FREEing photo

Wonder Festival 2014 Summer: FREEing

FREEing definitely know a good thing when they see it, as their booth was packed with their popular range of yukata-clad ladies. It seems like paired sets are the new hotness in FREEing's world. For me the highlight here is definitely the a...

Tomopop LinkUP photo

Tomopop LinkUP: Gold Medal Panic

Hello and welcome back to Tomopop LinkUP! It's been a pretty busy week in all sorts of ways. We're still plowing our way through Wonder Festival coverage with the shadow of Toy Fair looming over us. But outside of that the Olympics are in f...

Tomopop LinkUP photo

Tomopop LinkUP: Walking in a winter Wonder Festival

Hello and welcome back to an action packed Tomopop LinkUP. Packed is definitely the right word for this edition as we're looking at probably our biggest LinkUP yet! And no wonder, it's the winter convention season! UK Toy Fair was last week...

GSC Delays photo

Good Smile announces first delays of 2014

Good Smile Company has just announced their releases and their delays for January and it's a pretty regular month. Which is to say, there's a fair few delays, some of them disappointingly high profile. Probably the most notable re-schedulin...

Beach Queens Trio photo

Three new Beach Queens hit stores for pre-order

If there's one thing you can say about Wave, it's that they certainly know how to keep that train of bikini clad girls a-rollin'. Today we've got three very different ladies from three very different shows appearing on virtual store shelves...

Preview Griffon's Kirino photo

Griffon's Kirino can't be this cute in a swimsuit!

Remember that lovely, but showy swimsuit figure of Griffon's Kirino that showed up for pre-orders earlier this month? Akibahobby recently got their hands on her and posted a preview gallery on their blog. At a casual glance Kirino may look ...

Preview SL Kuroneko photo

Preview Kotobukiya's Kuroneko, Sweet Lolita version

Kuroneko has been getting a lot of love in the figurine world lately. It's about darn time that someone cared for her too! Next month Kotobukiya is releasing this sweet lolita dressed kitten girl to the masses. However if you ordered her an...

Preview Kuroneko photo

Preview Kotobukiya's Kuroneko Cu-Poche

Back in October pre-orders became available for Cu-Poche Kuroneko. Many of us were pleased with the stock factory images of her, but AmiAmi's English blog did a review of their own with some pretty nice photos to compliment the originals. I...

UFO Catchers photo

What's in UFO Catchers? Sonico, schoolgirls, and more

Recently, I had a chance to wander around one of my local arcades and see what prizes were locked up inside the machines. Locked away behind a promise if you get the claw to drop in some precise way, or break the piece of toilet paper separ...

Beach Queens photo

Wave shows off a parade of Beach Queens

The flow of Beach Queens is always pretty steady, but I'm not even kidding with my title, here. This is a parade. Check out the gallery for images of: Masuzu (Ore no Kanojo) Aoi and Wakaba (Vividred) Yukari, Darjeeling, and Mako (Girls und...

Cu-Poche Kuroneko photo

Surprise! Cu-Poche Kuroneko up for pre-order

The adorable Cu-Poche Kirino Kousaka will be seeing her partner in crime soon! Per-orders have just surfaced for Kuroneko, and she's slated for release in April of next year. It looks like this figure flew completely under our radar before,...

MF Kirino Kousaka photo

Max Factory's Kirino is the woman in white

As is the case sometimes with exclusive figures, Max Factory's rather impressive Kirino Kousaka True End ver. went up for pre-order based only on unpainted prototype shots. For those of you who were unwilling to put down a lot of money base...

Kirino Kousaka photo

Break the bank to see Kirino's true ending

We first saw Max Factory's super impressive 'True End' version of Kirino Kousaka back at WonFes and a lot of fans expressed interest in picking her up, pointing out the lovely sculpt, impressive scale and high level of detail. Well, I ...


Wonder Festival 2013 Summer: Penguin Parade

If you thought that Penguin Parade just did the petanko figures, you might be glad to know that they also had a few scale figures on display as well. Aside from a closer look at the Petanko figures, the images in the gallery also show Kirin...

Petanko photo

Wonder Festival 2013 Summer: Petanko

Everybody loves cute figures, right? Penguin Parade knows you do and they've got their adorable Petanko line sitting in at Wonder Festival. Recently announced additions like Fate/Zero's Rin Tohsaka and Saber will be joined by all new figure...


Lovely SEGA prize Kuroneko hitting UFO catchers in June

The last time I was at the arcade, I caught sight of this absolutely lovely Kirino Kousaka figure in the UFO Catchers. She is big, and detailed, and just so happy and cheerful-looking; I actually tried getting her despite knowing full well ...


Pre-order AlphaMax's one-piece dress Kirino

With the second season of OreImo on the roll it's no surprise that a lot of new merchandise related to the series is popping up. One such example is AlphaMax's latest figurine of Kirino, everyone’s favorite leading lady from OreImo. O...


cLayz's little Kirino figure can't be this terrible

[Update: Many more pre-orders opened today.] Sure, Kirino might be one of the most unlikable characters OreImo, but even she doesn't deserve this kind of treatment. Just look at it! How did something like this even pass the approval stage? ...


Miyazawa Model Expo 31: Clayz

Clayz is slowly working their way through the Zodiac in the cutest way possible. Their original Eto Figure Series for the Resi-Carat line feature adorable SD girls in animal costumes. Back in 2011 they released the rabbit suited Pokousa in ...


