume it'l...

Tomopop About Town: Squadt Assembly

May 01 // Brian Szabelski
Tomopop About Town photo
Rotofugi plays host to an army of Ferg's Squadts
Earlier this month, Rotofugi played host to the opening of Ferg's Squadt Assembly show, featuring both custom Squadts and the chance to build your own Squadt. We didn't get to make it out to the opening, but while I was in to...


C2E2 2013: Rotofugi (EeeBeeDee and Pock-It Palz)

A little bit of handmade love
Apr 29
// Brian Szabelski
Rotofugi returned to C2E2 this year, and while most of the merchandise at their booth was stuff that can be found at their shop, their spot on the show floor also served as a host for two other artists: EeeBeeDee and Pock-It ...

Toasted Marshall gets a bite-sized edition

Mini Toasted Marshalls on sale March 5
Feb 28
// Brian Szabelski
64Colors' little marshmallow man, Marshall, is back with a new mini toasted variant. The Toasted Mini-Marshall is just over 2 inches tall, each one differently painted with a toasted look. It's just like the big one, except s...
New 2-inch line debuts with an adorable Marshall ... and promptly sells out
64Colors' Marshall has been one of my favorite characters and collectibles, but for his next trick, he's getting a bit more furry ... and smaller. Popping up at Rotofugi, the Abominable Mini Marshall is only 2 inches tal...

