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3:00 PM on 07.05.2012

Septenary opens at OhNo!Doom on 7/7

The wild minds at Chicago's OhNo!Doom (1800 N. Milwaukee Ave., in the Bucktown neighborhood) have put together an exhibit called Septenary, featuring the works of seven different artists who are also noted for their...

Brian Szabelski

Show and Tell: OhNo!Doom's Fluffy Friends photo
Show and Tell: OhNo!Doom's Fluffy Friends
by Natalie Kipper

If you are a Tomopop reader, odds are, you have noticed that I love plushes. However, some of my favorite plushes are not the typical smiley, happy kind (although I do like those, too). In some cases, the plushes' smiles can be deceptive and they come with teeth. Jordan Owen of OhNo!Doom's Fluffy Friends are a perfect example of this. The three toys — FluffyYukYuk, FluffyBooBoo, and FluffyBadBad — all are excellent examples of quirky plushes done right.

Hit the jump to find out what makes these three plush toys so special in my heart as well as how to nab your own!

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9:00 PM on 02.09.2012

OhNo!Doom's Super Button Mashers event is gaming art

Whoever said video games aren't art hasn't heard about OhNo!Doom's next event. It's called Super Button Mashers: A Gamer Tribute, so not surprisingly, the show's pieces center around video games. Running from Feb. 11 to the 2...

Natalie Kipper