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11:00 AM on 07.29.2013

Wonder Festival 2013 Summer: Kotobukiya Part 1

Kotobukiya are a company in fine fettle and that was reflected in their booth, with a vast array of figures spread out across a variety of different ranges, franchises and styles.  The biggest news out of the booth was p...

Martin Siggers

8:00 PM on 05.31.2013

Get a peek of the latest Cryska with Danny Choo

Muv-Luv girls have been all the rage for some time now. With armor, without armor, swimsuit-clad, you name it they've probably worn it. Or not worn it, as is the case with this very pretty release from Skytube. She's been ava...

Emily Smalara

2:00 PM on 05.25.2013

Gear up to pre-order Muv-Luv's Meiya

Despite all the Muv-Luv attention out there, I can't recall seeing too much attention given to one Meiya Mitsurugi, at least compared to some others like, say, Inia. I'm definitely pleased to see Kotobukiya stepping up to fil...

Emily Smalara

3:00 PM on 04.25.2013

Muv-Luv's Inia prepares for pre-orders

I've said in the past that the one thing I don't like about the ever-sexy Muv-Luv art designs is the suits' full facial covering, but somehow Kotobukiya's managed to make me look past even that turn-off, thanks to their treat...

Emily Smalara

Have a double preview of Yui Takamura photo
Have a double preview of Yui Takamura
by Kristina Pino

Yesterday there were two different previews for figures of the same character, so I figured I'd lump them together here. 

The figma blog had their preview, showing all the accessories and the usual stuff. Max Factory's figma Yui's pre-orders have already come and gone, and she's slated for release on Saturday, looks like. Be on the lookout soon for a payment notice if you have her ordered!

Kotobukiya posted up a preview of their own static version of the character yesterday as well, and she's looking rather sharp. As with the figma, this is more of a pre-release gallery since pre-orders had been up since last year. This figure is slated for release on Friday.

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12:00 PM on 12.31.2012

Pre-order this Kriska in repose

It's no secret that I'm not exactly a fan of Muv-Luv's armored suits, or at least the all-encompassing headgear framing all the girls' faces. That said, I'm always one to make an exception, and I'm definitely drawn in enough ...

Emily Smalara

8:00 PM on 12.29.2012

Comiket 83: Max Factory

Comiket 83 is underway and and Max Factory didn't come empty handed. As promised they brought along Sword Art Online's Asuna to give the public it's best look at the new figma. The sculpt still looks great to me, but the...

Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Get your first look at two new figma in these mag scans photo
Get your first look at two new figma in these mag scans
by Jeremy Emerje Crocker

It was a few months ago that the figma version of Sword Art Online's Asuna was announced along side series hero Kirito. Kirito just went up for pre-order for the first time only days ago and this same month we're getting our first look at the Asuna prototype. The figure is looking sharp with lots of details in the armor and hair, but also appears to have the hair in segments which might imply some movability like we often see in female characters with long hair. Her sword and sheath can be seen at her side. I'm hoping that when it comes to accessories to make up for only having one sword she'll come with some food and her necklace. She'll be released in June following Kirito.

Cryska Barchenowa from Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse was also announced through stand-in art back in July and is being seen here for the first time as well. Her body suit allows for a lot of movement though at the same time the attempt to hide the hip joints does limit forward leg movement. For accessories we're only seeing a single gun which seems to be on par for the Muv-Luv series. One thing that kinda catches me off guard is that these Muv-Luv figma are some pretty tall figures. Cryska here will be 160 mm or about 6.3 inches tall which makes her taller than most male figma! Expect her to be released in May.

[via 2chan]

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Preview GSC's Nendoroid of Lieutenant Yui Takamura photo
Preview GSC's Nendoroid of Lieutenant Yui Takamura
by Jon Wills

It should not be surprising that GSC is making a Nendoroid of Lieutenant Yui Takamura from the currently airing animated show Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse.  However something about her figure did startle me. See the BETA Soldier pet that she ships with? Wow, that thing just gives me the chills. You know, those BETA eat people. It is a compliment to the makers of Total Eclipse, that even a chibified version of their BETA soldiers can still scare someone! Of course I do not like scary things, yet I am still watching their show.

Lieutenant Takamura herself seems well done. She has an array of poses and items that you would expect from a military officer. For example, both her and her BETA soldier can salute. To fit the occasionally gory theme of Total Eclipse yui has an optional bloodied face! Yui comes with a gun and Japanese katana as she ought to. Also she comes with a kettle accessory, presumably filled with tasty meat and potato stew that she made for the lead male character Yuuya Bridges. Overall Yui does make a nice Nendoroid with a wide range of action poses. I could easily see her fitting in next to my Macross Frontier collection.

For those who are interested in grabbing her, or those on the fence you have a few more days to wait and decide if she is for you or not. Lieutenant Takamura should be available for pre-order around November 27th

via Mikatan's blog.

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11:00 AM on 08.02.2012

Plamo of KOS-MOS headlines new Kotobukiya pre-orders

If you've always wanted the option to build your own version of KOS-MOS but didn't want to shell out the hundreds required for Volks' resin kits, Kotobukiya's got you covered. In today's pre-order carnival, you can get your h...

Andres Cerrato

1:01 PM on 05.28.2012

Muv-Luv's Inia takes aim at some summer fun

Perhaps banking on the upcoming anime to bring in some new fans and rekindle the interest of old, Alphamax is showing off this beach ready version of the deadly Inia Sestina, one of Muv-Luv's "Crimson Sisters." It's a simple ...

Emily Smalara

2:00 PM on 04.03.2012

Muv-Luv's Inia looks lovely, is mysterious

Despite Muv-Luv being one of those names you "Just know" if you've followed anime for any appreciable length of time, it's pretty easy to know absolutely nothing specific about it. It's never, for some reason, been a target f...

Emily Smalara