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SDCC 2014: 3D Retro photo

SDCC 2014: 3D Retro

3D Retro's SDCC booth played home to a wide variety of vinyl creations, including Nathan Hamill's Mickey Mouse-colored Lavabear variant, Nathan Ota's Suited Birdies, and Gary Baseman's The Wild Girls and Chou Chous. It was my...

Plush Capacitor photo

Nathan Hamill, Flat Bonnie develop a plush capacitor

OK, so maybe you can't use Nathan Hamill and Flat Bonnie's Plush Capacitor to travel through time ... but it runs on plushtonium and is snuggly, so why would you want to go anywhere? The collab features some of Nathan's style, while keeping...

Dcon: Flat Bonnie photo

DesignerCon 2013: Flat Bonnie

Checking out the Flat Bonnie booth at DesignerCon was akin to visiting a petting zoo stocked with flat, happy animals. The astroturf-lined tables were stacked with displays of the handmade plushes, including con-exclusives Baron Von Ba...

DesignerCon exclusives photo

Flat Bonnie unveils DesignerCon exclusives

Last night, Yukari of Flat Bonnie revealed several of the goodies that will be available at her DesignerCon booth (#705) this weekend in Pasadena, California. One big announcement is the debut of her collaboration with Nathan Hamill, t...

3DRetro DCon exclusives photo

Here are 3DRetro's DesignerCon exclusives

3DRetro's DesignerCon offerings are of the glow-in-the-dark variety, taking two recent releases and making them a little brighter at night. First, there's the MoonSHINE Bitta Critta, taking Scott Tolleson's character and making him glow. It...

Nathan Hamill Octopups photo

Nathan Hamill's Glow Octopups on sale Friday

Just in time for Halloween, Nathan Hamill and 3D Retro are releasing a glow-in-the-dark Octopup. Available at 3D Retro and Nathan's shop, these are still US$10 a piece with the same design as before, just cast in glow-in-the-dark Japanese v...

Octopup plush photo

Plush of Octopup pops up on Instagram

Nathan Hamill's Octopup figure has graced the pages of Tomopop before but never like this. The lovable dog-octopus hybrid will soon be entering the plush medium, courtesy of Flat Bonnie. Images of the prototype plush have sprung on bot...


SDCC 2013: 3D Retro

3D Retro's SDCC booth was filled with exclusives and other designer toys from different artists. My favorite exclusive was their mashup figure, Evel Fett: Boba Edition that they made with the help of Retro Outlaw. This figure came in two v...

Custom Made Monday photo

Custom Made Monday: Home of the Evil

Welcome back to Custom Made Monday, fresh off a vacation induced by the fun of SDCC. Yes, it's been an overwhelming few weeks here at Tomopop HQ, but we've managed to squeeze out another round-up of custom figures that caught our attention....

3DRetro at SDCC photo

3DRetro reveals more SDCC exclusives

We have news on two more 3DRetro exclusives for San Diego Comic Con to bring you. First up, there's Nathan Hamill's Strife and Sire Super Soldier Edition (say that one a few times fast). For the show this year, the 7-inch tall duo is dresse...


Toy Art Gallery presents the DEADBEET Custom Group Show

This Saturday, on June 29, Toy Art Gallery will be hosting Scott Tolleson's DEADBEET Custom Group Show. This show invited a number of all-star artists to customize a DeadBeet, a 6 inch soft vinyl beet toy created by Scott Tolleson. Over 40...

Nathan Hamill's Octopup photo

Nathan Hamill's Octopup debuts in a cherry colorway

Need a little Japanese vinyl in your life? 3D Retro has something for you; specifically, Nathan Hamill's Octopup. A 2-inch-tall figure, Octopup is Nathan's latest, with the first edition being a cherry red translucent colorway being release...


Nathan Hamill's Gunmetal Kammu arrives

Way back at San Diego Comic Con 2012, we got a quick glimpse at Nathan Hamill's Kammu figure, and since then, there's been several different versions cast in different metals. The latest edition releases today, Gunmetal Kammu. Like the othe...


Ice and Fire Strife and Sire coming Jan. 19

Nathan Hamill's latest is another Strife and Sire colorway. This time, though, it's a nice-looking Ice and Fire colorway, with a a bright red Strife and an icy blue Sire, limited to just 100 pieces. Each purchase comes with a special mini-p...


DesignerCon 2012: 3D Retro

At the 3D Retro booth at DesignerCon, we saw many things, including: A wild Buff Monster! He was signing at the booth and in some of our shots, as you can see. Lifesize Benny the Dreamer and Bellicose Bunny statues! As far as I know, these...


Saturday brings a Strife and Sire signing to TAG

Toy Art Gallery will be playing host to a signing on Saturday, Oct. 20, featuring 3DRetro and Nathan Hamill's Strife and Sire figure. Nathan will be in attendance for the event, which will see the release of the two-piece, 7-inch-tall figur...


Check out what's in store at Tenacious Toys' NYCC booth!

New York Comic Con is swiftly approaching and Tenacious Toys planning on taking part in a big way. Their booth, number 3121, is one you will certainly want to hit up. Why? Well, how you feel about artist signings? And event exclusives and d...


Nathan Hamill's Strife and Sire to debut at NYCC

New York Comic Con begins in a little bit over a week and Nathan Hamill has announced that he will be debuting his latest vinyl creation at the event. The new work is a pair of figures called "Strife and Sire," featuring a bat that balances...


SDCC 2012: Nathan Hamill's new prototypes

During a signing at the 3D Retro booth, Nathan Hamill brought along a few new prototypes to show off. One of those that particularly caught my eye was Strife & Sire, a two-figure piece featuring a stylized bat-like fellow on top of a sk...


Leecifer's Bat Bunny is the best Bellicose Bunny

It might be my bias for all things Batman, but this is the best contribution I've seen for the upcoming event "Bellocosity: The Bellicose Bunny Group Custom Show" so far!  I'm not saying it for naught, either. Mister John Stokes highli...


DesignerCon 2011: 3DRetro

It was near impossible to miss 3DRetro's booth at this month's DesignerCon in sunny (albeit moderately chilly) Pasadena. The store had a rather large booth adjacent to the entrance to the exhibit hall. I cannot recall one time during the co...


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