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Snow Dumpling

Chill out with the Snow Dumpling

New custom from Shawnimals coming to myplasticheart Friday
Dec 10
Shawnimals and myplasticheart, in conjunction with Squibbles Ink, have a new holiday custom ready for you: the Snow Dumpling! Yes, Shawnimals' Dumpling is now in a festive flavor (though you still shouldn't eat it), decked ou... read
Pocket Pork Dumplings

Patty O'Dumpling released today, won't cost you a pot of gold

Channel your luck of the Irish for this release
Mar 17
In the spirit of St Patrick's Day, today (March 17th) sees a release by Shawnimals, My Plastic Heart, and Squibbles Ink in the form of a limited pocket pork dumpling. The darling little things are painted in the colors of the... read
Dark Night Junior

MPH's newest Junior is perfect for a Dark Night

Prepare for the sales signal on Wednesday
Mar 13
I still love myplasticheart and Lou Pimentel's Junior, and their newest colorway sure touches on my geeky side. Behold the Dark Night version of Junior ... and yes, it's a play on Batman's nickname of The Dark Knight. Even th... read
MPH Wing Fang Club

myplasticheart's Wing Fang Club returns for 2014

Your chance to get a bunch of new Juniors
Feb 11
We interrupt your regularly scheduled WonFes Winter coverage to bring you a bit of news from the designer world: myplasticheart has re-opened subscriptions for the Wing Fang Club, their annual subscription club for the Junior... read
Ghost Girl sofubi prototype spotted
myplasticheart came to New York Comic Con with lots to show off, as they always seem to do. The biggest news from them is that there's apparently a Ghost Girl sofubi prototype in the works: following up on the awesome Junior ... read feature

SDCC 2013: Dumbrella

SDCC 2013: Dumbrella

Works from Andrew Bell
Jul 27
Andrew Bell was once again hanging out at the Dumbrella booth for SDCC, and this year, he didn't have as much on the designer toy side. Both the exclusives were colorways of previously released pieces. One was a blue variant ... read
kaNO Bodega

kaNO's Bodega returns tonight at myplasticheart

Release party going on right now
May 10
kaNO's Bodega is back! The vinyl figure returns with a new edition and a slightly different look, along with two versions; one with kaNO's design and the other with a design by Toofly. Also new on the vinyl figure are the cle... read

Reminder: Junior Hellfire ver. available now

Catch him now before he flies away
Mar 06
Just a friendly reminder: Lou Pimentel's new Junior Hellfire ver. is out in the wild following the release party, and you can bring him home. The 2.5-inch Junior is colored like its bigger resin brother, but this little dude ... read

Junior makes a grand debut at myplasticheart March 1

Hellfire colorway to be released at event, plus signing with Lou Pimentel
Feb 20
Back at New York Comic Con, myplasticheart debuted the latest figure from MPHLabs, the pint-sized Junior from Lou Pimentel. There hasn't been much said about the Cranston-based sofubi figure since then, but that changed last ... read

Fonzo Love NY customs show opens tonight

In New York, of course
Jan 11
Tonight is a very special night for toy-lovers of New York City, MyPlasticHeart will be opening its latest show, "Fonzo Love NY." The event will feature figures of Freak Store's Fonzo, customized by many famous arti... read

Gingerbread Dumplings launch tomorrow

Fresh from the oven and looking oh-so yummy!
Dec 10
It's that time of year when sweet things are all around and the the air is scented with eggnog, peppermint, and gingerbread. And what better way to commemorate the season than with a designer vinyl toy, courtesy of Shawnimals... read

Freak Store's Fonzo coming to New York City

Will be star of custom show at myplasticheart on Jan. 11
Dec 10
The folks at Freak Store have just sent along the full news about their upcoming show at myplasticheart, Fonzo Love NY. As you might have guessed, the show is a custom exhibition of Freak Store's Fonzo character, and I believ... read

myplasticheart round out the year with one more duo show

Kelly Denato, Julie West shows to open Friday, Nov. 16
Nov 15
On Friday, myplasticheart will be closing out its 2012 gallery show season with anther tag-teamed duo show. This time around, it's The Dandy, which features the works of Julie West; and Fall into Frost, featuring the works of... read

