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Phat! Company

WonFes 2017 Winter photo
Figures from Good Smile Company and more
There were some intriguing Nendoroid and figma announcements at Wonder Festival but the scale figure previews weren't as interesting. Under the Wonderful Hobby Life For You banner, Good Smile Company and associated groups sho...

WonFes GSC photo
WonFes GSC

Wonder Festival 2016 Winter: Good Smile Company part 1

I'm so sick of bunny outfits
Feb 09
// Tianxiao Ma
Good Smile Company's Wonderful Hobby Life For You display is like the all-you-can-eat buffet of Wonder Festival. By my quick internet research I estimate they have infinity figures. And I feel like half of that infinite numbe...
Top sales 8/31 to 9/6 photo
Top sales 8/31 to 9/6

Top selling toys in Japan for week of 8/31 to 9/6

Waving that Good Smile Company banner
Sep 15
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Normally we see the top hobby sales go to Bandai, mainly dominated by Gunpla. Not this week. This time around it's Good Smile Company (with an assist from Phat!) dominating. Bandai is still taking over the overall ranking, bu...
figma photo

Miyazawa Model Exhibition Spring 2015: figma

All the figures you're still waiting on pre-orders for
Apr 14
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Back in February we got our first look at a bunch of new figma from Max Factory, Phat!, and FREEing. Since then we really haven't heard a whole lot outside of an occasional appearance here and there. While there's nothing her...

Miyazawa Model Exhibition photo
Miyazawa Model Exhibition

Max Factory, Phat!, FREEing, and Gift show off the goods at Miyazawa Model Exhibition

Although it's a lot of stuff we've already seen in one form or another
Nov 20
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Kahotan made good on her promise and posted a second gallery for figures on display at Miyazawa Model Exhibition Autumn 2014. This time around the focus is on the companies of Max Factory, Phat!, FREEing, and Gift. Most ...
Wonder Festival photo
Wonder Festival

[Updated] Wonder Festival 2014 Summer: Good Smile Company Announcement wall

So. Much. Awesome.
Jul 27
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
[List updated!] Good Smile Company's favorite way of late to announce new products at Wonder Festival is to put up a wall full of new figure announcements. There are a lot of things to be excited about about so take a moment to look over the photos in the gallery. Follow the jump for the list!
Phat! Company Satsuki photo
Phat! Company Satsuki

Kill la Kill's Satsuki Kiryuin figure now in color!

Viva la scans! The Queen of Eyebrows is live and in color
May 22
// Rio McCarthy
Back at the Miyazawa Model Exhibition Spring we saw the unpainted prototype sculpt of Miss Satsuki Kiryuin in her Junketsu costume. Now, we can see her in her full color glory! Well, at least as well as you can in magazine sc...
delays photo

Good Smile Company announces release (and delay) dates for April

Oh no!
Apr 14
// Kristina Pino
It's that time again. Good Smile Company have posted up a release schedule for April, including some delays. As more dates are announced, we'll be sure to update. Delays first: GSC's Asuna, Knights of the Blood ver. (delayed...
Kosaki Onodera photo
Kosaki Onodera

Miyazawa Model Exhibition Spring 2014: Phat! Company's Kosaki Onodera

Nisekoi's plot-lenghtener!
Apr 08
// Kristina Pino
Though I'm only one volume of the manga into Nisekoi, I'm actually pretty pleased to see that one of the characters is getting a figure. Phat! Company was showing a prototype of Kosaki Onodera, the girl who is basically not m...
Phat! Ryuko photo
Fresh, I mean pictures
A lot of people were very excited when Phat! Company unveiled their take on Ryuko Matoi back in December of last year. Now, as we edge closer to her June release date, Akiba Hobby have managed to get their hands on a pre-prod...

