SDCC 2014: Kuso Vinyl

SDCC 2014: Kuso Vinyl

Plenty of new Luckitty-pons and Minicels to go around
Jul 27
Kuso Vinyl brought an army of Minicels and Kusopons with them to SDCC. Three different event-exclusive Minicels (one of which was a Catchaman colorway that was only available on preview night) and three event-exclusive Luckit... read
Rotobox customs

Rotobox finishes up a trio of robots

If you love old-school mecha, you will probably love these
Oct 30
The Rotobox crew have finished up a new batch of customs! This trio, part of their Suparobo series of customs, Mazinkasier SKL, Gaiking and Golion, and all appear to be based on the Qee body-type, as their past Suparobos... read
Fuller Designs DCon

Kuso Vinyl, Fuller Designs partner up for DCon customs

Custom comic book Minicels to be available
Oct 29
Kuso Vinyl and Fuller Designs have collaborated on a trio of Minicels for DesignerCon, resulting in these cool Spider-Man, Mysterio and Ghost Rider customs. They're definitely Fuller's style, and I love the Mysterio one; he n... read
Minicel, Minifah APs

Minicel, Minifah artist proofs pop up in Rotobox shop

Signed by the Rotobox crew themselves
Sep 12
Rotobox has sent us word that their Minicel and Minifah artist proofs are in their shop. The big difference between these and the regular Minicels is that they're signed by Rotobox themselves, and they were initially availabl... read
Giant bomb accessory not included
I sense a theme here from Rotobox; just earlier this week, they showed off their Batman Hush Minicel, and now, here's a 1966 Batman Minicel. Taking design cues from Adam West's portrayal of the Dark Knight, it has a little mo... read feature

Rotobox Minicel Batman

Rotobox shows off a Minicel Batman

Hush ver. is a new limited-run release
Aug 23
Rotobox are still rolling out their Batman custom figures, this time on the Minicel platform. Their newest is a Batman based on his appearance in the Hush story arc, so a little more blue and gray instead of black. He's also ... read
Kuso Vinyl SDCC

More SDCC exclusives from Kuso Vinyl

Revolver Girl, Death Serpent colorways coming
Jun 29
Kuso Vinyl has two more exclusives announced for SDCC at booth #5642: Death Serpent: Southern edition, a black-and-blue version of Jesse Hernandez's 9-inch creation. IT's limited to 90 pieces for US$110 each, coming with a s... read
Minicel and Minifah

Minicel, Minifah come to SDCC

New Kuso Vinyl, Rotobox releases set for July
Jun 18
Kuso Vinyl previously announced the DIY Minicel for SDCC, but they're adding two more to their exclusives line-up. The regular versions of Minicel and Minifah (the chibified Fahrenheit) shrink Rotobox's characters down to 4 i... read
Kuso Vinyl's Minicel

Kuso Vinyl to debut Minicel at SDCC

Designed by Rotobox
May 31
Remember when Kuso Vinyl showed off the design for their Minicel figure with Rotobox? We finally have a finished figure and release date, along with a bunch of accessories to show off. The 4-inch DIY Minicel figure ... read
Come and see what you can't get anywhere else!
WonderCon is almost upon us and the official list of exclusive merchandise has been posted. Over the past week or so, we have been revealing exclusive toys one by one but now we're going to open the flood gates. Not only will... read feature

Rotobox's 2013 starts off with more robots

Latest customs draw inspiration from Akira, 1970s anime series
Feb 11
Rotobox has sent us news about two news customs they've just finished up. First off is a custom Celsius inspired by Akira: Yamagata's bike, with Yamagata at the controls. Part of the Rotobox Parallel Series, this is a bit mor... read
New 4-inch figure from Kuso Vinyl and Rotobox revealed
Kuso Vinyl and Rotobox have been deep inside their secret lab, working on a project that might very well change the world. Okay, that's a bit of hyperbole, but they do have a new project to share: it's called Minicel, and it ... read feature

