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Munn-day Morning Recap

Munn-day Evening Recap: I love the nightlife

Jan 28 // Brian Szabelski
Steampunk Gunny by Josh Mayhem So, as always, we start with the customs featured in the header. This time, it's a new Gunny from Josh Mayhem with a steampunk theme to it. This one is a custom commission mixing Dunny and Gundam plamo kit parts, with eyes that remind me a little bit of Spawn. Maybe it's the green glow? In any case, if you want your own Gunny, head over to Josh's website (linked above) and commission one from him!   Kwardo Kings by Otto Bjornik Next, from Otto Bjornik, we have the latest in his Kwardo Kwin series, the Kwardo Kings. Kai, Kendl, Kinah and Kavan are the four kings who play an important role in the series, and these guys are all 9-inch Dunnys. There will be matching 3-inch Dunnys on down the line to match the earlier queen figures from the series, but they won't be released in January. Otto wanted to do that, but due to a setback caused by bad weather they're coming in February instead. Expect some more details, such as price, then.  Tank Girls by melodreama melodreama has recently finished up another commission, doing two more of her Tank Girl Munnys. I love their little helmets and outfits, as well as the cigarettes in the band of one Tank Girl's helmet! Hopefully, we'll see some more Tank Girls in the future from melodreama, and remember: you can always commission her to make one for you! Mega Munny by Scribe Scribe recently customized a new 20-inch Mega Munny; it has a bit of a tropical feel to it. Scribe is heading to Hawaii soon for an event; the myplasticheart blog thinks it might be, and I'm inclined to agree. In any case, it looks excellent! [via myplasticheart blog] Billy Brains by Dolly Oblong Dolly Oblong have sent along a cute little fellow named Billy Brains. Originally a papercraft, the swimsuit-wearing Billy is now a 3-inch Dunny, which looks adorable. You can pick him up in Dolly Oblong's shop for €75. The Once and Future King II by Hugh Rose Hugh Rose's latest is a revisit to a previous custom. A sequel to his Candy Coated Show piece, The Once and Future King II again has a knight-styled look, with tons of little details painted into the piece. It's like stained glass on a suit of armor, and I like the look a lot. [via Tenacious Toys blog] Rocket Ro-Boy Ice Cream Dream by Boy Kong From Orlando, Fla., comes Boy Kong and his Rocket Ro-Boy Ice Cream Dream Munny. The piece comes with a second interchangeable face that's a bit scary (and modeled off a baby doll's face), but I do prefer the skull look as is. It was the first release of's artist series, and there will be more customs from Florida-based artists in the future. DeadSHIELD by Jon Paul Kaiser JPK has a new black and white Dunny to show off, mixing the dead with Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. to create DeadSHIELD. This 3-inch custom is another commission for a lucky collector, and I think it turned out quite well. If you know enough about the Marvel universe, you can definitely see Fury's trademark eyepatch on the custom above, along with a cracked skull reflecting his injuries from World War II. Bruce by Infinite Rabbits Infinite Rabbits' creation is just looking for a closer look. Bruce is a tentacled monster in a suit, but not quite Slenderman because those tentacles come from his gaping maw. If you like spooky, you might just like Bruce. Apparently someone does, though, because he's already sold to a collector! [via Tenacious Toys blog] Grumpy Cats by Brandon Benson Finally, we save the best for last. This is a series of Munnys and Trikkys based off Tard, the Grumpy Cat. They're a commission. I need say not more, because their awesomeness is radiating out through your screens right now. [via Tenacious Toys blog] [If there are any custom Dunnys or Munnys you spot and want to see featured in this feature, feel free to e-mail us at tips (at) tomopop (dot) com!]
We've got some catching up to do, too ...
Welcome, everyone, to ... Munn-day Evening Recap? Wait, doesn't this normally happen in the mornings? Well, due to a shift in the time-space continuum (called my work hours changed), we're bringing you this edition at night. ...

Munn-day Morning Recap: A visitor from space

Nov 12 // Brian Szabelski
Oddysey 1969 by Otto Bjornik So, as always, we start with the customs featured in the header. This time, it's a pair from Otto Bjornik made for a collector. Both 7-inch Munnys are astronaut-themed, and feature the human astronaut Neil A. (wonder who that could be?) meeting his complete counterpart ... A Lien. Very cool play on the names there, and the pieces themselves look well detailed, too! I sure hope the collector who got these is happy, because they really should be. Octo-Dunnys by melodreama If you need some friends with multiple appendages, you might like melodreama's Octo-Dunnys. The two don't really look like Dunnys at first glance, but it seems like melodreama has removed the ears from a Dunny head to use as tentacles on the bottom side, with others thrown in to get the numbers just right. You can find the one remaining Octo-Dunny in black at melodreama's store for US$45. [via Tenacious Toys blog] This Won't Hurt a Bit by Davidkraig Davidkraig has sent us photos of his latest, a 7-inch Munny he made for the Munny Mash show at Kidrobot Boulder at the end of last month. It's a mad scientist with a tool in hand and goggle accessories, made with a lot of Sculpey anbd some nifty LED work so the goggles seem to change color. Awesome stuff here!  Architectus by Kreativ31 Kreativ31's latest custom Munny is Architectus, a 7-inch beast meant to evoke elements of architecture, including woodgrain, heraldry and brick. It's an interesting looking piece with an ornately sculpted front, and you can purchase it in Kreativ's shop for US$200. Agent Ox by Ian Ziobrowski Ian's latest custom is Agent Ox, a 3-inch Dunny made for the Urban Vinyl Daily blind-box series. Coming in both black and a special red variant, Agent Ox wears a hand-knitted hoodie and is a two-faced agent. Literally: one face is a Nuggs look-alike, and the other is Ox's real, sunglasses-wearing face, as he's out to bust some folks.  You can pick one up as part of the series for US$75. The Killdroid 5000 by Josh Mayhem Finally, we have Josh Mayhem's custom for the Plastic Chapel Dunny Show, the Killdroid 5000. A home defense droid on overkill, his listed accessories include "featuring dual side mounted machine guns, assault rifle, head mounted laser guided missile, head mounted pulse cannon, Deathclaw, and a Bowie knife." Clearly, it's a machine for those really, really, really worried. Josh's piece has already found a home, too, so there's at least one person out there with a big security need! [If there are any custom Dunnys or Munnys you spot and want to see featured in this feature, feel free to e-mail us at tips (at) tomopop (dot) com!]
Space Visitors photo
New customs from Otto Bjornik, Ian Ziobrowski, Josh Mayhem and more
After a long, busy month, Munn-day Morning Recap returns! And if it's not morning where you are, you may have forgotten to move your clocks forward an hour a couple weekends ago. You should go do that. Anyways, now that New Y...

Munn-day Morning Recap: I am the Law

Oct 01 // Brian Szabelski
Judge Dredd by Rocketboy Customs As always, we start with the featured custom, which is from Rocketboy Customs. Since the new Judge Dredd film just came out, why not be topical and bring you a great custom Munny from Rocketboy Customs? This one features a cool-looking Dredd with a sculpted belt and his Lawgiver pistol in hand, along with nice use of paint on the Munny's head to bring some detail to this piece. It's my favorite of the moment, but not by any means the only good one. [via Super Punch] Mariposa and other customs by Otto Bjornik After a month-long trip, Otto is back with some lovely new customs, and that includes his 7-inch Munny, Mariposa. Commissioned by a collector in Hawaii and given the special request to make the six-toy commission "cute", Otto came up with Mariposa as the centerpiece, a young lady with long hair and butterflies fluttering around her. It's a great looking piece, especially in the two-tone black and white color scheme. Just check out the detailing on those butterfly wings!  The other customs, featured in the group shot, include a 7-inch Foomi, a Mini Raffy, an Android, a 3-inch Gupgup and a Munko.  I Love U Always by Emily Bee Made for Trace Gallery's Fantastic Heroes exhibit in 2011, Emily's I Love U Always Munny resurfaced recently. The piece, with a tattoo inspiration ... well, let Emily explain it: "Roses symbolize love + tattoos are forever. Roses are beautiful, yet have thorns that hurt. Tattoos are also beautiful, yet hurt to get done. Sometimes beauty + pain go hand in hand." At least we don't have to worry about the pain half with this piece! You can pick I Love U Always up in Emily's shop for US$125. Freck (featured above), Arkter, Luckman and Barris by Squarefrog Designs Squarefrog Designs has put together a new quartet of custom Mini-Munnys, with some wild and wacky design work and ... hats? They look like hats. In any case, these are four unique looking pieces and perhaps we'll get to see more from Squarefrog in the future. If this is any indication, it seems like he has some very interesting ideas ... [via Tenacious Toys blog] Grumpy Gary by The Color Chemist (a.k.a. Bryan Collins) I haven't posted a custom from Bryan in a while, but here's his piece for the Vinyl Thoughts 3 show. His name is Grumpy Gary ... and boy, does he look a bit grumpy. However, he also looks wonderful thanks to a pretty vibrant color palette. If you'd like to pick him up, you can find him on the Vinyl Thoughts shop for US$165.  [via Tenacious Toys blog] Creatures and Companion series by alarment Need something a little more alien-looking? Then the Creatures and Companion series from alarment might be of interest to you. The Creatures are all custom Dunnys, each given a slightly different feature or two ... but those pupil-less eyes really make them seem a bit scary. The Companions are 11 designs (seven custom Funkeys and four original sculpts with Android head or Munny accessory bases) that will come paired with each Creature in a blind-boxed set. There's also a custom Mini-Munny and 2.5-inch Bunnee Qee in the mix as Golden Ticket prizes. You can follow him on Facebook for more info on when to expect these to be on sale! [via Tenacious Toys blog] Opala Dunnys by Lickyourelbow (a.k.a. Bill Hewitt) This little set of Dunnys might look familiar to folks who follow the designer scene closely. Why? Because they're 3-inch customs based on the 8-inch Dunny Bill did for the Most Wanted Show earlier this year! The magma colorway is by far my favorite of the bunch as it just looks so natural with that stone-like face. If you're interested in one, they're US$60 each and you can e-mail Bill to purchase one. The Emerald Time Keeper by Simanion A very cool, very green piece from Simanion with lots of detail. This 7-inch Munny features an intricately-detailed face, plus some lovely sculpted wings. I do like how there's a face hidden within the Munny's clock face as well; feels a lot like what Kronk's been doing lately, except it's a different style. Oh, and did I mention this is his first custom Munny? Because it is. [via Tenacious Toys blog] Destructo-Tank Dunnys by Shez Finally, we get to show something fun: tanks! These are previews of an upcoming blind-boxed Dunny series from Shez featuring Dunnys that have been turned into tanks. They even have little treads where their feet are, turning the actual legs into something more like supports for the treads. There's only going to be five pieces done in three colorways, and they'll be available exclusively in mid-October from Beacon, N.Y., retailer Dream in Plastic (price TBD). [via SpankyStokes] [If there are any custom Dunnys or Munnys you spot and want to see featured in this feature, feel free to e-mail us at tips (at) tomopop (dot) com!]  
I am the Law photo
No Sylvester Stallone Munnys this week, but plenty of cool designs!
Even though we're getting ready for New York Comic Con, I've managed to sneak in a bit of time for yet another Munn-day Morning Recap! And if it's not morning where you are, then you might be living on the dark side of the Mo...