GSC delays photo
GSC delays

Good Smile Company announces it's delaying (almost) everything

Over twenty figures hit by setbacks
Mar 17
// Martin Siggers
OK, not quite everything but man, there are a LOT of delays this month. In fact, there are so many delays that GSC took the rare step of not bundling the announcement in with its upcoming release schedule. Instead, we go...
Idolm@ster photo

Kahotan previews Mika Jougasaki: Charisma Girl Ver.

Too soon?
Mar 13
// Scarecroodle
Oh, Mika, I wag my finger at thee! Kahotan recently uploaded a preview for Phat Company's Mika Jougasaki: Charisma Girl Ver. (currently available for pre-order). I have to confess that I'm a little worried about Mika's career...
GSC Delays photo
GSC Delays

Good Smile's here to drop some more delays

New Madoka and Deep Sea Miku both bumped a month
Feb 24
// Martin Siggers
By now the regular Good Smile Company delay post is a warm familiar friend. OK, that's a lie. It's still a crushing disappointment, but at least Good Smile is prompt and consistent about notifying us when our eagerly awaited ...
WonFes GSC scale figures photo
WonFes GSC scale figures

Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: Good Smile's scale figures

Looks like even more Idolm@ster is coming your way
Feb 10
// Natalie Kipper
Armed with photos taken by our very own Kristina Pino along with supplemental ones from AkibaHobby, we now take a look at the scale figures Good Smile Company brought with them to Wonder Festival. The majority of figures appe...

Tomopop LinkUP: Mass naked figure event

Feb 06 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Kotobukiya has posted a gallery for their latest Shining figure, Neris, on their blog. She's a great looking figure and available now for pre-order so go find yourself one. Orchid seed isn't only offering their special chrome bikini version of Sonico at Wonder Festival that we talked about last week. They've also got a special clear A5 file of the Sorceress from Dragons Crown, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt trading cards, and Seven Deadly Sins bath salts. Vertex will be offering this very special and very limited version of Noel Vermillion at Wonder Festival. The yellow repaint is limited to only 50 and sold at 8,800 each, the same prices as the regular version. Grizzry Panda will be showing off their latest garage kit, Kongou from Kantai Collection at Wonder Festival. It doesn't seem like she'll be up for sale, but they will be bringing many of their more popular kits from previous events back for sale. RocketNews24 reported on another Licca-chan doll crossover, this time with Kumamoto city mascot Kumamon. She's sporting a cute red and black dress with bear ears and comes with a little Kumamon. The real surprise is that she went up for sale exclusively at Takara Tomy Mall on February 1 and has already sold out. Toy As Object is reporting on this really cool and unconventional Crystal-Mecha by Super7 and artist Matt Allison. It's already been released in black with an orange crystal, it is now available for US$95 in red with a translucent blue crystal stand nine inches at the Super7 store. Hot Toys posted an interview with acclaimed anime director, character designer, and mecha artist Shinji Aramaki. They talk about his latest movie, the 3D CG take on Captain Harlock and the figure HT made for it. AmiAmi blog posted a gallery for Megahouse's G.E.M Series Sasuke Uchiha figure. They did a great job with posing on this figure and he even comes with special head parts so you can swap his eyes between regular, Sharingan, and Mangekyo Sharingan. Also at