Rotobox releasing a Batman '89 custom Celsius

Will be on sale Wednesday for US$230
Nov 27
Rotobox have sent us news on their next Celsius custom for sale, and fans of Batman should be pleased. It's a custom Batman 1989 Celsius, based on the Batsuit look from Tim Burton's first Bat-film. Sadly, the face is still in... read

DesignerCon 2012: Kuso Vinyl

Hungry for customs? We have a few here
Nov 04
For DesignerCon, Kuso Vinyl brought along some new vinyl releases, along with customs from Fuller Designs. On the new release front, Kuso Vinyl had the Ponburger bank, designed in a box meant to parody Jack in the Box's ... read
Chock full of Martians, superheroes, monster carrots and Jedi!
Part 1 of our Big Bad DesignerCon 2012 Roundup had a lot in it, sure ... but it barely scratched the surface. We're on to Part 2, and this time, we've got some more familiar names for designer toy fans. Kuso Vinyl, Evilo... read feature

Borrows elements from previous Jumbo Qee custom
Rotobox have sent us photos of an upcoming figure, the Voltes V. Currently just a prototype, it's based off the Jumbo Qee custom previously done by Rotobox, and what's cool is the figure "volts out," separating like any ... read feature

One-off comes with just about everything you could need
Rotobox has passed along their latest custom Celsius figure, and they've taken inspiration from Ghost in the Shell protagonist Motoko Kusanagi for this one. Rotobox's Kusanagi comes with pistols and sniper rifle, and the... read feature

SDCC 2012: Kuso Vinyl

Jul 15
Kuso Vinyl returned to Comic Con once again in 2012, We got a good peek at the Kuso Vinyl exclusives for the event, which includes the staff favorite Driver Red from Kuso and VanBeater. Rotobox's Revolver Girl 6ix, in her spe... read

Kuso Vinyl's Thundercraps box set coming to Anime Expo

Jun 18
The crew at Kuso Vinyl will be at Anime Expo at the end of June, and in addition to having a booth (#849), they're bringing along an exclusive with them. That exclusive? A Thundercraps three-figure box set, designed by Rotobo... read

Kuso Vinyl, Rotobox reveal a Revolver Girl 6ix for SDCC

Jun 15
Kuso Vinyl and Rotobox have announced a new SDCC exclusive, the debut of Revolver Girl 6ix ... with the Barenaked version? Yep, the towel-clad 6ix (the towel is removable ...) comes with her two revolvers and a mini-comic, an... read

Rotobox's Supasentai Series begins with Akaranger!

May 15
I haven't been able to talk recently about Rotobox, and with how much I love their stuff, that's quite the shame. Today they've announced their latest creation and series and like everything else they make, it's something I w... read

Two new customs have appeared over the weekend from the crew at Rotobox, and both of them are great for you old-school anime and robot fans out there. First, there's the custom Celsius they've done of Plawres Sanshiro's ... read feature

Rotobox have sent along their newest custom, and yet again, it's a Celsius getting a makeover. This time, though, they've turned Celsius into Iron Spiderman (the best Spiderman ... sorry Symbiote Suit), with a glossy red surf... read feature

Kuso Vinyl have announced their final release for WonderCon, and it's a collaboration with Rotobox! The first character from Rotobox's Ganmetall Celsius tribute series, Catchaman Celsius will debut at WonderCon and will be av... read feature

Kuso Vinyl, Rotobox's Revolver Girl prototype spotted

Feb 18
Spotted on Kuso Vinyl's Facebook page, were these test pulls of the next figure from Rotobox, Revolver Girl. These are the photos of the first test pulls, and she looks a bit like Celsius, except with ponytails. To be fair, t... read

Rotobox's new Suparobos built from Touma technology

Jan 19
Rotobox's next custom creations are a two-piece set using a platform I haven't seen many other people use yet. For the Mazingoon Z vs. Getter Fang set, they've taken Touma's Goon and Fangwolves figures and completely tra... read

