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One Piece

One Piece photo
A lot of hands to keep to herself
Tsume-Art earlier this month unveiled images of its upcoming Nico Robin statue, which will be the newest entry in the company's One Piece HQS line. Robin is depicted using her Cien Fleur Wing technique, giving the crew's arch...

P.O.P. S.O.C. Sanji photo
Equal opportunity fanservice
Premium Bandai isn't content in letting the ladies of One Piece be the only ones that get to act sexy. Their latest figure features a open shirted Sanji designed for an entirely different set of fans. While the figure is part...

Anime photo
Some well-known faces
While Funko's Best of Anime Series 1 Mystery Minis looked pretty good, I have to confess that I was a little disappointed that the shows represented weren't ones that I'd ever watched. Thankfully, however, Funko's Best of Ani...

Top sales 9/7 to 9/13 photo
Top sales 9/7 to 9/13

Top selling toys in Japan for week of 9/7 to 9/13

So much new stuff
Sep 28
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
So this is a rarity, all but one of the items ranking this week is new to the list. The only returning item is that Yo-Kai Watch watch. There's also another rare girl's toy sneaking into the top overall entries. Otherwise the...

Figure Colosseum results photo
Figure Colosseum results

Banpresto announces Figure Colosseum fan picks

Half great, half meh
Sep 20
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Just to recap, every year Banpresto holds the Figure Colosseum, a competition where fans pick characters and sculptors are tasked to make figures out of them. There are two sides to the competition: One Piece Modeling Ki...
Figure Colosseum photo
Figure Colosseum

Banpresto opens character voting for latest Figure Colosseum

Votes open on OP and DBZ characters
Aug 18
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
For the past several years Banpresto has hosted the Figure Colosseum and this year is no different. The Colosseum is now open with Modeling Tenkaichi Budokai 6 for Dragon Ball Z character voting and Modeling King Summit ...
One Piece photo
No, I'm not talking about Kaidou...
Whitebeard lives on in Tsume's HQS line, as the dreaded Yonko referred to as "The World's Strongest Man" is receiving one powerful statue. Standing roughly 40-cm tall (or a little under 16-inches), this resin Whitebeard statu...

Wonder Festival MegaHouse photo
Wonder Festival MegaHouse

Wonder Festival 2015 Winter: MegaHouse

Sailor Senshi, swordsmen, and shinobi in here
Feb 13
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
MegaHouse appears to have had one of the larger displays on the floor at Wonder Festival 2015 Winter. MH had no shortage of new figures to show alongside some figures they've been toting along for a few years now. While a lar...
One Piece photo
One Piece

Portraits of Chibi Pirates: One Piece figures up for pre-order

Mugiwara babies will make your dreams come true
Jan 17
// Lynnette Cantos
Megahouse's ongoing Portraits of Pirates series dedicated to One Piece expands with four new figures available for pre-order now. Dubbed CB-2R, it's the re-released collection of the main Mugiwara crew in their children forms...
One Piece Megahobby Expo photo
One Piece Megahobby Expo

MegaHouse shows a lot of pieces of One Piece at Megahobby Expo

Trafalgar Law fans will be happy
Dec 03
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Once again One Piece was the number one manga in sales in Japan for 2014 so it's no wonder why MegaHouse couldn't show any restraint when displaying OP figures at Megahobby Expo Autumn 2014. Some of these we've seen before, b...
Tamashii Nations 2014 photo
Tamashii Nations 2014

Bandai adds nearly 50 new Figuarts ZERO figures at Tamashii Nations 2014 event

That's a lot of pieces from One Piece!
Nov 03
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
If you've already read the previous report then you know Bandai brought the big guns to their most recent Tamashii Nations event this past weekend. But don't think they skimped on Figuarts ZERO by bringing an overwhelming num...
Tamashii Web Shop photo
Tamashii Web Shop

The Bandai Tamashii Web Shop is open for everyone...sort of

Call it a test run
Oct 24
// Andres Cerrato
I've been waiting for this news for quite some time now, but here's the good: Bandai is opening the Tamashii Web Shop for international customers. As with Good Smile Company's opening last year, international customers can no...
Figuarts Zero Sabo photo
Figuarts Zero Sabo

Spark a revolution with Figuarts ZERO Sabo from One Piece

Wish I could say it was a great looking figure, but...
Oct 01
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
One of the worst kept secrets in the One Piece anime has finally made his debut in this past weekend's episode and it would seem a figure debut wasn't far behind. Even though the anime refuses thus far to show his face and ca...
One Piece photo
Because it's made of PVC, which is more toxic than it is delicious
Bandai's Devil Fruit Mera Mera (Mera Mera no Mi) is currently available for pre-order. This replica of the Mera Mera Fruit (or Flame-Flame Fruit), which originally gave Fire-Fist Ace his powers, stands 5.9-inches tall which I...