Hellfire Junior is on the way

Next colorway of Lou Pimentel x mphlabs' adorable collab
Nov 07
Well, here's some fun news: distributor DKE Toys is currently taking retail pre-orders for a new Junior colorway, the Hellfire version. Look familiar? That's because it's based in the original Cranston colors of red, red... read
So many exclusives, so little time.
It is the second day of New York Comic Con and we are here to bring you news straight from the floor, courtesy of Tomopop's own Brian Szabelski and Andres Cerrato. This time, we'll be taking a look at booth #3313, belonging t... read feature

Become a member of the Wing Fang Clan starting tomorrow

Become a card-carrying fan of Cranston Fellows Jr.
Sep 26
We may have only just recently seen MPHLabs and Lou Pimentel's latest take on Lou's character Cranston Fellows Jr. (this time, simply called "Junior"), but that doesn't mean that it was last we were going to he... read

myplasticheart's exclusive Baby Hell on sale today

Latest variant of Lamour Supreme's Baby Huey sofubi piece
Sep 22
The latest myplasticheart exclusive is a spooky piece from Lamour Supreme entitled Baby Hell. The 5.5-inch sofubi figure is appropriately enough cast in red with blue/black sprays and other hand-painted details. There's only ... read
Cranston Fellows Jr. reimagined as a bite-sized sofubi figure
For a while, we've been getting peeks and teasers at a new project called Junior from myplasticheart's MPHLabs and Lou Pimentel. If you thought it was going to be a bite-sized figure based on Cranston Fellows Jr., give yourse... read feature

Doktor A sends A Postcard from New Yorkshire on Oct. 12

Exhibition to open during NYCC at myplasticheart
Sep 11
If you'll be down in New York City for NYCC, then stop by myplasticheart on Oct. 12. Why? Because that's opening night for Doktor A's A Postcard from New Yorkshire, which runs through Nov. 11 and features some new works from ... read

New Cranston Fellows Jr. series may be on the horizon

Aug 28
Recall back to May, when a teaser from mphlabs and Lou Pimentel surfaced, I got excited and suggested it could be some mini Cranston series. Well, if the two newest teasers from mphlabs are any indication, that's exactly what... read

myplasticheart hosts a Pocket Pork Party on July 6

Jul 04
Feeling hungry for a new blind-boxed series? Well, if you're in New York, head on down to myplasticheart this Friday, July 6, for a Pocket Pork Dumpling release party! From 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at MPH (210 Forsyth St., Lower East... read

Unnatural Selection comes to myplasticheart on June 29

Jun 25
The next show at myplasticheart is less about toys and more about technology: Unnatural Selection. The show features art from Lou Pimentel and Leontine Greenberg on the 2-D plane, with a theme of nature adapting to ... read

Today, Shawnimals, myplasticheart, and Squibbles Ink revealed their latest plot to take over the world. With dumplings. But not just any dumplings, oh no, these are the cutest, most awesome vinyl not-actually-pork-f... read feature

Under the Radar: New Healeymade x MPH releases

Apr 12
myplasticheart has partnered up with David Healey (a.k.a Healeymade) to release a series of Healeymade resin figures, and the newest edition is now out. There are two gray Wilde figures, each a multi-piece resin action figure... read

Squibbles Ink, Shawnimals and MPH make Easter yummy

Apr 04
It would seem that Pierre Rouzier wasn't the only one getting busy for an Easter release, as you'll be able to buy some blind boxed Easter Pocket Pork Dumplings over at MyPlasticHeart, available tomorrow (Thursday)! There are... read

This year's New York Comic Con had a ton of great exclusives hidden among its booths. Jackie, Pedro and Kris all showed you what they got from this year's event, but I haven't had the chance to get my stuff together until now... read feature

