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Jul 24 // Scarecroodle
NECA photo
Action, action, and more action!
NECA's display featured the expected slew of movie collectibles as well as some more surprising items (like a Superman vs Muhammad Ali 2-pack!). Highlights included the amazing-looking 1/4-scale Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...

Gremlins photo
May play around with this one
NECA recently released some official product images for its upcoming Gremlins 2: The New Batch video game Mohawk. The most amusing of this images puts the figure in the game itself. Fans may recall that the 1990 video game wa...

Toy Fair 2015: NECA

Feb 26 // Scarecroodle
Truth be told, I haven't always been the biggest fan of NECA's NES-inspired figure redecos in its Classic Video Game line. I also wasn't thrilled by this older-style Godzilla mold. So imagine my surprise when the two things combined to form a figure that absolutely floored me. I'm not sure why I love the NES Godzilla video game figure so much. I'm not nostalgic about the game (which I remember as being worse than caustic video game reviews like AVGN described), but this is by far the most appealing NES-inspired redeco I've seen so far. When (not if) I pick it up, it will also be the first NECA Godzilla collectible that I'll own. Another surprising NES-inspired design was the Gremlins 2 Mohawk.. although this one is interesting because it's a redeco of a figure that, as far as I know, was never released! The last time we saw "Machine Gun" Mohawk was at SDCC 2013. Shortly after that, we learned that NECA wasn't going to be moving ahead with some of its Gremlins lines due to poor sales (the mogwais were an exception since they apparently sold well enough to justify a fifth wave). As such, the MG Mohawk was apparently stuck in limbo (not unlike the Spider-Gremlin/Spider-Mohawk, which finally saw a release years after it premiered) so seeing it appear in a different deco was something of a shock. Given the status of the normal line, it makes some sense to recycle Mohawk into the Classic Video Game series since NECA already put work into the prototype and there are fans who wanted to buy the unreleased version. It's just something of a shame that we may never get the original version. (For fans who want a Mohawk figure in his normal colors, NECA released and then reissued a more basic version of the character years earlier. The figure (and its reissue) can be pricey on the aftermarket, however.) I vaguely recall liking the game, but I'll mostly be buying this one because I don't believe we'll see him in his glorious normal colors. Sack up, because it's a Big Planet for a Little guy. NECA has outdone itself with its Little Big Planet Sackboy figures, which includes a long-wanted Kratos sackboy! The Kratos sackboy is unbelievably cool news (I'd also like to a Nariko). Other cameo Sackboys include a Nathan Drake (Uncharted franchise) and Helghast (Killzone series). The figures seem to be the same size as NECA's mogwais figures which could make for a few neat displays. Offhand, I believe this is the first time that NECA has touched the Little Big Planet franchise. Previous holders included Mezco who, to be blunt, didn't do a great job. It's nice to see LBP collectibles that I actually want. Although I've rarely been able to get into Blizzard's games, I've always been into collectibles based on those properties. NECA did some awesome work with Diablo (and its blue variant) and looks to do the same with characters from Heroes of the Storm. Like the game, NECA's line features a mix of characters from Blizzard's other games. So far we've seen painted prototypes for  Illidan Stormrage (World of Warcraft), Nova (StarCraft), and Stitches (Warcraft). Also shown were the unpainted prototypes for Tyrael (Diablo) and Arthas (Warcraft). Will these be followed up by the Lost Vikings? And will the Vikings be sold together or separately? Only time will tell. The final object that caught my eye were the chibi "In Movie" replica figures from Pacific Rim. Having adapted pretty much everything else, NECA has apparently gone with some replicas of the tiny figurines seen in the film. Oh, plus the exo-suit from Aliens was on display. I vaguely recall seeing an image of it at an older con, but it wasn't with the Alien Queen during some more recent cons. Otherwise be sure to check out the gallery for all of the photos.
NECA photo
NECA isn't playing around with these awesome video game collectibles
Let the video games begin: NECA brought a plethora of video game-released collectibles to Toy Fair, in addition to its usual assortment. This included NES decos for some of its previously released figures. Highlights included an awesome NES Godzilla, Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm characters, LBP Sackboys, and so much more. See some of my personal favorites after the jump.

