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MUSASHIYA gives us a blast from the past with these Nadesico figures!

Dec 09
// Chris Seto
Nostalgia can be such a powerful thing. Back in the day I remember collecting video tapes of Martian Successor Nadesico and watching them religiously! Even now, it still rates highly as one of my favourite shows of all time. ...

Musashiya's Nene garage kit takes a dip in a can of paint

Oct 11
// Jonathan Tubbs
Last month, Musashiya revealed that they would be taking their chances with the popularity of Love Plus by revealing a 1/6 scale garage kit of the curvy Anegasaki Nene. The company has updated their site with a pain...

NSFW: Musashiya keeps Taki Corp.'s torch alight with their castoffable Chouun Shiryuu

Sep 28
// Brian Szabelski
Taki Corporation is dead and buried, but still, that hasn't stopped the stream of Ikkitousen figures. This one of Chouun Shiryuu is a cold-cast, swimsuit garage kit of her in silver. And what a surprise, it's also castoffable...

Musashiya's Love Plus garage kit reminds us that Nene is really the star

Sep 25
// Jonathan Tubbs
It always seemed like Manaka was the "star" of Love Plus. At least it seemed like she received more attention than the rest of the cast. But now that people have come to know the measurements of Nene, she's been pop...


Pia Carrot's Aizawa Tomomi Swimsuit 10 version is ...

Sep 24
// Colette Bennett
Wow. Just ... wow.What happened to your FACE, honey?I have seen a few questionable pieces from Musashiya before, but this kit of Pia Carrot's Aizawa Tomomi takes the cake when it comes to doing it wrong. The body is...

NSFW: Oh look, even more Kanu

Jun 17
// Tomopop Staff
Look, you guys! It's just what I was looking for, a figure of the incredibly under-represented Kanu Uncho! Oh wait... there are already 147 figures of her. And yes, that number is accurate. Including poseable figures and gara...

Musashiya reveals Pia Carrot 3's Takako in their growing line of swimsuit figures

Apr 26
// Jonathan Tubbs
Wow. A release that's not Nadesico's Ruri of a character from Ikkitousen. Oh, I kid Musashiya. I kid. The figure maker has updated their site recently revealing Kinoshita Takako from the classic visual novel, Pia Ca...

Musashiya deals their Wonder Festival 2010 Winter exclusive

Jan 27
// Jonathan Tubbs
Taki Corporation's younger sibling Musashiya has announced their Wonder Festival 2010 Winter exclusive with the release of the 1/6 scale Izayoi Sakuya from Touhou Project. Fitting the garage kit-centric event, Sakuya will be ...

Musashiya releases another Martian Successor Nadesico Hoshino Ruri figure

Jan 19
// Jonathan Tubbs
I have to wonder if Musashiya is taking a page out of Taki Corproation's book. Not because they also release awful Ikkitousen figures but because this is their twelfth release of Martian Successor Nadesico's Hoshino Ruri in t...

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