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Show and Tell: Natalie's SDCC 2012 haul

Aug 31
// Natalie Kipper
Brian wasn't the only one to attend San Diego Comic Con and, likewise, come out of the event with more than he started (check out his Show and Tell to see what he ending up taking home). Not too surprisingly, my haul mostly c...

SDCC 2012: The Ohiya-themed Crunchtime shop

Jul 18
// Brian Szabelski
In the middle of all the running around at San Diego Comic Con, you get kind of hungry, so Natalie and I decided to stop by the Ohiya-themed Crunchtime Popcorn shop in San Diego for something to eat. As you can see, it's got ...

SDCC 2012: Ohiya

Jul 14
// Brian Szabelski
Located among the comics and comic toys booths is the world of Ohiya (and Jason Tharp), a wonderland of characters of all sizes. While Jason didn't bring as much with him as he did last year (in part because last ye...

Jason Tharp and Ohiya Friends will be busy this year at San Diego Comic Con, headquarted in booth #2229. First, there's the release of the newest Zombuddiez plus, Broozr! The undead critter will be available this year alongsi...


If you have been checking out the Ohiya Facebook page or Tharp's blog, you may have caught wind of some very special happenings in the works.  The first big piece of news is that a few of Tharp's recent vinyl pieces (inc...


Koki of Ohiya's Zombuddiez shambles into retail, my heart

Feb 20
// Natalie Kipper
The happy, friendly world of Jason Tharp's Ohiya has a sinister side. Yes! A dark, evil ... Okay, I can't pull it off. This adorable plush of Koki the kitty from the undead Zombuddiez family may love brains but...

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