NECA photo

NECA Batman Returns Penguin up for pre-order

He's a looker
Feb 04
// Rachael Chambers
The Penguin is pretty gross, ya'll. He's slightly more appealing in 1/4 scale, but NECA has put enough detail into the 15" figure to make me keep my distance. In the likeness of Danny DeVito's 1992 Batman Returns performance,...

NECA buys Kidrobot photo
NECA buys Kidrobot

BREAKING: NECA to buy Kidrobot

Frank Kozik named new creative director
Nov 19
// Brian Szabelski
In news that comes as a surprise, Kidrobot has an agreement in place to be purchased by NECA. The designer toy maker -- especially known for its Dunny line and blind-boxed figures -- will become an "artist-run company," accor...
NECA photo

NECA is making a figure for NES Rambo

His pants were white at the beginning
Oct 06
// Vanessa Cubillo
NECA’s NES figure line is still going strong. Who doesn’t love classic figures pulled from old school games? So they recently revealed that their next figure in this line will be Rambo. Yes, in 1988 there was a R...
SDCC 2014: Blizzard panel photo
Even more Blizzard news from San Diego Comic-Con
Along with having a very awesome booth, Blizzard's San Diego Comic-Con presence also included a panel, the Blizzard Entertainment 2014 Showcase. Jason Bischoff, the company's Senior Toys and Collectibles Manager, was in atten...

SDCC 2014: Blizzard

Jul 29 // Natalie Kipper
We discussed the show-exclusives prior to SDCC but for those just joining us, they were the Nether Faerie Dragon plush, the Whimsyshire Treasure Goblin plush, Funko Pop! Primal Kerrigan figure, and Cute But Deadly Zeratul figure. Sadly, all four of these special toys have now gone the way of the dodo. But now onto happier things! Blizzard's future looks bright and filled with toys of all varieties. On display at the booth were several new plushes including the StarCrafts Zergling (now available online for US$19.99), the Treasure Goblin (not to be confused with its SDCC variant), the Faerie Dragon (ditto), and the Hearthstone equipped with light and sound effects. Blizzard is also getting into pin trading with a new line of blind boxed cloisonné pins featuring characters from their games. Attendees were able to trade pins with Blizzard staff at the con. It created quite a buzz! I imagine this will carry over to other events where the company is present. Toys from other companies were also showing some Blizzard love. From NECA comes the Diablo III: Shadow of Diablo action figures (price TBD) as well as a life-size El'Druin, the Sword of Justice (US$59.99) from the same game. Funko, of course, supplied their lovable POP! vinyl figures. Their upcoming Deathwing and Murloc Pop!'s are particularly interesting as they are to scale with the rest of the line's characters (Deathwing is larger; Murloc is shorter). Sideshow Collectibles brought what some may have considered the centerpiece of the booth, a Kerrigan 1:6 scale statue (price TBD). Take a gander at her, along with the rest of the offerings, in the gallery!
SDCC 2014: Blizzard photo
For the Horde!
San Diego Comic-Con attendees swarmed Blizzard's booth at the event and with so much new and exclusive merchandise, it was easy to see why. The company certainly blew me away with the sheer scope and quality of not only its purchasable items but also its future releases. Read on to see all that Blizzard brought to the table.

Gremlins photo
May NECA never run out of concepts!
While NECA's conventional Gremlins offerings seem stalled, the company showed off a FIFTH series of Mogwais at SDCC. As with series 4, the assortment features concept Mogwais originally designed for Gremlins 2: The New Batch....


