Vertex Yukari Takeba

Vertex's Yukari is ready to join your Dark Hour shenanigans

Not too badly priced
Feb 25
I don't know what it is about Yukari, but I really like her as a character. I was delighted to see that Vertex will be making a figure to go along with the Persona 3 movies coming out in theaters. The Spring of Birth was... read
WonFes 2015: QuesQ

Wonder Festival 2015 Winter: QuesQ

Do you like KanColle? No? Well, too bad ... mostly.
Feb 09
Kantai Collection fans, your ship has come in from Ques Q, and we perhaps mean that literally. They brough enough KanColle PVC with them to sink a small fleet: Kitakami, Yukikaze, Tatsuta, Tenryuu, Kongou, Kirishima, Kit... read
Vertex Yukari Takeba

Vertex teases a figure for WonFes

Far too easy - they didn't even try to pixelate it
Feb 05
Unlike Good Smile Company, Vertex does not give you a 3x3 grid of colored squares and ask you to divine the figure being teased. This one's clearly Yukari Takeba from Persona 3. I'd recognize that pink cardigan and bow a... read
Alter Labrys

Improve your odds of beating the P-1 Grand Prix with Alter's Labrys

Expensive, but worth it?
Oct 15
Persona fans should be feeling pretty good with how 2014 went down, from the release of The Golden Animation to the announcements/releases of Ultimax, Persona Q, Dancing All Night, and the eventual Persona 5. You can now... read
GSC Delays

Delays hit Max Factory's Cerberus, Phat Company's Ryuko and more

Good Smile announces latest round of delayed gratification
Jun 23
Ah, the Good Smile Company delay announcement post. It's like an old familiar friend at this point, popping up once or twice a month to shatter our hopes and dreams, and then riding off into the sunset. While Deep Sea Miku re... read
Persona 3 Happy Kuji

Persona 3 The Movie #2 prize figures from Happy Kuji

Huzzah for Shinji!
May 16
Who's ready for Persona 3 The Movie: Chapter 2, Midsummer Knight's Dream on June 7th, 2014? I am! Apparently Happy Kuji is getting ready for it as well, as they're showing off several prizes that will be available coinciding ... read
Griffon - Nanoricchi

Treasure Festa in Ariake 11: Griffon - Nanoricchi gallery

Chibi dolls a plenty
May 08
Griffon Enterprises' Nanoricchi line is fairly new but the chibi figures were still a major presence at Japan's Treasure Festa in Ariake 11. The majority of the figures were revealed back at Wonder Festival 2014 Winter but th... read
Wonder Festival Griffon

Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: Griffon Enterprises Roundup

Easily one of the most impressive displays at Wonder Festival
Feb 11
Griffon brought their A-game to Wonder Festival this past weekend. They had a very impressive number of figures on display, both new and old. They displayed several previously announced figures for the first time from their v... read
Oh you didn't think the normal version was ostentatious enough?
[Update: Pre-order info added] Persona 4 Arena's Mitsuru isn't really one for the whole austerity thing. But if you thought her standard look (reviewed) with black bodysuit and white fur coat wasn't loud enough, then maybe th... read feature

Step into the Velvet Room
So, there was a little game called Persona 4 Arena last year. Since Persona has become all of the genres, they started to merchandise the series. After several releases of the cast from the fourth entry, the release of Arena ... read feature

Phat Company Aigis

Parfom Aigis is up for order, still won't talk to Junpei

She's here to hunt Shadows and protect protagonists - and she's all out of protagonists
Jan 23
[Update: Added pre-order links, corrected figure name] A long time ago, we covered a Wonder Festival and made casual mention of a Phat Company line of poseable figures. Then quite a while passed without much news. Now that li... read
Elizabeth was in the holiday spirit this year, were you?
Welcome to the Velvet Room, fellow Persona 3 fans. We have a treat for you today in the form of a lovely lady that goes by the name Elizabeth. However, you may normally recognize her in her blue outfit. This time around she h... read feature