the same link is the latest Naruto additions to the Petit Chara Land series. The series features Naruto (Kurama Mode with baby Kurama), Sasuke (with Aoda), Orochimaru (with Manda), Hashirama Senju (with, uh, trees), Madara (with hypnotized Kurama) and ANBU Kakashi (with Bull). Cute figures, wouldn't know they were at war. Traditionally Bandai doesn't do Wonder Festival, choosing to handle their own events. That went out the window last year when we got our first look at D-Arts Sailor Moon at Wonder Festival 2013 [Summer]. This year Tamashii Nations will be representing Bandai and bringing along a bunch of their newest figures as well as some we've never seen before. We should be getting our first look at new figures from Infinite Stratos and Tiger & Bunny plus some others they haven't revealed the source for yet. quesQ will be at Wonder Festival with a number of new limited edition repaints for sale. Up for grabs will be Flandre Scarlet in pink and Kazami Yuuka in blue from Touhou Project, Elizabeth in black and pink from Persona 4: Arena, and Percival in red from Eiyuu Senki Gold. Of course they've got other things planned to debut at the event. The Japanese AmiAmi blog posted a gallery for Prince of Tennis' Shiraishi Kuranosuke from the ARTFX J line by Kotobukiya. Fans of the series will probably find very little to complain about here. Kahotan posted a gallery for Parfom Aigis which includes a very informative interview with Phat! Company's Ootani. There's also a new look Parfom Nozomi Hoshino which acted like the prototype for the series and will make an appearance at Wonder Festival this weekend. Primal Heart updated with a look at their latest Saber garage kit from Fate/EXTRA CCC. The kit features Saber in a tiny nightgown and they really captured her well! Artist Amanda Visell made this really cute 8 inch Wood Jackalope Dunny. It's available for US$400 at the Switcheroo shop. I thought the jack in jackalope stood for jackrabbit, but I guess it stands for lumberjack. [embed]33525:37254:0[/embed] Universes collide when Filmation Skeletor voice actor Alan Oppenheimer and 200X Skeletor voice Brian Dobson come together to play with Skeletor figures for this promo video for Power-Con. Man, Alan can still do the voice perfectly! Aniplex is working on another Homura figure for Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Like most things these days this one is movie based and the figure title translates to something like Flame Time Regression ver. Should be really nice when it gets a limited release in September on at the Aniplex+ store. Need another reason to get Attack on Titan figma Armin this weekend? Try Akiba Hobby's advance gallery out and see if that convinces you. [embed]33525:37255:0[/embed] Friends of Tomopop Jesse DeStasio, Nicholas Fung, and Cade Hiser have joined forces to host a new weekly toy show on YouTube called ToyPizza. Every Tuesday they'll be talking about great toys for all ages past and present, doing outings, and just talking about the stuff we all love. The first vid is just over four minutes long so it's easy to jump in and watch. What have you got to lose? And that's it for this week. Not sure what we'll have to talk about next week with Wonder Festival over, but I'll be back again nextweek with another Tomopop LinkUP nonetheless!
Tomopop LinkUP photo
We're in the final days before Wonder Festival 2014 [Winter]!
Hello and welcome back to a very busy Tomopop LinkUP! I suppose that title is worthy of a little explanation. You see, back in the heyday of anime fansubs there was a number of speed subbers that were notorious for their nons...