Tomopop Event Roundup: DesignerCon isn't that scary

Oct 30 // Brian Szabelski
Scarygirl Ten Year Anniversary Exhibition — Opens Oct. 31, 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Eastern, runs through Nov. 11 — Toy Tokyo Underground (91 2nd Ave., Manhattan) A ten-year celebration of Nathan Jurevicius' Scarygirl is coming to Toy Tokyo's Underground Gallery for a limited engagement. Each of the 100-plus artists involved has taken one of the 7 Scarygirl characters and put their own personalized twist/style on it. Features work from: Alex Mcleod and Krystle Tabujara, Akiko Ito, Akinori Oishi, Aaron Stewart, Ajee, Apak, Abe Lincoln Jr, Arkie, Andrew Bell, Ania Tomicka, Ashley Aly Bryce, Alicia Leao, Aaron Leighton, Andrea Kang, Allison Cole, Arv Slabosevicius, Adrienne Marcella Kammerer, Austin Power, Bored Inc, Beck Wheeler, Bwana Spoons, Bubi Au Yeung, Bibbe Hansen, Brandt Peters, Ben Newman, Bev Hogue, Darcel Disappoints, Diavù, Destroy You, Craig Knowles, Chikuwaemil, Erica Calardo, Emily Bricker, Emiline Allen, Evoker, Erin Bushelman, The Beast Brothers, Frank Kozik, Gemma Correll, Gary Ham, Gabe Gill, Hyein Lee, Haze XXL, HAZ, Itokin Park, Junko Mizuno, Jesse LeDoux, Jesse Hernandez, Jon Burgerman, Joshua Ben Longo, J*RYU, MAD, Jermaine Rogers, Jillian Clark, Juan Molinet, Milo, Joe Ledbetter, Javier Gonzalez Burgos, Jeremyville, Jeannie Phan, Kozyndan, Kathy Olivas, Karen Kuehn, Lamour Supreme, Lou Pimentel, Leah Chun, Luke Chueh, Lana Crooks, Lunartik, Luke Temby, Luke Rook, MARKA27, Mark Gmehling, Motomichi Nakamura, Melinda Josie, Misery, MCA, Matthew Langille, Mishka, Miki Mottes, Mako Fufu, Matthieu Dutheil/K.Olin tribe, Nicholas Aoki, Nahum Ziersch, Patrick Ma, Pelon Cho, Patricio Oliver, Paul S O’Connor, Paul Shih, Peter Kato, Roque Ballesteros, Rolito, Ryan ‘Downtimer’ Alm, Ryan Matthew Cohn, Rebecca Adams, Remy Poisson, Rilla Alexander, Ryan Cox, Rob Reger, Ryan Roberts, Sonni Adrian, Steve Manale, Sam Fout, Steve Alexander, Robert Duggan, Scott Tolleson, Steve Wilson, Salvador Kingman, Sass, Shaun Tan, Salamander, Shawn Smith, Selena Wong, Scott Wetterschneider, Sabina Hahn, TADO, Touma, Tokyoplastic, Thomas Han, Tamar Moshkovitz/GO-TAM, Tara McPherson, Uman, Vitas Jurevicius, We Kill You, and ZombieKid Yuck. [EDITOR'S NOTE: At the time of this post, Toy Tokyo has tweeted that the show is still on for Oct. 31 despite the impacts of Hurricane Sandy on New York City. We'll keep you updated on any postponements should they arise.] Souls Gone Mad — Opens Nov. 3 at 7 p.m. Central, runs through Dec. 2  — Rotofugi (2780 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago) Having been delayed from this summer, Coarse's exhibition at Rotofugi is finally opening this weekend. It'll feature new sculpture work and photography from the duo behind Coarse. This is Coarse's third stop at the Rotofugi gallery space, and their first in about two years, I believe, so check it out if you're a fan in the Chicagoland area! Mega Munnywould Paint-Off — Saturday, Nov. 3; 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Mountain — Kidrobot Boulder (1468 Pearl St., Boulder, Colo.) Kidrobot Boulder has had plenty of events lately, and this weekend marks another one. Berk Visual of Elm & Oak will face off against 84pages of the Gumba Crew, with Mega Munnys as their canvases. Come check out the paint-off and score yourself a deal, too; all Munnyworld products are 15 percent off during the event. Hell Lotus Art Show 2012 — Saturday, Nov. 3; starting at 8 p.m. Singapore Standard Time — Sup Clothing (34 Haji Lane, Singapore) Even though we already posted about when highlighting some of the customs for the Hell Lotus Art Show 2012, it bears repeating because this looks to be an impressive event. The show takes Mighty Jaxx's Hell Lotus and puts it in the hands of a multitude of artists: Antz, Arkiv, Artmymind, Arttech, Ben Qwek, Bony, Brent Nolasco, Cable, Chauskoskis, Clogtwo, Daniel Yu, Dave Pressler, Dem, Eeshaun, Hydro74, Inkten, Jaxx, J*RYU, JXL, Kristal Melson, Luke Chueh, M.Stik, MAD, Mamafaka, Mark Nagata, McBess, Meggs, Monster Gallery, Onetwodelta, Phu!, Quiccs, Rage, Ratking, Sheep, Sklo, Spaz, Speak Cryptic, Orkibal, Nataliette, The Yellow Dino, Tiramisuzi, Wanton Doodle and Zero are all on board for the show.  DesignerCon 2012 — Saturday, Nov. 3; 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific — Pasadena Convention Center (300 E. Green St., Pasadena, Calif.) Last, but definitely not least, is the big event of the weekend, DesignerCon 2012. Returning once again to the Pasadena, the event features more than 150 vendors, including artists, companies and more. Tickets are US$5 in advance or US$7 at the door. This year's big event is the huge Sucklord theme corner, featuring signings, exclusives and a retrospective display of his work. If you love designer toys and live in Southern California, there's really no excuse why you shouldn't be here. At least it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg like SDCC! Tomopop will be on the DCon floor, so stay tuned for all the latest news from DesignerCon 2012!
But all the other events on our schedule might be!
The Event Gods have blessed (or perhaps cursed) collectors with a busy couple of weeks here. New York Comic Con, Tamashii Nation 2012 and now, this week DesignerCon 2012 have kept us on our feet and lacking sleep in the blogg...


Tomopop Round-Up: Events happening in the next week

From New York City to Los Angeles, and everywhere inbetween
Sep 26
// Brian Szabelski
There's a lot of events going on in the next week, some big and some small. Releases, pop-up shops, exhibit openings and official opening parties are all on the docket through next Wednesday ... but rather than flood Tomopop ...

