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3:30 PM on 10.15.2012

NYCC 2012: Rawrs

Rawrs was one of the many attendees at New York Comic Con, bringing along both T-shirts and a few new figures. On display at Rawrs' NYCC booth were BigSumo (a.k.a. Bitsumo XL), a bigger version of the Bitsumo we've all come t...

Brian Szabelski


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RAWRS gives us a look at his NYCC releases photo
RAWRS gives us a look at his NYCC releases
by Brian Szabelski

RAWRS is going to be at New York Comic Con in booth #3115, and he's not coming alone. The Bitsumo creator is teasing some new releases that will be at the show, and foremost among those is Bitsumo XL. Yes, it's a bigger version of his Bitsumo piece, a solid-casted beast measuring 7 inches tall, 7.5 inches wide and 5 inches thick. He weighs 4 pounds as well! 

But not only will we see Bitsumo XL. It's time to meet the rival, and for Bitsumo, that's Pandit, a highly intelligent and cold-hearted panda humanoid. He looks pretty burly to me. 

RAWRS is promising more news to come, including exclusives info, so stay tuned for that as well as our coverage of RAWRS' booth next week. In the meanwhile, what do you guys think of the new figure reveals? Are they eye-catching to you?

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