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7:30 PM on 03.13.2014

The future is ponies with WeLoveFine's Future Twilight

Yesterday, to the delight of pony collectors across the interwebs, WeLoveFine revealed Future Twilight, their latest My Little Pony vinyl figure. Unlike the company's previous releases, with each...

Natalie Kipper


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5:00 PM on 02.23.2014

Toy Fair 2014: Top secret Diamond Select Toys 'reveals'

Here there be Ponies! Diamond Select Toys has released some official images of its entire NY Toy Fair 2014 displays, including some blurred out sections which provide a first official look at some upcoming items we weren't allowed to photograph and didn't get to talk about... including My Little Pony vinyl banks. Hit the jump for details


2:00 PM on 02.12.2014

WeLoveFine gives My Little Pony a Chrome sheen

Those who frequent WeLoveFine's online shop no doubt remember their popular My Little Pony purchase-with-purchase figures. The company had previously released traditional vinyl figures as well as flocked ones featuring t...

Natalie Kipper

11:00 AM on 02.03.2014

Custom crocheted Daleks get magical

What happens when you cross Daleks and the equestrian antics of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? If you guessed the likely result of blood, hooves and horse hair, you'd be wrong in this case. DeviantArtist Country Geek Cr...

Pedro Cortes

11:00 PM on 01.13.2014

MLP Plush Compilation 138: Flutterbat's reign!

Every so often there are My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic episodes that spawn madness in the plush and custom world. The more recent episode to do so was the episode featuring "Flutterbat". Spoilers: Fluttershy turns into a...

Rio McCarthy

2:00 PM on 12.05.2013

Boxos papercraft playsets let you recreate fave series

For the DIY toy collector who loves pop culture, Funko's upcoming Boxos releases will let you re-enact scenes and create new adventures for characters from series such as Star Wars, My Little Pony, Hello Kitty, Teenage M...

Natalie Kipper

3:00 AM on 11.27.2013

The My Little Pony Creatives are at it again

I admire all of the creative people in the My Little Pony fan world. They do everything from plushies, sculptures, music, videos, fanart - you name it! I've shown you several over the last year or so, but these are some of th...

Rio McCarthy

DesignerCon 2013: Evilos/NRB Relic photo
DesignerCon 2013: Evilos/NRB Relic
by Natalie Kipper

Evilos shared a booth with NRB Relic during last weekend's DesignerCon. The two custom vinyl artists had quite an impressive showing. Evilos brought with him his new Breaking Bad Androids, some Carbonite Vinylmation (in both Jr. and full-size), several "Blue Crystal Armovor" custom Glyos figures, as well as pins and even a Disney Infinity figure of Sulley from Monsters Inc. and Monsters University. The Disney Infinity figure was made for a special Facebook group. NRB Relic's delightful carousel ponies were made using My Little Pony dolls as a base. She also had many Disney-inspired custom Vinylmation pieces at the booth (I particularly liked the flying monkey one). Also on display were NRB Relic's special bags that were designed to hold Disney Infinity discs and figures. There was also one created to hold Vinylmation. All of the bags were made with Disney-printed fabric.

Check out the gallery to see the offerings for yourself!

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2:00 PM on 10.21.2013

Fluttershy and Princess Luna shoulder bags now available

Two new additions to We Love Fine's My Little Pony plush bag line were announced on the company's Facebook page this morning. The previous bags were plush backpacks and featured Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, DJ Pon-3, D...

Natalie Kipper

5:00 PM on 10.07.2013

Custom Made Monday: For the love of BMO and soy sauce

It's Monday once again, and that means it's time for another edition of Custom Made Monday. This week's roundup features more popular characters, as well as beautiful original creations. There's some great fan creations and ...

Vanessa Cubillo

1:55 PM on 10.06.2013

MLP Fluttershy is arriving at Build-A-Bear Nov. 29th!

What are you doing on Black Friday here in the US? Well, get ready to go to Build-A-Bear, because Fluttershy is making her debut as the newest in the line of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic friends that you can bring home...

Rio McCarthy

10:00 PM on 10.05.2013

My Little Pony, Ninja Turtles nominated for 2013 NTHoF

It's that time of year again! The finalists have been selected for the 2013 National Toy Hall of Fame and it's looking like quite the list. A poll on their front page shows (after voting) that the current front runner is Teen...

Jeremy Emerje Crocker