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[NSFW] Wonder Festival 2013 Summer: Native

Let's get naked and creative!
Jul 30
If you don't like mature/hentai figures, turn away now. Native figures are all about catering to the particular needs of males. Otherwise, click through for a (very brief) rundown of what their booth had to offer. read
A gamer can't play with her sitting on the desk!
If you remember, back during Wonfes just this February Andres showed you all this prototype of Native's Gamer Girl. Akibahobby recently got a sample of her and took some more detailed photos. If you want to see all the p... read feature

[NSFW] Wonder Festival 2013 Winter: Native's Gamer Girl

But does she play Pokemon?
Feb 10
Native is an amalgamation of the words "naked" and "creative." They put the two together quite well. It's WonFes after all, so you need to show-off something new and we get that in their newest piece, "Gamer Girl." ... read

[NSFW] Native's Kotone leaves little to the imagination

Order deadline is January 7
Jan 02
Going along with their Misa-nee figure, Native will be releasing a 1/7-scale figure of Kotone Sasaki (another of doujin artist Raita's Mahou Shoujo characters) this May. You can check out a big preview gallery at Akiba H... read

[NSFW] Native's at it again with Sexual Police

I'd ride in her squad car, if you know what I mean
Oct 26
It's been a while since we last saw a Native figure, hasn't it? If you've never seen a Native figure, just know that they specialize in naked ladies. Anyway, their latest work, the 1/7-scale Sexual Police, is up for pre-order... read

[NSFW] Native's Misae-nee descends for pre-orders

Jun 29
If you pay as much attention to the 18+ side of Comiket as I do, then the name Raito Honjou (or his circle's name "Zettai Shoujo") should be pretty familiar, as well as his H-doujinshi series Mahou Shoujo, which has been arou... read

[NSFW] Take a look at this shocking new Sonico gallery

Jun 19
It's been awhile since we've seen the lovely Super Sonico make an appearance, something a bit strange for so popular a character. Thankfully for fans, Native pulled through with this bath-ready Sonico, though unfortunately yo... read

[NSFW] Get the full Elfriede experience in this gallery

Mar 12
Out of all of Native's figures, this 1/7-scale Elfriede is among the tamer ones. Tame at first glance, at least. All of those baggy clothes can cast off, and I do mean all. Akiba Hobby has a big gallery of Elfriede in various... read

NSFW: Native's Trunk Girl is finally up for order!

Apr 16
In June of last year, Native said that Trunk Girl would be going up for order soon. Now, a "short" ten months later, orders are finally up for this NSFW beauty. Ecchi figures are always a bit of a risk, but Native has managed... read

NSFW: Winter Wonder Festival 2011: Native

Feb 06
Native is the undisputed king of quality NSFW figures, but they put them out at a painfully slow pace. This is evident in their sparse booth, with only 4 figures on display. One of them was Chise, who is already up for order.... read

Introducing Huck Gee's newest creation, Dr. Dunmore Taggert

Jan 13
Huck Gee has just dropped photos of his first custom of 2011, the cranky, cigar-smoking Dr. Dunmore Taggert. Built off a Dunny base of what appears to be the 8" variety, Dr. Taggert not only comes with those nice detaile... read

Native walks the safer side of figures again with Hazuki Mikage of Amatsu Misora ni

Dec 03
Native (NSFW). A name synonymous with figures of the NSFW nature. Granted, they aren't as outlandish as some companies such as Giga Pulse or Okayama Figure Engineering (look up at your own risk). However, recently they took a... read

Native's newest figure is surprisingly SFW

Nov 09
Native, I am disappoint. The only reason to buy a Native figure is becuase they offer ridiculously high quality ero figures that are very much worth jumping through hoops for. The only other company that produces decent ero i... read

Bioshock 2 Figurine - NECA Toy's exclusive Toys R Us set gets photos

Aug 25
With its beautiful architecture and, er, colorful citizens, who wouldn't want a little bit of Rapture on their shelf? (Or face?) We've heard before at Tomopop's sister-site Destructoid that NECA Toys was preparing an exclusiv... read

NSFW: Native's Little Devil ver. Collet now in color!

Jun 22
We found out a few weeks ago that Native was re-releasing Collet and also doing an alternate version of her, and we now have pictures of what this new version will look like! Dubbed the "Little Devil" version, this ... read

NSFW: Native's newest figures are coming soon to a toystore near you

Jun 16
Native is quite a paradox in the toy community. When one thinks of sexualized or smutty figures, their first thought is usually Ikkitousen, Taki corp, and general low quality. Native, a company owned by none other than Max Fa... read

NSFW: So Native's Collet figure is getting a Little Devil version?

Jun 11
Wonder Festival 2009 brought us another one of Native's amazingly perverse yet delightful figures, a brunette in a Santa costume who more or less looked to be about prepared for a nice surprise. And lo and behold, her name wa... read

That's it, I'm quitting Tomopop and going to work at Native

Feb 10
Really, no job can be as awesome as working at Native. Not only do they make some of the most unique and memorable figures of the erotic varieties, but they go ahead and give out one of the most awesome flyers at this year's ... read

Native's Shoujo S shows us the highly improbable school girl fantasy [NSFW]

Jan 30
Imagine this scenario. You have a lovely lady who is ready to get intimate with you. So you ask her to open her uniform. Then her bra. Slide down her skirt. Stretch out her underwear. Bite down on a strawberry. Spin plates. R... read

Take a peek at the naughtier side of Comiket 77 courtesy of Native [NSFW]

Dec 30
With all the naughty doujinshi sold at Comiket, you would think there would be some naughty figures on display at the event. Oh, but there is! The perverted folks over at Native are about bringing you the dirty yet attractive... read

Native thrills again with Naruko Hanuharu's Girls M figure

Jun 21
Native seem to have perfectly mastered the art of toeing the line between naughty and downright perverse, and their newest offering is no exception. Adapted from an original illustration by Naruko Hanaharu (check it out in th... read

Native's appeals to Tony Taka fans with Kotone Ousaka

Jan 30
If you enjoy all things ecchi, than surely you are no stranger to the works of Tony Taka. While I am a fan of his Shining work, I can't deny his erotic art doesn't appeal to me either, and it's pretty cool to see it in figure... read

Native's M-Ko has found the deadly space monster

Aug 29
No matter what picture Hobbystock blog used in their review of this figure, I couldn't find one more apt to use than that one.Coming from the Native Illustrator series, we've previously showcased their ultra-sexy maid showing... read

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