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New Nemo sculpts photo
New Nemo sculpts

Nemo shows off some new sculptwork

Meet Little Hooter and a sculpt for a Krampus candle
Dec 04
// Brian Szabelski
Nemo (a.k.a. Mike Mendez) has been a busy sculptor as of late, and yesterday, he posted on Facebook two new sculpts he's been working on. The first is a sculpt of a Krampus that will be made into a candle by Dead Hand Studios...
Nemo Lil' Jammies photo
Nemo Lil' Jammies

Nemo's Lil' Jammies Artist Series custom is teased

Looks spooky realistic, doesn't it?
Dec 20
// Brian Szabelski
Last week gave us our first teaser for the upcoming Lil' Jammies Artist Series 1; this week brings us a second. This is Nemo's Wacko Jacko, a Jammie with a jack-o-lantern for a head and a sinister grin. One would hope he won'...

NEMO customizes some Sharkys for Tenacious Toys

Aug 28
// Kristina Pino
Check out the gallery for images of what Mike "NEMO" Mendez has done to two of his Sharky figures (sculpted by NEMO and produced by ToyQube)! One of them looks plain old mean, while the other is a zombie shark. It looks prett...

Nemo's custom Spraycan for Toy Invaderz looks angry

Jun 21
// Kristina Pino
A little earlier I went and posted about OsiRisORion's custom figures for the Toy Invaderz show. Mike "Nemo" Mendez also sent along a picture of his entry, so check out the gallery for a full version of the header image. I us...


Mike 'NEMO' Mendez's Hello Gummi is too sweet

Apr 23
// Kristina Pino
NEMO sent over an image of this 9" custom Hello Kitty piece done Tiki style on Saturday for the Candy-Coated Custom Show, currently displaying cool art toys at New York thanks to The London Candy Company and Tenacio...

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