Anime Expo 2014: Banpresto

Jul 08 // Scarecroodle
Anime Expo Banpresto photo
Let sleeping mermaids lie... or float... or whatever
Banpresto's booth featured an assortment of One Piece, Dragon Ball, and other anime figures, some of which were recent or upcoming with some older items as well (that cool-looking Shirahoshi, for instance, was released around...

One Piece Hasamare straps photo
One Piece Hasamare straps

Bandai squeezes out some new One Piece figures

I'd be hard pressed to find a reason to hate these
Jul 02
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
How's this for timing? Only a few weeks ago Adult Swim's Toonami aired the episodes of One Piece where Luffy gets wedged between two buildings and Zoro gets stuck upside down inside a chimney. And then Bandai goes and reveals...

Tomopop Review: Portrait of Pirates Crocodile Repaint Ver.

May 28 // Pedro Cortes
Figure Name: P.O.P. NEO-EX Crocodile Repaint Ver. Figure Maker: MegahouseRetail Price: ¥8,000Available at: Hobby Link Japan Behold, the cardboard prison that dares to contain Crocodile! Like most P.O.Ps, he comes in a rather large box, so you shouldn't worry about potential damage. I've read that a couple of people have gotten their Crocs with busted hands, but that sounds like an anomaly rather than something you should be worried about. Yep, he looks pretty strapped in. He ain't moving from that plastic. Outside of the casing, Crocodile cuts a pretty imposing figure. His sharp fashion sense hides the heart of one mean dude who's willing to destroy an entire kingdom for his own purposes. Looking at him from the side shows that he's got his hips jutted out like most male figures. I'm guessing this has something to do with preventing long-term lean, but it really would be nice if there were some more dynamic poses. You can also see the detail that the sculptor worked in across his slacks and mid-section. Both sections of clothing are appropriately wrinkled, which is a nice detail I like seeing in clothing. The back is probably the worst angle for ol' Croc. For one, you can see the obvious seam where his hook arm is attached to his body. He also has no butt. Take that as a lesson folks: unless you want a flat Crocodile booty, be sure to do your squats on leg day and do them right! Thing is, you're unlikely to get a whole lot of viewing of his butt as Crocodile likes to wear... ...a nifty coat! You can also see the arm seams here, but at the very least they look natural on the clothing. I also dig the ruffle along the collar. It's a nice, fanciful touch that adds a certain amount of fashionable arrogance to his outfit. Here's a close up of Croc's face. Since its first release in 2010, fans on message boards have derided this version of Croc. Much is said about the lackadaisical expression lacking the necessary intensity that Crocodile has in the show and in the manga. Personally, I'm alright with it. Yeah, it isn't the most expressive, but I think it fits his casual arrogance and callow nature. It's like he's looking down on who ever he's looking at. Also note that the cigar is a separate piece. It comes in a small compartment in the packaging that's taped up, and for good reason. It's really easy to lose it. It doesn't help that the peg is short and the hole in his mouth is shallow. If you're going to display him with the cigar, and you really should, be careful of moving him around too much or you risk losing it. Croc's right hand is connected via a small peg, allowing for rotation. It isn't particularly impressive, but hey, it's something. You can spin it around and pretend that he's wielding some of his sand in the palm of his hand. Oh well, at the very least it has some nicely painted rings on his hand. A high-level crime boss has got to show off those riches somehow! The major effect parts revolve around Croc's hook. The P.O.P. comes with two additional accessories that you can put on to his left socket. In it from the start is his normal hook. You can replace it with... ...a poisoned hook. It doesn't appear for very long in One Piece, but it's an interesting choice. Your other option is... ...a blade. Less subtle than a hook, but it'll certainly get the job done. Me, I keep it on the normal hook. I think it fits Croc better overall. Finally, here's a shot of his base. If you've seen the original 2010 Croc, you'll immediately notice that the base is a completely different color. Instead of the black/purple you see above, it was a sandy brown to match, you know, Croc's affinity with sand. I'm kind of torn between which one I like better. Yeah, this color matches his outfit more, but the sandy base feels more appropriate for the character. Despite some issues with weak posing and questionable color choices with the base, I'm going to recommend Crocodile. For one, he's an imposing character that deserves some good merch. I really like the arrogance inherent in the pose and facial expression, though not everybody may agree. I also like the sculpting and paint job done on his slacks and coat. He's a smooth-looking goon that should be in every One Piece fan's collection! [A big thank you to Hobby Link Japan for providing the figure for review!]
Review: P.O.P. Crocodile photo
I hate it when sand gets in all those uncomfy spaces
Over the years of my figure collecting, Megahouse's Portrait of Pirates line has remained my favorite series of figures. Based off of characters from the immensely popular One Piece, the figures tend to be excellent represent...

