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Doll Break: It's an Innocent World

Sep 03 // Brigitte Coovert
Remember when I was waiting for my Byul doll to show up, and then I didn't say anything for weeks? Well, say hello to Innocent World Hermine! Lovely. I'm such a sucker for these Japanese fashion brand collaborations and I think Hermine probably has my favorite outfit of the three Innocent World dolls that Groove has released so far. She comes with an adjustable head band, faux fur stole, dress, shirt, bloomers, socks, shoes, and the saddest excuse for a petticoat I've ever seen. Saddest petticoat aside, the quality on the clothes is quite nice, though for these more expensive collaboration releases, I really wish Groove would go the extra mile and replace the velcro with snap closures and line the garments. Who am I kidding? Snap closures would be a giant leap forward by itself. It took a long time for the Byul face to grow on me, but now I just love them. The wig on Hermine is very soft and the quality is beautiful. The exception being the wig "scalp" showing above her right eye, which you can see clearly in the photo above, but it might just effect my Hermine. Still, I've been surrounded by these dolls for years and even I found that distracting. The braid is a cute touch and I think it adds a needed something "extra" to the hair. Another odd thing is that her eyes aren't foiled at all, meaning they are just translucent chips and you can see the shadow of the darkness inside the head coming through them. Man that sounded creepy! Still, not foiling the eyes seems lazy. The painted eyelashes and eyebrows are both very natural and soft feeling, which definitely mirrors the tone of the Innocent World brand. All my gripes aside Hermine is a beautiful and sweet looking doll with an amazing, deer-covered outfit (they're even on the socks!) so I'm completely happy with the purchase. I love that Groove took the time to actually reproduce these patterns in miniature and the clothes are definitely higher quality than with a standard release. Here, you can see Hermine with my Pullip Tiphona, who I still think is a total knockout, and you can see tons more photos of Hermine plus a few more a Tiphona in the gallery. I went complete snap-happy with these dolls so I hope you enjoy all the bonus photos! Just when I thought I was nearly caught up on my Innocent World x Groove doll collecting ... boom! The November releases are announced. That's right, another round of Innocent World collaboration dolls! First up is Dal Kleine, looking very sweet in chocolate and rose pink. I like the contrast between the darkness of her outfit and the unusual, caramel-colored hair, though I think I see another pair of un-foiled chips ... sigh! I love the shoes and socks and the wig is very cute; I'm such a fan girl of course this doll is on the wishlist, who am I kidding? Not all sites have her up yet, but for now you can pre-order Kleine on Hobby Search or AmiAmi for around ¥15,500 (a whopping US$198). The other Innocent World x Groove collaboration doll for November is Pullip Fraulein. I have to say that, as much as I want to like this doll, she feels very similar to Innocent World Dal Clair, from the tiered, dark lolita-esque outfit to the long ringlets of the hair. The only wig difference seems to be the color and this is the only Innocent World doll from Groove that isn't blonde, so it feels almost out of place. The hat looks a bit sloppy; some times you need to make things out of something other than floppy fabric, but the shoes have potential. I'm planning on skipping this release to get Clair and round out Series 1, but if you're interested in Fraulein you can pre-order her on Hobby Search or AmiAmi for around ¥15,500 (US$198). Honestly, I'm still trying to mentally process why these Series 2 releases, which seem less complicated than Series 1, are nearly US$75 more expensive. That makes no sense to me. If any part of you saw these two dolls and thought, "I want their clothes!" then Innocent World has you covered. As seen in Kera Vol. 170 (thanks Groove blog), Innocent World has coordinated these two dolls with two outfit set releases. Dal Kleine wears the Chocolate Teddy Bear Jumper in pink (though in most shots on the site it looks yellow) while Pullip Fraulein wears the Antique Doll Dress (Ariel). I know these clothes are meant to be worn in real life and it makes me feel a strange combination of old and in the wrong culture. I would love to wear floofy, Victorian-inspired dresses all day while drinking tea in a well-lit room, but I'm also an adult with a job and not 8 years old. These outfits are perfect, perhaps, for a convention or meet up, but I still honestly feel too old for these outfits in any context. Frankly, the girl on the left looks way too old for that teddy bear, while the girl on the right just looks very eccentric, which I approve of. There's a thin line between cute and creepy, ladies, and while I'm all for giving the middle finger to adulthood and perpetually dressing like a child, I also think there's a time and a place for it, with the necessity of not infantalizing oneself. Remember, if an adult man were walking around in a sailor suit with a giant lolly, you'd lock your doors. Ditch the teddy bear. The new Re-Ment releases have been announced and it looks like there's even more miniature Hello Kitty food offerings for you to enjoy. This time around, the name of the set is even more of a mouthful than normal: Hello Kitty Warm Eatery Hokahoka Syokudou. What ever you say, Re-Ment! At this point, I'm just wondering when Re-Ment will just come out with an entire miniature Hello Kitty-themed house play set, which I will buy, of course. Warm Eatery Hokahoka Syokudou is scheduled for release in October and you can pre-order it now at eTraders Place for US$42. I'm not sure I'm feeling tempted by this set but I do like #6 and #7, miniature soy sauce = adorable. Last but not least, the always lovely Brilliant Haute Couture has released a fabulous Alice set for Blythe dolls as well as a very sweet, pink yukata set (see gallery for pics). Alice is a really standard doll trope, so if you don't already have your Wonderland swag on lock, this set might be for you. It runs US$53 and does not include the shoes, but BHC has an excellent reputation for well-made, limited-run sets, so I'd wager it's worth the cost. The yukata set is equally adorable and US$49. Before I go, I am also very happy to announce that the mint Jardin du Alice Pullip and matching carrying case that I posted about are, in fact, not a Kera Shop exclusive! I've never been so happy to be wrong. Pre-orders are still open for the October Pullip release at HobbyLink Japan, Pullip Style, Hobby Search, and AmiAmi. Lowest pre-order price I found is US$120, which I may have to pounce upon. Thank you for reading Doll Break! There are tons of bonus photos in the gallery so be sure to check them out. Please remember to leave tips/corrections in the comments or e-mail me at For fellow Groove collectors, I'd love to know what you think of the price spike on these new Innocent World dolls!

