Dengeki Bunko photo
Dengeki Bunko

Bring the fight to life with Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax prize figures

Based on the hit fighting game that'll probably never be released here
Oct 05
Japanese publishers love their crossover fighting games. Just in recent years we've seen games like Aquapazza: Aquaplus Dream Match merging characters from various Aquaplus visual novels and games and J-Stars Victory Vs ... read
FREEing photo

Wonder Festival 2014 Summer: FREEing

Summer Festival at Wonder Festival
Jul 27
FREEing definitely know a good thing when they see it, as their booth was packed with their popular range of yukata-clad ladies. It seems like paired sets are the new hotness in FREEing's world. For me the highlight here is d... read

Go for a summer dip with Kuroneko

Chara-Ani 1/8 Scale
Apr 26
It's no secret that I like girls, and I like swimsuits, but even I get tired of producers churning out the same old, same old. That includes the school swimsuit look. I'm even of the mind that one pieces are seriously underra... read
Tomopop LinkUP photo
Oh, right, there are other events going on this week
Hello and welcome back to Tomopop LinkUP! It's been a pretty busy week in all sorts of ways. We're still plowing our way through Wonder Festival coverage with the shadow of Toy Fair looming over us. But outside of that the Ol... read feature


This new Kuroneko pre-order schools you on cuteness

Clayz - 1/7 Scale
Feb 06
Oreimo continues to show off its everlasting popularity long after its completion with collectible after collectible showing up, and of course the figure world is no different. Clayz is aiming right for the pervs with their l... read
Tomopop LinkUP photo
Welcome to the start of winter convention season
Hello and welcome back to an action packed Tomopop LinkUP. Packed is definitely the right word for this edition as we're looking at probably our biggest LinkUP yet! And no wonder, it's the winter convention season! UK Toy Fai... read feature

GSC Delays photo
GSC Delays

Good Smile announces first delays of 2014

Time for your regularly scheduled disappointmen
Jan 20
Good Smile Company has just announced their releases and their delays for January and it's a pretty regular month. Which is to say, there's a fair few delays, some of them disappointingly high profile. Probably the most notab... read

Get a glimpse at Kirino's younger days in this pre-order

Wave - 1/8 Scale
Dec 20
Oreimo figures are certainly a dime a dozen, but Wave is mixing it up with their latest! Not only have they broken away from their Beach Queens line to provide a larger 1/8-scale figure, but they've turned back the clock for ... read
Beach Queens Trio photo
Beach Queens Trio

Three new Beach Queens hit stores for pre-order

Well, four technically, but come on
Dec 06
If there's one thing you can say about Wave, it's that they certainly know how to keep that train of bikini clad girls a-rollin'. Today we've got three very different ladies from three very different shows appearing on virtua... read
Preview Griffon's Kirino photo
She is well crafted and very cute.
Remember that lovely, but showy swimsuit figure of Griffon's Kirino that showed up for pre-orders earlier this month? Akibahobby recently got their hands on her and posted a preview gallery on their blog. At a casual glance K... read feature

Preview SL Kuroneko photo
Meow, Kuroneko overload!
Kuroneko has been getting a lot of love in the figurine world lately. It's about darn time that someone cared for her too! Next month Kotobukiya is releasing this sweet lolita dressed kitten girl to the masses. However if you... read feature

Preview Kuroneko photo
Preview Kuroneko

Preview Kotobukiya's Kuroneko Cu-Poche

She makes a good Cu-Poche
Nov 30
Back in October pre-orders became available for Cu-Poche Kuroneko. Many of us were pleased with the stock factory images of her, but AmiAmi's English blog did a review of their own with some pretty nice photos to compliment t... read

Get your schoolgirl voyeur on and peep these Kirino pics

Griffon - 1/8 Scale
Nov 23
Last month's kitty-eared Kirino is almost certainly a must have for fans, and right alongside her arrival we've got a lovely new gallery thanks to Akiba Hobby. It does feel a little stalkery to get such images of a schoolgirl... read