Munn-day Morning Recap: Where the wild things are

Sep 10 // Brian Szabelski
Carol by Rsin As always, we start with the featured custom, which is from Rsin. Inspired by the recent passing of Maurice Sendak, he's done Carol from Where the Wild Things Are as a 7-inch Munny. The book was a favorite of Rsin and his mother, so there's an additional tribute for this piece as well. He used Kidrobot 'Bot arms and extended legs to give Carol a bit more of a lanky look; I think that Rsin's style meshes really well with Maurice Sendak's on this piece and the end result is lovely! Flash Foomi by Chris Brett Vancouver artist Chris Brett has put together this 7-inch Foomi that, despite its name, isn't based off the DC Comics superhero. You can pick it up for US$250 in Chris' shop. [via Tenacious Toys] Winged Day of the Dead Dunny by MaloApril Some of our Day of the Dead fans probably would like to know about this little number from MaloApril. A 3-inch Dunny customized to like a Day of the Dead skeleton, and April is planning to do more colorways of this piece. Check out her Facebook (linked above) for more info and be sure to let her know if you'd like to see more! [via Tenacious Toys] Sketch Series 1 by kaNO Sometimes, simple is good. Take, for example, kaNO's Sketch Series 1. The recent addition to his shop (which quickly sold out) is nothing more than kaNO giving a bunch of Munnys a sketch job, but they're designed with enough detail that they look pretty cool. It's kind of how Jon Paul Kaiser's stuff looks great despite it being only a two-tone palette. [via Tomenosuke-syoten blog] Potrahna by Ian Ziobrowski The Blow Me Show pieces are now viewable online in the Urban Vinyl Daily shop and Ian Ziobrowski's custom is among them. Using some Foomis he had lying around, Ian made them into a Piranha Plant from the Mario franchise, while putting a Nugglife twist to it. You can pick up Potrahna for US$180 in the Urban Vinyl Daily shop. Shah Mat Royalty Dunny series by Otto Bjornik Otto Bjornik's latest custom Dunnys are a 3-inch version of a bigger 9-inch Dunny he did a few months back. Done in black and white colorways, each Dunny is limited to 5 pieces of each kind and are the last ones he's making of this design. You can e-mail Otto now to pick one up for US$100 per set/pair, or if you want to wait a little bit, you can get the leftovers in his shop. That is, if there are ary leftovers ...  True Love Always by Davemarkart Davemarkart's latest custom is a pained-looking tree with a heart carved into the middle of it and a set of skulls at the roots. Is it a symbol of eternal love ... or something darker?  [via Tenacious Toys] Gatekeepers by Artmymind Wow ... another awesome set of releases from Artmymind to show off, and these are their Gatekeeper Munnys. As you can see, the armor is incredibly detailed here and they come with some pretty cool swords. Sadly, both variants are gone from the Artmymind store, but there will always be something new in their store, so stay tuned, Tomopeeps! Bad Fresco Restoration Munny by Maqaroon Finally, let's end with a story. I'm sure by now you've heard the story about the Spanish grandmother who tried to fix a faded Fresco in her church ... and didn't do that great of a job. Well, London artist Maqaroon (a.k.a. Joanna Zhou) has painted a Munny up to celebrate the occasion, and she's done a great job of capturing the look of the failed Fresco restoration on this little guy! [via Kidrobot Blog] [If there are any custom Dunnys or Munnys you spot and want to see featured in this feature, feel free to e-mail us at tips (at) tomopop (dot) com!]
Wild Things photo

After a way, way too long wait, Munn-day Morning Recap is back! And if it's not morning where you are, then perhaps you live in Antarctica, where it's almost 24 hours of darkness right now at the South Pole. And I'm wondering...

Munn-day Morning Recap: The fine art of auto repair

Aug 13 // Brian Szabelski
Scrappy the Mechanic by Shez As always, we start with the featured custom, which is from Shez. He's put together a Foomi named Scrappy who's a mechanic with a bit of a problem; he's got a pile of parts and a piston in hand, and nothing to use them with! Also included is a comically-large wrench, and I love the grease-splotched look that makes him look like he's been hard at work. [via SpankyStokes] Saiko Clan Munnys by AVATAR666 Those of you who know me know I love my Japanese feudal-era stuff, so it's no surprise these Munnys caught my eye. These two 7-inch Munnys and matching 4-inch Munny are ready for battle, and boy, do they sure look awesome! I especially like the banner flags each one carries. [via Tenacious Toys] Alfred Hitchcock Munny by Atomic Blythe If you're a movie buff, then the profile of this Munny should be very familiar. Atomic Blythe has made a custom Munny of legendary director Alfred Hitchcock, complete with an ominous bird over his shoulder, referencing among other things The Birds. View more photos here, and check out their Etsy for some doll-sized miniature creations! [via Super Punch] Candy Coated Dunny by Jennipho Jennipho's latest 8-inch Dunny is a sugary sweet creation! Made to look like its made of candy, with licorice braided hair and frosted clothes, it looks goo enough to eat. But don't, because it's made of plastic and you can't eat plastic, silly. [via Tenacious Toys] The Greaser by Davemarkart If you're a bit tougher, then perhaps Davemarkart's The Greaser Munny is up your alley. Based on the 1950s greaser look, Dave's given his toothy creature some slicked back hair and a "T-Birds" gang leather jacket. You can pick up The Greaser for US$180 in the Davemarkart shop. [via Tenacious Toys] Sharkface, Zombie and Space Rabbit Dunnys; and Mercenary Smuggler Trikky by Stu Witter Stu Witter has yet again put together a batch of Dunny customs. He's done a zombie commissioned custom, along with the Space Rabbit Dunny that used Pac23's 2012 Series Dunny as the base and a 7-inch Trikky that's a eyepatch-wearing, gun-totting mercenary cat. But the one I like the best is the Sharkface Dunny, playing a bit off the Scarface name (and he's even wearing Tony Montana's outfit from the 1983 film!) with the ears becoming shark eyes. It looks awesome! For more photos, be sure to check out Stu's Facebook page! Custom Kracka by Map-Map Finally, there's Map-Map's custom for the upcoming Dragons show at the SHO Gallery. Giving him wings, a longer neck and a broken horn, the piece has a bit of an ancient relic feel to it. You know, like something you might see scrawled on a tapestry or unearthed from a excavation site, made by some long-lost culture. [via SpankyStokes] [If there are any custom Dunnys or Munnys you spot and want to see featured in this feature, feel free to e-mail us at tips (at) tomopop (dot) com!]
Munn-day Recap photo

It's Monday, and that can only mean one thing: Munn-day Morning Recap is here! This week, we bring you some sweet treats, a shark with attitude, a famous face from Hollywood history, at least one mythical creature, and of cou...

Munn-day Morning Recap: Hazardous to your health

Jul 23 // Brian Szabelski
Poison II "The Deadly 7 and Legion Dose" Dunny series by Zukaty You might remember Zukaty's past Poison Dunnys, but he's recently released his Poison II "The Deadly 7 and Legion Dose" Dunny series. The series features seven Dunnys: five black 3-inch ones, a red chase and a yellow chase. Also available is a Legion Dose 8-inch Dunny, and all the Dunnys are bagged with a header card, mini-canvas original art and an "I've been poisoned" badge/pin. Want one? The yellow and some black Dunnys are still available in Zukaty's shop. However, Zukaty also says the following: "If they sell out and more interest is shown I will run a 24-hour open commission/pre-order, for those collectors that might have missed out, and really want one; these will be made on demand on a 6-10 week waiting list on a first-come, first-served basis." Let him know on his Facebook page if you want more Poison Dunnys, because this is your last chance to nab one! Punisher Munnys by Grimsheep Speaking of things bad for your health, I would say The Punisher can be quite hazardous if you're in his sights! These three 7-inch Munnys, each for sale for US$300, comes packing weapons, and each is one-of-a-kind. Very cool stuff! [via toycutter] Bane Munny by Kreativ31 Also dangerous? I would think Bane qualifies. Kreativ31 brings us the Dark Knight Rises look of Bane, and considering that Kreativ31 is a bit of a newcomer, it's not that bad. Everything's sculpted from polymer clay and painted with acrylics; he's only missing his jacket, I think! [via SpankyStokes] Dunmeat by Motorbot If Motorbot's past grinning resins have caught your eye, then his 3-inch Dunmeat customs might be something you were hoping to pick up. Sadly, these were sold out almost as soon as they went up, but each one comes in either a clear vinyl or glow-in-the-dark vinyl for only US$12. That's crazy; these have much more work than some of your average US$9.95 Dunnys. Hopefully, there will be some variant of these in the future so we can pick them up again! [via The Blot Says] What A Day For A Daydream by Pause Designs From the lands up north called Canada, Pause Designs brings us a lumberjack who dreams of nothing more but working in the forests. The 8-inch Dunny has real boots and clothing, an ax, chest and arm hair and it's in someone's collection. That's right: it's a commission, but a beautiful one at that! [via Kidrobot blog] Australian Stand Over Koala and Cop; Bolivian Alpaca Chemist and Jungle Patrol; and Mickey Dunny by Stu Witter Stu Witter has put together another batch of Dunny customs. Two of them are pairings: the two koalas and the two alpacas, each forming a themed set and coming with handmade weapons by Stu. But if you're a fan of the Mouse, Stu's cooked up a small Dunny based on his appearance as well, complete with red pants. [via Tenacious Toys Blog] Shikko-sha Dunny — Subscriber Ver. by Artmymind Artmymind has made an edition of 20 handcrafted custom 3-inch Dunnys for their subscribers, using the Shikko-sha Dunny base. The difference is this one is painted yellow and not teal like the mystery edition. Gotta love the Eastern-inspired look for this custom; I know it's the one thing I love most about Artmymind's work! I'm the Real Chase by Kong Andri Inspired by the Dunny 2012 Series, Kong Andri has made a new custom that's called I'm the Real Chase, based off the idea of the mysterious chase figure. Andri says, "I thought it would be funny when someone open a dunny and got the real chase with black/white colour with question mark just really like on the packaging." A fun little idea, I think! The 3-inch Dunnys are blank, outside of a question mark on the front and some text on the back reading "I'm the real chase" and "?/??" You can pre-order these in the Kong Andri store for US$45 for each individual figure or US$80 for the set, shipping extra. They're limited to 7 pieces for each colorway. Onryo by Davidkraig Davidkraig has turned a 4-inch Munny into something fantastic with the demonic Onryo. According to Davidkraig, "Onryo is a Japanese demon who is able to return to the physical world in order to seek vengeance ... look out!" Made with Super Sculpey and acrylics, this guy has some incredible detail on him and I'd love to have him on my shelf!  Skeletal Munny by Joseph Ayala Finally, we have a custom from Joseph Ayala, a 7-inch skeletal Munny. Joseph was worried his cut-out body style might be too close to an artist he respected in DrilOne, so he reached out to Dril to make sure Dril didn't think he was stealing. Of course, Dril was cool with the design and said it definitely wasn't stealing (I agree with the assessment), and so, Joseph's decided he's going to go forward with making 10 of these that he'll sell. The skeleton in the hollowed-out body is made of Sculpey and the Munny head has been redone to add a jaw, toothy grin and a skull fracture. We'll keep an eye out for more details on the release! [If there are any custom Dunnys or Munnys you spot and want to see featured in this feature, feel free to e-mail us at tips (at) tomopop (dot) com!]
Hazardous photo

It's been a while since we've had Munn-day Morning Recap due to San Diego Comic Con, but it's back this week with some incredible new custom pieces. If there's a theme this week, it's things that are dangerous or hazardous: k...