One Piece photo
One Piece

Plex remembers less tumultuous times with their Archive Collection Aokiji

Back before all the conflict
May 14
// Pedro Cortes
I remember a couple of years ago in the One Piece world. A pair of major characters were still alive, the Marines weren't absolutely off their rocker, Blackbeard wasn't one of the most powerful characters in the whole show, i...

Tomopop Review: Figuarts ZERO Akainu & Aokiji Battle Ver.

May 13 // Pedro Cortes
Figure Name: Figuarts ZERO Akainu Battle Ver. & Figuarts ZERO Aokiji Kuzan Battle Ver.Figure Maker: BandaiRetail Price: ¥4,500 eachAvailable at: [Akainu: HobbyLink Japan | Hobby Search | CD Japan | Play Asia | Plamoya | Entertainment Earth | Big Bad Toy Store ] [ Aokiji: HobbyLink Japan | Hobby Search | AmiAmi | CD Japan | Plamoya | Entertainment Earth | Big Bad Toy Store ] As per the usual, let us begin with a shot of the boxes. Akainu's box looks positively smoldering. It'll surely light up whatever shelf it's sitting on. On the other hand, Aokiji's box looks a bit on the chilly side. Nice blues and whites make it look a bit sterile, though it's appropriate considering the guy inside. Alright, enough with the cardboard, let's move on over to the figures themselves. Let's begin with ol' grump-face Akainu. Yeesh, talk about a grouch. He's a jerk in One Piece and he doesn't look much nicer in PVC form. Bandai's sculptor did a great job catching his angry, determined expression, which is capable of sending terror down the spine of any subordinate who dare question his orders. I'm also fond of the detail on his lapel flower, which is a strange touch on a such a severe dude. His back isn't any less severe. While his ugly mug is spun around, the rather drastic "Absolute Justice" printed on the back of his coat sends a stern message to all who read. Oh, and did I mention the magma bubbling across his shoulders? When Akainu ate the Magma-Magma Fruit, he gained the ability to control one of the hottest substances known to man. I mean, the guy is literally exuding the hot stuff in this figure. Made of a harder translucent plastic, it's a great addition to this battle version of the Marine admiral. In this alternate angle, you can see how the magma goes down to his beefy fist. He looks ready to punch holes in whoever gets in his way, and as fans of One Piece know, he's really good at punching holes through people. There are also some additional fire effect parts on his relatively thin legs. Instead of having Akainu oozing magma from his entire body...'s a nice way to accent the range of his heat abilities. After all, even if he isn't immediately using magma on one side of his body, he'd still be hot enough to ignite the clothing on that free limb. Akainu's base is similar to other characters in the One Piece Figuarts ZERO line, so expect nothing really new here. The only thing of note is that there's a separate piece on the rear of the base to support his weight, as he's rather top-heavy So now that we've covered the flame, let's cover the ice! Next up is Aokiji, the (now former) Marine admiral and user of the Ice-Ice Fruit. As opposed to the tight, angry expression on Akainu's face, Aokiji looks only mildly irritated. More like he just woke up from a really good nap instead of fighting for his life. I guess that does match his personality in the show, so this is less of a complaint and more of an idle observation. Oh, and I love that the sculptor kept his sleeping mask. I love the idea of this incredibly powerful admiral that's ready to drift off to sleep at a moment's notice. Keeping with his icy abilities, Aokiji has a bunch of blue effect parts covering sections of his body. Unlike Aokiji, I'm not entirely pleased with what Bandai did here. While it makes sense for Akainu's magma to be bubbly and lumpy, it doesn't make any sense here. I think they were going for an icy wind effect, but really it should be sharp and jagged. You know, like his body froze over and the ice crystals were jutting out all over his body. Here's a closer look at the effect parts. It does look wind-like, but it still doesn't look right. If you look near the bottom of the photo, you can see the ice growing on his other hand. That's how I wanted it to look across Aokiji's back. Nice big spikes, running up his limbs. Yeah, it's a minor touch in the scheme of things, but I think it would've looked a lot better and made him look even more different from his smoldering counterpart. One thing I really love about the battle version of Aokiji is the flowing of coat. It gives him a fantastic sense of motion, like he's dodging a nasty attack. Too often figures of men will just have them standing with their arms crossed and their hips jutting out, ignoring the great posing possibilities. If a character has a coat, I want that coat to do something, and Bandai did just that with the battle version of Aokiji. Finally, here's Aokiji's base. Once again, similar to the rest of the One Piece Figuarts ZEROs. The character name, the version of the character and some sort of quote or sound effect across the base. Unlike Akainu, you don't have to worry about weight here. Aoiji is centered fairly well. So all in all, these are a pair of great figures of some pretty important characters from One Piece. Both gents have gotten some nice looking effects added to some strong poses that should impress fans of the show. They'll look fantastic in your collection, even if you already have another version from some time back or from a different line. [Big thanks goes out to Bluefin Distribution for providing the figures for review!]
Review: Akainu/Aokiji photo
Magma and Ice, nowhere near Ebony and Ivory
With dozens and dozens of characters over 17 years of publication, One Piece is a figure company's dream. There are so many characters that can be made into figures, and just as many fans foaming at the mouth to pick them up....