This week on Doll Break, it's (almost) all about Innocent World dolls from Groove. It was fairly recently that Groove started making collaboration pieces with major Japanese fashion brands, but with fan girls like me not b...


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Tomopop Review: ReMent Starry Sky Party Set

Feb 23 // Tomopop Staff
Figure Name: Starry Sky Party SetFigure Maker: ReMentRetail: US$6.99 per blind boxAvailable at Sugoi Life There's really nothing like getting a whole case of blind boxes. Especially because with ReMent, you are pretty much guaranteed a full set with every case. I mean, unless you are very, very unlucky, the 8 boxes inside will contain 1 of each of the 8 possible sets. Each of the boxes looks like this. And man, this is the girliest packaging I have ever seen! Pale pink stars everywhere, little animals holding sweets. Cute overload! Surprisingly, the best of all the animals was not shown on the packaging -- but we'll get to that little bit of awesomeness in a while. Here's what you get inside a box. A little pamphlet detailing the set you got and what it should look like assembled, and all of the parts. Note how carefully they are packaged, with the delicate parts in a separate box. This insures that none of the parts will be damaged. And this is important, because there are a lot of parts. In this set alone, there were 11! This is what the set above looks like once you put all the parts together! Assembling is easy, and calling it "assembling" is really a bit of a stretch. Basically, you're putting cookies on plates and spoons in a bear's paws. Each set comes with either a cute animal or one of the twins, so you get food and a cute figure! Here's one of the sets that comes with a Twin figure. The sets are really a bunch of separate pieces, so if you have more than one you can mix and match and set up cute scenes. A lot of the pieces are very useful for photoshoots! There is an actual tea set included, complete with two cups, a tray, biscuits, a teapot, an hourglass (a necessity at any tea party!) and an adorable duck! A ... duck at a tea party? Well, as long as he doesn't get his feet in my drink! The details on this set are really quite lovely. The flowers here are actually stars!  The whole theme is carried through quite well, as many of the sweets and other accessories have cloud or star shapes, so they all tie in together and look very cohesive. Now I have to introduce you to what might be the greatest individual set of ReMent ever made. Why's that, you ask? Well, take a closer look ... PARTY LAMB! It's a lamb ... WITH A PARTY HAT ON! Seriously, this rivals Penguin Maid for "animal with the most awesome/ridiculous ensemble." I feel like Party Lamb is gonna be popping up in a loooot of photo shoots. And here are all the miniature animals lined up together. So cute! Party Lamb is definitely the best, but the others are damn adorable as well. And together, they make up the Teatime Party Posse. Now, no ReMent review would be complete without some extra figure action. And because this is a tea set, we decided to throw a tea party! First to arrive was Penguin Maid. She's very punctual! And look, she even brought extra snacks! Then Saber Lion came in, being her usual depressing self. She only likes meat, you know, so maybe a tea party invitation wasn't the best idea ... Then a little mouse scurried in. Penguin Maid couldn't remember if he was invited, but he looked at them so pleadingly that they couldn't turn him away. A very odd little fellow was the next to waltz in. "Who invited this guy?" Saber Lion grumbled. Penguin Maid nodded that he was here to stay, and Saber went back to gnawing on her meat. The mouse, however, seemed quite fond of this strange newcomer. "Ohhh hey guyzzz" Suika stumbled in, the last of the guests. "Izz the guest of honor here yett? I am ready to partaaaay!" They all turned to the door with anticipation, waiting for the person of the hour. But who was the guest of honor? Who was this lavish party for?! Why it's none other than CRAZY DANCING ROBOT! And he brought along Party Lamb! What ...? A robot can't drink tea and eat cake? Well, crazy dancing ones can! And now it's time to PARTY! Unless, of course, you are Penguin Maid. Then you just sit in the corner holding snacks. The Starry Sky Party set is a great buy if you are looking for a set full of awesome photoshoot opportunities, cute animals, delicious looking food, or a scrumptious tea set. I highly recommend it, as like most ReMent sets the quality is top notch and it provides many fun opportunities both for display and play. Thanks as always to Stephen Donaldson for taking these pictures! ReMent sets are always a joy to shoot, as they provide opportunities to bust out figures we don't usually get a chance to use. Like crazy dancing robot! The last time we shot him was for the Crammed Pets set, actually. That guy is always getting into mischief. Do you have any goofy figures that you love to photograph but rarely get the opportunity to, Tomopeeps? [Thanks to Sugoi Life for providing us with this review sample]

We have had quite a few ReMent reviews on Tomopop in the past few weeks, but it seems like none of them have focused on what ReMent is known for: tiny food! Well, the Hello Kitty display case had food in it, but it wasn't the...

