Resinya! has a boatload of K-On! dolls for you

May 17
The folks at Resinya! are back with some new dolls for you of the girls of K-On!, this time focusing on Tainaka Ritsu and Nakano Azusa. Standing 23cm tall (1/6 scale), these dolls feature multiple poseable joints and are of c... read

Finally seen on Resinya!, the Kirino of my dreams

Feb 25
Guys, this is the Kirino I've been excited for since she was spotted at WonderFest (and thanks again to digisokicola for identifying the original mold before). I am beyond excited to share the knowledge that pre-orders for th... read

2011 Winter Hobby Maker Exhibition: Cospa (Resinya!)

Feb 08
At the 2011 Winter Hobby Maker Exhibition, Cospa (better known as Resinya!) continues to push their new Cute-Rate Two Three line of dolls featuring the ladies of K-On. Mio, Yui, and Tsumugi debuted the new dolls and now the c... read

Resinya!'s Comiket 78 exclusive Homerarete Nobiru-chan

Nov 19
Oh dear. That is moe. Not that there is anything wrong with that, mind you -- I have a thing for girls with just the right shade of pink hair -- but you can't deny she's rocking the look. And how about that leaf-thing she's s... read

The 27th Miyazawa Model Exhibition: Cospa and Resinya

Nov 10
Did someone ask for more Persona? Well, if you did, then you're sort of in luck. At the 27th Annual Miyazawa Model Exhibition, Cospa revealed that they have some mini-figures coming with a small part of the cast from&nbs... read

Even more pictures of the drool-worthy Resinya Aegis

May 11
So the title pretty much says it all. This time it's the non-armored version, which I greatly prefer over the armored version. It is also totally not canon to have Aegis using her Palladion persona and have armor on, because ... read

Miyazawa Model Exhibition 2010 Spring: Aizu Project, Hot Toys, Pulm, Resinya, and more

Mar 17
Yesterday, the Miyazawa Model Exhibition 2010 Spring business to business trade show was held with several figure and model manufacturers displaying their current and upcoming goods to business customers. Several of the produ... read

Rosario + Vampire's Kurumu wants you to be her mate of fate with her cookie of love

Feb 12
What timing! Valentine's Day is around the corner and Rosario + Vampire Capu 2's resident succubus Kuruno Kurumu wants to show her love with her cookie. And how can you say "no" to a demon with a lovely smile like t... read

Kinoshita Hideyoshi shows us that anyone looks good in a dress even if you are a guy

Jan 16
School grades virtual battle series Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu's Kinoshita Hideyoshi will be receiving a figure from Resinya. This lovely trap stands at 215mm tall and is looking very pretty in his/her china dress. The pose i... read

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