New Helper Dragon colorway available at Rotofugi

Wine is color of choice for September
Sep 03
// Brian Szabelski
Just a quick heads up: for those of you who liked Tim Biskup and Rotofugi's Helper Dragon but didn't like the last color, there's a new colorway out there just in time for the fall. Behold the wine/burgundy-colored Helper Dra...

Three new events roll into Rotofugi

Featuring Luke Chueh, J*RYU and a Beast Brothers-curated group show
Sep 02
// Brian Szabelski
Rotofugi's gallery is going to be a hopping joint for the next few months, and that starts with a double opening reception on Sept. 7! Both Luke Chueh's I Am Your Plaything and J*RYU's The Ghost of You Haunted Me will be...
Series of 30 on sale now
Okedoki's latest little fellow is Puck, and the folks at Rotofugi have an exclusive colorway of Puck for collectors! Dressed in Rotofugi's blue, black and white color scheme (which isn't the least bit familiar, right?), Puck ...

Brian's SDCC haul photo
Brian's SDCC haul

Show and Tell: Brian's SDCC 2012 haul

Aug 24
// Brian Szabelski
San Diego Comic Con was just over a month ago, but finally, I'm getting to writing something up about my SDCC 2012 haul. This year, the theme was to go small: I didn't end up picking up anything that was too expensive or more...

Yes, Rotofugi's Roto-a-Matic really is working now

Aug 03
// Brian Szabelski
You might remember us mentioning that Rotofugi's Roto-a-Matic is now working and producing Tim Biskup's Helper Dragon, but now, thanks to Kirby and the Rotofugi crew, we've got video of the machine doing its thing. Check out...

Chris Ryniak's Triple Crown Monster coming on Saturday

Jul 27
// Brian Szabelski
Chris Ryniak's Triple Crown Monster was previously seen at SDCC, but now, we're getting to see how it looks painted with this new, orange variant! Based off the mascot of the Triple Crown of Yo Yo, this three-headed beast sta...

SDCC 2012: Rotofugi/Squibbles Ink

Jul 15
// Brian Szabelski
Rotofugi, sharing a booth with close partners Squibbles Ink once again, announced all of their SDCC exclusives ahead of time, so there wasn't much in the way of surprises. You had your Bubble Gumdrops and your Grim Marshalls ...

Rotofugi's Roto-a-Matic is alive, producing an SDCC piece

Jul 09
// Brian Szabelski
The Roto-a-Matic at Rotofugi is alive, finally, and it has produced its first figure! Previously featured in our Tomopop About Town visit and mentioned in the interview we did with Kirby Kerr, the Roto-a-Matic has a mold that...

Rotofugi announces its SDCC exclusives

Jul 07 // Brian Szabelski
64Colors' Bubble Gumdrop — US$8, edition of 500 pieces Chris Ryniak's Glow in the Dark Snyboras — US$33 each; 20 have been set aside for the Circus Posterus forums; first-come, first-served in an unannounced edition size Ferg's SQUADT Gohst 003 [PLAYGE] — US$125; 6 inches tall; 20 figures being released each day on July 12, 13 and 14 Travis Lampe's Rinaldo the Fabulous Tear Drip — US$11, edition of 300 pieces Max Toy Co./Mark Nagata releases and customs: Mini Kaiju Negora with Big Fish — US$50 Lady Darkness — US$44 Blue Unpainted Micro Eyezon — US$15 Lady Maxx comic — US$5.99 Kaiju King Negora — US$155 Monster Eyes Eyezon — US$400 Day and Night Eyezon — US$400 Yellow Hands Eyezon — US$315 Tripus custom — US$220 Custom Micro Eyezons (left to right) — US$100, US$190, US$100 Galaxy Negora — US$250 Metallic Negora — US$190 Mini Drazoran custom — US$85 Mini Lady Maxx custom — US$85 Mini Alien Argus custom — US$85 Custom Eyezons — US$315

Rotofugi's finally announced its SDCC exclusives, and not a moment too soon! Not surprisingly, as they're partnering with Max Toy Co., that a ton of Max Toy exclusives and customs are on sale at booth #4736. But that's not al...