Tomopop Review: Re-Ment Hello Kitty Hinamatsuri Set

Feb 22 // Brigitte Coovert
Figure Name: Hello Kitty Hinamatsuri Girl's Day SetFigure Maker: Re-MentRetail Price: US$20Available at: NRFB Queen | Jbox The box is lovely; I don't normally keep Re-Ment boxes (or any packaging that doesn't double as storage), but I actually opened this box from the bottom and taped it shut again just because it's so darn pretty. It also shows you the proper set up for the platform with adorable illustrations of Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel as the Empress and Emperor off to the side. The back of the box is equally pretty; you can check it out in the gallery below. One unique thing about this set is that it comes with a platform that doubles as a storage box for the set. It's solid, gorgeous, and embellished with Hello Kitty and cherry blossoms in metallic gold. It also does a good job of staying shut, always a plus. Part of me expected a cheap, do-it-yourself cardboard platform, so seeing this pretty container come out of the box made me very happy. Here's how the set looks arranged in the adorable storage box; according to the back of the package this is how everything should be stored. As you can see, Dear Daniel is holding the Emperor's traditional ritual baton while Empress Hello Kitty is holding the traditional fan. This set is definitely a Hello Kitty twist on the Hinamatsuri tradition, but it's also very respectful of that tradition. All set up! The set comes with a screen that you have to cut out and fold yourself; I got too excited and cut it out and folded it (somewhat poorly) before I took the photos ... oops! The arrangement of the platform is a modern one, with the Emperor on the viewer's left. The two lamps on either side of the imperial couple have been given a Kitty twist and look like pieces of candy. The traditional vases with peach branches in the front have also been reinterpreted into a candy-like Kitty shape. Going in for a closer look, you can see how detailed the set is. Not including her crown, Hello Kitty is only 1" tall! Kitty has a little paint issue on her bow, as you can see, but I must confess that this is literally the first piece of Re-Ment I've bought that's had a noticeable paint flaw. Dear Daniel is equally cute and, as a character, he's really not used in many things, so I love seeing him. The Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel as Empress and Emperor theme has actually been done before and I'm never going to stop thinking that it's awesome. The whole set has a milky matte finish to it except for the glossy black vases and lamps, whose shine adds to the hard candy feel of the lanterns on top. Now, let's see how it looks with other figures! Pinky:St Kuromi seems to be in a total huff, possibly because she wasn't invited to be in the set. Grumpy! Traditionally, the Hinamatsuri set consists of up to seven platforms filled with various figures, so Re-Ment could have easily gone all-out and made a Sanrio-packed mega set from this theme. Part of me likes that they just made it the first platform to keep it affordable, but a larger part of me would have loved to see the Little Twin Stars as sake-bearers or Badtz-Maru behind a drum. Next year, maybe! Doll! Re-Ment traditionally makes 1:6 scale miniatures, in other words, miniatures that are the same scale as Groove dolls, like Jaka, my Paja Pullip. Let's see how she does with it. At first blush, the set might feel a bit large next to a Pullip, but when you consider that a full, seven-tier Hinamatsuri set can be as tall as a person in real life, the scale feels more appropriate. Adorable! I might be biased by my love of traditional Japanese objects and Hello Kitty so, in a way, this set feels like it was made for me. For those who don't love Hello Kitty I recommend checking out the traditional Hinamatsuri Re-Ment set, but either makes a really lovely addition to a doll house. Plus think of the cute photo shoot you can upload! I'll take any excuse I can to put Jaka in a kimono.

Hinamatsuri or Girl's Day is celebrated on March 3rd in Japan and what better way to celebrate the so-called Doll Festival than with a traditional Hinamatsuri set for your dolls! It's so meta that I can't contain myself! R...

Tomopop Review: ReMent's Hello Kitty display case

Feb 04 // Tomopop Staff