HQS Roronoa Zoro photo
HQS Roronoa Zoro

Tsume's finished Roronoa Zoro could blow you away

Tsume posts a teaser showing the finished product
May 08
// Brian Szabelski
The Tsume-Art crew are really happy with how their HQS Roronoa Zoro has turned out. We know this because literally said that in a recent Facebook page post showing off the 50-cm-tall collectible. In particular, they seemed pr...
One Piece photo
One Piece

POP Sailing Again Bellamy pre-orders spring up

The Bane Bane no Mi is not to be confused with the generally useless Slinky Slinky no Mi
Apr 08
// Scarecroodle
MegaHouse's Portrait of Pirates "Sailing Again" Bellamy the Hyena is currently available for pre-order. Bellamy was something of a joke when first encountered by the Strawhats in Mock Town where he served as a relatively mino...

Tomocast 43: Dragon Dagger beatings

Mar 19 // Pedro Cortes
[embed]33936:37272:0[/embed] Episode Length: 66:25 Topics Discussed Megahouse's SorceressMegahouse's P.O.P. RebeccaFiguarts ZERO Sailor Mercuryfigma Iron Man GSC delays everything Gunpla showing up at Barnes and NobleDCC votes on new Bombshell MeraGrandpa build wooden Gundam for grandchildPlayArts Kai Rorschachfigma Indiana Jones  Andres: Power Morpher Review  
Tomocast photo
Bludgeoned to death with a toy
Welcome back to the Tomocast! Sorry for the delay folks, real life snuck out from its cage and proceeded to maul all of us. No matter, we're back with a brand new episode. I was joined by Andres Cerrato and Tianxiao Ma to tal...

One Piece photo
One Piece

Enter the pre-order colosseum with P.O.P Sailing Again Rebecca

An attractive, pink-haired warrior? Where have has she been all my life?
Mar 05
// Scarecroodle
MegaHouse's Portrait of Pirates "Sailing Again" Rebecca has received a few new photo galleries (including some 360-degree rotating images) in addition to currently being available for pre-order. The buxom gladiator princess w...
Tomopop LinkUP photo
Tomopop LinkUP

Tomopop LinkUP: March madness

Or why my wallet is empty
Mar 01
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Why is March such a painful month for us? It seems like every march we get bombarded with a  bunch of cool stuff that we all want all at once. Do companies think that we've recovered from the holidays by now and can affo...

Tomopop Review: Bandai's Figuarts ZERO Sanji Battle Ver.