Munn-day Morning Recap: Instruments of Death

Jun 25 // Brian Szabelski
Mr. Death Inside #2 Munny by RX As always, we start with the custom featured in the header. Does the title make more sense now? Our friend in Italy RX has sent us pictures of his newest work, a new Mr. Death Inside Munny turning the protagonist from Me and Mr. Death into a mech, piloted by a tiny Mr. Death himself! Very cool stuff, especially how the head opens up to reveal a full cockpit with Mr. Death at the controls. Rupert and Ronnie by Roar With Lukas From Vienna, Roar With Lukas has created Rupert and Ronnie, an old-man Munny with his Dunny/Labbit hybrid dog. It's a cool little piece with a nice little brown palette, and I like how the Dunny/Labbit looks so seamless! For more photos, feel free to check out Lukas' Facebook page! [via SpankyStokes] Tr!ckster by Bill Hewitt In celebration of the second annual Tr!ckster Convention happening this summer in San Diego, at the same time as San Diego Comic Con, Bill Hewitt has made the Tr!ckster mascot using ... what else, a Trikky from Kidrobot! I'd have to say, with that top hat and monocle, he's the second-best mascot I know. You can probably guess number one. *wink* [via toycutter] Goodnight Panda Dunnys by Stu Witter One or two MMRs ago, we featured Stu Witter's Goodnight Panda and mentioned there would be more news. There was: he made 10 unique Goodnight Panda customs, each with a slight tweak to the face or body or paint to make it different, and set them free in his store (where they all promptly sold out). As I think I mentioned before, they remind me of those John Woo action flicks with Chow Yun Fat in them. Just need a few tiny doves to be perfect ... Iron Dunny by Mone86 As far as detail goes, Mone86's 8-inch Iron Man-inspired Dunny might be one of the best this week. Painted with a nice silvery sheen, Mone has etched into the Dunny's surface some nice lines representing the armor's segments while wrapping them around the Dunny, too. It was made for a friend of Mone's who happens to be an Iron Man fan as well. Check out more photos of the Dunny as a work-in-progress here! Frozen Juju by JFury Looking for a voodoo theme to your Foomi? Then JFury has what you're looking for with his bluesy Frozen Juju! Painted in an icy color scheme, this 7-inch Foomi is a witch doctor with a skull-cracking hammer in hand. This piece was sold to a lucky buyer for US$225, hopefully without a curse of any sort! Ice Cream's Monster by Bruscolino Bruscolino's sent along some photos of his Munnyworld entries, and the one that really caught my eye was Ice Cream's Monster. Why? Well, with his usual gooey style, Bruscolino's ice-cream-eating creature looks like he's slobbering all over his popsicle with a wild-eyed stare. ICE CREAM MADNESS!!!! Spaced Invader by Menace Inc. Studios (Jeff Beck) For the Toy Invaderz show opening in Chicago this Saturday, Jeff Beck has put together another Invader-themed piece, appropriately enough. This one is an 8-inch Munny that, as you might have guessed, lights up. The illuminated piece can be seen in out gallery in all its bluish, Space Invaders-themed glory. Dunny by JALOS JALOS has a few new custom Dunnys up on his Flickr page, each one with a bright, vibrant color pattern. The pink one you see here? Actually my favorite of the bunch, in part because of that intense stare. Looks like its peering into my soul ... The Feather (top) and The Leaf (bottom) by f+ Finally, we have two new customs to share from f+ that aren't commissions! Two 3-inch Dunnys, The Feather and The Leaf are available, complete with their little weapons and high levels of detail. Each one is a one-off figure and both are available in the f+ shop for US$125 right now. I am having to fight off urges to buy The Leaf this very instant. [If there are any custom Dunnys or Munnys you spot and want to see featured in this feature, feel free to e-mail us at tips (at) tomopop (dot) com!]
Instruments of Death photo

Good morning, Tomopop, and welcome to another edition of Munn-day Morning Recap! And if it's not morning where you are, the you must live on the dark side of the moon. I hear it's quite cold there, so be sure to bundle up! Th...

Munn-day Morning Recap: This is adorable

Jun 18 // Brian Szabelski
Revenge of the Wolves by Otto Bjornik and his little sister As always, we start with the custom featured in the header, from Otto Bjornik and his little sister. A Little Red Riding Hood-themed set, there's an adorable bunny Red Riding Hood 3-inch Dunny, alongside a bigger 8-inch Big Bad Wolf Dunny and two 3-inch Wolf Kid Dunnys. You can also see that both the Little Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf Dunnys come dressed in real fabric clothing, which can be removed if you'd like to reveal some more of the paintwork. But really ... why would you? They look plenty awesome enough as is! [via toycutter] Falkor by A Little Stranger A Little Stranger (a.k.a. Holly Stanway) has been working on something alongside her usual Cavey releases.  Look familiar? It's Falkor from The Neverending Story, in Munny form! I have to say, the face sculpting and the eyes look awesome on this, and if you're in Cardiff, Wales, you'll be able to see this as part of the upcoming Dragons show at SHO Gallery. [via SpankyStokes] Comic Stripped: Venom by VISEone VISEone has a new Comic Stripped Munny out there, and it is of Marvel's Venom! Like usual, the Munny features comic book pages wrapped around a Munny body, with additional sculpting that includes a nice Venom-style set of teeth on the head. Venom is on the VISEone shop for €80. Just in Time by Zukaty For the Just in Time show, Zukaty's made a custom called ... Just in Time. It's a remarkable piece, though, meant to emulate the Delorean Time Machine heading back through time itself, complete with flaming tire trails. The rear end of the Delorean can be seen passing through the Dunny's head itself, and the effect that creates is awfully cool. What's more, Zukaty is taking commissions for a set number of these 8-inch Dunnys to be made; just e-mail him for more info. Zucron the Head Hunter by Zukaty Also from Zukaty is his Dragons piece, Zucron the Head Hutter, a custom Kracka turned into a spear-wielding reptile. For some more photos of this custom, including a lot of work-in-progress, be sure to check out Zukaty's Flickr page set up especially for this custom! He's also teasing that a new Poison Dunny set is on the way, and it'll be a larger Dunny he's using, too! Focus Karate Kid by Tony Gil The paintjob on this Munny is pretty simple, but it's the sculpting job here that's really worth noting. Tony has resculpted the Munny arms and legs (in a manner inspired by The Karate Kid) to create a cool-looking ninja. If you'd like to pick one up, you can find a few left in his store for US$110. [via Tenacious Toys Blog] Chicken Munny by Cache Graffiti artist Cache is known for his chicken murals ... so for They Came From The Streets 2, why not make a chicken Munny? This fellow is fully feathered out, with additional work done on the red comb, and the mouth part of the Munny's head turned into a painted-on beak. There's even a tail on the backside, too, as no detail's been left out! Ice Cream and Beer? by Betso New from Betso is another little green, one-eyed fellow with a beer in one hand and ice cream in the other. The drool on his chin seems to make it look like he's a bit of a glutton. Maybe he's asking you if it's ok to have a little bit of both before dinner? [via toycutter] The Magician by davidkraig From davidkraig comes a 4-inch Munny/3-inch Dunny duo for a Custom Toy Union trade. David says he had a hard time letting this fellow go, with his canvas hat and curling mustache, and I can't blame him. It's a pretty neat combination, especially how the rabbit Dunny fits inside the hat ... even if the rabbit looks a bit evil. Chewbacca by davidkraig Also from davidkraig is a new 4-inch Munny of Chewbacca, looking a bit angry. I don't know what anyone did to piss the Wookie off ... but they might regret it later. Especially with that bowcaster in hand, ready to fire. It's a Trap by DCAY This Munny/Dunny combo by DCAY features a poor helpless Dunny in the grasp of a monstrous Venus fly trap Munny. The vines are, of course, sculpted on, while the base is wooden with a flocked "grass" floor to it. Just remember: even if a Munny looks safe, it could hold a hungry creature inside! [via Tenacious Toys Blog] Phil by Travis Lykins Travis is one-half of the crew who runs Urban Vinyl Daily, and he's sent us a picture of his latest custom, a 3-inch Dunny named Phil. Made with Sculpty and acrylic paints, Phil looks pretty basic, but there's some nice details on his face. He looks a bit like a walking chunk of lava rock, if you ask me! Phil can be purchased for US$50 by e-mailing Travis. King of the Board customs by Task One Finally, we have a new King of the Boards over in Kidrobot's part of the world! Task One is the next artist to get the title, and he's taken his Outburst style to six different figures, including a Dunny with LED illumination! I like that one the best, to be honest. You can head on over to the Kidrobot blog (link below) to enter and win one of these customs, as there's different ways to win each one. [via Kidrobot Blog] [If there are any custom Dunnys or Munnys you spot and want to see featured in this feature, feel free to e-mail us at tips (at) tomopop (dot) com!]

Welcome back to another edition of Munn-day Morning Recap, and if you haven't guessed, today's theme is things that are adorable. There's a few this week worth noting, for sure, along with time travel, deadly traps, a Wookie, ninjas ... and a chicken? Yes, indeed.  Well, what are you waiting for? Hit the jump and let's go!  

Munn-day Morning Recap: Beep beep

May 28 // Brian Szabelski
Bentie the Bentley by Teru Fujita As usual, we go to the custom featured in the header, and this week, it's Teru Fujita's Bentie the Bentley. Made for the Candy Coated Custom Show, Bentie is a 7-inch Munny made to look like a luxurious, living Bentley vehicle, and what's amazing is that this is Teru's first custom toy. Period. Incredible work here, and Teru says he wants to do some more, including a Lancia Stratos rally car (YESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYES), and then a VW bus. I'm looking forward to those as well! In the meanwhile, check out more work-in-progress photos on Teru's Flickr. [via Tenacious Toys Blog] Smokey by Ian Ziobrowski Ian's custom for the Most Wanted show was the biggest hippie in town, Smokey. According to Ian, "This guy is always wondering around, searching for the finest crop in town. Unfortunately, his paranoia dominates his cool ninety percent of the time, thinking the whole world is watching him. So pretty much ... he's useless." The water pipe accessory and removable glasses serve as bonuses to some great sculpting and painting on the long-haired Smokey. Goodnight Panda's Greatest Hits by Stu Witter Stu's previously worked on a custom commission for a collector featuring 10 custom 3-inch Dunnys featuring his Goodnight Panda character. One of them is the dude you see above with the pistol in his hand and blood splattered on his suit. For some reason, it reminds me of Chow Yun-Fat's Inspector Tequilla character in the movies he and John Woo did. It's just missing a few sculpted pigeons and we'd be all set! Parental Advisory by Wuz One Wuz One likes hip hop. Wuz One likes vinyl. Combining the two with a bit of an urban theme to it? Yep, works out fine! Some nice work here and lots of cool little hip-hop elements and well-known artists on the custom. Steampunk Dunny by 2BitHack From 2BitHack comes this creative little steampunk fellow, whose arms has popped off and is now the source of a leak of ... some goo? Seems like he should plug that up. It's a great little touch, though, and the glass vials filled with green liquid look pretty cool with the steampunk theme, too. [via SpankyStokes] Ice Cream Dunny v2.0 by Jennipho Jennipho likes to make customs of sweet things (as evidenced by our past posts of her work) and now, she's back with a new series of her Ice Cream Dunnys! Coming soon from Jenni, these Sculpey-built pieces will be in a variety of flavors, including: Birthday Cake Ice Cream and Confetti Cake, Strawberry Shortcake with Vanilla Ice Cream and Strawberry Bits, Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream and Chocolate Cake, Cotton Candy Ice Cream and White Cake, and Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream and Chocolate Fudge Drizzle. Yum! [via SpankyStokes] Fat Batman by Cash Cannon Combining a Dunny head with what appears to be a Bic Buddy's body, Cash Cannon ha put together a portly Batman. He's even munching on a hand-sculpted ice cream cone that he's slobbering all over his costume. Quick, the Bat-Shake Weight! [via Tenacious Toys Blog] Swamp Thing Munny by Sekure D More customs based from comics? Don't mind if I do! Sekure D has put up a new Munnyworld Contest entry on his Flickr, and it's a 7-inch custom based off of Swamp Thing. Check out the detail on this fellow! Love the vines on this guy! Black & White by ReddPrime Finally ... we have a part-Munny custom. With the body of a McFarlane Spawn Overtkill the Destroyer figure, ReddPrime has kind of turned his half-Munny, half-figure creation into a Spawn-like villain. I think he could kick my butt, and as far as I know, he's still available for purchase on Vinyl Destination. [via SpankyStokes] [If there are any custom Dunnys or Munnys you spot and want to see featured in this feature, feel free to e-mail us at tips (at) tomopop (dot) com!]

Welcome back to another edition of Munn-day Morning Recap, and since I spent the weekend broiling alive in Indianapolis, I have cars on the mind! Sadly, there's only one I get to see to quench my thirst (the pun makes sense w...

