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GBWC at Otakon

Gunpla Builders World Cup qualifying comes to Otakon

Plus you can test your skills in a speed building contest for prizes
Jul 31
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Gunpla Builders World Cup qualifying rounds aren't just for the west coast. At Otakon 2013 (August 9 to 11) the GBWC will be making their first of two east coast stops (the other being New York Comic Con / New York Anime Fest...

Otakon 11: Dealer's Room

Aug 04 // Pedro Cortes

The dealer's room at a convention is almost a sacred place to me. If you think about, all those people in that room are converting the hours that they worked into sweet, sweet merchandise. It's damn near magic, if I do say so...

This Week in Tomo: Otakon

Aug 01 // Pedro Cortes
  Once again, a big thank you goes out to everybody who showed up!

Welcome back to This Week in Tomo! Instead of a news recap, this week you'll get a chance to see a bit of the Tomopop/Japanator meet up that went on Saturday, July 30th at Otakon. We had a couple of people show up and we had...


Otakon 2011: Tomopop Meetup and all other cool things

Jul 19
// Kristina Pino
This weekend, we'll all be busy enjoying SDCC, whether we're attending or not. Once all the SDCC bustling and hustling has passed though, it'll be time for Otakon! I wanted to get this quick post up before things got too busy...

Otakon 2010: Tomopop @ the Figures and Collecting panel

Aug 03
// Colette Bennett
Remember how we told you we were going to have a panel at this year's Otakon? Well, we did. However, we forgot to bring our recording equipment, but lucky for us community member The Excel was there and was kind enough to rec...

Otakon 2010: (NSFW) Ridiculous hentai

Aug 01
// Tomopop Staff
Sometimes you see something so hilarious that you literally bend over with laughter. That was pretty much my reaction to the titles of these hentai DVDs at one of the booths in the Dealer's Room. "Invasion of the Boobie ...

Otakon 2010: Look at these awesome prices!

Aug 01
// Tomopop Staff
You guys, check out these amazing prices we found at one of the booths at Otakon. Tony Taka Cat Maids for only $245! That is a great deal if ever I saw one. Nendos and figmas for $55+?! VN Miku for 200?! Seriously, you guys a...

Otakon 2010: Fire alarm WTF

Jul 31
// Tomopop Staff
Conventions are usually full of crazy events and activities, and some of the best are unexpected. But today at roughly 2 o'clock, an unexpected and very unwelcome thing happened. Someone set off the fire alarm. Rumor has it o...

Otakon '10: The Failures of the Dealer Room

Jul 31
// Pedro Cortes
The life-blood of a convention is its Dealers Room. That is how you draw in people. There's nothing quite like the basic urge to shop to get people to plop down $65-75 for an entrance fee. Typically Otakon has the best dealer...

Otakon 2010: Leah & Stephen's Day 1

Jul 31 // Tomopop Staff
We got up a bit late today, mainly because the Dealer's Room opened at noon and I mainly came here to buy stuff..... I mean work. So we get there at 12:20 and this is the line. Turns out they haven't even opened the room yet, and the line for the room was already full. This actually makes SDCC look like a smoothly run event! So they told us to come back in a few hours, and there were no interesting panels at that time so we decided to go get some chow.  Most restaurants in the area are packed to the brim, but thankfully a little place called Noodles & Company still had tables open. It was an odd restaurant because they had literally everything that you can make with noodles, from Asian stir-fry to traditional mac & cheese. I went with the Bangkok curry noodles, which was kind of a Thai-Indian curry fusion. It surprisingly had most of the flavors you expect from Thai curry, including tamarind, although it was light on the chilies and didn't have any fish sauce. Well it only cost $15 to feed 3 people, so I wasn't really expecting a gourmet meal! It was decent, fast, and cheap, just what you want during a convention.   On the way back we spotted this lovely lady. I just have one question: if you are confident enough to walk around in full body paint, why would you wear granny panties? Granted, it made for some awesome granny panty jokes, but please think before you put together a cosplay.   The Dealer's Room is huge, but pickings were surprisingly slim. Tomorrow we will really comb through the isles, but today a cursory look-over lead to no real awesome finds aside from a few reasonably priced prize figures. So we headed to Artist Alley, one of my favorite places at Otakon. There are always awesome prints and crazy plushes on display, and I couldn't resist picking some stuff up. We did not have time to snap any pictures of what we got, but look for them in our upcoming loot post!   This all took about 6 hours and my feet were still worn out from SDCC, so we took a little break and sat outside the Dealer's Room. There is some good cosplay at Otakon, but also a lot of bad cosplay. Sitting down and watching the bad stuff walk by is pretty much the #1 awesome activity to do here. Seriously, try it some time. Then we went back the hotel to drop off our rather measly loot and watched some tv on one of the two flatscreens in our room. Why two, you ask? I have no clue, but our hotel room is kind of the greatest thing ever. We were exhausted today, but tomorrow we promise to take pictures of everything!  It was time for dinner, and Stephen and I actually got to eat dinner alone! For the past 2 weeks we have shared literally every meal with other people, from breakfast to midnight snacks. So we decided to be a little fancy and go to a nice tapas restaurant, and holy moly was the food amazing. Mussels, empanadas, duck, and a few tasty drinks were exactly what we needed to recharge. And then.... dessert. DEAR GOD these were amazing. One is an espresso mousse with a ganache topping, the other is a banana-caramel-cheese fried thing.     Otakon runs late, so we decided to hit up the Friday Night Fan Parodies which run form 11 to 1:30. We mostly went because we thought they were showing Eva reDeath (aka the greatest thing ever) tonight, though it turns out it is going to be shown on Saturday. I guess we'll be going back tomorrow! On Friday there was a lot of mediocre parodies, some truly atrocious ones, and then some abridged Dragonball Z which made it totally worth going.Well, that wraps up our Day 1 Journal! All in all it was a fun but tiring day full of awesome prints, delicious food and terrible cosplay. And honestly, that's all I want out of a convention! Part 2 of our awesome Otakon journal will be up tomorrow night, so be sure to stop by and check it out! 

While Otakon does not have all the awesome toy news that we saw at SDCC, it is filled with some pretty fun events and of course exciting adventures. So we decided to give those of you who could not attend a little taste of the con with play-by-play daily journals! So hit the jump and see what Stephen and I got up to the first day of the convention!


Otakon 09: Big O custom sculpture won the Artist's Alley

Jul 21
// DickMcVengeance
While wandering through the halls at Otakon, we came across one of the most spectacular constructions at the Otakon Artist's Alley: the robot from Big O. Sadly, there wasn't a sign attached to to the piece (or at least anythi...

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