Figure Name: Hello Kitty Display CaseFigure Maker: ReMentRetail Price: USD$24.99Available at: Sugoi Life The box the display case comes in is surprisingly large. It's heavy, too! Thankfully, the box itself is very sturdily made so you don't have to worry about breaking the fragile insides. It's also nice and colorful, splashed with Hello Kitty's signature red.This is what you get out of the box. The case itself is assembled and wrapped in bubble wrap, and the shelves are packaged separately. You also get a sheet of decal stickers to make it look all fancy! Even without the stickers, it looks pretty nice! It's also impressively large: I was expecting it to be about Nendo-sized, but as you can see in the later pictures, it's humongous! This is nice, as it allows you to fit a ton of stuff in it. Plus it's a bit more expensive than other ReMent items (though still pretty damn cheap), so it's nice to get a big product. There is a little drawer in the back of the case that you can use to store all of the food you put in it. How convenient! It won't fit larger items, but a lot of the small-to-medium sized food products will fit in the drawer fine. There are also little dividers in there, which can be used both in the drawer and in the case itself to separate sections. And here it is with the stickers! I only put on the bottom strips, though it comes with a bunch of extra ones for the front surface. I haven't decided how I want to put them on yet, and in any case I kind of like this simplified look. It actually comes with two sets of stickers to go around--the white set shown and a red one that matches the color of the case. The stickers come off pretty easily, so it wouldn't be too much trouble to swap them if you had the urge to. And now, the moment we've all been waiting for ... filled up with food! I sadly don't have the Hello Kitty food set, so I put my Cake Shop set (which is also available at Sugoi Life) and a few other odds and ends in there. I think pretty much any food-related items would look good in there. Heck, even something like flowers or mini toys would look cute. Make it into any kind of store your heart desires!  The case is easy to work with, you just slide the food onto the shelves from the open back part. It's quite sturdy too, so you don't have to worry about them sliding all over after you arrange everything. I think once the stuff is in there, unless you knock it over, it really isn't going anywhere.Of course, the case is best used in tandem with other toys, so let's see who came to visit the Cake Shop today!Ooh, it's Haruhi and Luka! Luka seems a bit indecisive, but Haruhi seems pretty firm about what she wants. Oh Aya, smutting it up everywhere you go! There's actually one of the cats from her regular edition by the display case -- can you spot it?  Nendo maids at your service! Well, Sakuya doesn't look too pleased about it, but she'll get you drinks anyway. And then stab you in the leg.You can really see how big the case is here -- the Nendos barely reach halfway up! As such, I thought it might just be the perfect size for scaled figures. Penguin Maid is ready to take your order! The display is absolutely perfect for 1/8 scale figures, so much so that it kind of looks like she was meant to be back there serving coffee. Man, I just cannot get enough of that tiny penguin maid. After using it in the Crammed Pets shoot, I've been thinking of ways to use her in almost everything we do. It's probably one of my favorite figures ever... which is funny because it's just an extra!  And it looks like Yui Inaba left as a happy customer! If you have a lot of ReMent, or just tiny things in general, this display case is perfect for you! It's a great way to show off all your stuff, not to mention that it's an awesome piece in its own right. Add the fact that it comes with customizable stickers and looks great with other figures big and small, and you've got a ton of photo opportunities!Thanks as usual to Stephen Donaldson for taking these pictures, and for being very patient while I set everything up. We managed to keep track of all the tiny stuff during the whole shoot, except for the sake cup which rolled away but was found soon after. I always worry so much about losing small figures like these! There are more pictures in the gallery, so don't forget to check them out. [Thanks to Sugoi Life for providing Tomopop with this review sample]

