Disney Plush

Disney store BO-GOing out of their minds with a plush sale

You can build an army with all the dalmatians
Jan 28
The Disney Store online has a Buy One, Get One for US$1 sale on a variety of plush items. That variety is pretty much Star Wars to Doc McStuffins (with its dorky dragon guy and all). A sale is a sale, and personally I'm alway... read
Inside Out

Too many feels: Pre-orders for Pixar's Inside Out Funko POP figures

I'm in a glass case of emotions!
Jan 26
Disney-Pixar's upcoming summer movie Inside Out is all about human emotions interpreted inside a young girl's mind. Now it joins the list of other Disney movie characters available in Funko merchandise before the release date... read
Disney Mystery Minis

Funko's Disney Mystery Minis series 2 are an animated bunch

Featuring perhaps the cutest Beast figure ever
Mar 28
Official images for the second wave of Disney Mystery Minis, Funko's adorable blind-boxed figures, were revealed this week, giving fans plenty to drool over. The series takes beloved Disney characters, chibi-fies them, and pl... read
How to Train Your Dragon

How to enjoy Funko's How to Train Your Dragon 2 Mystery Minis

Step 1: Look at them
Mar 14
Funko seeks to train your wallet with yet another exciting Mystery Minis series, this time featuring some of the cast from DreamWorks' How to Train Your Dragon 2. This blind-bloxed series will feature twelve 2.5-inch tall fig... read
Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo finds its way to Funko's Disney Pop! line

I hope the Nemo figure has one little fin too
Dec 12
One of my favorite Pixar movies is Finding Nemo. It was that animated movie that made everyone want a clownfish of their very own. I admit, even I wanted a cute little clownfish, but getting and maintaining a salt water tank... read
Maybe not 'rage', but wow, there's a lot of Nendoroid stuff this week
Hello and welcome back to another week of Tomopop LinkUP! It's been pretty crazy this past week, what with everyone trying to extend Black Friday and Cyber Monday into more than just a single day. If you looked around there w... read feature

Revoltech Jessie

Your chance to rope a Revoltech Jessie (Toy Story)

On a plastic horse she rides
Sep 02
[UPDATE: Revoltech Jessie is currently available for pre-order; new photos added to gallery] Photos of Kaiyodo's upcoming Toy Story Revoltech Jessie have appeared on Cybergundam's blog. An unpainted Revoltech Jessie was first... read
Disney Store

Visit a Disney Store and try out the Monster Assembly!

Now for half-price
Aug 12
As a promotion for the new Disney movie, Monsters University, many Disney Stores have been hosting a sort of build-your-own-plush activity called the "Monster Assembly." And while this has actually been going on for a month o... read
WonFes Sega

Wonder Festival 2013 Summer: Sega prize figures

Gainax, Vocaloid, and some Pixar too
Jul 31
Sega always has a diverse assortment of prize figures to peddle. Their booth at WonFes reached all the way across the ocean for some Pixar and Disney figures to go alongside the licensed Japanese ones. Toy Story, Monsters Uni... read
Revoltech re-releases

Revoltech Woody & Buzz ride again, soon joined by Jessie

You've got a friend in me
Jul 12
We've seen enough of Revoltech Woody and Buzz. You know what people do with them. If you've missed out on the original release and the subsequent number of re-releases, you have yet another opportunity to get in on the mischi... read

Look in amazement at this Han Solo LEGO portrait

You think you're good with LEGO bricks?
Jun 26
In April there was a LEGO lovers event in Australia called the Sydney Brick Show. The show was presented by SydBricks, a group of adult fans of LEGO, and David Jones. At this show there were many LEGO creations including thi... read

New Monsters U vinyl and Cosbaby sets from Hot Toys

Absolutely adorable~
Jun 06
Hot Toys hit us with some rad press releases yesterday - Monsters University Cosbaby figures, and a separate vinyl set of Sulley and Mike are coming soon!  There'll be a Cosbaby for Mike and Sulley of course, and some of... read

Disney Pop! 5 features Up, Brave, Aladdin, and more

A tempting lineup!
May 23
The latest news from Funko on their Disney Pop! line of figures is all about series five, which will feature characters from Up, Brave, The Jungle Book, Aladdin, Alice in Wonderland, Mary Poppins, Dumbo, and even a Rocketeer.... read