Coarse's June 30 Rotofugi show delayed to November 3

Jun 04
// Brian Szabelski
The next few months at Rotofugi look to be packed with all kinds of amazing show openings, and next on the list was a solo show featuring the works of Coarse. Coming on June 30 as the last show before the Rotofugi crew headed...

Josh Herbolsheimer's Fungus Amungus tonight at Rotofugi

Jun 01
// Brian Szabelski
Josh Herbolsheimer is a name you might recognize if you've been following Super7's work, namely from his uber-popular Rose Vampire figure. Tonight, a new exhibition of his work is one of two opening at Rotofugi, and in additi...

Our friends at Rotofugi have a bit of a conundrum. They have some new kaiju and sofubi on the way in but still have some stuff on the shelves they need to move. Thus, it's time for a Super Sale! Starting right now and co...


Chris Ryniak's Mud Puddle Snybora awakens Friday

Apr 26
// Brian Szabelski
The next release from The Lake Monsters family is coming tomorrow, and it's dirty. Well, muddy, technically. As also spotted on Vinyl Pulse, Chris Ryniak's Mud Puddle Snybora is set to be released, featuring the 3.5-inch...

Gumdrop Series 1 arrives March 23

Mar 16 // Brian Szabelski

On Tuesday, we broke the news that 64Colors' Gumdrop Series 1 was coming soon, and today, we're happy to pass along the full details on the release! As expected, Gumdrop is going to be a Squibbles Ink and Rotofugi release, av...


64Colors teases Gumdrop Series 1

Mar 13
// Brian Szabelski
Finally. After what feels like forever (it's really been since about San Diego Comic Con last year), 64Colors have posted a new teaser for Gumdrop Series 1 online. It comes via their Facebook page for Marshall, and shows ...