Rotobox have sent us news on their latest customs, and first up, we've got their newest Celsius custom. This time, it's a custom of the Jim Lee-inspired Batman from Hush, complete with a cape. Some additional sculpting around... read feature

Rotobox turns Mach Baron into a custom Qee

Dec 12
Rotobox has a brand new custom Qee from their mech custom series. The newest Qee is from Super Robot Mach Baron, an old tokusatsu show from the 1970s in Japan. Big and red, Mach Baton has all the details of its bigger self, i... read

Custom Delights: Rotobox's superheroic Celsius figures

Nov 10
Our friends at Rotobox have sent us new photos of their latest custom Celsius figure, and yes, it is Batman! Part of their Tribute Series, Batman has been made as a series of three customs, but that's not all they've been wor... read

Kuso Vinyl's KusoPon All-Star coin bank series debuts

Sep 22
Looking for an adorable place to stash your cash? Look no further than Kuso Vinyl's KusoPon All-Star coin bank series! Featuring the KusoPop mascot KusoPon, the 6" tall figure/bank is ready for your monies. And the first bank... read

Rotobox's Jumbo Machinder Godaiqeen Daimos is a beastly custom

Sep 07
The crew at Rotobox have sent along their latest custom, this one going to a lucky collector, and it's massive. Jumbo Machinder Godaiqeen Daimos is a Jumbo Qee turned into a massive robot heavily inspired by the 1970s anime ... read

Rotobox is somehow making me believe Akira was about sharing and caring with robots

Jul 30
Okay, I don't have anything clever to say as glee is filling my mouth, so let's jump right into it: Rotobox has created the start of a line of toys called the Rotobox Parallel Worlds series and the first to appear is a re-ima... read

Here's Rotobox's impressive W-Gundam Zero custom Mega Munny

Mar 23
Remember when the Rotobox crew sent along those two teasers? Well, one's been unveiled, and that Mega Munny teaser's no longer a mystery either. Say hello to the gorgeous W-Gundam Zero. Why yes, it is based off the lovely Win... read

Rotobox shows off their Sheherazade Munny custom

Mar 09
The Rotobox crew have sent along pictures of yet another custom commission they've been working on. This one is for a collector in the music business, this explaining many of the musical references on their Sheherazade Munny.... read

[UPDATE] Fahrenheit Kurogane ver. revealed

Jan 27
The folks at Kuso Vinyl have just revealed a brand-new version of their Fahrenheit figure, the ominous looking and appropriately named Kurogane version. The Rotobox-designed Fahrenheit comes in a shade of black with those big... read

Rotobox celebrates 2011 by showing off their busy 2010

Jan 19
The crew at Rotobox have finished up 2010 after a lot of work and are ready to press on with more great customs in 2011. To celebrate, they put together a little banner that shows off their work from 2010. And yeah, that's AL... read

KusoPop bringing Nakanari, Rotobox-designed iPhone cases to DesignerCon

Nov 17
KusoPop, the sister site of Kuso Vinyl, will be at DesignerCon, and they'll have something that the iPhone-toting fans of Nakanari and Rotobox might want to check out. They'll be displaying some upcoming iPhone cases with des... read

Rotobox reveals their custom Sketchbot, Boss Borot

Nov 15
The Rotobox crew have returned to the world of anime and mecha for their latest custom, a piece for the upcoming Sketchbot Show at Munky King. And this time, they've tapped into Mazinger Z to create a custom based off Boss Bo... read

Rotobox assembles their 20" Voltes V Qee

Nov 04
Rotobox's newest custom has been revealed, and yes, it's a robot based off a Qee. A 20" Qee, to be exact. But while their Voltes V Qee is designed to honor the Jumbo Machinder line of robot figures, there are some very n... read

Kuso Vinyl, Rotobox's OG Fahrenheit on sale

Oct 19
Kuso Vinyl has just released the new Fahrenheit OG figure from Rotobox, featuring the sword-wielding rival of Celsius. Each figure comes with a blackboard (he's mute, so this is how he communicates), four swords, a cape, and ... read

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