Feb 01 // Pedro Cortes
Figure Name: Figuarts ZERO Sanji Battle Ver. - Diable Jambe FlambageFigure Manufacturer: Bandai Tamashii NationsRetail Price: $35.99Available at: Amazon | Entertainment Earth | Big Bad Toy Store This is the box that you should be looking for. It's bright, has Sanji kicking up a storm on the front and it's covered in flames. Something that I often say in my personal life is that, "anything awesome can be made better when it's on fire." That holds true with this box and, interestingly enough, with this figure. A hot-blooded bloke like Sanji cannot be contained in mere cardboard and plastic, so let's take him out. Here's one side of Sanji. For one, Sanji isn't standing around. He's active, in this case delivering a rather high and mighty kick. His planted foot has spiraling flame going up his leg and his attacking foot is covered in the hot stuff. At this point, it's already one of the best Sanji figures ever made. The question is, what's keeping that lifted foot in the air? Oh...oh my. That's a trail of flame leading from the base all the way to Sanji's left foot. It comes as a separate piece that attaches to a peg on the ground and a larger peg on his foot. While it isn't solid plastic and has a little give, it does a damn good job holding him up and looking fantastic to boot. The clear plastic almost shines in the light, making the whole piece light up under the right conditions. Although you can kind of see it in other shots, here is a closer look at the planted leg. Bandai used clear, red plastic on Sanji's shins, adding to the fiery glow that his lower half attains when he uses this move. In the show, he'll spin around in place to get enough friction to light his legs aflame. Ridiculous in any other context, it looks pretty cool in the show and great in PVC form. That fire is also very well-sculpted, especially how it comes off the back of Sanji's heel and twirls around him. While we're down here, let's look at the base. It's pretty simple, stating that this is Sanji and this is his battle version. Unfortunately, I cannot read Japanese, so I can't tell you what it says. However, it looks large and dynamic, so I'm going to guess it's some of Sanji's more ridiculous and bombastic lines. That'd be appropriate. Despite all the cool posting and effect parts, if the figure didn't look like Sanji then it'd be hard to recommend. Thankfully, Bandai made Sanji look just right. Unlike the usual cocky smile, he's got a determined expression. He even still has his cig still in his mouth, though it's unlit. Give it a second or two and he'll probably have enough fire around him to light that sucker up. If the difference in pose wasn't enough to sell you on this figure, the effect parts should. The flame around his right foot, the arcing fire leading to his left foot, the clear PVC on both shins, these all come together to make the best figure of Sanji on the market. It's got all the small details and features elements missing from larger, more expensive figures. If you love One Piece and/or snazzy-dressed men, this statue is for you! [Big ups to Bluefin Distribution for providing Sanji for review!]
Figuarts ZERO photo
Hunk of burning love
One of my critiques with male figures are their boring poses. Like it or not, female figures tend to be posed in a variety of ways to direct attention toward their copious assets. Dudes just kind of stand there, usually with ...

Tomopop LinkUP: Anime you have a happy new year!

Jan 02 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker
AmiAmi blog gave us a closeup look at Takara Tomy's Puella Magi Madoka Magica Koedarize figures. We first saw these previewed way back in June so they've been a long time coming. Over at the figma blog we got a release gallery for the new Guts Hawk soldier figma from the Berserk movies. Great looking figure, I'm surprised they've taken this series as far as they have. Think Geek got themselves a very timely exclusive in the form of Doctor Who's 9th Doctor figure from Titan Vinyl. He's 6.5 inches tall and comes with a removable Sonic Screwdriver. I know a lot of people prefer modern Doctors David Tennant and Matt Smith, but Christopher Eccleston will always be the one that got me into the series. Over at the Kotobukiya blog they've got a preview for the prototype of their 1/6 scale Ikaros from Sora no Otoshimono. She's from their 4-Leaves line and that's about all we know about her. Good Smile Company posted the results from their Nendoroid After Parts face contest. The five winners are a love face, a crying face, a dollar sign face, a robot face, and a skull face. There also seems to be a secret face in the works! Tsume sent along info on a pair of new figures coming out soon. First up is this outstanding HQS statue of Usopp from One Piece looking incredibly cool! You're basically getting two Usopp figures in this as well as that amazing Impact Wolf. He isn't cheap though, running about 369€ or just over US$500. He looks worth it! For Bleach fans Tsume wants you to get your hands on this great looking HQS statue of Ulquiorra Schiffer. The base and backdrop all look good. He's a major fan favorite so I wouldn't be surprised if he sold out soon. He's running 289€ or just under US$400. Plex has posted a gallery for one of their latest Ultimate Modeling Collection Figures: Duke Vampire Lord from Puzzle & Dragons. This is a great looking figure with lots of detail and super sharp colors. It'll be out in March for ¥ 10,290 or about US$98. Pinkcheeks got a little LEGO Clone Trooper from Star Wars for Christmas and felt inspired to take the little guy on a trip. Check out the gallery to see the mini trooper out on the beach and enjoying some tasty looking pizza! And that's it for this week's Tomopop LinkUP! Due to the extended holiday in Japan news from the east has been a little hard to come by. Don't be surprised if LinkUP next week is a little on the short side. Maybe I'll do something a little different next week.
Tomopop LinkUP photo
Celebrating the new year with lots of anime figure news
Hello and welcome to the first Tomopop LinkUP of the new year! We're only two days into 2014 and there's already a lot to look forward to in the coming year. Hard to believe, but over at My Figure Collection they've already g...

UFO Catchers photo
Take your pick
Recently, I had a chance to wander around one of my local arcades and see what prizes were locked up inside the machines. Locked away behind a promise if you get the claw to drop in some precise way, or break the piece of toi...