Kuroneko returns with another beach ready pre-order

Orca - 1/7 Scale
Nov 16
Kuroneko isn't quite down and out either, fighting the good fight past Oreimo's end! Thanks to Orca, we've got another figure featuring the same swimsuit Kotobukiya gave us a look at, though as much as I loved that one Orca m... read
UFO Catchers photo
Take your pick
Recently, I had a chance to wander around one of my local arcades and see what prizes were locked up inside the machines. Locked away behind a promise if you get the claw to drop in some precise way, or break the piece of toi... read feature

Beach Queens photo
Beach Queens

Wave shows off a parade of Beach Queens

Ever seen so many in one go?
Nov 12
The flow of Beach Queens is always pretty steady, but I'm not even kidding with my title, here. This is a parade. Check out the gallery for images of: Masuzu (Ore no Kanojo) Aoi and Wakaba (Vividred) Yukari, Darjeeling, and ... read

Kirino's modeling goes naughty with this new pre-order

Griffon - 1/8 Scale
Nov 07
The wonderful Oreimo may be finally over, but that's no reason to stop new figure releases! Everyone's favorite imouto Kirino is getting another new lease on life thanks to Griffon, showcasing a figure that should make her mo... read

Pounce on this cute new Kirino pre-order

Griffon - 1/8 Scale
Oct 29
Oreimo fans will undoubtedly recall a certain point in the series where our dear heroine Kirino fell head over heels for Kuroneko's skill at cat ear crafting, quickly requesting her own. Sadly kemonomimi lovers everywhere hav... read
Cu-Poche Kuroneko photo
Cu-Poche Kuroneko

Surprise! Cu-Poche Kuroneko up for pre-order

Kirino was lonely!
Oct 22
The adorable Cu-Poche Kirino Kousaka will be seeing her partner in crime soon! Per-orders have just surfaced for Kuroneko, and she's slated for release in April of next year. It looks like this figure flew completely under ou... read
MF Kirino Kousaka photo
Better be prepared to pay the dowry though
As is the case sometimes with exclusive figures, Max Factory's rather impressive Kirino Kousaka True End ver. went up for pre-order based only on unpainted prototype shots. For those of you who were unwilling to put down a lo... read feature

Kirino Kousaka photo
Or, you know, don't. Just don't.
We first saw Max Factory's super impressive 'True End' version of Kirino Kousaka back at WonFes and a lot of fans expressed interest in picking her up, pointing out the lovely sculpt, impressive scale and high level of d... read feature


Wonder Festival 2013 Summer: Penguin Parade

I think someone really likes Suguha/Leefa up in the head office!
Jul 28
If you thought that Penguin Parade just did the petanko figures, you might be glad to know that they also had a few scale figures on display as well. Aside from a closer look at the Petanko figures, the images in the gallery ... read
Good Smile Company
Oreimo fans who aren't quite up to date on the light novels may want to avert their eyes now! Spoilers abound! Spotted at WonFest is this utterly gorgeous Kirino pulled straight from the series' final volume, and all I have t... read feature

Petanko photo

Wonder Festival 2013 Summer: Petanko

Penguin Parade shows off their latest
Jul 28
Everybody loves cute figures, right? Penguin Parade knows you do and they've got their adorable Petanko line sitting in at Wonder Festival. Recently announced additions like Fate/Zero's Rin Tohsaka and Saber will be joined by... read

Grab the latest Kuroneko caught off guard!

Chara-Ani 1/8 Scale
Jul 27
Sculptors seem to be getting the hang of making Kuroneko's ever-present frilly dresses actually look, dare I say, flattering. Chara-Ani is bringing us yet another gothic kitty, this time in the act of getting herself properly... read

Pounce on a pretty new Kuroneko pre-order

Kotobukiya - 1/7 Scale
Jul 26
Oreimo's Kuroneko isn't usually one for dressing brightly, other than her Shironeko and Kamineko personas, but that isn't stopping Kotobukiya from showing off their upcoming "Sweet Lolita" version, dressing the dark kitty up ... read
Kotobukiya Kuroneko photo
This kitty will make you purr!
I believe at some point in the past I've stated that I missed out on a lot of "must see" big titles due to a brief hiatus away from anime. Oreimo was one such title, and again, while I'd always loved the art style it was only... read feature