NYCC 2011: myplasticheart

Oct 18
We all knew vinyl retailer myplasticheart would be bringing their 'A' game to New York Comic Con this year. In fact, there was so much shown off we didn't even get a chance to cover all of it! Seriously, I was running out of ... read

NYCC exclusive edition of Fluffy BadBad will give you his heart and eat it too

Oct 11
Hailing from the same family as Fluffy YukYuk, Fluffy BadBad is a chomping plush born from the mind of Jordan Owen. An open release of Fluffy BadBad had released previously, alongside the ghostly Fluffy BooBoo. So what makes ... read

Even more myplasticheart exlusives? You bet!

Oct 07
Way back when I made the first post about myplasticheart's New York Comic Con exclusives, I didn't expect to see much more. Boy, was I dead wrong, besides the customs they revealed last week, MPH has revealed even MORE exclus... read

Myplasticheart reveals even more goodies for NYCC

Oct 03
Last week I covered the exclusives announced by myplasticheart for New York Comic Con. But boy was I surprised to find that wasn't all they've got in store for this year! Via their blog, MPH showed off some of the customs to ... read

Myplastcheart announced Guilty as Charged, more at 11

Sep 27
Last week, we showed off this years New York Comic Con exclusives from myplasticheart. I mentioned at the end of the post MPH teased us with one more exclusive with Shawnimals, called only "Halloween pork mini vinyl." With a ... read

Myplasticheart shows off their exclusives for NYCC

Sep 23
I love myplasticheart. Their little store in New York is always a place I have to go when I visit the city. Being in New York then, you can imagine they'll be bringing their "A" game to the local convention! This week, MPH ha... read

Myplasticheart teases the upcoming Ghost in the Machine show

May 06
If you're in the New York City area next weekend, you are in for a real treat. We got some previews from myplasticheart today for their upcoming Ghost in the Machine show, and it loks absolutely fantastic. This is the same sh... read

Buy Lou Pimentel stuff at the new MPH webstore!

Apr 29
We've brought you a ton of news about all the variants of Lou Pimentel's iconic Cranston Fellows Jr. resin figure, and with good reason -- it's one of the best figures of recent years. Lot tipped us off that he now has his ow... read

Under the Radar: You can buy ZombieMonkie's Bat Gordo

Dec 21
After being teased twice before it was revealed for New York Comic Con and released at the Gordo Show at My Plastic Heart, things got pretty quiet. Maybe a little too quiet. What would the lonely Batman be doing after the Gor... read

Myplasticheart's logo comes to life with A-Type

Dec 08
We are fans of Andrew Bell's work, so when I saw that he was working with myplasticheart to bring their logo to life, my ears pricked right up. Today, they've announced the A-Type as a collaboration between Andrew's... read

Andrew Bell talks about his new A-Type figure, plus a contest

Nov 30
Andrew Bell is partnering with MPH Labs to release a new figure in the coming weeks, A-Type. In preparation for the release, he's sat down and talked about how this all came to be and the design behind A-Type in a lengthy and... read

Tokyoplastic and myplasticheart present Yellow Koguma for sale

Nov 15
Koguma is one of the only Tokyoplastic pieces I don't own. It's not because I don't adore it, because I do... but it's just one of those things I haven't gotten around to just yet. However, perhaps the Yellow edition is what ... read

NYCC 2010: Myplasticheart's booth overview

Oct 14
Myplasticheart had a whole slew of exclusive figures at New York Comic Con this year and there was something for everyone at this booth. Featuring 4 new and exclusive resin figures (a new Cranston, a new Gordo, a new mini Ske... read

ZombieMonkie's Bat Gordo... revealed!

Oct 07
I know I just posted a second teaser yesterday, but Mikie Graham surprised us with pictures of the final product! I really, really like how it came out; and I'm not just saying that because Batman is my favorite. Our buddy Zo... read

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