Ultra Tokyo Connection photo
Ultra Tokyo Connection

GSC launches new distributor Ultra Tokyo Connection in LA

Good Smile Company and UTC to appear at Toy Fair in February
Jan 26
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
In an attempt to bombard North America with all things otaku, Good Smile Company has launched new distribution company Ultra Tokyo Connection in Los Angeles, California. The service is being produced through a partnership wit...
WonFes Exclusives photo
Madoka! Attack On Titan! And, of course, Miku.
By now we know that Good Smile Company will always bring some extremely tasty stuff along as Wonder Festival exclusives, and this year is no different as the firm has unveiled the list of six figures and accessories that have...

Phat! Company Ryuko photo
Phat! Company take on Kill la Kill heroine
With Kill la Kill pretty much unanimously agreed to be the greatest thing in the history of the universe, it was only a matter of time before the figures started coming out of the woodwork, and it's Phat! Company who are...

GSC Delays photo
GSC Delays

Good Smile unleashes a torrent of further delays

There'll be some space under the tree at Christmas
Dec 16
// Martin Siggers
We should have known it was too good to be true. When Good Smile Company announced a very slim roster of delays just a few days ago, it looked like the company was on track for a remarkably punctual December. Turns out not so...
Phat! Company Ryuko photo
Phat! Company Ryuko

Phat! Company announces Kill la Kill's Ryuko Matoi

Kill la Kill hits the figure world thanks to Phat! Company
Nov 12
// Rio McCarthy
Anyone happen to be at Miyazawa Model Expo Autumn 2013? I wish I was, because I would seriously hug the folks over at Phat! Company right now. Apparently they will be making a figure in 1/8th scale for Ryuko Matoi from K...
GSC Delays photo
GSC Delays

Good Smile Company announce more October delays

And we were doing so well
Oct 21
// Kristina Pino
It seems that last week's delay announcement was just too good to be true, because Good Smile Company have come through with a solid list of delayed figures, some of which have already been bumped from previous months. Expect...
NYCC: Good Smile Company photo
NYCC: Good Smile Company

NYCC 2013: Good Smile Company part 2

Enter the magical girls
Oct 11
// Kristina Pino
In this second half of the Good Smile Company round-up, Andres caught some pictures of the magical girls of Madoka Magica fame in various formats, along with some Sword Art Online Nendoroids, the Monokuma Nendoroid, Steins;Ga...
NYCC: Good Smile Company photo
NYCC: Good Smile Company

NYCC 2013: Good Smile Company part 1

Beware the titans
Oct 11
// Kristina Pino
In this first round-up of Good Smile Company's showing at NYCC, we've got plenty of Attack on Titan merch on display in the way of figma and Nendoroids of Mikasa and Eren, and the Colossal Titan playset, along with some detai...