Pre-order Petanko Kirino and Kuroneko

I never saw the original series of Oreimo, otherwise known as "My Little Sister Can't be this Cute." till I heard the second season was coming out and all of my friends wanted to know if there was something wrong with me for ...


Have a better look at Ayase in her Thanatos cosplay

Here at Tomopop, we're fans of Kotobukiya's upcoming Ayase figure depicting her in a Stardust Witch Meruru-inspired cosplay. So when Akiba Hobby posted up a preview, I couldn't resist sharing the link. I've put a few images in our gallery, ...


Kotobukiya shows another side of Ayase

Kotobukiya's 1/8 scale "Thanatos Ver." Ayase Aragaki is currently available for pre-order. The usually conservative (almost prudish) Ayase is uncharacteristically depicted in a provocative outfit apparently styled after the character T...


Wonder Festival 2013 Winter: Kotobukiya's Cu-Poche line

We posted about Kotobukiya's scaled figures last night, but it wouldn't be complete coverage without mentioning their Cu-Poche figures! First, we must dive into the two new Cu-Poche on display: Idolm@ster's Hoshii Miki, who comes with a mic...


Wonder Festival 2013 Winter: Sega Prize figures

The scorn of many collectors is that of the prize figure. Oh so cheap yet so much harder to reliably get. The newest collection of prize figures by Sega may just enrage you by how much you'll want them. There's the typical subject fair of f...


Kotobukiya previews Kirino Kousaka, now released

Kotobukiya's recently released 1/7-scale figure of Kirino in a swimsuit was just previewed over at their blog, and she's looking as pretty as ever. I dropped a few images in the gallery to share the excitement. Did you pre-order her? I abso...


Kotobukiya shows off prototype Misty and Aragaki Ayase

Kotobukiya showed off two prototypes in this month's hobby scans, including their rendition of Shining Blade's Mistral and, out of left field, OreImo's Aragaki Ayase as Thanatos (cosplay ver.). I'm actually heartily looking forward to both!...


A+ gives Kuroneko fans another figure for their shelves

There seems to be a never-ending stream of Oreimo figures out there, and A+ gives compulsive collectors something else to pick up with their 1/4.5-scale Kuroneko in a school swimsuit. Standing on a wooden base with a cloth swimsuit, sh...


Stardust Witch Meruru aims for (and strikes) my heart

I suppose it's pretty rare to see a figure of an anime character within an anime... moe-ception?! Anywho, Mikatan's preview of this cutie came in along with the pre-orders last night, so you'll see both the retail sample and Mikatan's pictu...


Miyazawa Model Exhibition: Cospa, Banpresto and the rest

As the cap on our Miyazawa Model Exhibition coverage, there's a few more companies whose wares we've rounded up into one big post. The Ken Elephant booth was chock full of Kaiyodo's Revoltech figures, including the prototype for the upcomin...


How cute do you want to make Cu-poche Kirino from OreImo?

Do you think little sister Kirino from Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai is cute? Yeah, I haven't either. But this is not for us. This is for the many that do find little Kirino cute and now can now choose how cute you want her t...


30th Prize Fair: Sega Prize

What's a Prize Fair without the company that has it in their name? Sega Prize attended the 30th Prize Fair with their assortment of prize figures from an array of anime titles that may interest some folks. The one that immediately caught my...


Kaitendoh makes OreImo's Kirino smile once again

With Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai getting a second season in 2013, now would be a good time as any to get you excited with new figures of the very popular little sister herself, Kirino Kousaka. Kaitendoh posted an update of ...


Dengeki Festival 2012: Sega-Prize

No real surprises from Sega-Prize at Dengeki Festival, much of what was shown is due within the next month or so, but it's hard to complain about getting new looks at some great upcoming figures! More than anything shown there I'm just...


Pre-order Koto's swimsuit Kuroneko to fill in the ○○

Last week at the Kotobukiya Hobby Exhibition in Akihabara, the company revealed completely their swimwear Kuroneko as a follow up to the 1/7-scale Kirino ○○ na wake ga nai Ver. figure. For those eagerly awaiting, she is now avai...


Kotobukiya Hobby Exhibition also has new Cu-Poche figures

Though not as plentiful as the PVC offerings, Kotobukiya did have some new figures for their super deformed, poseable Cu-Poche line shown at the Kotobukiya Hobby Exhibition event in Akihabara. Again, just like the PVC figures, Kotobukiya di...


Kotobukiya Hobby Exhibition reveals many new PVC figures

Kotobukiya earlier this week teased some upcoming products for their Hobby Exhibiition event in Akihabara. The event has come and the figures have been revealed though the super sleuths of the internet knew very much what was coming. But, h...


Kotobukiya sneaks in some pixellated Cu-Poche teasers

The Kotobukiya Blog was updated again today with some Cu-Poche teasers in the way of Kirino, Saber and Dark Magician Girl (see previous teaser post for this event by Brian). These have been announced, but all will be revealed Thursday over ...


Kotobukiya does some more teasing (of figures)

Kotobukiya is teasing a few figures on its Japanese blog for the upcoming Kotobukiya Hobby Exhibition ~Autumn~ in Akihabara, apparently happening Thursday at the Kotobukiya Akihabara location. Yes, already-revealed figures are in the mix li...


Make a splash with Kotobukiya's newest Kirino Kousaka

Oreimo fans should be quite happy with at least one of the new pre-orders from this morning, a brand spanking new Kirino Kousaka statue from Kotobukiya! Previewed on Kotobukiya's blog, Kirino is posed in the middle of kicking her summe...


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