Tomopop Interview: Rotofugi's Kirby Kerr

Sep 21 // Brian Szabelski
So to begin with: how'd you get into collecting? What was that first piece that sparked everything? I've been a collector pretty much my whole life. Toys, yes, but before that it was cameras, and after Whitney and I met and married, we were really into snow domes and lunch boxes for awhile. Right near the end of 2003, Wired magazine had an article about what everyone was calling "urban vinyl" at the time, and I knew almost instantly it was something I wanted to see more of. The first vinyl we had in our collection were Baby Qees that I bought for Whitney as a Valentine's present in February 2004. I've read this story in another interview, but since I know many of our readers have not, tell us how Rotofugi came to be. Ha, I hope I tell it the same way! Basically, Whitney and I met and married in Chicago in 1998 (we were Internet dating pioneers!). In 2002, we moved to Little Rock, Ark., to be closer to family and while we were still in Little Rock we got a taste of vinyl through the aforementioned Wired article. In early 2004, we decided to move back to Chicago, and started looking for a store that sold the stuff we were now getting into (designer vinyl). We looked around a bit, and found a few comic shops selling some vinyl (shout out to Quimby's and Chicago Comics) but it wasn't enough to fill our desires. Right around the same time we were in the market for a new condo (since we had just moved back to Chicago from Little Rock) but found the housing market had gone nuts in Chicago in the two years we had been gone. Basically, we have Rotofugi because the housing market in Chicago was too expensive and since we couldn't really afford to buy something, we used the money we were going to use to put a down payment on a condo to open a store instead. We spent every penny we had in savings and opened Rotofugi in July 2004, only a few months after we moved back to Chicago. True story! [Chicago artist Travis Lampe's Tear Drips] How does the vinyl artist scene in Chicago, and I guess the Midwest in general, differ from the scene on either coast? I know, for starters, that a lot of the artists here are illustrators and painters or started out that way, rather than with that urban/graffiti background you might find in California or New York. We're so firmly rooted in the great Midwest that I certainly can't speak with any authority about how it's different here, since I only have second-hand observations about what it's like on the coasts. That said, I think your observation is a good one, at least for the projects we've done with Squibbles Ink. On a personal level, I'm just not that into graff culture, though I do like a lot of graff stuff. Both Whitney and I grew up in small towns, so I didn't see much graff until I was in my 20s. My real passion in terms of art comes from my background as an art director and working in advertising, so the artists I look up to are largely commercial illustrators. The other great thing about the mMdwest, I think, is the real "can-do" attitude that a lot of the artists here take. We're used to being looked over since we're in "fly-over" territory, so the artists here work super hard for recognition and to build their skills. You guys don't just have the toys from bigger companies, either. Do you ever or have you ever run into problems with getting a vinyl toy, kaiju piece, etc. that you're keen on selling at Rotofugi? Oh sure, we can't always get the stuff we'd like to sell. There are language barriers for one. But more than that, we've seen the culture develop over the last few years to the point where an individual artist, if they are good enough, can produce a figure and sell it themselves with no middle man like us. I can't say I blame them, though I do think some of them could benefit with the increased exposure that stores like ours offer. But who's to say they aren't perfectly happy just doing what they're doing. This has become particularly true with neo-kaiju makers who are doing it more for the love of doing it than anything else. In the end, we're both fans of toys and business people, so I'm constantly looking for new stuff, fresh ideas and trying to keep my finger on how things are changing. I spend a lot of time lurking on toy message boards, reading art magazines and websites, and generally keeping touch with what's going on, but there's always room for improvement! Last year, when we stopped by for the TADO show, you guys had just moved into your Lincoln Avenue digs. A year later, how are things going? Any unexpected changes with the bigger storefront in Lincoln Park? It's been fantastic. I have to admit I wasn't sure we could pull off a storefront that was nearly three times the size of our pervious location, but it's worked out great. We've got more room to display stuff and not have everything cramped up. Plus, our store and gallery spaces are much better integrated now; before we moved you had to leave the store, go outside, and then go back inside the building next door to view the gallery ... now it's just right there, which gives the gallery a lot more of a presence. I think the thing that surprised me the most after the move was the number of younger kids getting into designer toys now. Before we were an kind of out of the way location, which meant we were selling primarily to people that found us online or through word of mouth and then searched us out and made a trip to the store. These days, we're in a much higher traffic area and in a neighborhood with a lot more kids. It's been really cool to see 10- and 12-year-old kids geek out about toys that aren't based on something they've seen before. On top of toys, you guys also have the built-in gallery space. When it comes to scheduling events, how does that process usually work for Rotofugi? Do you find yourselves with more ideas or proposals for exhibits than you have spaces on the calendar for? For the most part we are a curated, invitation-only gallery. We have a curator, David van Alphen, who had his own gallery in Chicago before joining us. Dave's got a great eye for modern pop and illustration art, so most of our exhibits come from us inviting artists to show with us. We do take submissions, too, and once in a while and exhibit will come out of a submission, but the overwhelming majority of exhibits start with us reaching out to an artist who we admire. Are there any artists you have wanted to work with, be it for an event or a toy, that you haven't been able to yet? Tons ... too many to name really. OK, if I had to name names ... let's see ... I'd love to work with Chris Ware and make a whole series of toys based on his characters and style. He's already made some great toys in collaboration with Quimby's and Presspop, a great little record label/toy company out of Japan, but I'd like to have a whole world of Chris Ware toys. Chris, if you read this, give us a call! I know the world has been waiting forever for this ... but what's the status on the ol' Roto-A-Matic? We've had a hell of a time getting the mold for the Roto-a-Matic made right. We finished rehabbing the machine a little over a year ago, but the new mold we're making just keeps giving us trouble. It's pretty basic technology on one level, but on another level it's fairly complex because it's a two-part aluminum water-cooled mold. Finding people that know how to do that, and do it right, has turned into a bit of a quest. I've given up predicting when it'll be done, but we should have a new mold to test in the next month or so. Hopefully it'll work right! In the past, Rotofugi (in collaboration with Squibbles Ink) have worked with the likes of Shawnimals, 64Colors, Chris Ryniak, Travis Lampe and others. Are there other new collaborations on the horizon, and any chance I might be able to get a sneak peek at one of those out of you at the moment? ;) I know you said "and others" but you forgot to mention Jeremy Tinder, who's an amazing artist and cartoonist in Chicago we're working with on a line of toys now ... we debuted unpainted figures at SDCC earlier this year and are working on the painted releases now. I'm really excited for those. And we've also worked with Josh Agle (Shag) in the past ... and will be doing more in the future with him as well. On the broader question at hand ... I learned fairly early on that giving sneak peeks of unannounced projects is just a bad idea. What if something goes wrong and you never release it? You look like, at best, an idiot and at worst, a douchebag if you can't deliver on what you promise. That's what happened to "The Family," a series of toys/busts that we've been working on with Chicago artist Brian Morris for the last, what, 4 or 5 years? We haven't completely shelved that project, but I can honestly say I don't know if we'll ever release anything. So ... sorry, no sneak peeks. Along those same lines, where do you want to take Rotofugi in the future? Is there anything you're not doing right now that you want to be doing? I think the future of Rotofugi is slow growth, learning how to do things better and making sure we're serving our customers and the artists we work with in the best possible way. To be 100 percent honest, I think we've grown to be about the size we'd like to stay at. We work hard, but there's still room for fun, and we still have a lot of hands-on interaction with fans and customers. I think if we lost that I'd be sad. When you're not hard at work in the shop, how do you kill your free time? That may be the hardest question, because we work pretty much all the time. Whitney and I really enjoy eating out and going to movies when we can, though that usually translates to grabbing a burrito on the way home from the store at midnight and then picking a movie from Netflix streaming to watch, lol. Thanks for sitting down to chat with us, Kirby! And be sure to stop by both Rotofugi's website and their physical location (2780 N. Lincoln Ave. in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood) if you can!
Rotofugi's Kirby Kerr photo