Munn-day Morning Recap: Customize, You Must

May 14 // Brian Szabelski
Yodatrooper by Squink! As usual, we go to the custom featured in the header, and this week, it's Squink!'s Yodatrooper. A custom he did for a recent show, Squink! has put his own twist on the Jedi master ... and put him in Stormtrooper armor? Interesting choice, but it's definitely unique, that's for certain. Darth Vader and Stormtrooper by Stu Witter From London comes Stu Witter and his recent commissioned Darth Vader and Stormtrooper customs. Check out the detailing on the armor bodies for both Vader and the Stormtrooper. They look incredibly clean, and with the way Stu's sculpted the eyes, they look a little bit aggravated, don't they? [via SpankyStokes] Boba Fett by David Brodsky A commissioned piece from David Brodsky, this is a 4-inch Munny made to look like the best bounty hunter in the Star Wars galaxy. Made with super sculpey, acrylic paints and leather for the belt, the detail on this little dude is killer. Check out his shoulders or jetpack, for example. Great work!  JINX by David Brodsky Also from David, we have a new 7-inch Munny he did for Kidrobot New York's in-store custom contest. JINX has had a whole lot of sculpting and paintwork done, but the best part on this minion is that his eyes are LED illuminated. They glow red when activated, and I can imagine how creepy it's got to look in the dark! LoInHoFu by Jon Paul Kaiser New from Jon Paul Kaiser is the first in a series of Chuckboys he's doing. Using his black and white paint scheme, he's constructed a part-robot, part-skeleton character with kanji scrawled on his head. My Japanese is rusty, but it has something about being hostile. Could it be a fallen warrior? Interesting ... Butterphant by Mone86 From Italy, Mone86 sends us one of his entries for the Kidrobot Munnyworld Contest in May. Inspired a bit by Disney's Dumbo, Mone has made an elephant with butterfly wings for ears. Why? So they can fly away from oppression and be as free as a butterfly, apparently! Not to mention the detail on the wing-ears looks pretty cool, too. Save The Rhino Custom Bub by Mone86 Also for the Munnyworld contest, Mone86 made this one to highlight the problem of how humans hunt down animals, like rhinos, without so much as a care for the future. He's turned a Bub into a rhino that's protesting, complete with a little sign. Star Sprite Foomi by The Jelly Empire Also for the Kidrobot New York in-store custom contest, The Jelly Empire has put together a stellar Foomi ... well, quite literally. Featuring a body criss-crossed with stars on a field of black and magenta, Star Sprite holds a star wand in hand with a giant, toothed grin. Is it benevolent ... or malevolent? Perhaps both! Sun and Moon by Fuller Fuller's cooked up a commission for friend, starting with this MADL/Dunny set. Wanting a custom that shows off some of Fuller's airbrushing skills, namely his fades, Fuller came up with a moon and sun pairing with some great fading work on Moon's stars and the "burning" look to Sun's limbs.  Sand Warrior by Fuller Next for Fuller's friend, he's made a custom Chuckboy 2Tone Dunny who looks a bit scary with those glowing eyes under that hood. "He's a mech unit that roams the sands," Fuller says. "Many a warrior has gone into the desert looking to test their skills against him, but none have yet to return." And I would not like to even test such a scary beast. Herbie the Love Snail by Fuller Finally, Fuller's friend also commissioned another piece for his collection of custom snails. He also happens to like cars, so Fuller went and made THE BEST 2012 SERIES BETSO DUNNY EVER. It's based off Herbie the Love Bug from days of Disney past (that Lindsay Lohan movie NEVER HAPPENED), one of my favorite franchises from my childhood, and it looks awesome. Fuller says Herbie is his all-time favorite, too, which only makes this better. [If there are any custom Dunnys or Munnys you spot and want to see featured in this feature, feel free to e-mail us at tips (at) tomopop (dot) com!]

Welcome back to another edition of Munn-day Morning Recap, and yes, if you haven't guessed, this week has a partial Star Wars theme to it. Not that there's any reason besides several Star Wars custom Dunnys, Munnys and the li...

Munn-day Morning Recap: Robot Sideburns

Apr 30 // Brian Szabelski
Clunk by Ume Toys As usual, we go to the custom featured in the header, and this week, it's Ume Toys' Clunk, a custom Foomi turned into a robot. And I like robots, of course. I mean, look at those giant side-fin-things. Robot sideburns, maybe? It looks perhaps top heavy and a pain to put on a shelf due to the size, but I'd buy it anyways. And Rich may be looking for a new home for his piece: e-mail him to see if it's still available. Mega Pacquiao by JFury JFury's latest custom Munny is an 18-inch Mega Munny of Filipino boxing champion Manny Pacquiao, featuring some sculpted gloves. Not much sculpting beyond that, but the paint job looks very clean. He was on sale for US$800, but has already found a buyer. Check out the gallery for a few other shots! Jungle Totem Dunny by Reactor88 For something a bit smaller, there's Reactor88's Jungle Totem Dunny. A version of his usual Totem Dunnys, the difference here is this Dunny is in a shade of green instead of black and blue, along with some of the red accents that we're accustomed to seeing from Reactor88. Sadly, this little guy sold out because he accidentally went up on his store early. Candy Rabbit by Philippe "Barratatouille" Barra From France comes a new custom from Philippe "Barratatouille" Barra, Candy Rabbit. The 4-inch Munny features a little fleece bunny costume, metal meat cleaver and severed head. He also seems to be a new artist to the designer ranks, so please keep an eye out for his work in the future! [via SpankyStokes] Mr. Death Inside by Roberto Gionta Our friend Roberto Gionta has a new Munny he's just finished, featuring Mr. Death popping out of ... well, Roberto! Or rather, I guess he's wearing a Roberto costume, maybe, and he's got a life-like mask? In any case, it's Mr. Death undercover, though why Death needs to be undercover is perhaps another question to answer ... [via SpankyStokes] Acid Flow Munny by TheGiven From South Africa, we have the graffiti-styled Acid Flow Munny of TheGiven. Seven inches tall, this Munny is cool for one thing in particular: TheGiven has sculpted the graffiti-styled arrows on top of the surface of the Munny, giving them a clear visual pop other than the darker green color he used. This piece has a new home, and some collector is a lucky fellow to have it! [via SpankyStokes] Custom Skullhead Dunny by Grimsheep There aren't many Skullhead Dunnys out there, and even fewer customs from artists because they're so rare. However, Grimsheep has taken the task of customizing one in his usual style, which reminds me a bit of a sugar skull at times. But maybe since this is a Skullhead Dunny, it fits that much nicer. [via Kidrobot Blog] Sora by Quan Vu It's been a while since we've heard from Quan Vu, but he's recently Tweeted a new custom in his store. Sora is an 8-inch Munny who is apparently a sky dragon, painted in bright colors and a whole lot of sky blue. She is signed and hand-numbered and is for sale for US$200 if you'd like to pick her up. Bonsai Munny by Shez Shez's newest custom is based off of one of his favorites, a cherry blossom-themed Munny he recently sold. Instead, he's created a bonsai-themed Munny, featuring the tree both painted on to the body and head of the Munny, as well as sculpted out of the side of the Munny's head. It's a cool looking piece the way it seems to blend from a flatter 2-D style to a full 3-D style without being jarring. [via SpankyStokes] Worms by Bruscolino Bruscolino has sent us photos of some more customs he's been working on, and one of them is a series of Dunnys named the Worms. As you can tell, each has had its body stretched a bit and comes with Bruscolino's trademark big eyes and "gooey" style. I also like how they're all each a bit different, including one who's got three eyes instead of two. CyberNinja and Apocaghast by Don P Two recent commissions completed by Don P made, done in his Apocalypse style, kind of remind me a bit of my G.I. Joes growing up. That's especially the case for CyberNinja, who looks a bit like a different version of Snake Eyes. Apocaghast kind of looks like a former bomber pilot who's been through hell and back, wearing a tinted flight mask.  [via Tenacious Toys Blog] General Loh by Jason Chalkner Game developer 7sizty contacted Jason Chalkner and two other artists recently to make custom Munnys of characters from their upcoming Xbox 360 game Kung Fu Strike, and Jason did General Loh. The main butt-kicker in the game, Jason says this Munny debuted recently at Anime Matsuri in Houston, and I think it turned out well. There's kind of an oil painting look to him up close and  [via toycutter] Ash Munny by Jeff Beck Evil Dead fans, Jeff Beck has finished up a Munny of protagonist Ash, complete with torn-up clothing and chainsaw replacing his hand. The 8-inch Munny has a more overstated, cartoonish features, especially in the face, but he's still got plenty of detail to look over. Like a few other pieces featured, this is a custom that was commissioned, so some lucky collector has this on their shelf! [via SpankyStokes] Fizzul, Friend of the Mushrooms by TheLozBoz TheLozBoz is more known for her plush, but she can make a mean custom designer vinyl figure, too! Her first 3-inch Dunny is the fellow you see above, Fizzul is a little pink fellow who looks d'awwwwwwwwwwwwwww adorable. The sculpting detail on this Dunny is amazing, and I think the paint job looks great as well. Oh, and her better half is featured as the artist of the next Dunny ... [via SpankyStokes] The Dilemma — Young Tengu by Squink! Finally, Squink! taps my love of all things Japanese with his new tengu-shaped Dunny. That huge nose looks awesome on the Dunny, and it's got a nice grayscale look to it. I might have to ask Mr. Squink! if he's taking commissions, because I would love a custom Tengu Dunny right about now ... [If there are any custom Dunnys or Munnys you spot and want to see featured in this feature, feel free to e-mail us at tips (at) tomopop (dot) com!]

Welcome back to another edition of Munn-day Morning Recap! It's been a while since we've featured some of the cool customs out there, in part because it's been a bit hectic lately. Thankfully, though, customs don't just disap...

Munn-day Morning Recap: Grim outlook

Apr 09 // Brian Szabelski
Grim by Squink! As usual, we go to the custom featured in the header, and this week brings us Squink!'s Grim. He's a black, gloomy fellow made as a commissioned piece using a 3-inch Dunny. As usual from Squink!, there's some nice sculptwork on the head and ears that really make this Dunny stand out. Hinotama by Troy Stith New from Troy Stith is his latest commissioned Dunnsai piece, Hinotama. Seen here on the sculpting table, you can see it's not really a huge piece at only 4 inches across, but the twisting tree branches creates a cool look to it. Spiderman by Cash Cannon Besides having a cool artist name, Cash Cannon made a simple, yet cool looking Spiderman Munny. It even comes on a matching base! [via toycutter] The Pilfer by Bill Hewitt In need of a disgruntled-looking burglar to do your dirty work? Bill Hewitt might have what you're looking for, and he even comes with a little bit of cash, all in a nice bundle! You can buy it from Bill for US$150. [via toycutter] Trey Anastasio Munny by Ian Ziobrowski Phish fans might have a favorite custom from this week's post, because Ian Ziobrowski has taken to making a custom Munny of Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio. It's a nice 7-inch Munny complete with guitar and glasses.  Akuma by Ian Ziobrowski If you're a Street Fighter fan, though, you might like his custom 3-inch Akuma Dunny instead. Made as a commissioned piece, all the details definitely are here from the pointy hair to the prayer beads to the glowing red eyes.  C-3PO and Boba Fett by Sekure D As part of the CTU Star Wars Dunny series, Sekure D put together two customs based off of C-3PO and Boba Fett. If you guessed I like the Boba Fett one ... you would be right. The C-3PO one features some design changes (like only having one eye), but it's not too bad, either. [via SpankyStokes] Felin Husky by Pause Designs For the Most Wanted 3 Dunny series, Pause Designs put together an amazing custom Dunny that uses every part of the Dunny in little hidden ways. The body becomes a spring rider in the shape of an uncomfortable duck, the head and ears become the fat child's body and arms, and the feet turn into his shoes. The end result? What you see above, which looks purely wonderful. [via OpportunityLOL] Grumpy by Kevin Gosselin Finally, for this week's final featured custom, we have a new piece from the always-talented Kevin Gosselin. Kevin's piece is a birthday gift for a fellow artist who happens to like bulldogs ... so he combined all of that into his piece, featuring a painting bulldog character. The pose is actually based off of Kevin's daughter, who also likes to keep her hands tucked into her overalls like Grumpy does.  [via SpankyStokes] [If there are any custom Dunnys or Munnys you spot and want to see featured in this feature, feel free to e-mail us at tips (at) tomopop (dot) com!]