I have a lot of ReMent food miniatures. And when I say a lot, I mean a lot. Enough to feed a Nendoroid army for a year! I usually just take them out for shoots, and only a few are actually displayed with my collection. That i...

Tomopop Review: ReMent Realistic Insect Magnets Set

Jan 24 // Tomopop Staff
Figure Name: Realistic Insect MagnetsFigure Maker: ReMentRetail Price: US$4.99 a blind box box Available at: Sugoi LifeThe box is rather standard, less cutesy and cheerful than the average ReMent packaging but hey ... these are realistic bugs! It would be kind of weird to have them with little cartoony insects all over the place. There are 10 blind boxes in a case, and like usual, each case contains a full set. If you get a box, you can pop the top and make it all fancy like it's on display in a store, which I always find amusing to do. I usually keep the packaging, too, so I imagine that one day I will have a room full of boxes like this and since I always open blind boxes from the bottom, someone will walk in thinking they have just hit the jackpot.The boxes are colorful and fitting with the theme, and I can see these greatly appealing to younger children if they saw them on a counter, especially boys. The bugs look so heroic! The insects are very carefully packaged, each sealed in a plastic wrap and then in bubble wrap to protect the more fragile parts. Some of them are quite delicate, especially the ones with antennae and wings, so it's nice to see this extra care put in. Getting a broken figure is the worst!This particular box contained the cicada figure, and as you can see they are indeed very realistic! They are life-sized, so they are much larger than most ReMent animals like the cats. And they are sculpted to look identical to their real-life counterparts, which provides you with great opportunities to freak out the more squeamish members of your family!The paint is excellent, with all the attention to detail we've come to expect from these products. There's lots of shading and all the patterns are reproduced accurately. There's little paint overlap, and quality control is top notch, so you definitely get your money's worth!Even the bottoms are sculpted well! Pretty much the only way you can tell that this is not a real beetle is by the magnet underneath. Speaking of magnets ...This is what they look like on display! The magnets work very well, so you don't have to worry about them sliding down and whatnot. My mini-fridge is now home to a tribe of insects! Also, some McDonalds ReMent and a sketch from Paul Shih. Do you guys have any toy-related magnets on your fridge?  There are pictures of each individual figure in the gallery if you want a better look at the details (and they are certainly worth checking out!) but now it's time to have some fun with my new buggy friends.  Sharo investigates! You can really see how big these are here: they're about the size of Sherlock Shellingford's head, so they look pretty massive when paired with Nendos and Figmas! However, giant bugs are far more interesting than regular sized bugs.  Kirino lays the smackdown to the praying mantis! Yeah, she ain't scared of no bugs! Mari, too, is unphased by insects ... so much so that she hunts down the poor things! However, some of our models were very scared of bugs. Poor Sanae, always running in fear.  Watch out Haruhi!And that right there is why I do not go camping.  HERACROSS! Use Takedown! I didn't realize how many Pokemon were based on bugs until we started shooting this review. I mean, almost every single one has a Poke-version.  Beedrill, Scyther, Pincer, and how could we forget Butterfree?  Looks like at least ONE of the insects found a friend! The picture with Yoshika is by far my favorite from the shoot, she just looks so happy and carefree. So if you are looking for some creepy crawly figures, ReMent's Realistic Insect line should be right up your alley. I definitely recommend picking up a box or two, as they're great fun to play with and they are quite awesome on a fridge. So they're cool figures ... and actually useful! Thanks of course to Stephen Donaldson for taking these pictures! ReMent sets always make for fun shoots, and on a cold night it's nice to not have to go scouting for locations! There's really nothing like shooting in the comfort of your own home (err ... dorm), even if you do bump into figure shelves and knock things over constantly. [Thanks to Sugoi Life for providing Tomopop with this review sample]