Tomopop Review: Figuarts ZERO Perona & Enel

Nov 13 // Pedro Cortes
Figure Name: Figuarts ZERO Enel & Figuarts ZERO Perona: Thriller Bark Ver.Figure Maker: BandaiRetail: $41.99  [Enel] | $34.99 [Perona]Available at:Perona [Amazon | Big Bad Toy Store | Entertainment Earth]Enel [Amazon | Big Bad Toy Store]  We'll start in show order, so first up is Enel, the electrical devil-fruit user, and self-professed God. This is his box. While underwhelming for a "God," it's good for a figure. It has the cocky bastard prominently featured on the front and sides, with an open window on the front and sides. It's also surprisingly large at ten inches. I'm used to these things being much smaller, which is a sign that things have changed quite a bit since I last checked in with the ZEROs. Now, let's get Enel out of the box. I can almost feel his desire to escape the plastic. Look at that arrogance, that swagger. Enel is an incredibly powerful villain and the sculptors know it. They gave him a strong, aggressive stance and I love it. He's a large and imposing for a Figuarts ZERO, with the electrified drums attached to his back. While I can't stand him in the show, I loved this figure right out of the box for nailing his personality. The only accessory in the box is his staff, which is also electrified. It slides into his right hand, adding a good amount of length to the figure. I really like the way that Bandai made the effect parts. The lighting looks nice, with alternating clear, yellow and gold-ish section all along the shaft of the staff and on his drums. Speaking of effect parts, there's an extra hand included in the box. The extra digits start with normal flesh tone and end clear, signifying that Enel is ready to fry somebody with his electrical powers. Even the clear hand radiates arrogance, with his index finger barely crooked. Enel can't even be bothered to use his entire hand against his foe. There are also an additional pair of heads for the electrical man. On the left is another jerky face you want to smash your fist into. The right face is his surprised reaction, which is one of my favorite things that One Piece mangaka Eichiro Oda has ever drawn. It's perfect for just about any occasion and I've been known to use it as a reaction face for suitable occasions. It doesn't really match the pose he's been molded in, but the comedy factor wins out over practicality. Bluefin also sent over the Thriller Bark version of Perona, the gothic lolita with the power to control negativity. Here's her box. It looks sufficiently cute for Perona. Unlike the Enel box, this is closer to the older boxes in size. Then again, she's smaller than Enel, so it's fitting that her package be proportional to her. Like Enel, I adore the pose Bandai chose for Perona. It nails her saucy childishness, what with the defiant angle of her hips and the carefree toss of her hand. The positioning is great with her ghosts flanking either side of her. Careful with these charming little guys; they pack a depressive punch. They start off translucent and end with see-through tails. It's a nice little touch. Zooming in on Perona's skirt, there's a surprsing amount of detail. Her belt looks fantastic and the frills on the edges of the fabric look great too.  Unfortunately, her face is somewhat lacking. It may be that the simplicity of her face requires extra attention to keep it from looking plain. Either way, there isn't much here to be impressed with. At least her mouth looks properly painted. That said, looking at it as a whole isn't so bad. As long as you aren't staring at her face and looking at the complete package, she still looks pretty damn good. She gets pretty close to her Thriller Bark Portrait Of Pirates entry, which I reviewed a while ago. I really liked that figure, so those are some pretty big words. All in all, I'm quite impressed with the work that Bandai has put into these Figuart ZEROs. The detail and molding has improved dramatically, getting closer and closer to the mythical quality of Megahouse's POP line. I absolutely recommend these guys to all One Piece fans and I'm sure they'll impress even those that aren't so familiar with these characters. [A big thank you to Bluefin Distribution for providing Enel and Perona for review.]
Figuarts ZERO photo
A little bit o' cute, a little bit o' evil
Bandai has done a lot to improve their Figuarts ZERO line in the last couple of years. Back when I reviewed a trio of ZEROs in 2011, they were fairly simple looking figures of dudes in standard poses with the exception of Mar...