Welcome back to another edition of Munn-day Morning Recap! And if it's not exactly morning where you are, it will be eventually. Give it time. But in the meanwhile, why not check out some customs, because we've got some super...

Munn-day Morning Recap: Home Sweet Home

Apr 02 // Brian Szabelski
Home Sweet Home by Shez So let's start, as always, with the custom featured in the header. We haven't posted something by Shez in a while, but his newest custom Munny is pretty cool! Home Sweet Home is a custom Munny featuring a little bird perched atop a nest in a tree. But that's not all: according to Shez, this custom was inspired by the little blue bird that sits on top of Huck Gee's Samurai Hicks character. The little M&B heart carved into the trunk, too, is the initials of Shez and his wife. Awesome stuff, and we'll have to look for more from Shez in the future! [via SpankyStokes] Cyber-ized Dunnys by Muffinman Muffinman has made two customized Dunnys for Kidrobot boardie lfarnc, taking a Chuckboy 2Tone Dunny and a regular Dunny, then transforming them into mechs. Considering how much I like robots, I've got to say I love the finished look and I wish I was the lucky owner of these two, especially the one on the left that kind of reminds me of some tokusatsu mech. [via toycutter] Wedding Dunny set by Lunabee Popping up on her Flickr, Lunabee has just completed a new set of Dunnys commissioned by a couple here in the U.S. for their wedding. The details are even based on their actual dress and tuxedo that they'll be wearing for the wedding. I think the end result turned out pretty well, don't you? Congrats to whoever the lucky couple is, as well! Lambert by Ume Toys Another new custom from Ume Toys, Lambert is a Kracka who also happens to be a dragon that loves his match. Don't try to take it from him, apparently because he'll kick your butt! Rich has made this custom for the upcoming Dragons show at the SHO Gallery in Cardiff, Wales, U.K. on Aug. 18. We'll probably see a few more customs from the show in the next few months, so stay tuned! Spiki Lee and PandoMo by Nakanari Nakanari's been busy lately with customs, it seems, because he's turned out quite a few! To begin with, there's his Bruce Lee-inspired Spiki Lee and PandoMo customs. That PandoMo looks pretty darn cool and is my favorite of the two, perhaps because I've seen quite a few Bruce Lee-inspired custom figures in the past already with that Game of Death outfit. [via Kidrobot Blog] Ninja Spiki, Cyber Spiki, Ninja Skitty and Skitty Dunnys by Nakanari Also from Nakanari are a set of 3-inch Dunnys based on his Spiki and Skitty characters. About what you'd expect from Nakanari, but still some nice detailing.  [via Kidrobot Blog] Custom Dunny by Deeten Deeten has a new custom up on his Tumblr page that looks quite a bit like it was inspired by Takashi Murakami's art style. It's an old piece, according to Deeten, but looks pretty cool! Gum Gum by Bruscolino A new custom from Bruscolino with his "gooey" style, Gum Gum kind of lives up to its name, looking like a bunch of pink bubble gum that's come to life. I'll let you chew over whether you like this little fellow or not while I stick to just making bad puns and finishing this feature! Most Wanted Series 3 Dunny by Grimsheep Grimsheep's custom Dunny for the upcoming Most Wanted Series 3 Dunny set doesn't have a name, but we do have photos of what it'll look like! It's interesting, feeling like a combination between a sugar skull from Dia de Los Muertos, but also with plenty of geisha and eastern touches to it, too.  [via SpankyStokes] The customs of Rojo Bermelo's MUNNY INVASION 3.0 (featured Munny by Rade Radeus) Monterrey, Mexico's Rojo Bermelo recently had itself a big custom Munny show, and we could in fact do an entire series of posts of the 41 custom Munnys that made the cut.  However, someone else has already done that for us. Head over to the Kidrobot Blog and/or Rojo Bermelo's Facebook page for a big ol' gallery of them all and let us know if you find a favorite! [If there are any custom Dunnys or Munnys you spot and want to see featured in this feature, feel free to e-mail us at tips (at) tomopop (dot) com!]

Munn-day Morning Recap returns with a whole load of new customs! Sure, some of our writers are suffering from Wrestlemania-induced sleepiness, but that doesn't mean the news (or the customs) stop flooding our inbox! And yes, it's been a while, so that means we get to travel through the backlog to check out some cool pieces. Well, what are you waiting for? Hit the jump to check them all out!

Munn-day Morning Recap: Creatures from the deep

Feb 27 // Brian Szabelski
Garamon Dunny by Chauskoskis As usual, we start with the Dunny featured in the header image. This time around, it's Chauskoskis' take on the kaiju characters Garamon and Pigimon for the Garamaniacal show at FOE in Northampton, Mass.  [via Kidrobot Blog] The City by Davey Bento For a first custom Munny, Davey Bento's The City isn't a bad one by any means. Subtitled as "A Munny Noir," Davey has taken the monochromatic style of old 1920s and 1930s films and applied it to his Munny, adding in a sculpted city with trees and buildings on top of the Munny's head. It's very simple, yet it feels really elegant, too. [via OpportunityLOL] 36th Teddytank Batallion by Dust Ah, Dust knows the way to my heart. His newest custom is a battle-worn combat mech, and he's even added in a nice base that's worn and weathered, too. I love the armor plating details on this piece, and swapping out arms for weapons is a good way to get noticed by me. Hey, what can I say? I love me some fightin' robots. [via SpankyStokes] Tiger Dunny by Justin "JFury" Phillips Commissioned by Kidrobot forums member Krash, this is the latest edition to Krash's growing tiger custom collection. Seriously, he has a lot of them. And I'm somewhat jealous. [via Tenacious Toys Blog] Timber! by Hugh Rose Hugh's latest custom is a take on the 2Tone Chuckboy Dunny, featuring a lumberjack who happens to be a bit clumsy. In fact, he's so clumsy, he chopped a few limbs off. But it's okay; he built replacements out of wood. Still, he's a beaver with wooden limbs ... is he ever tempted to gnaw on his leg? [via OpportunityLOL] Mitsurugi Munny by Mone86 From Italy, Mone86 sends us photos of two of his newest creations. First up, a custom Munny of Mitsurugi from the Soulcalibur series of fighting games. It's actually a custom that resembles Mitsurugi pretty well, and he's even got his hakama (albeit Munny-sized) and katana. For more work-in-progress photos, check out the matching Facebook album on Mone's page! Iron Man Munny by Mone86 Mone86 has also made a customized Munny that doesn't have any fancy light-up pieces like some other customs I've seen, but it looks good none the less! More work-in-progress photos are viewable here. Back to Daylight by Los Agge Greece's Los Agge has passed along photos of his newest custom, Back to Daylight. He's turned the face of the Munny into a stylish face, positioning it in a blue sky above birds, clouds, flowering plants and more. And you can pick up this custom on Los Agge's shop right now, if you like it! Arashi Clan Dunnys by Artmymind New from Julia and Guillaume Lachambre's studio are these three little ninjas in shadow, red and blue colorways. Each one has a different weapon though they share the same basic design. Sadly, they're all sold out now, with only 10 of each having been made. One day, I'll own an Artmymind Dunny. One day ... *sigh* Optimus Prime Dunny by Motorbot If you're like me, and you like to forget about the Michael Bay Transformers films, then let Motorbot's newest custom 3-inch Dunny do just that. He's sculpted a pint-sized Optimus Prime that comes with a little pistol and lots of attitude. Better yet, you can pick this Dunny up at the Dead Bear Studios store for US$50 right now! [via The Blot Says] Totem by Squink! New from Squink! comes Totem, a Dunny that looks like it came from some long-lost civilization. Squink!'s time sculpting his upcoming resin release made him experiment a bit on Totem, and the end result, I think is quite nice looking. Don't you agree? Misfit Monsters by UNCLE Studio Spotted on the Tenacious Toys blog were these new 3-inch Dunnys from UNCLE Studio, the Misfit Monsters. These guys are available right now at Tenacious Toys for US$70 each. Lots of detailing on these little dudes! Snow Guardian and Rider by Bruscolino Art Toys Also coming to us from Italy are the newest creations from Bruscolino Art Toys. First up, Bruscolino's Snow Guardian and Rider, taking a Labbit and Munny to create a rider and beast tandem! I like how the Rider has a nice spot on the back to rest in while he has hold of the reins. Bibat by Bruscolino Art Toys Finally, we have Bibat, Bruscolino's newest creation. Taking a custom Trikky as its base, Bibat is a big-eyed, but cute little winged fellow making use of Bruscolino's dripping style. It works very well on the wings, I might add! [If there are any custom Dunnys or Munnys you spot and want to see featured in this feature, feel free to e-mail us at tips (at) tomopop (dot) com!]

Munn-day Morning Recap is back, and this time around, it's a monster mash! Plenty of creatures from parts unknown fill this installment of our Munny and Dunny recap feature, along with a few robots, ninjas and even a tiger. R...

Munn-day Morning Recap: A Force-ful Return

Jan 30 // Brian Szabelski
Darth Vader 3-inch Dunny by TheModelMaker As always, we start at the beginning with the Dunny featured in the header. TheModelMaker's newest commission is for a collector from Spain who bought his previous Hellboy Dunny, and he's taken a 3-inch Dunny and turned it into one of the great villains in film history. Yes, that's a 3-incher ... so imagine how small those details are. Simply mind-blowing. Year of the Dragon 2012 Dunny by AW177 AW177's newest custom came around in time for the Chinese New Year, painted on an 8-inch Dunny. According to Allen, "This custom dunny represents the dragon, the mightiest of all the Chinese zodiac signs, the supreme spiritual power, the most ancient mythological emblem of dominance and ambition." It's for sale with a matching Lucky Miao and Mousubi set at Kidrobot New York. Master Ken by Squink! Ken's found a new home, but this custom Trikky should look familiar. Why? Well, it's based off the design of Squink!'s Dunny 2011 series figure, which is one of my favorites. Sadly, I'm not the owner of this custom, but I can hope one day I'll have one ... The Electric Mayhem custom Dunny set, part 1, by Nikejerk I don't think you can hate on the Muppets, so there's no way I can hate on Nikejerk's customs of Dr. Teeth, Janice and Zoot! Nikejerk's given each of the Dunnys some feet extensions to make them a little bit taller and more lanky (like Muppets) along with custom arms to complete the look. That paintjob doesn't hurt either! [via The Blot Says] GundamHEAD by Rohby Rohby's latest custom is a Gundam-inspired Munny that features a jetpack on it. That's all I really need to say, isn't it? [via Vinyl Pulse] Gravedigger by Anthony DeVito Hope you're not eating while checking out this Dunny, because Anthony DeVito's Gravedigger is an 8-inch one covered in maggots! It's also got that creepy green skull, but the sculptwork here is pretty darn cool! [via Tenacious Toys blog] C-3PO Munny by Jason Chalker Jason has put together another Star Wars-themed custom, this time featuring the golden protocol droid C-3PO. It's 7 inches tall, has light-up eyes activated by a motion sensor, and better yet, it's for sale for US$375 right now.  [via Tenacious Toys blog] Great North American Pot-Bellied Autumn Owl by Andrew R. Shondrick Andrew Shondrick's entry into Vivid Plastic's "Paper or Plastic" show in Akron, Ohio, was this little guy, a custom Munny that really doesn't even look much like a Munny. That's more a testament to Andrew's work at crafting the Munny into something else than anything ... plus the little fellow's adorable, don't you think? [via SpankyStokes] Bianco, the White Owl by M.G. Litan Also in the world of custom owl art is M.G. Litan's piece for Munnyfestation at Blanc Gallery in Mandaluyong, Philippines. The Munny design is a little more obvious on this one (the owl is the head and the tree stump the body), and it works as just a plain, white piece. After all, it was at Blanc Gallery, so white fits, right? [via SpankyStokes] Puff the Steampunk Dragon by Cassia Harries For the Micro Show at Gallery Nucleus, artist Cassia Harries has taken a good ol' Munny and turned it into this most amazing steampunk dragon. The scales on the skin look good, as do the textures on the wings and his little goggles on his face. If you want him, you can pick him up for US$700. [via toycutter] Genjuro by Edgar Saavedra A custom armored warrior? Why not?! Edgar Saavedra's Genjuro comes with a removable mask and looks a lot like a traditional samurai. Considering my love for Japanese history ... yep, that's all I really need to fall in love with this fellow! Check out more photos of Genjuro here on Edgar's Flickr. [via toycutter] The Good, The Bad and The Ugly by Jon Paul Kaiser Finally, the works of Jon Paul Kaiser are on display, starting with these customs of Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef and Eli Wallach's characters from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. I really love how Jon Paul uses the simple contrast of black and white to create these amazing portraits, and it really says something about how you don't need a lot of color or sculpting to make something look amazing. Maori Fire Warrior Dunny by Jon Paul Kaiser And we'll cap things off this time with another JPK custom, inspired by his recent 36-inch Qee. The fire part comes from his red tattoo, and it really pops on the black and white background. [If there are any custom Dunnys or Munnys you spot and want to see featured in this feature, feel free to e-mail us at tips (at) tomopop (dot) com!]