Jul 26 // Scarecroodle
First up is a look at NECA's Robocop Versus the Terminator display which seems to (rather fittingly) have a somewhat NES feel to the diorama. The line is apparently based on a 1993 video game of the same name which was released on the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis (the 90s had a few such cross-overs, including a SNES Alien vs Predator video game). Series 1 apparently features two version of The (T-800) Terminator (the endoskeleton will include the standing gun) and will be followed by two versions of Robocop in series 2. The robot dog, arguably the coolest thing in the display, doesn't seem to have release information yet. Continuing the idea that the future is going to suck, we have NECA's Alien figures (I'm not sure if acid-spitting aliens are a step up or down from killer robot infestations). The most recent reveal is a version of Ripley in her normal outfit, along with a normal version of Jones (the ship's cat). The massive Alien Queen was the centerpiece of another display. The 6-inch Colonial Marine figures next to her look absolutely tiny by comparison. Ripley in her power loader wasn't on display, so we missed out on a recreation of that titanic confrontation at the end of Alien when Ripley saves Newt. Also on display was Aliens series 3 which includes android Lance Bishop (played by Lance Henriksen). Will the figure split in half? Probably not. While NECA had its over-sized Master Chief and Ledger Joker (The Dark Knight) on display, the real objects of interest lay next to their feet: Gremlins Mogwai series 5! I currently have no information about the three new Mogwais (other than they're slated for an October release), but I'm guessing that they're concept designs again. That calico Mogwai is definitely my want list. Jumping back to the larger scale, NECA had its 1/4-scale Burt Ward Robin (1966 Batman tv show) and Danny Devito Penguin (Batman Returns) on display. I'm not sure why the company opted for the Penguin in his pajamas rather than a suit, but I suppose it was an iconic look. I'm somewhat excited for NECA's Godzilla offerings, which include the 1985 and 1994 versions of the character. While I love Bandai's Godzilla offerings, NECA's line will fit into my budget a little better. I'm just hoping that we start to see some supporting characters soon. Also on display was a lot of Planet of the Apes merch, including Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (in theaters now!) Series 2. I still have my eye on Luca the gorilla, who will feature an alternate head. Next to them were some classic Planet of the Apes figures. The Retro Style Jason (Friday the 13th: Part 2) was depicted in his natural environment. Leather-Face received similar treatment (see gallery). Pacific Rim may be long out of theaters, but the toy line seems to have no end in sight. There are a lot of items slated to release towards the end of the year. See more in the gallery. NECA's Yu-Gi-Oh! line continues to trickle out. I had high hopes when it was first announced, but the property hasn't received the same attention paid to other lines. So far it's mostly been mildly underwhelming figurines with annoying high price tags for the size and quality. That said, I'm still tempted to pick up the Summoned Skull and Red-Eyes Black Dragon. The shelf below the Yu-Gi-Oh! display featured some Divergent collectibles (check out the gallery), which seems to reinforce the idea that the line is something of an afterthought. On the games front, NECA had a *lot* of offerings I wouldn't mind picking up. The five-headed dragon (which I believe might be Tiamat?) but, given that these are game pieces, they're bound to pricier. Once again, there was a huge amount of Heroclix items on display. Included was that awesome-looking Shuma-Gorath we first saw a while back and a zombie version of Galactus that I can't recall seeing before. The blind-bagged single-packed Yu-Gi-Oh! Heroclix were on display as well. I thought these were supposed to come out a while ago, but I still haven't seen them in my area. However, the coolest game piece might have been the gigantic Borg Cube in NECA's Star Trek: Attack Wing line.  Other stuff on display included Predator stuff, Bioshock Infinite collectibles, horror items, and more. Be sure to check out the gallery.
NECA photo
Grim futures make for cool collectibles
NECA's SDCC booth featured a mix of Aliens merch (including a new Ripley!), more Yu-Gi-Oh! items, Godzilla figures (both new and retro), Gremlins Mogwai series 5 (!!!), Robocop vs. Terminator items, zombie Galactus, and so mu...

Hail to the (Alien) Queen, baby!

Jul 02 // Scarecroodle
Aliens photo
A figure fit for a queen
To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the scifi classic Aliens, NECA has announced plans to release a massive Alien Queen in scale with the company's other Xenomorph-themed offerings. She's available for pre-order now. NECA's ...