One Piece crystal glasses photo
One Piece crystal glasses

One Piece crystal glasses are a very valuable treasure

A complete set of 10 will probably cost you more than two mortgage payments
Nov 07
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
The fine crystal masters at Baccarat are getting set to let loose official One Piece crystal drinking glasses onto the Japanese public. These glasses feature all nine crew members and Ace with a unique coat-of-arms for e...
Soul of Chogokin photo
Soul of Chogokin

Under the Radar: Soul of Chogokin General Franky

His robot spirit burns from within
Oct 23
// Pedro Cortes
All Franky wants is to become the ultimate cyborg/robot. I mean, he sure is a great shipwright and he's one of the best out there. However, let's be honest: his robotic improvements show that he wants to become one with the m...
One Piece  photo
One Piece

Straw Hats sail again with new Punk Hazard series

New Anime Chara Heroes set is in "Shambles"
Oct 17
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Plex is back with a new set of One Piece mini figures based on the crew's adventures on Punk Hazard. The Anime Chara Heros One Piece Chapter of Punk Hazard Vol.1 series features the entire crew, villains, and marines as ...
NYCC Tamashii Nations photo
A lot of everything: Dragon Ball, One Piece, Evangelion, Gundam, Saint Seiya, and Monster Hunter
Trying to collect figures on a shoestring budget? It's hard to do unless you're willing to set your sights a little smaller. But that doesn't mean you have to settle for something cheap. Bluefin Distribution and Tamashii Nati...

NYCC: Tamashii Nations photo
NYCC: Tamashii Nations

NYCC 2013: Tamashii Nations - Figuarts ZERO

Check out them static figures
Oct 11
// Kristina Pino
Our man on the floor, Andres, captured some pictures of the various Figuarts ZERO figures on display by Tamashii Nations (Bluefin Distribution) at NYCC. Check out the gallery for pictures of: Perona, Thriller Bark ver. Roro...

Franky becomes one with machines, is now a model kit

The ultimate cyborg
Oct 03
// Pedro Cortes
As One Piece has continued, shipwright Franky has steadily been becoming more of a cyborg. By now, he's nearly gone full robot and that is awesome. To top off his increasingly gargantuan proportions and weaponry, he made a gi...