Tomopop Review: Phat! Company's 1/8 Meruru

Oct 08 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Figure Name: 1/8 MeruruFigure Maker: Phat!Price: ¥7,429 Available at: HobbyLink Japan Starting with the box there's really not a whole lot to get exited for. From the front it's your standard window box colored entirely in eye-catching, customer luring yellow. The entire figure is visible, so there are no real surprises for anyone buying one in person. There are also windows on the sides and top giving a pretty good view from several directions. It also helps to let some light in.  Out of the package it's every bit the sculpt we saw previewed. She's in a pose based in part on her standing pose in the production art, but altered into a walking pose. You can also see the final version of the base; the clear disk has now been replaced by a convex pink-frosted clear stand that looks good under the figure.  Clearly a figure only intended to be seen from the front as long as the backdrop is in place. Sculpting is still good.  Taking a closeup look at the face they did a great job with her likeness. Her eyes are nice and sharp, her nose isn't all awkward if not viewed just right, and her mouth has a little bit of depth to it rather than just a big, pink blob. In fact, the overall sculpt is sharp for the most part, and the paint is nice and clean. I should probably point out that the yellow is a little brighter in these photos, and the official ones, than in person. The yellow is of a much duller (though still bright) shade on the actual figure, which is the appropriate shade for the most part.  Tiny crown! Pretty much the only feature on her that lets you know Meruru is a princess and not just an alchemist. All of the trim is in a light gold while the gems are painted in metallic green. There's also a chain hanging off the back with a star on the end.  You've probably noticed by now that the most glaring eyesore about this figure is on the top of her head. The seam running from side to side is one thing, you almost expect those, but the top of her head is the worst. It looks like a big ball of uncooked dough. It's lumpy and has those weird lines running through it. Her braids are also kinda muddled and lack the detail that you see in the rest of the sculpt. Shame, it's like the sculptor didn't have a proper reference so they gave up. Usually she's shown with a slight part down the middle, she has braids on both sides of her head after all.  The sculpt of the rest of her hair is nice with lots of tresses going every which way while she walks. It's probably being tossed around a bit too much, but you know, art and such. Come on, tell me that doesn't look like a hair octopus! Unfortunately, this is also one of the areas that they made a bit of a miss on. Her hair is inexplicably brown instead of pink. Yeah, there's a very tiny bit of pink in there, but compared to the official figure images linked above it's nowhere near accurate. In-game her hair shade ranges from light pink to a pinkish-blond, but never brown like this.  Her staff is sculpted pretty much perfectly. The translucent green gem in the center is a nice touch, they could have just as easily painted on like on the crown, but they thankfully didn't. The color is interesting. They went with silver, though for whatever odd reason the game alternates between gold and silver depending on if it's game art (silver) or a character model (gold). At least it's an appropriate variant.  What never appears silver in the game in any way is the trim of her outfit. No matter what art you look at her clasps, belt, sleeves, and boots and various other shiny bits are always gold. It's so strange for them to choose silver when surely their reference art did everything in gold. It's so strange that the only gold is on her crown and the pouch hidden on her back. Maybe gold paint costs more so they went with the cheaper silver? No idea, but it's a disappointing choice.  Another oddity is her sleeve cuffs. The pattern printed on them is right, but it's very scarce when it should be very little empty space. It's also really strange that her right cuff here has only yellow flowers while her left cuff has all red flowers. There's no basis for that, they should be evenly spread on both cuffs.  Since I'm already complaining, here's another problem. Let me start by saying the boots are wonderfully sculpted with lots of great details and even some stitching. However, if you're going to sculpt a figure in a walking pose with their foot lifted you might want to consider sculpting the bottom of their boot. How they can do such great sculpting on the top and totally forget the bottom is really beyond me! One last thing to complain about before trying to end this on a positive note: If you look at the official galleries the inside of her cape should consist of four clearly defined colors: green, yellow, pink, and purple. What you get is a muddy blur of colors; the green stands out at the bottom, but the pink overpowers the yellow and purple so much that they're barely there. And while the opalescent coating is still present it does little to replicate the art. Real shame, that's one of my favorite features of her outfit.  On a somewhat positive note I do like her backdrop, if you can call it that. It has some nice pastel colors and shifts from translucent clouds to a series of stars. It's not based on anything from the series, but it does fit and maybe you can think of the transition from clouds to stars as a metaphor for alchemy. It's certainly better than the giant medallion Rorona comes on. It's not without problems, though. The star side has some really rough edges that should have been caught during production.  The flowers on her cape are very vibrant pastel shades and well sculpted. The bow around her neck is also nice and a deep pink color also found on her crown, staff, pouch, and the back of her cape. Though in reality that deep pink should really be a bright pink. I'm sure someone was looking for a shot like this. What can I say, she's well sculpted. Whoever was in charge of the figure may not be able to get the deco right, but at least they know anatomy.  And with that we come to an end. If you don't look too closely, this is a nice figure that will be fine standing on a shelf from a distance. Get a little closer and compare it to the character art and you'll quickly start picking it apart. If you view it from the obvious direction with the backdrop behind her the sculpting is fantastic, but from other directions you're going to notice the blobby hair and mirror finish on the bottom of her boots. The biggest drawback is the bizarre color changes. If they had spent just a little more time refining the sculpt and done a better job of color matching they would have had a perfect figure. As-is it just feels like a mock-up or a prototype that got rushed through production. Unless you're fine with the lack of accuracy, or don't know the character enough to care, then this is a perfectly fine figure. If you're looking for a perfect rendition of Meruru that matches her price then you'll either have to keep waiting or modify this one.  [Thanks, as always, to HobbyLink Japan for the review sample!]
Princess Meruru photo
Not quite as advertised
Back in 1997 Gust Corporation introduced the world to the Atelier video game series. 16 years and 15 games (plus a few spin-offs) later the series has become a staple among JRPG fans. And yet, the series has been pretty light...

More delays photo
More delays

Good Smile confirm a mass of further delays

Sub-brands affected as well.
Jun 18
// Martin Siggers
Hold on Good Smile Company, I thought we'd already gotten June's delays done and dusted? Alas, it was just a trick to lure you into a false sense of security, as GSC have now unleashed a massive second announcement confirming...

Phat! Company teases their now-painted Yoshino

May 22
// Kristina Pino
Right in the wake of Plum's own Yoshino figure going up for pre-order, Phat! Company is teasing their own 1/8-scale rendition which is now painted! We've got a back view here of the figure, which we last saw at Miyazawa Model...