Last time I did a ReMent review, it was of the super-adorable Cute Cats set, which definitely lived up to its name! Well, today we're going to look at something a little bit different. And by a little bit different, I mean &q...

Tomopop Review: ReMent Cute Cats Set

Jan 21 // Tomopop Staff
Figure Name: Cute Cats SeriesFigure Maker: ReMentRetail Price: USD$4.99 an individual box Available at: Sugoi LifeThe box design is bright and colorful, as we've come to expect from ReMent. There are images of the figures, but also cute art of, well, cats! If you purchase a case, you get an extra "display" figure that you can see in the bottom right corner. This is so you can check out what they look like in a store, but if you buy a whole case yourself you just get an extra kitty. If you're feeling generous, you can give it to a friend!I love that the packaging looks like a bag of cat treats. I am a huge cat lover, and as you may know I have a few cats of my own. When they saw the box, they opened it up and flung the packages everywhere because they thought there must be treats inside. It was a hassle to go all over my house and find where they hid them, but I have to give props to the manufacturer for making such clever packaging. When you open them up, you get one Cute Cat and a slip of paper with the names and images of all the other ones in the series. There are a total of 10, and in each case you are guaranteed one of each. If you just grab a few, they are blind boxed, so you never know which one you will get.These figures are not very big, as they are meant to be on a keychain, but the detail is really phenomenal. They are sculpted to look like they have real fur, and the shading is very well done. They are also posed very realistically. My cats roll around like this all the time, so I am guessing whoever worked on them has some felines of their own. As demonstrated by our lovely model Aegis, these figures can be used as keychains and hung from cellphones, keys, or anything else you want to put them on. They are made of ABS and are quite sturdy, so you don't have to worry about tails or ears snapping off in your bag or pocket. However, you can also unscrew the chain on their head and use them as regular figures. Thankfully it does not leave a noticeable hole in any of them, mostly because it is so small. As you can see, the paint is great on these little guys. Look at those stripes! It's always impressive to see things so small painted so well, and it always makes me wonder how small the brushes used must be.This one reminds me of a certain famous Japanese cat! I always wished my cats would do crazy things like this, just so I could put them on Youtube and become internet famous. But now that I think about it, they do crazy things all the time--I just never record them! BREAK IT DOWN! When shooting this particular cat, we realized that he could balance on almost any side--and thus, breakdancing kitty was born.  I could go through each individual figure, as they are all awesome, but these are meant to be played with! If you want to see shots of the cats, they are in the gallery, but let's check out how they look with some other figures.  D'awwww! It really looks like these two belong together. The cat is obviously reaching up to be petted, and Miku is looking down at him so lovingly. The Cute Cat series is the perfect size for Nendoroids and most Figmas, and it's tons of fun to set up little scenes with them. It turns out that they had a lot in common with my figures, too. Dual washing! Dual sitting!They even get along with dogs, though some of them are a bit shy.However, they are quite innocent, so be careful when they are around strangers. Especially when those strangers have giant claws and are hungry!And the weirder members of your collection will love them too. I mean, come on, who doesn't like cats? I've actually heard of mythical cat-haters, but have yet to meet one in person. Even the larger felines in my collection got along! Though Liger looks a bit confused here, he doesn't seem to mind being a jungle gym for all the little kitties.I'm sure you could tell from my enthusiasm, but these figures are simply awesome, and well worth buying. I love having figures for my other figures to play with, especially when they are pets! So if your Nendoroids are looking rather lonely, or your Revoltechs kind of sulky, consider picking up some Cute Cats to brighten their day, and yours. Thanks as always to Stephen Donaldson for taking these pictures. They were a blast to shoot, especially when we got to combine them with other figures. I think the one with Liger is my favorite, just because of his "baroo?" expression and how goofy the cats look. Stephen's favorite is the one with Takoluka, just because of how perfectly she matches her kitty photo-partner. Like every picture with Takoluka, it's both cute and kind of creepy! [Thanks to Sugoi Life for providing Tomopop with this review sample]