It's been a while since we've done a Munn-day Morning Recap, but it's back! And boy, do we have quite a backlog to go through. All kinds of customs Dunnys and Munnys have popped up since then, including ones from galaxies far...

Munn-day Morning Recap: Mad World

Dec 05 // Brian Szabelski
Dunny Darko by Michal Miszta Let's start with the custom from the header. Yes, it's a custom 3-inch Dunny of Donnie Darko, inspired by the fact that Michal had seem several Dunnys of Frank ... but not one of Donnie. It even comes in that themed box and really, looks great! [via OpportunityLOL] Harry Potter Munny by Michal Miszta Yet that's not the only movie-themed custom he's done. Yep, it's Harry Potter (as portrayed by Daniel Radcliffe) and like Dunny Darko, the detailing is all in the paint job, which looks quite good. [via OpportunityLOL] Hellboy Dunny by Michal Miszta Finally, there's the Hellboy Dunny. I love how he's turned the Dunny's ear into a cigar for our butt-kicking buddy to chomp down on. It's even more impressive when you think that this detail's all on a regular 3-inch Dunny which sold for US$105 at auction. Eighty percent of that went to charity, though, so it's for quite a good cause! [via toycutter] Greedo Munny by Lazman Yep, another movie custom ... this one is good ol' Greedo from Star Wars. The only thing Lazman's custom is missing, perhaps, is a blaster in his hand. Otherwise, how will he be able to get off a shot on poor Han? [via toycutter] Dia de los Muertos Munny by Hugh Rose Hugh Rose's latest commission was for a custom Dia de los Muertos Munny, and the result is quite impressive. There's a lot to check out here, but the layering of colors is really what catches my eye at first glance. [via OpportunityLOL] Pinocchio Munny by Jeffery Montiel Here's a custom for Bear and Bird's Halloween-themed art show last month. It's Pinocchio alright ... but he's turned his broken nose into a weapon. Maybe he'll not kill us ... but some vampires instead? [via toycutter] Clifford the Werewolf by Podgy Panda Here's Podgy Panda's custom for Sneaky Raccoon' Tales from the Sneaky Crypt show at Kidrobot London. According to Podgy, "I wanted to create a scenario for Clifford, the peanut butter and jelly eating werewolf, which tells the story of his demise. If you look at the silhouette of the wolf pack, it's in the shape of a claw, ready to pounce on wee Clifford." Very cool stuff! [via SpankyStokes] The Woodland Warriors by Lunabee Finally, we have Lunabee's newest custom Dunny set, the Woodland Warriors. The set (from left to right: Princess Pom, Indi, Huxton, Naruto, Echo and Rumo) features woodland creatures that aren't to be messed with. As you might have guessed, these sold out almost as quickly as they were put up in her store, but there will be other sets in the future! [If there are any custom Dunnys or Munnys you spot and want to see featured in this feature, feel free to e-mail us at tips (at) tomopop (dot) com!]

Munn-day Morning Recap is back after a brief hiatus, ready to show off the cool Munnys and Dunnys you may or may not have seen in the past few weeks. As always, these are customs that weren't highlighted in individual p...

Munn-day Morning Recap: A bit hung over

Oct 03 // Brian Szabelski
Ernie by Betso So let's start with our custom featured in the header. It's a new piece from Betso, last month's Kidrobot King of the Boards, and it was also their contest prize. Ernie is a feral cat who's had a tough life, pulling around his little wagon full of stuff, but he's going to a good home, hopefully! [via Kidrobot KRonikle] Zombie Munny by Peepeetron An awfully funny artist's name gives way to a fun little custom zombie Munny. He's got a whole bunch of blood on his lips and teeth and cheeks, but still he looks pretty cute! I just don't think I'd want him because ... well ... he's a zombie and I want my limbs intact, thank you very much. [via toycutter] Cringe by JFURY1  I like tigers. I like samurai. Combining the two sort of together in his own style is JFURY1 with Cringe, a ferocious feline with a sword and attitude. It's not a bad custom at all, at least to me. Check out more photos here! [via toycutter] 8" Munny/Dunny customs by Markie Darkie  Markie Darkie has created a set of a Munny and matching Dunny that are both quite interesting. It almost seems like they're covered in mud or some other kind of semi-solid, ooze-like liquid, but with colors that are very vibrant. And those big eyes staring out from beneath it all ... man, it's just a very pretty piece to look at. [via toysrevil] La Rosa Muerta by Adam Greeley  Finally, we have two pieces from Adam Greeley to take a look at. Starting things off is La Rosa Muerta, for the Dia de los Muertos group show at Screaming Sky Gallery. True to the theme, it's a skeleton-themed piece that looks like it could be a part of the holiday festivities, but the skull and bones also glow in the dark for the extra spookiness feature. Nice! Kali by Adam Greeley    Second is a custom Munny of the goddess Kali, painted with some nice details like the shadows underneath the skull necklace. It's got a very much a feel of an ancient Hindu painting or other work of art, which makes sense given that's where Kali is from, and the skull necklace of course reminds you that Kali does not **** around, as she is known as "she who destroys." It's available on Adam's shop for US$275 right now, if you'd like to pick this piece up! [If there are any custom Dunnys or Munnys you spot and want to see featured in Munn-day Morning Recap, or if you're an artist who wants to send along a tip, feel free to e-mail us at tips (at) tomopop (dot) com!]

Munn-day Morning Recap is back after an unintentional vacation caused by me being busy, ready to show off the cool Munnys and Dunnys you may or may not have seen in the past few weeks. As always, these are customs that weren'...

Munn-day Morning Recap: Lucky collectors

Sep 19 // Brian Szabelski
Custom Munny by Tharp  Let's start with the custom from the header. It's from our old buddy Tharp, and this piece was actually part of a drawing he had at his San Diego Comic Con booth. The winner got a custom Munny as a prize and got to pick the color palette. The end result turned out pretty well, I think; see how many faces you can find in the Munny's face! Mushroom Serpents by 64Colors New from our friends at 64Colors is an 8" Dunny for a collector who commissioned it, done in their usual style that ends up making the piece look like an oil painting was wrapped around it. I love the little serpent dudes floating around the tree and its branches. Perhaps we will see them again? In the meanwhile, see more photos of the custom on 64Colors' Flickr. Chinese Rice Bowl Munny by AW177  Now, if I remember right, AW177 did a 3" Chinese Rice Bowl Dunny not too long ago, but this one is bigger and better. He's done a similar custom on an 8" Munny, still maintaining the glazed look with the paint job while allowing some of the details to be made larger. He's got chopsticks, too, which can be Velcroed to one hand. Looking awesome! Check out more photos here! Zombie Mega Munny by Tadeo Mendoza Finally, we have an awesome Mega Munny from Mexico's Tadeo Mendoza. He's a new name to me, but I'm already impressed by his work, mixing cute and macabre pretty well with the zombie theme. I like the purse accessory being include, and the bugs painted on the Munny are perhaps real enough to frighten you, so be warned! [via Kidrobot KRonikle] [If there are any custom Dunnys or Munnys you spot and want to see featured in Munn-day Morning Recap, or if you're an artist who wants to send along a tip, feel free to e-mail us at tips (at) tomopop (dot) com!]

Munn-day Morning Recap is back after an unintentional vacation caused by me being busy, ready to show off the cool Munnys and Dunnys you may or may not have seen in the past few weeks. As always, these a...


Munn-day Morning Recap: Braaaaains

Aug 15
// Brian Szabelski
Munn-day Morning Recap is back for yet another week, ready to show off the cool Munnys and Dunnys you may or may not have seen in the past few weeks. As always, these are customs that weren't highlig...

Munn-day Morning Recap: Clowns are still scary

Aug 08 // Brian Szabelski
Pancracio by Red Mutuca Studios Let's start with the custom from the header. Produced by Red Mutuca Studios from Brazil, Pancracio is a little creepy looking with his mouth all stitched up like that. And yes, while I initially mistook him for a clown, I realized in hindsight he's a mime and thus, the stitched shut mouth fits. But still, clowns are creepy, no? As for owning it? Well, Tomopop's own clevetheripper snagged this one, but if you still want a Dunny from Red Mutuca ... Apolonio by Red Mutuca Studios ... Then here you go. Apolonio's a little apple Dunny with two worm ... ummm, "friends." The quotes are there because they look a little hungry and our apple friend a little worried. I smell trouble. But if you'd like to add this to your collection, it's available right now for US$90 and there are three of them, with two secret variants. The Fragile Cosmos by Squink! Squink!'s got another custom ... man, does he ever take a day off? Once again, it's a 3" Dunny he's used as his canvas, but this time, he's painted a starry sky upon the Dunny's body. As a fan of space, I absolutely love this piece, especially since it looks as though that face is just floating in the middle of the blackness that is space. Royal Hexlings by Josh "f+" Pearce New customs from f+? Yes, please! Based on an earlier piece, Hexlings are "often used in majik as an aid for casting enchantments and curses on others ... and the pins and locations are used to amplify the key traits in others, both for better and more often than not, for worse." So they're not exactly voodoo dolls, but a bit similar (as they actually have souls), and in any case, are very cool little creations, especially since those fabric designs are all painted on individually. Dead Robot Munny Series 2 by Frank Mysterio Finally, we some new customs from Frank Mysterio in his Dead Robot series. The meshing of what looks like rock along with some robotic design elements creates something that certainly looks unique, like a Mayan or Aztec machine. And given that Frank's from Mexico, that might be the purpose. In any case, check out the full gallery of all his Dead Robot Munny customs on his Flickr! [via toysrevil] [If there are any custom Dunnys or Munnys you spot and want to see featured in Munn-day Morning Recap, or if you're an artist who wants to send along a tip, feel free to e-mail us at tips (at) tomopop (dot) com!]

Munn-day Morning Recap is back for yet another week, ready to show off the cool Munnys and Dunnys you may or may not have seen in the past few weeks. As always, these are customs that weren't highlighte...

