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Funko Pop!

Funko takes us down nostalgia lane with Peanuts and Hanna-Barbera

But where's my Disney Afternoon?
Jun 11
// Kristina Pino
Funko recently announced they'll be releasing a whole slew of rad retro figures, including some of the Peanuts gang, some Hanna-Barbera characters, and more. Pop! Peanuts, which is coming in July, will include Charlie Brown, ...

Tomopop Review: Peanuts Formation Arts Vol. 2

Mar 13 // Kristina Pino
Figure Name: Peanuts Formation Arts Vol. 2Figure Maker: Square EnixOriginal Release: 2009Retail Value: ¥6,720Available at: HobbyLink Japan The box is your usual trading set box that opens up to this neato display. Of course, your home isn't a store so I don't think they'll last too long this way. Let's also take a look at the individual packaging: You've got a picture of all the designs on the front, and the back shows each in a comic panel style, with some narration in Japanese. There are just five designs, and there are eight boxes in the package, so it follows you'll get one of each and a few copies if you were to purchase an entire set. As things go with these trading sets, they're all wrapped up with each individual piece in its own baggie and some instructions. There's an image of that in the gallery if you don't know what I'm talking about. You've got the group picture in the header, so let's just start with this mailbox piece with Charlie Brown and Snoopy. It has a cute pink and pastel palette in a Valentine themed display. Snoopy is reading a letter, no doubt sent by his secret admirer. Charlie Brown just looks worried, though I'm not sure what about. He always seems pretty frazzled to note that he hasn't gotten any Valentine's Day cards this year. Here's Charlie's back. A little smudging here and there, but you'd only really notice if you were inspecting up close. This next one features just Snoopy. He's an astronaut on the moon! You've got his little rocket ship and an American flag. Snoopy himself looks really cute in the space suit, too. Here's a better look at the side of the rocket ship. Snoopy is really patriotic. I really love the texture of the base with this one, though. It's perfect for the figure, and I would say it's the best, but I dunno, this next one is pretty cool, too. This one has a bit of a harvest/Halloween feel to it, and Linus is sitting waiting for the Great Pumpkin. Snoopy is sticking out of a smaller pumpkin and there's a ghost in the background. The base is what I imagine to be the leaves from the pumpkin patch, and we've got Linus' blanket laying on the side there. Here's a better look at Linus. This next one again features Snoopy prominently as he dresses up all dapper with Woodstock. How does Snoopy manage to be in five places at once, anyway? If you display all of these together, he's pulling some sneaky comic tricks and making himself a prominent fixture of each ensemble. Not that I mind, of course. The last figure has Snoopy together that Linus again without a blanket? He's wearing a red shirt this time, and getting ready to play some ball. This is another figure with a nicely textured and shaded base. I just like this picture of Snoopy with the shades on. For a set of trading figures, a lot of detail went into making them and I think they also hold up rather well! Peanuts characters are always so charming, and they'll always hold a special place in my heart. I think it might be the same for a lot of you folks, too, which is why I asked our friends at HobbyLink Japan to send over a package so I could write this review and also give 'em away. You know, spread the love a bit! Of course, that's not your only option. Even though they're a few years old, you'll still be able to find them if you need some of this in your life. It's an ideal set to split with a fellow Snoopy-lover and place it prominently on your desk at work or somewhere as a great conversation-starter. I bet lots of people would walk by and go, "Oh man, it's Snoopy!" Anyone else feeling nostalgic? I had fun putting these together and snapping these pictures, though I was a little sad to put them away back in the boxes due to lack of shelving space myself. It's one of the reasons why I give so many figures away: I don't even have the space to display them! Check out the gallery for more detail shots that didn't make it into the main body of the review, and be sure to leave your feedback in the comments section below!

I'd been eying these figures for a while now. I mean, who doesn't love Snoopy and the rest of the Peanuts cast? It might be a relatively old set, but the Peanuts Formation Arts are every bit as charming in real life as they can be in pictures. Hit past the jump for my review!

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