DO WANT: Spectacular September 2013

Sep 30 // Scarecroodle
Scarecroodle wants... Megahouse's Portrait of Pirates Nami: Mugiwara ed. Many great collectibles have been unveiled since the last time we did a DO WANT, including ThreeZero's amazing Shield Liger, a slew of Mattel's Masters of the Universe Classics (including the recently shown Scorpia and Battle Lion), Square-Enix's Variant Play Arts Kai Cyborg, X-Plus's swimsuit Lucy Heartfilia, NECA's Mogwai series 4, Bandai's S.H. Figuarts Black Ranger, Funko's blind-boxed horror minis, the Four Horsemen's Gothitropolis Screaming Eagle with his hell yeah American flag cape, and so on. As such you'd think it'd be pretty hard for me to focus on just one thing... but you'd be wrong (and also somewhat right considering that I just listed half a dozen shout-outs). My big want this month is none other than Megahouse's P.O.P. Nami: Mugiwara edition. And no, it's not simply a matter of collector's ADHD (you know, being my last story of the month and all) because I first saw it a while ago and was instantly taken aback by the wildness of the design. While I'm less pleased by the somewhat skanky level of butt cleavage, the rest of the figure is absolutely excellent. I hope to see more like it... just not Luffy in Nami's outfit! Rio wants... Alphamax's God Eater Burst Alisa Check. Out. That. Butt. OhmyGod. Consider me a total perv, but I'm in love with this figure and totally pre-ordered all on account of that derriere. I haven't gotten far into God Eater Burst yet, but what I played when I started I've loved so far, so I can't wait to play more and have this awesome figure in my collection eventually as well. I'm sad I won't be getting her until April 2014, however my wallet is probably thankful for that fact currently. Natalie wants... a Rat Tailed Unicorn plush I am dying to own a Rat Tailed Unicorn plush. I love rat's tails and unicorns. Combine the two and you have a winning combination in my book. The pudgy little monster already has a space reserved next to my Tentacle Kitty plush. Plus, since this is the first run of the plush, the tag will read "First Edition!" Pre-orders ship out in October and there are still some available to be reserved, if you're interested. Tian and Yami want... Sentinel's Levi Tian: There were a few figures shown this month that I want, but I feel strongest about Sentinel's Levi. I wasn't able to get in on the pre-order, sadly, so there's an exclusivity factor that plays into it. You see, Levi has an army of female fans just chomping at the bit to get a piece of him. I thought I was a Levi fan, but after attending Nan Desu Kan, I'm convinced that you need to be female to call yourself a hardcore Levi fan. Sentinel's figure doesn't capture the character development, his leadership prowess, or his neat freak tendencies. But it does perfectly capture his scowl, and that is worth quite a lot. I would have loved to get my hands on this one, but I guess I'll have to go for the figma. Yami: Like Tian, Sentinel's Levi is topping my DO WANT this month. Although I was able to reserve the standard version, I really wanted to pre-order the limited osouji (cleaning) version, as well.  Unfortunately, I was not able to secure a pre-order, and now, it seems the only way to get a hold of Heichou is via yahoo auctions, which means paying over ¥20,000 for the figure. This is especially heartbreaking since both versions of Levi were sculpted by Ishiyama Yuuki, who is one of my favorite One Piece P.O.P sculptors. For now, I can only hope that Sentinel will somehow order a second wave of figures to be made, or I'll just have to inflict Titan-like damage on my wallet in order to obtain the elusive osouji Heichou. Martin wants... Alter's Signum For an at-best mediocre TV show Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha sure has produced an awful lot of great looking character designs and Alter has been turning those designs into fantastic figures for years now. Having had my fill of Nanoha and Fate, this incredible looking Signum caught my eye, as I'm pretty sure it did for every other collector. I love the incredible movement in the sculpt, the great paint and the option for all three weapon arrangements, although it's definitely the whip which gets my vote. Sadly, an astonishing ¥17,800 pricetag put my plans to own her on the back burner, but maybe one day... Chris wants... Martin to take back his words and also Bandai's Super Robot Chogokin Yuusha-Oh Genesic GaoGaiGar You shall take back those words Mr Siggers! Nanoha and A's were awesome, primarily because they basically ignored all the usual Mahou Shoujo designs for the plot. Everything else after was kinda poor though...  As for my DO WANT, I was trying to figure out a way to deliver this translated without losing the impact of when I first saw it all those years ago. I failed tho, so here's the Romanji...  Sore wa saikyou no Hakaishin! Sore wa Yuuki no kyuukyokunaru sugata! Wareware wa tadori tsuita ooinaru isan Sonona wa...  SOC Yuusha-Oh Genesic GaoGaiGar!!! It's been one of my greater regrets that I never bought the die cast Max Factory version all those years ago but I'll take this as a consolation. Jeremy wants... Takara Tomy's Masterpiece Soundblaster This wasn't an amazing month for me in terms of news. It's been an expensive month for releases for sure, but not a lot of must-haves. The only newly announced figure that I really want is Transformers Masterpiece Soundblaster from Takara Tomy. This guy probably won't see release from Hasbro like so many other Soundblaster figures so I've already got him ordered. Still, it's about a half-year wait until March 2014. Brian wants... House of Darkly's Werewolf Candy Corn This might be totally unexpected, but my pick for September is House of Darkly's werewolf candy corn. I mean, look at the little dude just sitting there, all fuzzy and such with one tiny tooth hanging out of his mouth. Is it not the most adorable thing you'll see at New York Comic Con? Technically, we'd have to see everything to make that call ... but it could be one of the most adorable things there. I know I want one for my shelf! Pedro (still) wants... Max Factory's Belldandy Max Factory's Belldandy is my DO WANT yet again. Surprising? Not at all. Delayed again? Also to be expected. I've had a hankering for some Bell for months now, so I'll just sit patiently here while Max Factory gets their act together. I'm hoping that I see her before the end of the year, but considering the amount of detail here, I won't hold my breath. Jon Wills wants... Pit-Road's Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.D w/Ankou Team     Although it flew under our radar this past weekend, my DO WANT for this month is this adorable miniature Panzer 4 tank and gaggle of girls by PITROAD. I have been longing for such a minature every since I saw Good Smile Company's teaser of its Girls Und Panzer Nendoroids ridiing atop a model tank, however this model brings that dream together into one affordable kit that can fit in the palm of your hand. As a lover of miniatures, warfare, and moe I can't possibly pass this up. Vanessa wants... Bandai's S.H. MonsterArts Millennium Godzilla 2000 No monster could ever be as awesome as Godzilla. That's why I'm happy figures of him are still being made. In the S. H. MonsterArts line there are already a few good Godzilla figures, but this one is just a thing of beauty. I especially like his long purple scales and his tail. I'd love to own at least one Godzilla figure in my life, and so far this one is my pick. Kristina wants... Alter's Melty, Christmas ver. It was a tough call between this figure and DC Collectibles' NYCC-exclusive Poison Ivy a-la SBFF, but I'm a total sucker for holiday-themed stuff. Christmas and Halloween motifs in particular really lend themselves to some creative and beautiful designs, and Melty is no exception. Considering Alter made a few changes to the figure besides just slapping on a new coat of paint, I appreciate the release even more. Melty is a figure I love purely from a design standpoint, since I have no connection with her character at all, having not ever played any Shining series games in the past. She's also cute and tasteful, and sitting on a delicious-looking ice cream cone. And thus ends another exciting round of DO WANT. Be sure to stay tuned for the month of October coming up next and, if the spirit moves you, list your biggest September (or whenever) want in the comments below.
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