Rocky photo

NECA shows first look at 8-bit classic video game Rocky

It's the eye of the tiger, it's the thrill of the fight!
Jun 06
// Vanessa Cubillo
Yesterday on Twitter, NECA showed off a picture of their next figure in their 8-bit classic video game line. So far, they’ve released Jason, Freddy Kruegar, Predator, and RoboCop. So now their newest figure added to th...
Scream photo

'What's your favorite scary movie?', NECA to release Retro Style Ghostface

Mine isn't Scream
Apr 30
// Scarecroodle
There are rules for surviving a horror movie (for instance, never say "I'll be right back"), but none of the rules involve horror collectibles like NECA's newly revealed Mego-inspired Ghostface retro-style doll. Horror hounds...
NECA photo
30 years later and Freddy is still coming for you
To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Nightmare on Elm Street, NECA is releasing an Ultimate Freddy figure. This figure will include accessories that will remind you of some of your favorite moments from the movie. Standing a...

BioShock Infinite photo
BioShock Infinite

Pre-orders open for NECA's Booker; priced at less than Infinity

Can you dig it?
Mar 25
// Scarecroodle
If you sometimes felt you were living in a parallel dimension where collectibles of enemies in a popular video game were released before that game's protagonist, you'll be happy to know that time-lines are being restored with...
Godzilla photo
Godzilla is finally ready for his close up!
We are now entering the final months before Godzilla finally hits movie theaters in May. For the most part, Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros has tried to keep everything about this movie secret. So trying to get a look at ...

Tomopop LinkUP photo
Tomopop LinkUP

Tomopop LinkUP: Ready. Set. LEGO!

Watch your step
Mar 13
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
LEGO toys are one of those things that I think most boys and probably a lot of girls can associate with. Raise your hand if you've ever tried to dig a LEGO brick out of your mom's vacuum or know the pain of stepping on a bloc...
NECA photo

Toy Fair 2014: NECA

Coverage full of Bioshock, Aliens, Predator, and more!
Feb 20
// Vanessa Cubillo
NECA unveiled a lot of new items during NY Toy Fair. We already talked about their new classic Godzilla line, and the new Godzilla figure that must not be seen. So now here we have coverage of the new figures that can be sho...
Godzilla photo

Toy Fair 2014: NECA - Go Go Godzilla Classic figure line

Who wants more Godzilla figures?
Feb 18
// Vanessa Cubillo
NECA has announced that they will be making a classic figure line for Godzilla called Go Go Godzilla. What a fun title, I like it! In this line they will make figures from some of the best Godzilla movies. For NY Toy Fair, ...
Yu-Gi-Oh!  photo

NECA/WizKids sneaks Yu-Gi-Oh! Heroclix into retail

Talk about a shadow game!
Jan 30
// Scarecroodle
Early last year, NECA/WizKids picked up the license to produce merchandise based on the hit anime/collectible card game Yu-Gi-Oh!; following that announcement, NECA had a handful of less than exciting items on display at SDCC...
Team Fortress 2 photo
Team Fortress 2

NECA shows prototype figures for Team Fortress 2 Series 3

We get a full look at Team Red Engineer and Spy
Jan 29
// Vanessa Cubillo
Back in May, fans got an early look at Series 3 of NECA’s Team Fortress 2 figure line. As part of an exclusive tour for, unpainted figures of the Engineer and the Spy were seen. Now on their Facebook page, ...
Predator  photo
let the nostalgia continue
To the delight  of many fans, NECA is continuing their Nintendo 8-bit figure series. It all started with SDCC NES 8-bit Jason, and continued with NES 8-bit Freddy, then followed up by NES 8-bit RoboCop. Now Predator wil...