Munn-day Morning Recap: Losing my head

Aug 01 // Brian Szabelski
Ghost in the Machine Dunny by Matt Anderson Let's start with the custom from the header. Matt Anderson's Dunny is a limited, 10-piece custom run that'll be in various colors, but what's really cool about it? That light-up, clear head, of course! Matt had originally opened pre-orders for these for US$80 each, and I think they may be all sold out by now, but if you want to give it a shot, send Matt an e-mail and ask! [via Tenacious Toys Blog] The Fracture by Squink! Squink!'s got a few more custom Dunnys that he's just finished up, starting with The Fracture. This little one-eyed fellow kind of reminds me of the traditional image of a cyclops, complete with the one tooth sticking out from the bottom lip, but smaller. I love the texturing done over the eye and on the lip to make it seem like real skin, and the speckled look of the skin's paint job makes the Dunny look a bit worn and even leathery. The Blessed Bark by Squink! Also recently from Squink! is this little fellow of the two-eyed variety. The Blessed Bark's ears have been resculpted into larger, wooden stumps that actually appear to protrude from deep within the Dunny. Again, the level of detail on the wooden ears with the graining and discoloration is quite impressive for a 3" Dunny, but we've come to expect that from Squink!, haven't we? Birdman Munny by Kas It's not Thanksgiving yet, but Kas' Birdman Munny is kind of making me want some turkey. The colorful Birdman's most impressive feature is that each of the hundreds of feathers on his body has been individually sculpted by Kas. Check out his gallery for a whole shot of work-in-progress pictures and see all of the incredible work that went into this piece for yourself! [via SpankyStokes] Octopus 3" and 8" Dunnys by Pause Designs Finally, we have two interesting Octopus custom Dunnys from Pause Designs. Both are based on Pause's custom for the Most Wanted Series II blind-boxed Dunny set in the Kidrobot Forums, but there is one cool thing about these Dunnys. Do you see it? Nope, they're not wet: those water droplets are part of the actual custom. Sweet! [via SpankyStokes] [If there are any custom Dunnys or Munnys you spot and want to see featured in this feature, or if you're an artist who wants to send along a tip, feel free to e-mail us at tips (at) tomopop (dot) com!]

Munn-day Morning Recap is back for yet another week, ready to show off the cool Munnys and Dunnys you may or may not have seen in the past few weeks. As always, these are customs that weren't highlighted i...

Munn-day Morning Recap: A delicious treat

Jul 11 // Brian Szabelski
Chinese Rice Bowl Dunny by AW177 Let's start with the custom from the header. Allen Wen (a.k.a. AW177) was invited to join the 30th Anniversary Dunny Trade in celebration of artist Tim Munz' (aka timself) 30th birthday. His choice was based on the design of a traditional Chinese rice bowl. It'll come with a small bag of rice, two types of chopsticks and a chopsticks holder that fits into one of the Dunny's hands. Love the look, especially the glazed finish he gave the Dunny! 8" Lion Dunny by Chuckboy Chuckboy's just finished up an 8" version of his classic Lion Dunny for some lucky collector. I love the original (and sadly do not own it), so seeing it transfered so well onto a bigger Dunny canvas makes me wish that Kidrobot would have actually released this Dunny themselves. Be right back, going to flip a table ... Custom Munny (and Stomper) by Michal Nowak From the land of my people (or at least the majority of my heritage) comes a custom Munny from Michal Nowak for the Warsaw Plastic show. The little zombified fellow also comes with a "controlling" Stomper, a character created by Michal that should hopefully be for sale in the future. [via Plastic and Plush] Puck and Guardian Munnys by Grimsheep Comic Con is coming, so why not some comic-themed toys? Grimsheep's got ones of Puck and Guardian (of Marvel Alpha Flight fame) that look pretty cool. These guys are for the Dragatomi booth at this year's event (#4935), which I'll be stopping at, so I'll be sure to stop by and snap a few pics for you guys! [via toycutter] Recon Dunnys and Cruiser by Phu! Finally, we have another new batch of customs from Phu!, and these happen to be Dunnys. I love how he's kept the basic shape with those ear-like extensions on the Dunnys. Don't know if I'd want to run into any of them on Earth, though! [If there are any custom Dunnys or Munnys you spot and want to see featured in this feature, or if you're an artist who wants to send along a tip, feel free to e-mail us at tips (at) tomopop (dot) com!]

Munn-day Morning Recap is back for yet another week, ready to show off the cool Munnys and Dunnys you may or may not have seen in the past few weeks. As always, these are customs that weren't highlighted in ...

Munn-day Morning Recap: Independence is overrated

Jul 04 // Brian Szabelski
Iron Slave Transport Dunny and Raffy by Rohby Let's start with the custom from the header. It's a commission from Rohby with some nice robotic touches. These two have been turned into slaves, forced to transport goods across the Siberian wastes for the military. Interesting concept, to say the least, and it makes you think if Rohby has a point, that these mech are just giant iron slaves. [via toysrevil] Bumblebee Munny (and MADL) by southerndrawl Here's a new custom from southerndrawl, which has an Iron Man look to it in some respects. Or like Iron Man meets a bumblebee. But I gotta say, as a robot fan, love it. And what's more, part of the proceeds from the sale of the Bumblebee Munny was given to the National Tay-Sachs & Allied Diseases Association. Charity stuff rocks! [via toycutter] Predator Munny by Epic Customs Here's a custom 8" Predator Munny from Epic Customs. Loving the detail on the head there. And those jaws ... yikes! He's one ugly son of a b****! [via toycutter] BIW and BIWRAO Dunny by Atsushi Shiota Finally, from all the way in the middle of the American heartland in a place called Kansas, we have Atsushi Shiota's Dunnys inspired by Luke Chueh's Black in White (reviewed). It's a nice homage to a classic piece, but don't worry: no money was made off these Dunnys because they're staying in Atsushi's personal collection. Check out more photos here! [via toysrevil] [If there are any custom Dunnys or Munnys you spot and want to see featured in this feature, or if you're an artist who wants to send along a tip, feel free to e-mail us at tips (at) tomopop (dot) com!]

Munn-day Morning Recap is back for yet another week, ready to show off the cool Munnys and Dunnys you may or may not have seen in the past few weeks. As always, these are customs that weren't highlighted in ...

Munn-day Morning Recap: Cutting to the point

Jun 20 // Brian Szabelski
Sacrifice by J*RYU Let's start with the custom from the header. Sometimes inspiration strikes in the weirdest ways, like the kind that require trips to the ER. That's exactly what J*RYU's custom above is all about: while working on another project, he sliced his palm with an X-Acto knife and off to the hospital for stitches he went. (The pictures are up on his Twitter if you so choose, and it's not as dramatic as the Munny's cut). Coming back from the hospital, he put together this Munny with one stitched up hand less than 24 hours after his visit. For a poignant point, the blade in the Munny is the same blade that J*RYU accidentally cut himself with. Something tells me this one's gonna be a part of his personal collection, but that's just me. Bubblegum Tiger Dunny by Squink! Here's a familiar design in a new hue! The Dunny you see above is Squink!'s Tiger Dunny from the Dunny 2011 Series, but in a shade of bubblegum pink rather than orange. Adorable! Squink! says this one will be winnable. I assume details will be appearing soon on that, so stay tuned! Lugubrious by Squink! But maybe you want something a bit different? Well, there's Lugubrious from Squink! as well, a 3" Dunny who's got on his best sad face. Lugubrious means "looking or sounding sad and dismal," and well, this fellow lives up to his name. 108th Assault Squad Munnys by Dust From Germany come these three robotic creations, complete with chain guns and plenty of battle damage. There's two gunners and one commander here in the mix, and all three look amazing. You can pick one of these customs up here. [via SpankyStokes] Dead Robo Munny by Frank Mysterio Here, we've got a piece that's a Munny with a bit of a Dunny look from Frank Mysterio. The Dunny part, of course, is the ears. Plus, it's got a robot style to it that looks pretty cool, doesn't it? [via SpankyStokes] Bullshido Bub by Adam Greeley Finally, to wrap things up, we have three new customs from Adam Greeley. To start with, there's this custom Bub from Adam with a samurai theme. I like how he's got the bull theme with Bub; even though Bub's a hippo of some sort, it works really well! I'm a sucker for anything samurai anyways, and it's a shame this piece is already sold out. John Marston by Adam Greeley However, this one is not! This custom Munny of Red Dead Redemption's protagonist not only looks pretty cool and has some nice painted details, but he comes with a resin hat and six-shooter as well. You can pick him up for US$80 at Adam's store ... Yen by Adam Greeley ... Or this one for the same price! The yakuza-themed Munny looks like trouble, from the dragon and tiger tattoo on his back or the yen one on his front. I do like it! [If there are any custom Dunnys or Munnys you spot and want to see featured in this feature, feel free to e-mail us at tips (at) tomopop (dot) com!]

Munn-day Morning Recap is back for yet another week, ready to show off the cool Munnys and Dunnys you may or may not have seen in the past few weeks. As always, these are customs that weren't highlighted in ind...

Munn-day Morning Recap: Go Team ... Dunny?

May 30 // Brian Szabelski
Doctor Venture Mega Dunny by Jackson Publick Let's start with the custom from the header. Yes, that's a Doctor Venture Mega Dunny. Yes, it was painted by Jackson Publick. And yes, it's in someone else's collection, as it was sold in 2006 as part of Kidrobot's Paint Ball charity auction. Unfortunately, Tomopop didn't exist back then, and this was only posted up on the Official Venture Bros. Blog last week, so we didn't even know of it's existence. Had we known ... well, I think we would have flipped out in a good way. Han Shot First by Jon Paul Kaiser Yet again, we find ourselves with another custom from JPK. If you don't know who this is, then you don't know Star Wars. But I'll help you out: it's Greedo, the bounty hunter Han shot in Mos Eisley in Episode IV. The two-tone detailing is, as always, killer. Heh, unintentional pun. Super Rainbow Dunny by 64Colors Another 64Colors commission? Why sure, we can always use one of them! This one is a massive Mega Dunny with tons of pink and other cute things like rainbows and unicorns. Loving the detail and how it really mixes a lot of elements of other 64Colors customs in while bringing in a few new things! Check out more photos of it on their Flickr, along with other projects. Zombie Juice Dunny by VISEone If you've seen VISE's previous Tube Dunnys, then you probably recognize the design here. Like those, he's gone and used liquid squeezing out of tubes, wrapped around 3" Dunnys, except these are green. They still look pretty cool all suspended like that, don't they? K.A.O.S. the Klown by B.A.L.D. (a.k.a. Bryan Lopez) OH GOD I AM SCARED. Yeah ... it's a crazed clown. You can buy him from Bryan's shop for US$250. I'm just going to go crawl into a corner and cry a bit here ... Main Street Magi by Scott Tolleson Scott's newest custom (for They Came From The Streets) is, in his own words, "a good luck keeper that’s been around for awhile. While others work to duplicate his charm and good fortune he simply becomes more powerful and rises to the occasion. Rub that bald head of his like the belly of a Buddha and your most evil wishes will come true." Also, he apparently loves argyle ... or is that just Scott's doing?  [via SpankyStokes] Popcorn Machine by timselF Finally, there's a custom from timselF for a fellow named Manny who has a girlfriend that loves popcorn. He turned a 3" Dunny into a custom popcorn popping machine. Hopefully, that's not real popcorn inside ... or I wouldn't want to see that in a few months. [via SpankyStokes] [If there are any custom Dunnys or Munnys you spot and want to see featured in this feature, feel free to e-mail us at tips (at) tomopop (dot) com!]

Munn-day Morning Recap is back for yet another week, ready to show off the cool Munnys and Dunnys you may or may not have seen in the past few weeks. As always, these are customs that weren't highlighted in indivi...


Munn-day Morning Recap: A sweet treat

May 23
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Munn-day Morning Recap is back for yet another week, ready to show off the cool Munnys and Dunnys you may or may not have seen in the past few weeks. As always, these are customs that weren't highlighted in individua...

Munn-day Morning Recap: In brightest day

May 09
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Munn-day Morning Recap is back for yet another week, ready to show off the cool Munnys and Dunnys you may or may not have seen in the past few weeks. As always, these are customs that weren't highlighted in individual p...