The world of designer vinyl is more than just the artists who create the toys. It's about the companies that produce them and the stores that sell them as well, each of which has a distinct personality formed by its owners. S...


Earlier today, we posted Part 1 of our Toy Karma 3 coverage, and sure enough, here's Part 2! Some of the stuff in the second gallery is a little more, I guess you could say, "risque" than the first gallery stuff. Okay, Buff M...


Saturday marked the opening night for Rotofugi's newest event, Toy Karma 3. The biannual exhibit celebrates old-school Japanese toys and their style, with a mix of pieces on display ranging from homages to orig...


Tomopop's Big Toy Karma 3 Info Round-up

Sep 09
// Brian Szabelski
As mentioned previously, Toy Karma 3 is coming to Rotofugi (2780 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago) at 7 p.m. tomorrow and will be running through Oct. 2. But there's more info than just the basics we've reported on before. In fact, t...

SDCC 2011: A visit to the world of Rotofugi

Jul 23
// Brian Szabelski
Tucked away in the vinyl section of the Comic Con floor was Rotofugi's booth, playing host to a variety of vinyl creatures. At the time I was there, it was also playing host to Veggiesomething (a.k.a. James Liu) for a signing...

64Colors announce Gumdrop (finally) and Smell-Me Marshalls

Jul 19
// Brian Szabelski
Rotofugi's exclusives keep ... on ... coming, and now, we have some amazing new pieces from 64Colors! Starting things off is a figure I've been waiting for ... well, since I had this Twitter conversation with 64Colors about a...

Behold Rotofugi's SDCC exclusives line-up

Jul 15
// Brian Szabelski
The Rotofugi crew will be at Comic Con once again this year, and they're coming with a lot of friends. We've already posted about the Starry Violet Mini Skelve from Circus Posterus, but there's more. Much, much more, in fact. All of the exclusives shown here (unless noted) will be available at Rotofugi's SDCC booth (#4763). Hit the jump to check everything out!

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