MegaHobby Expo: Autumn - Alter

A few lovely surprises
Nov 29
Alter showed up in force at MegaHobby Expo, and after waiting it out, we've got a nice little round-up here of what they had on display. Check out the gallery for images of: Labrys Super Soniko and Kaguya in swimsuits Infini... read
Nendo Aigis

Nendoroid Aigis now available for pre-orders

Burn your dread, and also your pocket money
Nov 26
After Kahotan previewed her last week, we knew Nendoroid Aigis would be going up for pre-orders today, and now she's being listed at all the major stores. I'm pretty sure I don't need to run over how totally adorable she is, ... read
Wiping All Out in adorable chibi form
With her colour prototype recently unveiled at Miyazawa Model Expo, it was surely only a matter of tiem before the adorable Nendoroid Aigis got a full-fat Kahotan preview. That day is today, as Kahotan busts out the camera an... read feature


Nendoroid update: Saber, Kanbaru, Levi, Shizue, and Aegis

Pretty colors!
Nov 12
Besides some new shots of Nendoroid Levi, we've got some photos of the now-colored Shizue (Winter ver.), Suruga Kanbaru from Bakemonogatari, and Aegis from Persona 3, who was last seen at WonFes. And to round things off, get ... read
Orgia Drive activated

Daibadi resurrects an old favourite with an updated look

The Heartless Armed Angel returns!
Oct 20
Daibadi is a success story which you don't hear about very often. More seasoned readers will remember him as the sole member of the garage kit circle Dimension Diver. A while back, dimension diver was a Tomopop darling, with ... read
Almost magnifique
Persona fans have had reason to celebrate over the last couple of years, with a number of video game and anime releases bringing the franchise back into the limelight. The new media has been heavily geared toward Persona... read feature

Merry for the holidays, or just her regular self - you decide!
I have never been a big Christmas person, it's usually all about Halloween for me, but for once I've pre-ordered a Christmas figure! Yes, I love Persona 3's Elizabeth, but never had a figure of her, so this time I'm technical... read feature

Is this meme still cool?
[UPDATE: Pre-orders are now open] Christmas won't be coming early for Ques Q's Christmas version of Elizabeth as both it and the standard version are slated for a December release. While both versions look fantastic, my prefe... read feature

High Priestess Labrys

High Priestess Labrys appears for exclusive pre-orders

Megatrea Shop is the only way to go here
Aug 05
The last time we heard about the upcoming High Priestess Labrys was her feature in magazine scans back in March. She was announced in January but it's now August and she has finally made her appearance for pre-orders. As Bria... read
D-Arts Elizabeth

D-Arts Elizabeth and chair are summoned this November

Might be worth it for just the chair
Jul 31
She got her first preview at WonFes this past weekend, but the wait won't be too long for D-Arts Elizabeth. The Persona 3 and P4A character November for ¥5,250. While that's more than the previous Persona D-Arts, accessor... read
WonFes Nendoroids

Wonder Festival 2013: Nendoroid Kuroko and Aigis join up

Don't piss off these two
Jul 27
A pair of fighting girls are joining the Nendoroid lineup, albeit from disparate parts of the world. The newest reveal is A Certain Scientific Railgun's Kuroko Shirai, whose specialty is teleporting herself and other objects.... read
D-Arts Elizabeth

Elizabeth enters the D-Arts Persona 4 Arena figure series

Elizabeth and many more coming to WonFes
Jul 27
The Velvet Room has given its approval for Elizabeth to become a member of the D-Arts lineup. In a preview of what they have in store for WonFes this weekend, Bandai has unveiled its next in the line of Persona D-Arts. This t... read
WonFes Teasers

Good Smile Company teases their WonFes reveals

New scales, Nendoroids set to be unveiled
Jul 26
With Summer WonFes only two days away, Mikatan has turned her camera on the Good Smile offices to capture the bustle of preparation. And wouldn't you know it, it looks like among all the rushing around some prototypes have sn... read
Taito P4A figures