Funko rolls out Monsters University toys

Pop!, Wacky Wobblers, plush, and more
May 11
Check out the gallery for images of all the latest Funko merch coming out for the upcoming Monsters University by Disney/Pixar! We've got three new Funko Pop! Figures of Sulley, Mike, and Randall, Wacky Wobblers of the same t... read
Disney's Mystery Minis

Disney's Mystery Minis up for pre-order at Tenacious Toys

I still say that this is the best Funko's done for Disney
Feb 19
It's been just over a month since Funko revealed the absolutely charming Mystery Minis blind box series of Disney/Pixar toys, and now our pals at Tenacious Toys have them up for pre-order! You can buy them for US$5.95 each fo... read

Disney to unveil Monsters U toy line at Toy Fair

Announcement of an announcement...?!
Jan 29
The Pixar Times reports that come Toy Fair, there'll be a press event with the likes of Dan Scanlon (Monsters U director), Kori Rae (producer), Billy Crystal, John Goodman, and more, to discuss the upcoming film as well as sh... read

Disney's Mystery Minis by Funko are doing it right

These are the Diseny blind box figures I've always wanted
Jan 16
Update: added images of the case as well as the rarity values per figure. Funko has announced a new set of blind boxed figures for Disney called Mystery Minis, which will feature just about any character Disney, Pixar, or oth... read
I wish my headline was wrong...
So you may remember back in June, Natalie posted about a plush of La Luna's Bambino being available. The folks at Pixar Times have another little surprise: a maquette of Bambino produced by Gentle Giant! Coming signed by the ... read feature

Sponsored by HobbyLink Japan
Oh my goodness, I am reviewing something that isn't stuffed with polyester fiberfill. What sorcerer's magic is this? Well, I suppose you can thank the magic of Disney for this little venture off my fluffy, beaten path. I have... read feature

SDCC 2012: Mattel (Monster High, Ghostbusters and more!)

Jul 19
Mattel had quite the showing with their other properties, including Monster High, Ghostbusters and much more. We'll start with Monster High which showed Scarah Screams and Hoodude Voodoo. Scarah was the SDCC exclusive doll th... read

SDCC 2012: Funko

Jul 15
Funko's booth had a whole lot of new stuff in it, both in the Pop! and Blox lines, and even a Robo-Batman and vinyl Sparky-Saurus (Frankenweenie). Look through the gallery for glimpses at various Disney and Pixar Characters, ... read

SDCC 2012: Disney Vinyl

Jul 14
Not too long ago, I went ahead and wrote up a list of the SDCC exclusive Disney Vinylmation that were coming out of the event, and Brian nabbed some pictures of them and more. Besides the stuff in my previous run down, check ... read

Check out SDCC-exclusive and other upcoming Vinylmation

Jul 12
Some time has passed since I last wrote up a big update on what's been going on in Vinylmation, so this'll be a hefty one. Since SDCC is what's most relevant at this time, I'll start with that. Each day of the event, Disney w... read

Pixar SDCC exclusive toys make me weep with envy!

Jul 05
Pixar! Darn it! I was trying so hard not to want a billion things from SDCC! They have now ruined that for me because nearly everything of their characters that will be at Comic-Con looks incredible! Granted it's not really P... read

Take home the star of Disney-Pixar's "La Luna" short

Jun 25
If you have been to the theaters to see Disney-Pixar's Brave, then you may remember the adorable animated short, La Luna, that played before the feature film's opening. The Disney Store is now giving movie-goers a chance... read

Tomocast 36: Toy Story 2 Commentary records tonight!

Jun 13
That's right folks, it's time for another Tomocast Commentary! This time around, we'll be continuing our Disney trend and our movie is none other than Toy Story 2. There'll be good times, there'll be sad times and more import... read

Merida joins the ranks of limited edition Disney dolls

Jun 05
For release June 22, the same day as the movie Brave opens, Merida will be hitting Disney Stores (including the online store) in North America and Europe as a beautiful limited edition doll. A total of 7,000 dolls will be mad... read

Save some well fortified shelf space for Mr. Incredible!

Dec 15
The awesome Mr Incredible Revoltech (Pixar Collection) figure by Kaiyodo went up for pre-order last night and even I am having a hard time not hitting that reserve button! My love for Pixar combined with the simple (and sleek... read

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