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Tomopop LinkUP: March madness

Why is March such a painful month for us? It seems like every march we get bombarded with a  bunch of cool stuff that we all want all at once. Do companies think that we've recovered from the holidays by now and can afford a bunch of c...

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Tomopop LinkUP: The Puzzle & Dougrams edition

Hello and welcome back to another week of Tomopop LinkUP! In one week from today we'll be celebrating Thanksgiving here in America and I for one am looking forward to getting stuffed on some turkey! Even though it's a popular vacation week ...

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Preview Kotobukiya's Kagami Sumika from Muv-Luv

Kotobukiya recently gave us a preview of their latest figurine Kagami Sumika based on Muv-Luv Alternative. I really appreciate the wide range of complimenting colors used for her character, from her red hair to yellow ribbon and pink a...

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Wonder Festival 2013 Summer: Kotobukiya Part 1

Kotobukiya are a company in fine fettle and that was reflected in their booth, with a vast array of figures spread out across a variety of different ranges, franchises and styles.  The biggest news out of the booth was probably the rev...

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Wonder Festival 2013 Summer: Kotobukiya Muv-Luv and more

Kotobukiya news is trickling in and I've spotted a few figures to get excited about. First up is a colored version of Kasumi Yashiro from Muv-Luv Alternative. It's a bunny outfit figure done by 4-Leaves, but may be a bit racy for some. Anot...

Cryska Barchenowa review photo

Tomopop Review: Kotobukiya's Cryska Barchenowa

If there's one thing you should know about me, it's that I'm a fan of glossy butts. Characters in sci-fi anime often need to get into skin-tight body suits to do something or other, so I get plenty of opportunities to see shiny butts as a f...


Have a double preview of Yui Takamura

Yesterday there were two different previews for figures of the same character, so I figured I'd lump them together here.  The figma blog had their preview, showing all the accessories and the usual stuff. Max Factory's figma Yui's pre-...


Preview Kotobukiya's Inia from Muv Luv: Total Eclipse

Ah, Muv Luv Alternative: Total eclipse, you managed to somehow make me appreciate my least favorite genre of anime, horror types. You did so by throwing in amazing amounts of pretty women and mechs, both of which I love to add som...


This fabulous Yui Takamura figure is being re-released

Yeah sure, Kotobukiya's been making the Muv-Luv girls in their skin-tight suits as of late. Yui got that treatment not long ago. But remember when they put her in a more elegant outfit? I find that version much sexier than even the tightest...


Wonder Festival 2013 Winter: Kotobukiya

Kotobukiya's booth at Wonder Festival 2013 Winter was packed with a ton of new prototypes, along with a few old favorites like the Yu-Gi-Oh! figures and Wolfwood.  Your list of figures in our gallery includes: Black Magician from...


Preview Max Factory's Figma Cryska

Thanks to Figma blog we are able to bring you a preview of the latest Figma by Max Factory, Cryska. She hails from Muv-Luv Alternative Total eclipse. If you want to see the show, it is streaming over at Crunchyroll. Crys...


Aquarion Evol, Hyakka Ryouran, and more in scans

We've got the rest of this month's magazine scans - that eternal wellspring of anime/PVC news - and there's a bit of old and new all mixed in. MegaHouse's 1/8-scale Yunoha Thrul from Aquarion Evol, now painted. She's shown with two express...


Kotobukiya's Cryska rocks some curves in this preview

We've seen this beauty before, but I figured more body suits would be good for your health. This is Kotobukiya's Cryska Barchenowa in her Eishi outfit, which happens to be perfectly colored to highlight her curves. It doesn't matter if you'...


Comiket 83: Max Factory

Comiket 83 is underway and and Max Factory didn't come empty handed. As promised they brought along Sword Art Online's Asuna to give the public it's best look at the new figma. The sculpt still looks great to me, but the hand painting ...


Get your first look at two new figma in these mag scans

It was a few months ago that the figma version of Sword Art Online's Asuna was announced along side series hero Kirito. Kirito just went up for pre-order for the first time only days ago and this same month we're getting our first look at t...


Preview of Kotobukiya's Eishi Cryska

In recent months we've seen a lot of new figurines from various companies of characters hailing from the animated series Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse. One of them was Kotobukiya's excellent 1/7th scale Yui Takamura Eishi Kyoukaso...


Pre-order Nendoroid Yui Takamura and BETA Soldier

Last week we brought you a preview of Good Smile Company's Nendoroid of Yui Takamura from the currently airing show Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse. I'm pleased to announce that Yui is now available for pre-order. As mentioned in our prev...


Pre-order's are available for Yui Takamura's Figma

Power suits and Figmas usually work very well together, but there is something a little off to me about Max Factory's Figma version of Yui Takamura. Perhaps I have been spoiled on the Nendoroid version of Yui, but her Figma comes with very ...