Here at Tomopop, we cover a lot of different figures. However, figures for your figures are a category that often goes unreported. ReMent is one of the companies that makes tiny versions of real life things for your...

Show and Tell: Re-ment Crammed Pets Set

Oct 08 // Tomopop Staff
There are 12 different varieties in the set, and being the completionist I am, I had to get a whole box! Each box comes with 12 pieces, and you are pretty much guaranteed a set. Plus if you get a case you also get an extra budgerigar figure! I gave that to my mom though, so only one budgie in this shoot! Each crammed pet is two separate pieces: the actual pet and the object they are crammed in to. This means that you can use the pets separately, or use the items containing them in other shoots! I know that casserole dish would go really well with Figma Yuu! Not only are the Crammed Pets adorable in their own right, but they are fun to set up with your other toys! And at the end of the day, Re-ment are kind of toys for your toys, so it is only fitting to mix them together. Kagamiku seems to really like her new turtle friend! When you mix and match you can do things like THIS. Yes, that is a penguin who is a maid holding a squirrel in a tea cup. This is quite possibly one of the most awesome things in the history of the universe.Or you can have your figures looking at them like they are scrumptious snacks! Guinea pig is a delicacy in many countries, and apparently someone told Lilim. Poor guy doesn't stand a chance! The only one I am not one hundred percent happy with is the cat. I am only about ... 97% happy, because it is still amazing. It just doesn't look quite like a feline. Sebastian doesn't care though, he loves even the ugliest of kitties.Chi, however, thinks otherwise. THE HORROR! Crammed Pets can help you do a number of household tasks, like storing your measuring cup while you brush your teeth. Cause... you need to do that so often, right? Wait, you don't keep your cooking equipment on small animals? Crammed Pets make great companions for robots of all kinds! They are guaranteed to keep your mechanical friends happy and entertained for at least 5 minutes. WOW! BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!They are also good for keeping stray animals occupied. Seriously, who let this thing in here? I read the first issue of Pokemon; it is a definite fire hazard! I know what you are thinking First off, which of these is the Crammed Pet?!?! (answer: not the duck!) Second, where can I get me some of these amazing critters? Well you can pop on over to Otacute where they are only US$17.50 a box, but they are currently on backorder. You can also troll eBay looking for your favorites and buy them individually! Thanks to Stephen Donaldson for taking these pictures! This shoot was incredibly fun, probably the most fun I've had shooting a figure/a set of figures. I think I've gotten more enjoyment out of this $20 box of figures than I have out of some of the stuff I've paid $100 for! Make sure to check out the rest of the photos in the gallery, 'cause not even half of them made it into the post and they are all pretty damn amazing!

I have recently become enamored with Re-ment, and while they are usually regulated to sets of tiny food there are a few sets that are pet related. Usually super cute cats and dogs, and I decided that I needed some teeny anima...

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