Evil Dead photo
Evil Dead

Good. Bad. Neca's Ash Williams is the figure with the gun

You won't find this at your local S-Mart
Dec 20
// Scarecroodle
NECA has tweeted an image of an upcoming Mego-inspired version of Ash J. Williams, played by Bruce Campbell in the Evil Dead films. The figure is mentioned as being based on his Evil Dead 2 look (which was similar to his appe...
Diablo photo

NECA's Diablo pre-orders open can be heaven or hell

Welcome to the Hotel Diablo, you can check out any time you like but you can never leave
Nov 29
// Scarecroodle
Pre-orders have opened for NECA's upcoming Diablo figure (Diablo III). Diablo is listed as standing over 9-inches tall with a longer than 12-inch tail. NECA's Diablo seems nothing short of spectacular. While Sideshow Collecti...

Tomopop Review: NECA Prometheus David and Deacon

Nov 27 // Vanessa Cubillo
Figure Name: Prometheus Series 2 David and DeaconFigure Maker: NECARetail: US$34.99Available at: HobbyLink Japan | Big Bad Toy Store | Entertainment Earth NECA packages their figures in clamshells that you can’t possibly open by hand. It's good if you never plan on opening your figures and want them to survive intact. If you do want to open them then you have to cut carefully through the plastic to get the figures out. It's funny, many sites list these figures as a two-pack, but they come as two individually packaged figures. David 8, the android who was kind of evil even though it was never explained, stands at seven inches tall with 20 points of articulations. He comes with an interchangeable head, removable helmet, and specimen case with a flashlight. Portrayed by Michael Fassbender, the figure is sculpted in his likeness. I’ll admit, since I have a huge crush on Michael Fassbender, I was excited to get a figure that looked just like him. When I saw the prototype of the figure’s face, it was incredibly detailed and looked almost exactly like Fassbender. The actual figure’s face is pretty different, and because of that, it doesn’t look so much like him anymore. I know they always say that the actual product will vary from the prototype, so this really isn’t such a surprise, but it doesn’t mean I can’t be disappointed. Also, the more I look at this face I'm starting to see Neil Patrick Harris.  David wears a dark blue space suit just like in the movie, and the suit is quite accurate. It has all the emblems, padding and equipment the real suit had. None of the padding and equipment is removable, so its best to not try and pick at it. I did that to see if it could actually come off and I saw that I was peeling it off. Not a good sign! Still, I think his utility belt is cute with all his little equipment on the back like the flashlight. There's also a long black cord that connects to his pack that you can re-position around David. Where the wire connects to at the top is really rather delicate. When I was trying to put on the helmet I accidentally hit it and then it broke off. Just my luck! I always end up breaking my toys. At first I thought it was ok because I firmly placed it back in and it held, but it keeps popping back out. As mentioned earlier, this figure comes with an interchangeable head and a space helmet. The second head shows David wearing space head gear that has his name on it. I criticized the other head for not resembling Michael Fassbender well, but I actually like this one much better. This head looks so much more like him, so of course I'm happy.  His space helmet is made of plastic and can easily be put on and removed. All you have to do is align the grooves on the helmet with the grooves around his head. To make sure its secure you'll have to push until you hear a click. The hands on this figure are pretty standard. They're not articulated and are both made in the same position. It's alright since David only comes with one hand accessory; the flashlight specimen case. Still, you can only have him hold this in one way so it's pretty uninspired.  I've already talked about the two interchangeable heads, but I haven't addressed how they're changed. NECA chose an interesting approach. The body holds a small blue stick inside the neck that can move around when you touch it. Each interchangeable head is made with a small hole on the bottom that will fit onto that blue stick. So it's like putting a head on a pike. You just have to wiggle it on to get it to place correctly. Once in place it holds great... too great actually. When you want to take it off you have to tug a little harder to get it out. Overall, David 8's quality and many details that stick true to the movie far outweigh the negatives I've found. Any Michael Fassbender is better than no Fassbender at all.  The Deacon only had a brief cameo in Prometheus, but it was still an important part of the movie. Compared to David 8, the Deacon comes with many more accessories. It comes with two Hammerpedes, an Engineer's head with removable helmet, and a clear stand. The way this figure is painted makes it feel very smooth and it has a nice shine to give it that moist look. Aliens, as you know, are always secreting something so they do have a shine to them. Close to seven inches tall, this figure is fully poseable. Also because of its body type, the figure is more flexible and not anywhere near as breakable as David. The Deacon comes with a special feature that I almost missed. I was looking at the packaging and noticed that the Deacon was posed with its tongue shooting out. I looked at my figure and saw its mouth was closed. So I touch the mouth and it drops open. I can open its mouth! The jaw can be extended to an open mouth by pulling it out as far as it can go. The tongue can also be raised a little bit in the air to try and capture that shooting out look. I won't lie though, it's not a smooth transition. You really have to pull to get the mouth open as wide as possible, and it slides back so easily that it can be hard to keep the mouth in the desired position.  As mentioned earlier, the Deacon comes with its own stand. It is possible to stand the figure up without the stand, but you have to position it certain ways. As I found out with this stand, it's not that different standing it on this either. The stand has two clear raised backings that remind me of how a Barbie doll's foot looks. Insert the holes from the stand into the Deacon's feet and you can get it to stand up, but it also only works in certain positions. Since the two backings are close together, if you position the figure in a wild pose the feet will come off the stand.  As said before, this figure comes with two Hammerpedes and an Engineer's head. For those who don't remember, Hammerpedes were those worm-like Alien creatures that the Prometheus team encountered. The two that come with the figure are not identical, but both are bendable. So you can turn them into any sleeking worm position you can think of. The Engineer head comes with their helmet that fits very nice and secure on them. When you remove it, you can see the fine details that make the head look exactly like the Engineer from the movie. NECA always does a good job when they're recreating figures from TV and movies so I'm not surprised. There's even a slight opening in the mouth that I was able to put my nail into. They really didn't skimp on those details! The Deacon is a really good Alien figure from NECA. Without the stand, you can pose this figure in so many positions. It comes with a fun mouth opening feature and cool accessories that stay true to the movie. Prometheus, for all of its unanswered questions and slight confusions, still was a good movie in my opinion. In the very least, it was a movie with a beautiful design and special effects. The figures from NECA show that. For fans of the movie, these figure are great collectible figures.  [Thank you so much to HobbyLink Japan for providing these sample for review!]
Prometheus photo
It doesn't matter if you hated the movie, these figures are nice
Released in 2012, Prometheus was one of those movies that had fans down the middle. It definitely generated a lot of buzz, but I can’t say that most of that was a positive. Designed as a prequel to the Alien series, Pr...

