Portal 2

Design your own Sentry Turret with this DIY Portal 2 figure

No, you can't design these to kill
Mar 12
By now it should be no surprise that I like Do-it-yourself toys. I think I want to make it my goal to collect and design every one that’s out there. That might take me some time. So another one I can add to my list no... read
Portal 2

Custom Delights: Lego Junkie creates cool Portal 2 bookends

There will be Portal 2 spoilers
Mar 10
Even though Portal 2 came out in 2011, I only just recently played and finished the game. So I’m late in gushing over how amazing I think that game was. Thankfully, fans aren’t done showing how much they loved th... read

Toy Fair 2014: NECA

Coverage full of Bioshock, Aliens, Predator, and more!
Feb 20
NECA unveiled a lot of new items during NY Toy Fair. We already talked about their new classic Godzilla line, and the new Godzilla figure that must not be seen. So now here we have coverage of the new figures that can be sho... read
Box #2 - Woohoo!
It's that time again, Tomopeeps! Last month I opened up my first Loot Crate, and I come back today to do it a second time! Please pardon the weirdness of my brain, as I've been sick for over a week and I'm pretty sure I lost... read feature

Sunburst Turret

Gaming Heads adds Sunburst Turret to its Portal 2 line

A new, brighter way to enjoy automated death
Aug 07
Gaming Heads are offering up a variant on their Portal 2 Turret piece, the Sunburst Turret. It still has the same LED illumination and motion sensing capabilities, the same voice clips as the first polystone Turret. You ... read

Pre-order details for ThreeA's Atlas and P-Body emerge

Portal 2 figures will be available separately or as a set
May 21
After a long while in hiding, ThreeA's renditions of the 'bots from Portal 2, Atlas and P-Body, recently re-emerged in stunning detail along with the reveal they'd be available for pre-order this month. Now the ThreeA bl... read

ThreeA's Atlas and P-Body due for pre-order this month

Portal 2's buddy bots have their eyes set
May 07
ThreeA's Iron Man isn't the only big news from today. Last month brought news of the resurrection of Portal 2's Atlas and P-Body in the form of two figures by the company. It's one thing to put in LEDs and call it a day. In a... read
It even has embedded LEDs ... how is this not an official product yet?
Remember back to last May, when we posted about a cool 3D-printed Atlas figure from Portal 2 by Psychobob? Well, he's back, and this time, he's showing us a custom pressure plate base he's made for Atlas to rest on, complete ... read feature

These turrets pass the Aperture Science wedding test

Aug 28
Leave it to nerdy gamers to have some great accessories for their wedding. Instead of the normal bride and groom atop their wedding cake, Reddit user Pheadlessg and his/her spouse will have a pair of customized Port... read

SDCC 2012: NECA (part two)

Jul 16
Oh hey, it's more NECA! In case you missed it, be sure you take a look at part one of our coverage of this booth. In this gallery, we're looking at some more Predator (Predator 2 series for October), Engineer, face(body?)-hug... read

SDCC 2012: NECA offers Portal goods for pre-order

Jul 11
NECA has done quite well with Portal fans for their replica Portal guns this past year. They're expanding your level of interaction with the series with several new products that will only be available for pre-order during th... read

Gaming Heads' Portal 2 Turret now available for pre-order

Jun 26
Gaming Heads is launching a new Portal 2 line of statues and they are starting off with the lovable Sentry Turret. The 16 inch tall Turret is available in both standard (US$ 299.99) and limited editions (US$329.99). Both edit... read

Lego doesn't want you thinking with portals

Jun 19
Legions of creative fans means we never go too long before yet another edition of "Why won't Lego make this!?" The latest cry will almost certainly ring out after seeing these outstanding Portal Legos created by Flickr users ... read

The Companion Cube Square, first child from ThreeA Toys and Valve's marriage of the minds, has just been announced to be a SDCC exclusive. The news was broken on ThreeA's blog via a picture. Very artsy and stuff.  Y... read feature

This custom Atlas figure is pretty boss

May 03
Portal 2's unique aesthetic lends itself well to the world of toys, so I'm surprised we haven't seen a whole ton of such figures out there. This custom Atlas figure from Psychobob Arts is extremely well done (though not posea... read

Tucked away in the PBM Express booth at Toy Fair was Gaming Heads, and they brought with them a few treats. Along with their current slate of releases, they revealed a replica of the turrets from the Portal franchise! I have ... read feature

Portal 2 plush keychains will hold your heart, too

Feb 11
It would seem that ThinkGeek's Portal 2 Turret plush was just the beginning. The site catering to all things geek (or nerd) culture now carries even more official merchandise from the Portal universe, the Wheatley p... read

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