Munn-day Morning Recap: Can't let you do that, Nikejerk

Apr 25
// Brian Szabelski
Munn-day Morning Recap is back for yet another week, ready to show off the cool Munnys and Dunnys you may or may not have seen in the past few weeks. As always, these are customs that weren't highlighted in individual post...

Munn-day Morning Recap: Rubber Bands and Paper Clips

Apr 18 // Brian Szabelski
MacGyver Munny by Jon Paul Kaiser Let's start with the customs from the header. This was a commission piece done by Jon Paul Kaiser of, who else, MacGyver! I'd have to say whoever commissioned this got their money's worth. No, Jon Paul didn't make this with just some black paint, a paint brush and a paper clip. Well ... at least we can say he didn't use the paper clip. Pandaimyo by Jon Paul Kaiser This 8" Dunny is, in fact, JPK's earlier Pandashigaru character, all grown up and even more fierce from years of battle. Again, the detail on this custom in just two colors is very impressive, especially on his face and feet! Thrice Removed by Carson Catlin Carson's first Munnyworld entry is this cool little GID Munny custom. As you can see, he's sliced it apart (thus the name) to create a cool, hollow-like structure. I'm almost afraid if I touch it, I'd break it! Connect by Carson Catlin Carson's other Munnyworld entry is this 4" fellow named Connect. It's a simple design with a GID Munny, featuring a ton of twisted wire embedded in the piece. I dunno if I like it as much as the first custom, though, just because it doesn't catch my eye as much. Big Boris by Tesselate Our buddy Tesselate sent along photos of a new 8" Dunny he did called Big Boris. Boris is a happy little fellow, it seems, with those big green eyes and big smile showing off just how filled with joy he might be. He's been sold, though, so hopefully, he's making someone happy to have him in their collection now! Desayuno by Adam Greeley New from Adam Greeley is this spicy luchador with a love for breakfast ... Desayuno! Standing 8" tall with resin accessories sculpted by James English, Desayuno makes creative use of breakfast foods on his mask to create eyes and a nose. Plush he has a sausage whip ... how can you not love it? And he's available now for US$200 in Adam's store! Kitsune by Owen "Grimsheep" DeWitt Grimsheep's Munnyworld entry is a cool, Okami-like piece featuring a fox with a katana. Using Trikky as a base, Grimsheep has utilized the jaw of the piece as a snout, which is a cool little trick. Very clean lines and a very simply pattern, too, make this a pretty solid little custom. [via toycutter] Scrapbook Dunnys by EFO Finally, we finish this edition off with a cool series of custom Dunnys from EFO. The Mexican artist has put together this awesome series of scrapbook-inspired Dunnys each with a cool unique accessory and custom box. Check out our gallery for a shot of the whole series! [via toysrevil] [If there are any custom Dunnys or Munnys you spot and want to see featured in this feature, feel free to e-mail us at tips (at) tomopop (dot) com!]

Munn-day Morning Recap is back for yet another week, ready to show off the cool Munnys and Dunnys you may or may not have seen in the past few weeks. As always, these are customs that weren't highlighted in individual posts o...

Munn-day Morning Recap: A visit to Munnyworld

Apr 04 // Brian Szabelski
Hayato and Ganba by Osamu Koyama of Complete Technique Let's start with the customs from the header. Here, we've gt Hayato (the Foomi) and Ganba (the Kracka) by Osamu Koyama. Holy cow, are these beautiful. Not only do I love the rusted/patched together look, but on the bottom, each has a custom base with an engraved brass plate. It's as if Osamu has combined elements of several artists I like together and added his own custom touches to these two. These will be at Kidrobot New York ... anyone want to check and see how much they cost for me? Pretty please?  Custom Spiki and Skitty Foomis by Nakanari Appearing at Kidrobot Miami will be these two Foomis from Nakanari. They both feature designs his fans should be familiar with: Skitty and Spiki. Perhaps we should have expected them, especially Skitty, since he's been doing a series of Skittys on different platforms lately. Custom Foomi by Dave White Across the pond, we've got this World War II-inspired Foomi from Dave White. It's known I'm a sucker for vinyl that's based on the machinery of war, but I especially like the weathering and welding spots Dave's applied to this piece. This one will be at Kidrobot London. Custom Foomi by MCA Appearing at Kidrobot New York, MCA's Foomi is very speckled and features a face moved up a bit from where you'd expect it. Not really my style, but not bad. You guys like this one? Custom Foomi by Luke Chueh Kidrobot Los Angeles is playing host to this custom Foomi from Luke Chueh. Luke's gone with a perhaps obvious choice on concept, using the Foomi's long hair as flames for his flaming Foomi. But still, it's execution that matters, and Luke always does a great job with that. This piece is no exception, as it's got an oil painting feel to it, with some smooth transitions and blending. Mexican Standoff Foomi by Stuart Witter Another Foomi, which really is proving to be the popular choice for show pieces. This one's form Stuart Witter and features a Foomi who's sharply dressed and packing heat in both paws. I love the little detail on the grenade pin in his mouth: I don't want to be the custom at Kidrobot London standing next to this one when that grenade goes off! Tricanthrope by Triclops Studios Kidrobot London will also be home to Tricanthrope, a wolf creature with attitude. And a bit of a drooling problem, it appears. He also comes with a silver bullet accessory, should he prove to be causing too much trouble. But we hope the folks at KR London won't have to use it! Nuggywolf by Ian Ziobrowski Finally, we finish this edition off with a Kracka (seems there's so few of these!) that will be at Kidrobot New York. Ian's got the whole werewolf theme going on here, maybe a lumberjack werewolf because of the plaid shirt? We can only hope. Check out one detail in particular, though: he's sculpted all the teeth on the wolf's upper jaw among other parts, which is great to see..

Munn-day Morning Recap is back for yet another week, ready to show off the cool Munnys and Dunnys you may or may not have seen in the past few weeks. As always, these are customs that weren't highlighted in individual posts o...

Munn-day Morning Recap: All things small and round

Mar 28 // Brian Szabelski
Sayonara and Simple Thoughts custom Trikky and Raffy by Jeremiah Ketner (a.k.a. smallandround) Let's start with the customs from the header. And yes, if you've followed the vinyl scene previously, you probably recognized that this installment's title is a reference to Jeremiah Ketner. The Chicago-based artist had his newest show open his weekend at Sub-Urban Vinyl Toys and Art Gallery in Hawthorne, N.J., and these were two of the customs he had on display. They just look absolutely gorgeous, don't they? I don't think I have a favorite between the two of them and I wish I had at least one in my collection. [via Hello Vinyl] Custom Foomi by Bil "Betso" Betsovic Last year's Munnyworld winner and Dunny Series 2011 artist Betso brings us his piece for the Munnyworld show at Kidrobot Los Angeles. It's a little alien dude with a little bit of drool who's got some gloves and a nice pair of suspenders. Perhaps he's an intergalactic cabbie? [via toycutter] Ginger Oni Foomi by Owen "Grimsheep" Dewitt And speaking of Kidrobot Munnyworld show customs, this one is from Grimsheep. He, too, has used a Foomi as his base, which is so far proving to be the popular choice. He's created a red-haired oni with it, complete with a katana in his hand. [via toycutter] Michael Keaton Batman Dunny by Jared "Nikejerk" Cain The latest commissioned piece from Nikejerk features Batman as he appeared in Tim Burton's original 1989 film, played by Michael Keaton. I'd have to say Nikejerk did a great job recreating Keaton's likeness as The Dark Knight, but that's not the only cool thing about it. Nikejerk asl made a custom box for the piece and included a second arm that has a grappling hook on it so you can display it hanging. I'd be too scared of it falling to do it myself! [via toycutter] Lionfish Munny by Bryan Collins Another aquatic-themed commission from Bryan Collins has surfaced (pun fully intended), and this time, it's a Munny turned into a lionfish. The patterning looks gorgeous, and I like how it seamlessly wraps around the entire figure. [via toycutter] Bondage Hood Munnys by Cikcuk Like leather? Then you might like these two fellows Cikcuk just did for a show he was invited to. Yes, they've got bondage hoods on (and it's not the first time he's done something like this, as he did a similar Jouwe before). Might not be my style, but hey, I'm sure there's a Tomopop reader out there or two who might like it.  [via SpankyStokes] Dormamu Munny by cyberphunkk cyberphunkk's new custom comes from the depths of the sea, and he's arisen for a good cause, too. This is cyberphunkk's contribution to the Kaiju for Japan charity sale, which will be happening in April. I think it certainly fits the bill for the event, don't you? [via toysrevil] Carnage Munny by Seb One And to wrap things up, why not another comic-themed Munny? This one's from Seb One and features a little bit of a take on the Marvel villain Carnage. Seb wanted to make a darker looking version of the crazed symbiote, and well ... I think he did a pretty good job, wouldn't you say? [via toysrevil]

Munn-day Morning Recap is back for yet another week, ready to show off the cool Munnys and Dunnys you may or may not have seen in the past few weeks. As always, these are customs that weren't highlighted in individual posts o...

Munn-day Morning Recap: A Fistful of Bears

Mar 21 // Brian Szabelski
Grizzly in Respite Munny by Andrew R. Shondrick Let's start with the one we saw in the header, as usual. What's even better is it's another custom from an artist we've featured before in Andrew R. Shondrick. Last time was his first go-around with the Munny platform, and I'd hoped he'd be making more in the future. This custom, made for The Vinyl Takeover at Lakewood, Ohio's Pop Shop/(art)ificial Gallery. Nice to see a vinyl art show opening up in northeast Ohio as well. Check out Andrew's blog (linked above) for WIP pics and more! [via SpankyStokes] CyberPanda Dunny by Jon Paul Kaiser More bears! Jon Paul as commissioned for another custom Dunny, and this time, he used Chuck80y's 2-Tone Dunny to create a cool cyborg panda. The limited use of color really comes into play with this custom, as it accents certain parts very well. Anyone else still think it's a shame JPK wasn't in the 2-Tone series? Custom Munny and Bub by Tharp Here's two more pieces from The Vinyl Takeover, a matching set of a Munny and Bub (in gallery) from Tharp. It's a very cool design, combining a whole bunch of smaller critters into one bigger critter. Love it! [via Hello Vinyl] Truffle Dunny by 64Colors Another very cool 8" custom Dunny from 64Colors. I love the weathering they've applied to the Dunny's wood surface, kind of making it look like the little fellow's been out in the rain for a while. And check out the faces on those ears ... too cute! Licorice, Cookies & Cream, and Strawberry Icing Dunnys by Yosiell Lorenzo Yosiell Lorenzo's done icing Dunnys before, but these are three delicious new flavors, mouths wide open and smiling. But no, the frosting's not real, so I'd hope you wouldn't try to eat them. These have since sold out, but Yosiell's always taking new commissions, so feel free to ask! [via SpankyStokes] Regret Foomi by Squink! Our third custom Foomi, painted for the upcoming Munnyworld exhibition, is from Squink!, following in the footsteps of 64Colors and Cris Rose. As you can see, it's in Squink!'s familiar style with a woods theme to it: a green top (think leaves) and a wooden pattern on the body. More details on the little fellow are supposed to be coming soon, so keep an eye on Squink!'s blog for that. Wooden Kracka by Rsinart But what about Foomi's buddy Kracka? Well, he hasn't been forgotten, as we're starting to see some of the first custom Krackas, too! First up is this Wooden Kracka from Rsinart, having turned the gator into a tree of sorts. I also quite like the stone bird alongside the Kracka, which kind of gives a nice contrast to the piece. [via toysrevil] ty_po kracka ex. a by Ryan the Wheelbarrow Finally, here's a new Kracka from Ryan the Wheelbarrow. If you know his style, you'll recognize the different faded typefaces he's used to create a pattern all over this Kracka's body. It's a font nerd's dream come true. And yes, there are font nerds. [via Kidrobot KRonikle]

Munn-day Morning Recap is back for yet another week, ready to show off the cool Munnys and Dunnys you may or may not have seen in the past few weeks. As always, these are Dunnys that weren't highlighted in individual posts on...

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