MegaHobby Expo 2012 Autumn: Kotobukiya

Though I mostly know Kotobukiya as a maker of anime figures, they've been featuring a lot of American properties as of late. It's nice to see Kotobukiya putting the focus back on their anime figures at MegaHobby Expo. Here are some highligh...


Good Smile Company appears in this month's scans

Good Smile Company's previews in this month's scans didn't wow me, but maybe you guys will find something you like. First up is the green-haired gal, a 1/7 scale figure of Nozomi Akiyama from Se Kirara. Despite it being an eroge, the figure...


Kotobukiya teases for MegaHobby EXPO 2012 Autumn

Who loves mosaics for figure previews!? I know Kotobukiya does! We just saw them do that recently for their Cu-poche Saber from Fate/stay night and now the company has even more as they get us all excited for MegaHobby EXPO 2012 Autumn this...


Koto suits up Muv-Luv Alternative's Yui for pre-order

It's obvious that the ladies of Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse have a certain aspect about them that cannot be overlooked. Figure manufacturers have also taken notice to this certain aspect, especially Alpha Max. In fact, it was them tha...


Miyazawa Model Exhibition: Kotobukiya

Kotobukiya had a diverse array of products on display at the Miyazawa Model Exhibition. You can see some of their character model kits, such as the Combat-san Rookie, Yotsuba&!'s Danbo (and miniature version) and Yotsuba, and Xenosaga I...


Miyazawa Model Exhibition: ALPHAMAX

While Wave does a good job with their Beach Queen line of ladies, I think ALPHAMAX has them beat. As seen from the Miyazawa Model Exhibition, their ladies are seemingly larger and of better quality. Then again, you usually have to pay quite...


[NSFW] Here's all the NSFW stuff from Hobby Japan's scans

Magazine scans are so much fun because there are always some great plastic boobies to pine after! This time we dip into several franchises. Of course Queen's Blade is involved. Alphamax brings a pair of 1/6-scale figures. First there's Yui ...


Good Smile scans has RAH Mami, swimsuit Rouna, more

Though we've some of what Good Smile Company has to offer at the Dengeki 20th Anniversary Festival from last weekend, the latest magazine scans show that they still have some other products up their sleeve. The collaboration with Medicom To...


Transformers, train girls, more come to Dengeki Festival

TakaraTomy is a mix bag of properties and then some as evident at the Dengeki 20th Anniversary Festival. The company showed off some of its popular properties including ZOIDS, Transformers, and TomyTec's line of train girls. For Transformer...


Nendoroid and figma keep rolling in at Dengeki Festival

[Update: Nendoroid Alice from Momoiro Taisen Pairon and figma Black Gold Saw TV version added to the gallery.] I can't keep up! Earlier we saw a handful of new and upcoming figma and Nendoroid figures coming down the line from both Goo...


Kotobukiya Hobby Exhibition reveals many new PVC figures

Kotobukiya earlier this week teased some upcoming products for their Hobby Exhibiition event in Akihabara. The event has come and the figures have been revealed though the super sleuths of the internet knew very much what was coming. But, h...


Wonder Festival 2012 Summer: Nendoroids!

So, with announcements of Nendoroid Iron Man, new Black Rock Shooter TV Animation Nendos, and a bunch of new Miku Nendos including the first Nendoroid Jumbo, you probably think ... yeah, you know where I'm going with this, so let's just cut...


Reserve or Regret? Import round up for May 29, 2012

It really bothers me knowing that I haven't been around to make you spend money. Hopefully today is a day I get revenge with today's Reserve or Regret offerings. There are certainly some gems available for pre-order now. One that may have t...


Reserve or Regret? Import round up for May 16, 2012

Stuff went up for pre-order. Nice stuff. Cute stuff. Strange stuff. Stuff stuff. Maybe there's something that interests you. Maybe not. That is why this daily feature exists, to let you know what stuff there is to pre-order so you can empty...


Reserve or Regret? Import round up for May 1, 2012

Business trips suck. You know what else sucks? Knowing that I haven't been able to tempt you to go broke. So hide your wallet, destroy your credit cards, and block your bank accounts because you know what I'm going to ask you at the end of ...


2012 Winter Hobby Maker Expo: Hobby Stock

Hobby Stock's booth at 2012 Winter Hobby Maker Exhibition was your home for all thinks Mikumo. Love-Coloured Hospital Ward and Get Round (which Ninebeats took a look at) were there, along with the Cinderella and Rom...


Wonder Festival 2012 Winter: Kotobukiya (part 1)

Kotobukiya is pulling double duty this weekend, and they had plenty to show off at Wonder Festival 2012 Winter! Plamo kits were plentiful, with Phantasy Star Online's RAcaseal Elenor and Saber Lily among the highlights, along with some new ...


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