Good Smile announces shipping dates and figure delays

Check out what'll actually come out this month!
Apr 15
// Kristina Pino
The folks at Good Smile Company have recently updated their page with shipping info for this month as well as items that were delayed to May. Among the things you'll have to wait for a bit longer are: Max Factory's Hacker Ch...

Pre-order a trio of Nendos: Cecilia, Houki and Monokuma

Feb 26
// Andres Cerrato
Nendoroid collectors have three reasons to be excited this morning. A trio of brand-new releases will be making their way to stores this summer and are now available for pre-order! We have a pair of ladies from Infinite Strat...

Have some more Hobby Maker Exhibition photos

Danny Choo's photos shine a light on some of the smaller companies
Feb 21
// Brian Szabelski
Mikatan grabbed a few photos from Hobby Maker Exhibition, mostly centered around Good Smile and its closely affiliated companies. Danny Choo has posted some photos as well. However, he grabbed a few more photos of compan...

Wonderful Hobby Life For You!! 17 site is go!

Jan 18 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker
(Puella Magi Madoka Magica) Homura Akemi: you are not alone. ¥9,000 Nendoroid Snow Miku: Strawberry White Kimono Ver. ¥4,000 Nendoroid Petite: IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls - Anzu, Kaede and Rika & Live Stage Set  ¥4,000  (IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls) figma Rin Shibuya ¥3,500 (IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls) figma Anzu Futaba ¥3,500 (IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls) oversized Dekacchu Kirari Moroboshi ¥4,000 threeA's WWR Hara Patrol ¥15,000 (online only) figma Egashira 2:50 - White Tights ver. ¥3,800 (online only) Tomokazu Seki: Glenfire (not available online) See anything you like? As I said I'm going for the pair of IDOLM@ASTER figma, what about the rest of you? Be sure to follow the links above for additional images as well!
Good Smile's Wonder Festival 2013 [Winter] site lauches with revealing of exclusives.
The next Wonder Festival is just over three weeks away and Good Smile Company is now ready to unveil all their plans for the big event. The website for Wonderful Hobby Life for You!! 17 has now gone live with all the show pla...

MOECEPTION previewed by Mikatan and now up for pre-order!
I suppose it's pretty rare to see a figure of an anime character within an anime... moe-ception?! Anywho, Mikatan's preview of this cutie came in along with the pre-orders last night, so you'll see both the retail sample and ...


Princess Meruru pre-orders will be concocted tonight

Title character from the third part of the Arland trilogy appears in figure form thanks to Phat! Company
Nov 28
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Even though I've played a lot of video games over the years I'm not really what you'd call a 'hardcore gamer'. I'm the type of person who picks up a game and just plugs away at it for a couple hours at a time. There are very ...

The iDOLM@STER girls give a mini size Cinderella story

Mikatan previews the upcoming Miniature iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls.
Nov 14
// Jonathan Tubbs
Idol simulator series The iDOLM@STER is certainly something big. I mean look at how many times MegaHouse has released repaints of the girls from this series? Well, The iDOLM@STER is now even bigger than before thank...

Get to moving with Nendoroid Lily from anim.o.v.e.

Pre-orders open for the latest popular Vocaloid lady in Nendoroid form.
Oct 30
// Jonathan Tubbs
For those looking to expand their Nendoroid collection with every Vocaloid character, break out that credit card and get ready to spend. Pre-orders have opened for the latest popular gal from this series, Lily from anim.o.v.e...

The Fate series gets magical with Prisma Illya

Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya has an anime coming so here's a figure from Phat! Company.
Oct 23
// Jonathan Tubbs
This one is out of left field but I guess when you're getting a new anime, you'll most likely get yourself a figure. Especially if you're a spin off of Fate/stay night. Both previewed by Mikatan's Blog and now available for p...

