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Good Smile Company Lab reminds us Nendoroid play sets are still a thing

School is back in session, Nendoroids
Apr 30
// Kristina Pino
It's been a while since a proper Nendoroid play set blipped my radar. Play Future just put one up for pre-order under the Nendoroid More label developed by GSC Lab, and though the design isn't too crazy or inventive, with so ...

Citizen Brick creates LEGO Breaking Bad Superlab playset

You won't find this in your local toy store
Aug 12
// Vanessa Cubillo
For Breaking Bad fans and budding meth lab enthusiasts, there is now a playset for you. Citizen Brick has released a LEGO Superlab Playset that lets you build the lab from Breaking Bad. This playset will come with over 500 p...

MLP Busy Books come with 12 figurines!

Get reading, folks! There're toys to be had!
Mar 10
// Rio McCarthy
Who here likes to read? Who here likes toys? (Duh! Hopefully all of you!) Well, now you can have both at the same time. A new My Little Pony Busy Book has arrived and it includes 12 figures and a playmat in the set. The plast...

Under the Radar: Halo shrinks with Micro Ops

Aug 03
// Scarecroodle
For Halo, there are options of all scales. Like 'em big? Square-Enix's Play Arts Kai has you covered. Reasonably sized? McFarlane Toys has a 5-inch or so line. Those too big for you? Check out either Mega Bloks or Diamond Sel...


Also spotted on Mikatan's blog today was a gallery showing off the latest spotlighted Nendoroid of the past, Hatsune Miku ... but the real surprise was the playset Miku was photographed in. It's a playset of the room from the...


Nendoroid-sized papercraft dioramas are totally worth the effort

Aug 17
// Topher Cantler
Here's something for those of you who know how to have a little fun when it comes to displaying or photographing your toys. The contributing geniuses of engineering over at Paper Museum have a very impressive gallery of paper...

Fisher-Price celebrates 50 years of everyone's favorite Little People

Mar 22
// Topher Cantler
Nothing like a nostalgia-flavored punch in the face on a fine Sunday morning. Remember these guys? Of course you do. You had them, I had them, and if you didn't have them, it means your parents didn't love you. In fact, they ...

Tomopop Review: Re-Ment's miniature kotatsu replica playset

Mar 06 // Topher Cantler
    The kotatsu's retail box is just about as uninteresting as you can get, but hey, what else would you really have Re-Ment do with it? Plain and simple, no wasteful frills.   Inside you'll find everything neatly and individually packaged in plastic, along with a small instruction booklet and the token, single piece of Chiclet gum that's included in any Re-Ment product you buy. This bonus was eaten immediately after this photo was taken.   The legs pop right on with no trouble at all and the whole deal goes together easy as pie, keeping with Re-Ment's penchant for very simple and fun assembly.   Getting into some of the finer points, the detail on this is pretty insane. The heater's control knob can be turned, and you can even see the actual heating unit itself if you look through the red cage that mounts it to the table. It's a surprisingly realistic rendition of an actual kotatsu.   The socket in the heater is for the included power cord and on/off switch, which is complete with a tiny plug at the other end. Again, the level of detail is almost shocking at times, and it's almost hard to believe some of the things that have been given such attention.   The cord itself is made of a thin, braided material, not at all unlike the thing your girlfriend uses to tie her hair back.   The tabletop, again just like a real kotatsu, can be flipped to show either a woodgrain finish ...   Or a colored, countertop surface.   Included with the kotatsu is this tiny wicker bowl full of oranges, a staple of any Asian family room in the Winter. And as you can see once again, crazy detail in these pieces as well.   Rounding out the setup is the traditional blanket and pillows, making for an incredibly convincing replica. It's almost cool enough just to display on its own. But you know me better than that.   There's nothing more comforting than spending some time under the kotatsu when it's butt-ass cold outside, and some of my Nendoroids are the first to test it out.   Binchou-tan greatly prefers it to her drafty old house in the woods, although she would rather have a charcoal-powered kotatsu.   Poor Haruhi is especially sensitive to the cold and won't come out from under the blanket.   And like a real kotatsu, you can unplug it and 86 the blanket on warmer days to use it as a regular table. You also don't want friends spilling their drinks on your nice fabric.   Hello again, Kaito. Having a man-sized mug of brew, are we?   The ladies sometimes prefer that the blanket isn't around when Kaito comes over, as it's easier to keep an eye on his whereabouts.   He's got a history of putting his eyes under the blanket instead of his legs. You're not even trying to be sneaky, are you? You're gonna get caught, and I'm not gonna save you when you do.   The Figma girls are up next, and as their scale varies from figure to figure, so do the results. Still, they're generally a pretty good size for the kotatsu and don't seem out of place under it.   Vitamin C is good for the voice, eh Miku?   It had to be done. As I had hoped, the kotatsu is absolutely perfect for the Dokodemo Issho Revoltechs, and nobody likes some warm relaxation time under the blanket as much as these guys.   I really can't recommend it enough for you Toro collectors out there. It recreates countless Mainichi Issho moments without even trying. So cozy, nya~   Next up are the ladies of Fraulein, accompanied by Yotsuba-chan.   Like the Figmas, not an ideal scale, but it works pretty well nonetheless.   The Revoltech gentlemen enjoy it, too.   King Gainer is taking this orange, and you're not going to stop him.   Danbo, however, is not a fan of oranges.   If you've got some 1/8 scale figures or thereabouts who might be posed appropriately, they seem to be the perfect size for this, and just about any Re-Ment product. There's a pretty interesting story behind this sullen Chun-Li, and how Tomopop might not be what it is today had it not been for her. Look for my Show & Tell article featuring her in the next week or so to hear about our history together.   Overall, the kotatsu seems to work best with Nendoroids or some of your larger figures, but is still fun for just about any member of your collection. It's a nice, cozy fixture for some relaxation and maybe a little naptime, which ... might not be the best idea if someone's after your head. Good luck, pal.   It's also massively fun if you've got some other Re-Ment bits and bobs to go along with it, like the sushi and some of the stuff you've been seeing in the photos. It makes for a nice little party for your toy collection. Unfortunately, like any party, it's only a matter of time before some aggressive jerkface has too much to drink and ruins it for everybody.  

Okay, so it's not officially a playset. But if you're hanging around here on Tomopop, chances are that's what you'd be using Re-Ment's replica kotatsu for, and that's why I got one. Having been relieved of my confusion as to ...

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