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4:00 PM on 08.31.2012

Show and Tell: Natalie's SDCC 2012 haul

Brian wasn't the only one to attend San Diego Comic Con and, likewise, come out of the event with more than he started (check out his Show and Tell to see what he ending up taking home). Not too surprisingly, my haul mostly c...

Natalie Kipper

11:30 PM on 07.18.2012

SDCC 2012: The Ohiya-themed Crunchtime shop

In the middle of all the running around at San Diego Comic Con, you get kind of hungry, so Natalie and I decided to stop by the Ohiya-themed Crunchtime Popcorn shop in San Diego for something to eat. As you can see, it's got ...

Brian Szabelski

3:30 AM on 07.14.2012

SDCC 2012: Ohiya

Located among the comics and comic toys booths is the world of Ohiya (and Jason Tharp), a wonderland of characters of all sizes. While Jason didn't bring as much with him as he did last year (in part because last ye...

Brian Szabelski

Tharp, Ohiya have much to show off at SDCC photo
Tharp, Ohiya have much to show off at SDCC
by Brian Szabelski

Jason Tharp and Ohiya Friends will be busy this year at San Diego Comic Con, headquarted in booth #2229. First, there's the release of the newest Zombuddiez plus, Broozr! The undead critter will be available this year alongside the previous release, Koki.

Second, the Zombuddiez are going to be in a comic book! "Zombuddiez: Friends That Nom Together Stay Together" is being published by Devil's Due Publishing and will be available at the booth, along with a special Zombuddiez T-shirt.

But if you're not hungry for brains, head on over to CrunchTime, a popcorn shop in the Gaslamp District at 611 K St., Suite C. They've turned the place into The World of Ohiya this year, along with unveiling Crunchie, a new character created by Tharp for the shop. CrunchTime will have all kinds of Ohiya Friends-themed treats, and a daily Ohiya Special: two hot dogs and a drink for US$4.75. Just bring the coupon in the gallery with you if you go; it's that easy!

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Check out what's new with Tharp and Ohiya! photo
Check out what's new with Tharp and Ohiya!
by Natalie Kipper

If you have been checking out the Ohiya Facebook page or Tharp's blog, you may have caught wind of some very special happenings in the works.  The first big piece of news is that a few of Tharp's recent vinyl pieces (including the Munny from Urban Vinyl Daily's event, They Came From the Streets 2) are now available for purchase. The figures are available from Urban Vinyl Daily (US$250) and from Tharp's personal online shop (prices vary). 

The next tasty bit of news comes from Tharp's Ohiya Friends series. A new character from the Zombuddiez collection will be partnering up with I Wrestled A Bear Once (IWABO) to produce a new plush that will be available exclusively at the Vans Warped Tour. The newcomer is a zombie bear named Broozr. Here is his bio:

Broozr, one of the best wrestling bears in the profession, traveled far and wide as the star attraction of The Amazing B.B. Zee Circus.  During Broozr’s final match of the season, his opponent went in for the winning bear hug and squeezed just a little too hard.  Sadly, that hug brought an end to Broozr’s championship life.  He now shuffles through the night looking for a tasty friend to squeeze.  Won’t you be his friend?

The IWABO Broozr plush can be found at the IWABO tent at tour locations during the event. If you can't make it to the Warped Tour, or if it isn't your cup of tea, Tharp has something in mind for Broozr at this upcoming SDCC. I don't know about you, but I'm hoping its another cute plush.

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7:00 PM on 02.20.2012

Koki of Ohiya's Zombuddiez shambles into retail, my heart

The happy, friendly world of Jason Tharp's Ohiya has a sinister side. Yes! A dark, evil ... Okay, I can't pull it off. This adorable plush of Koki the kitty from the undead Zombuddiez family may love brains but...

Natalie Kipper