Here are all of Taito's Persona 4 Arena prize figures

Includes Naoto and Kanji, too
Jul 01
As Kristina noted in her What's in UFO Catchers? feature, Taito had been stocking their machines with Persona 4 Arena merchandise, but two of them eluded my sight until now because they were just released last week. One of th... read
A peek at prize figures in Japanese arcades
I make it a point to visit one of my local arcades at least once every couple of weeks to see what figures are in the UFO catchers, and I figure I may as well share it with you all. Pardon the image quality — I don't wa... read feature

Persona 4 Arena

Vertex's Mitsuru Kirijou now available for pre-ordering

If you have deep pockets that is
Jun 14
As promised (and later slightly revised), Vertex have put their rendition of Persona 4 Arena's Mitsuru up for pre-order from all good retailers. She's looking as stunning as ever, and that slightly larger 1/7 scale is sure to... read
Also included: sweet glasses
[Update: Vertex have issued a correction saying that she won't be up for pre-orders until Friday 14th. Patience!] We got a paintless preview of Vertex's take on Mitsuru Kirijo last month, but now the final painted protot... read feature

High Priestess Chie delay

High Priestess Chie Satonaka delayed to September

Did we just got Trial of the Dragon'd?
May 24
As much as Megahouse's High Priestess Chie Satonaka looks awesome, there's been some bad news the last two times I've posted about her. First, it was the news that Chie was a MegatreShop exclusive, and now a second bit of new... read
Persona 4 Petankos

Persona 4 Petankos pop-up for pre-order

Today's post brought to you by the letter P
May 16
Kristina beat me to posting about the Persona 4 Petanko figures from Penguin Parade previously (read that five times fast, I dare you), but now I get to let you guys and gals know they're up for pre-order! Both Yu and Rise co... read
First in-depth preview of the Persona heroine
One of the many great things about Persona 4 Arena is the resurgence in interest it's caused for some of the Persona 3 characters featured within. Vertex last showed off their version of ice queen Mitsuru Kirij... read feature

Asuka and Nanako!

Treasure Festa in Ariake 9: Mana Mode, Little Pink Summer

Sometimes, different is better
May 07
More Treasure Festa coverage? Sure! Let's take a look at two more kit makers with some popular characters. Mana Mode brought two different Asukas with them, one of her in her plugsuit and the other featuring her jamming out w... read

Treasure Festa in Ariake 9: Ques Q

Lots of Touhou Project stuff
May 06
Ques Q seems to love Touhou Project figures, but they do have their stylistic differences with Griffon. I enjoy seeing the odd Touhou figure every once in a while thanks to their whacky and elaborate character designs. The li... read

Treasure Festa in Ariake 9: Mugenkyou

Persona, Girls und Panzer, and a cosplaying Soniko
May 05
It is time for Treasure Festa in Ariake 9 and Mugenkyou is getting the party starting right. The company had figures from Persona 4 Arena, Girls und Panzer, and what I believe to be Soniko cosplaying as a rather busty Ma... read
A lovely trio
Penguin Parade has recently updated their Petanko listings to include three new figures: Persona 4: The Animation's Yu Narukami and Rise, and Steins;Gate's Kurisu Makise. Of course, the curious thing about this is Yu - I beli... read feature

Plenty of bang for your buck
It's mostly been Persona 4 that has rampaged across the figure world lately, powered by the renewed popularity of the game after a Playstation Vita re-release, an anime adaptation, and a brand new fighting game. For... read feature

AmiAmi gives us another take
The lovely Aegis School Uniform ver. by Ques Q went up for pre-order earlier this week, looking all cute and stuff, and AmiAmi has just posted up some more pictures of her for your enjoyment.  As usual, my gallery here i... read feature

Miyazawa Model Expo 31: Vertex and Ques Q

Apr 11
For smaller companies, Miyazawa Model Exhibition serves as a good place to remind us what they're coming out with. Both Ques Q and Vertex did that, with Ques Q bringing its swimsuit Aisaka Taiga and school uniform Aegis.... read

Aegis is ready for school and up for pre-order

Pre-order this new! version of Aegis.. in a school uniform!
Apr 05
Ques Q's latest figure for pre-order takes the form of the now-familiar Aegis from Persona 3 Portable in a school uniform. The pictures from Ques Q show her gentle smile and overall cute look, and apparently her skirt could a... read

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