Good Smile Company delays your October pre-orders

What? Product delays? Say it ain't so!
Oct 22
// Jonathan Tubbs
Delays. They are a given now in the figure world especially from such companies like Good Smile Company. It's quite a list so I'm not going to waste your time. The following products have been delayed to a November, 2012 rele...

Did you look at Phat's Bayonetta and think to yourself "Gee, I sure wish there was a better view of her crotch"? If so, then Mikatan's got you covered in her latest preview. I'll let the pictures do most of the talking, but w...

Tomopop Review: Totooria Helmold by Phat! Company

Aug 14 // Tianxiao Ma
Figure Name: Totooria HelmoldFigure Maker: Phat! CompanyRetail Value: ¥9,450Available At: Otacute | Plamoya | Big Bad Toy Store At ¥9,450 MSRP Totori certainly isn't cheap. Is the package you get worthwhile? I'd say it mostly is, even if you don't know about the character, but just like cute figures with cool bases. Speaking of packages, I've included a box shot for reference. It's certainly nothing fancy, although it is small even for a 1/8-scale figure. I'm a firm proponent of compact packaging (some of you know what it's like to have nowhere to put your figure boxes) so I hope Phat! Company keeps it up! My first impressions upon unboxing were very positive. Assembly was kept to a bare minimum; all you have to do is slide the staff into Totori's hand, and put her on the base. Totori looks pretty good all-around. The base is a big part of that, adding little, interesting details and a bit of quirkiness. Totori herself is a pleasure to behold. Phat! Company translated her character design well, and really got that moe look down. Disappointingly, once you look closer, the figure's flaws begin to show. There are a lot of details packed into every inch of the figure, but not all of them are well-executed. The patterns on Totori's cuffs are clean, but the shoulder straps on her dress look rough. The little book she's holding doesn't look great either despite being positioned next to the focal point of the figure (Totori's face). I also feel like Totori's mouth could have used more definition. The various items around the base look fine. Though you might find some mould lines here and there, they're not overly distracting. There are some bigger flaws, such as this chunk missing from Totori's butt. I also spotted some stray paint, such as a tan spot on her leg. While I appreciate the effort put into cramming so much detail into the figure, the quality control does need to be a bit more meticulous. Clearly this was a shoot for the stars type deal for Phat! Company, and that's what matters most to me. They went all-out with the detailing, and used liberal amounts of clear PVC to convey the delicacy of Totori's outfit. So, despite the QC issues I still appreciate the end result. As a collector I enjoy seeing original or underrepresented characters, as they add diversity to my shelves. Totori, with her distinct character design, cartoonish base, and pastel color scheme, livens up my wall shelf a lot. Ultimately I hope potential buyers can move past the small QC issues because Totori is a lovely figure. I own plenty of figures with impeccable quality control, but which are far less interesting to look at. In fact I did two photo shoots of Totori simply because after finishing the first set, I thought of another way to shoot her that I liked better. I'm encouraged by Phat! Company's choice to go with a subject out of left field. With some support they can probably get their manufacturing up to par with the top tier companies. That'll do it for the review, but there's plenty more Totori in the gallery for you to check out. Also, don't forget to leave feedback in the comments!

I was pretty excited about Phat! Company's Totooria (a.k.a. Totori) Helmold when it was first revealed. It's not like I'm a huge fan of the Atelier series or anything like that - I just thought this was a really cute and cool...


Wonder Festival 2012 Summer: Phat! Company's Meruru

Aug 03
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Phat! Company is at it again, returning to the Atelier Meruru: the Apprentice of Arland game to finally bring us title character Princess Merurulince Rede Arls, otherwise known as Meruru! This is Phat!'s second entry in ...

Wonder Festival 2012 Summer: Phat! Company's Bayonetta

Jul 29
// Rio McCarthy
Three years! After three years we finally see something about Phat! Company's Bayonetta! If you don't believe me? Check out the original poster from 2009 talking about it's release! (Thanks to Hobby Stock) At least after this...

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