NECA Halo photo
Figures and more on the way
NECA and 343 Industries have just announced a new licensing deal, one in which the Halo franchise will get a ton of merch made by NECA. That includes 1/4-scale figures, mini-figures, prop replicas, and according to the press ...

NECA's NES RoboCop photo
NECA's NES RoboCop

NECA announces NES-styled RoboCop figure

Letting you relive Nihon Busan's hard-as-heck game
Oct 23
// Brian Szabelski
Remember NECA's NES Jason figure from SDCC? Well, it was a popular one, so much so that they're giving RoboCop a similar treatment! The NES RoboCop figure is based on the design from the original game by Nihon Busan, and...
BioShock Infinite photo
BioShock Infinite

NECA's BioShock Motorized Patriot almost ready to ship

Not likely to show up on a patriotic-sounding holiday
Oct 17
// Scarecroodle
NECA reports that its long-awaited BioShock Infinite Motorized Patriot is finally almost ready to ship. The figure, previously seen (in a more completed-looking state) at Toy Fair earlier this year, was once slated for an Aug...

Custom Made Monday: Cuddly zombies and bunnies

Wooden toys, cross stitch, and custom plush dolls
Oct 14
// Vanessa Cubillo
Monday already? This weekend was pretty big! New York Comic Con, the release of Pokemon X/Y, and the new season of The Walking Dead premiered. All good things, especially if you're into all three. Now after such an awes...
Those Halloween horror movie marathons should be starting soon
Back in August, NECA revealed that they were working on retro style figures of both Freddy and Jason. These MEGO inspired figures will be eight inches tall, poseable and come with fabric clothing. Today, on their Twitter, NE...