Lovely SEGA prize Kuroneko hitting UFO catchers in June

Jun 07
The last time I was at the arcade, I caught sight of this absolutely lovely Kirino Kousaka figure in the UFO Catchers. She is big, and detailed, and just so happy and cheerful-looking; I actually tried getting her despite kno... read

Let Kirino and Kuroneko model their new looks for you

Alphamax - 1/8 Scale
May 25
Over the past month we've shown you Alphamax's upcoming pair from Oreimo, since of course, as I said, where there is one of these ladies, the other is sure to follow. It's always nice to see a series that puts effort forth in... read

Take aim with this summery new Kirino

Chara-Ani 1/8 Scale
May 24
With such an inseparable pair, it's no surprise that where there is Shironeko, Kirino is close behind. Pretty much every company releases the two as a pair, and Chara-Ani is no different, pairing the breezy Shironeko with a K... read

Lighten up with an adorable Shironeko pre-order

Chara-Ani 1/8 Scale
May 23
As beloved as Kuroneko is, many people have been long awaiting the appearance of Shironeko in this season's Oreimo sequel. Just in time, Chara-Ani's jumping on the figure bandwagon, showing off one of the cutest renditions of... read

Pre-order AlphaMax's one-piece dress Kirino

I can't believe she is not my sister
May 10
With the second season of OreImo on the roll it's no surprise that a lot of new merchandise related to the series is popping up. One such example is AlphaMax's latest figurine of Kirino, everyone’s favorite leading lady... read

cLayz's little Kirino figure can't be this terrible

But it is!
Apr 15
[Update: Many more pre-orders opened today.] Sure, Kirino might be one of the most unlikable characters OreImo, but even she doesn't deserve this kind of treatment. Just look at it! How did something like this even pass the a... read

Miyazawa Model Expo 31: Clayz

Clayz does cute and sexy all in one display.
Apr 10
Clayz is slowly working their way through the Zodiac in the cutest way possible. Their original Eto Figure Series for the Resi-Carat line feature adorable SD girls in animal costumes. Back in 2011 they released the rabbit sui... read

Pre-order Petanko Kirino and Kuroneko

My little sister can't be this cute!
Apr 05
I never saw the original series of Oreimo, otherwise known as "My Little Sister Can't be this Cute." till I heard the second season was coming out and all of my friends wanted to know if there was something wro... read

Have a better look at Ayase in her Thanatos cosplay

Akiba Hobby posts an early sample review
Mar 05
Here at Tomopop, we're fans of Kotobukiya's upcoming Ayase figure depicting her in a Stardust Witch Meruru-inspired cosplay. So when Akiba Hobby posted up a preview, I couldn't resist sharing the link. I've put a few images i... read

Kotobukiya shows another side of Ayase

No, she's not wearing a tentacle.
Feb 27
Kotobukiya's 1/8 scale "Thanatos Ver." Ayase Aragaki is currently available for pre-order. The usually conservative (almost prudish) Ayase is uncharacteristically depicted in a provocative outfit apparently styled after the c... read

Wonder Festival 2013 Winter: Kotobukiya's Cu-Poche line

Say hello to Hoshii Miki and Tomoe Mami
Feb 12
We posted about Kotobukiya's scaled figures last night, but it wouldn't be complete coverage without mentioning their Cu-Poche figures! First, we must dive into the two new Cu-Poche on display: Idolm@ster's Hoshii Miki, who c... read

Wonder Festival 2013 Winter: Sega Prize figures

More reasons need to be found about why we can't have these nice things
Feb 10
The scorn of many collectors is that of the prize figure. Oh so cheap yet so much harder to reliably get. The newest collection of prize figures by Sega may just enrage you by how much you'll want them. There's the typical su... read

Kotobukiya previews Kirino Kousaka, now released

Work that swimsuit!
Jan 29
Kotobukiya's recently released 1/7-scale figure of Kirino in a swimsuit was just previewed over at their blog, and she's looking as pretty as ever. I dropped a few images in the gallery to share the excitement. Did you pre-or... read

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