Happy Meal Gender Toys photo
Also, these toys are so bad they shouldn't be for any gender
McDonald's had a gold mine on its hands. The ever-popular Pokemon became the newest set of Happy Meal toys. While these are nowhere near the glory days of the Burger King promotion from the first Pokemon movie, McDonald's has... read feature

SI Swimsuit Barbie Cover photo
SI Swimsuit Barbie Cover

Sports Illustrated chooses Barbie for its swimsuit issue

HARHAR they're all plastic anyway yukyukyuk
Feb 13
I never thought that in my time here at Tomopop that I would write about the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, but yet here we are. The special issue, which gets people who don't have internet connections to buy print media,... read
Metal Gear Solid photo
Metal Gear Solid

Hideo Kojima says I'll be ashamed for response to Quiet

Kojima is up on his high horse
Sep 08
Last week, Hideo Kojima let the world in on his design process behind the character, Quiet, for the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V. I wasn't exactly thrilled with his reasoning behind making the character "more erotic" and Kojim... read
Character Design photo
Character Design

Hideo Kojima opens mouth, tells secret everyone knows

Just because it's done doesn't make it right
Sep 04
You know what the figure industry is about. Consistently, the message is sent that sex sells. It doesn't surprise anyone. If you've played just about any game in the Metal Gear Solid series, it doesn't come as any shock that ... read

Hot Toys decides to remake Iron Man Mk I, people blindly rage over it

Oct 04
When the first of the Iron Man movies was released in 2008, I loved them. What I didn't know at the time was about a company called Hot Toys. The company would go on to make numerous figures of the various armors from the mov... read

Like in every community, figure collectors don't always agree on things. Our opinions can vary on things from top coats to a face sculpt, but there is one thing we can universally agree upon: bootlegs are bad. Few people can ... read feature


Nendoroid Petit Lily's controversial debut

Sep 14
I'm not really one to turn my head at most things. I have little qualms with some of the more risque elements of the hobby. I never thought that of all things that could possibly cross my imaginary line, that the item in ques... read

[The views expressed in this piece are solely those of Andres Cerrato. They do not reflect the opinions of Tomopop or its staff.] At Tomopop, our slogan is "Refusing to grow up." It's not that toy collecting is immature or ma... read feature


Leeke World releases Mikhaila amid a swirl of controversy

Mar 22
Leeke World has just released (on March 21st 2011) an unusual new ball-jointed doll named Mikhaila, but it has happened amid a maelstrom of controversy. In the past few days leading up to its release a small, handmade BJD com... read

Tomopop Opinion: Dexter toys and the marketing of violence

Sep 16
Toys do not often make it into mainstream news, so whenever they do we here at Tomopop get pretty excited. Toy publicity has the ability to inject new life into the hobby and bring in people who were not formerly aware of it.... read

NSFW Opinion: Carlos Enriquez' Hierophany

Sep 01
[The opinions expressed in this piece are all individual and do not reflect the opinion of Tomopop.com as a whole.] Whether in the art toy world or the often perverse Japanese collectibles sphere, sexuality is a theme that is... read

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