Pre-order Tuxedo Claptrap photo
Pre-order Tuxedo Claptrap

Pre-order NECA's Tuxedo Claptrap

Hey! Wanna hear the new dubstep song I wrote?
Oct 02
// Jon Wills
Hey everybody! Look its Claptrap! Tuxedo Claptrap! Not to be confused with Tuxedo Mask! Okay, from this point on I will try not to be as obnoxious as Claptrap but seeing as NECA is making a new version of him sporting a tuxed...
Mogwai series 4 photo
Mogwai series 4

Mogwai series 4 slated for November, characters named

Not quite an October releas, but close enough
Aug 15
// Scarecroodle
NECA's Mogwai series 4 is now slated to release in November. NECA has posted additional details about the wave which apparently consists of concept Mogwais created by Rick Baker Studios for Gremlins 2: The New Batch which ult...
Custom NECA Gipsy Danger photo
Custom NECA Gipsy Danger

Cancel the apocalypse with Jin Saotome's Gipsy Danger

100% of the proceeds go to help the Special Olympics
Aug 13
// Andres Cerrato
Saying that I loved Pacific Rim is an understatement. As much as I loved that NECA made some highly-detailed toys of the Jaegers and Kajiu, I wasn't exactly thrilled with the range of movement in the joints. Per usual, Jin Sa...

NECA brings more 8-bits of horror with Video Game Freddy

From the 1989 Nightmare on Elm Street video game
Aug 07
// Vanessa Cubillo
NECA's SDCC exclusive of NES 8-bit Jason was a big hit. It was such a hit that I only got it to my shopping cart before it completely sold out on NECA's online shop. Well now NECA is releasing another NES 8-bit figure, Fredd...
These figures are limited edition and comes in special packaging
NECA wants to help Bioshock 2 fans by helping them complete their figure collection. They've just announced that Game Crazy has an exclusive two-pack of the final two Splicers released, Crawler and Ladysmith. These figures a...

Predator trophy set photo
Predator trophy set

Predator limited edition trophy skulls up for pre-order

Perfect for your trophy room
Jul 30
// Scarecroodle
Predator fans and intergalatic hunting enthusiasts may be pleased to learn that NECA has made a Predator Limited Edition Trophy Skulls Pack available for pre-order. The pack contains ten trophy skull collectibles which are bi...
Arkham Origins Grapnel photo
Arkham Origins Grapnel

Gamestop to carry exclusive Batman Arkham Origins Grapnel

Like a futuristic hookshot
Jul 24
// Scarecroodle
[ Update: Grapnel cord confirmed to retract (more details below) and SDCC photo added ] Among NECA's SDCC announcements was a Batman: Arkham Origins Grapnel accessory prop replica, which will be sold exclusively through Games...
SDCC Heroclix photo
SDCC Heroclix

SDCC 2013: NECA - Heroclix / tabletop games

Would you like to play a game?
Jul 21
// Scarecroodle
NECA's SDCC booth wouldn't be complete without a sizable Heroclix display. In addition the expected stuff like Marvel Heroclix, there was an array of the fantastic, the scientific fantastic, and the filmographic (or, as one might say, fantasy, sci-fi, and movie stuff). Also on display were some other games, such as the Team Fortress 2 chess set. Hit the jump for all the details.


Aliens, robots, and Simpsons, oh mogwai!
Jul 21
// Scarecroodle
Aliens, cowboys, superheroes, mecha, the undead, monsters, and other such oddities once again found a home at NECA's very eclectic booth. Highlights included a first look at the Simpsons "25 of the Greatest Guest Stars" figur...
SDCC13 - NECA Exclusives photo
SDCC13 - NECA Exclusives

SDCC 2013: NECA's con-exclusives available to buy online

It's like being there, PLUS shipping
Jul 17
// Andres Cerrato
[Update: They were online but have all since sold out. Call your friends at SDCC to buy it for you there.] Can't make it to San Diego this weekend? Wanted to pick up the exclusives by NECA of Friday the 13th's Jason in his NE...

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