NYCC 2016 GSC photo

NYCC 2016: Good Smile Company

Good Smile Company's Mamitan has been hard at work revealing their upcoming figures at NYCC. There are lots of Nendoroids and figmas but I wasn't expecting this many video game figures. The full armor Megaman X Nendoroid has been painted an...

figma Samus Aran photo

Samus Aran sheds her suit for her newest figma

The ever-popular Samus Aran has already gotten the figma treatment, but this time around she'll be shedding that bulky suit. This is the Metroid: Other M version of Samus. I haven't played the game but it seems like we're trading the utilit...

Amiibo photo

Amiibo gets its first crazy auction buy with US$2,500 Samus

Some people say factory error figures are worthless. Be it a figure with screwy paint apps, the wrong backer card, or only one leg, the general consensus is that they're a nice novelty, but worth less than a normal carded figure in good con...

SDCC photo

SDCC 2014: J*RYU talks about the Hatchling

At the end of last year, the Tomopop editors voted VampyBitMe and J*RYU's Hatchling as best designer figure of 2013. No surprise, as it still is an amazing work of art that just about any game would love to have on their shelf, table, desk...

figma Samus photo

Who's got one thumb and getting her third figma release?

Still haven't gotten your hands on Max Factory's figma Samus Aran even after it was reissued last year? Maybe you're feeling a little regretful that you don't have one to go with all of the great Nintendo figures coming out of Japan to play...

WonFes 2014 Winter photo

Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: Planned figma and Nendoroids

If you're tuned in here, you just want to know what Good Smile Company and its army of subsidiaries have ready for you to start pre-ordering and drooling over. They've decided to make things a bit easier and just gone ahead and posted all o...

J*RYU's Metroid photo

NYCC 2013: J*RYU's 'The Baby' Metroid resin figure

J*RYU has outdone himself. The guy's a master at sculpting, and his artwork is almost always beautiful ... but this is a new piece called The Baby that's obviously a Metroid. I mean, what else can it be? Done in collaboration with the talen...

GSC Delays photo

GSC announces a raft of delays for September

By now, Good Smile Company's monthly release schedule post has become a regular source of frustration as the firm announces which figures will miss their shipping dates. This month is no different, except maybe for a higher than usual attri...

#re-release photo

figma Link and figma Samus now available everywhere

Ever since Link and Samus popped up for pre-orders at Big Bad Toy Store we've been wondering why they haven't appeared on other sites. Wonder no more however as all the big hitters now have the pair up for pre-order. We've got them listed b...


[UPDATED] Max Factory's Zero Suit Samus may be back, too

[Update: Pre-orders have also opened at Anime Island, making it look pretty likely this re-issue is legitimate. Link added below] Martin already posted about the figma Link and Samus news earlier today, but they're not the only tw...


Custom Delights: Jin Saotome's figma Samus Aran

You probably remember seeing Chris' review of figma Samus Aran, and if you did, you probably were wondering what could have been done to make her a bit better. Well, Jin Saotome has you covered; he's put together a new figma Samus cust...


Pixel Samus is ready for your cuddles

The lovely folks at Geeks Are Sexy are great at spotting (or in this case, receiving from rad readers) cool stuff I want to throw my money at. The latest in such things is this adorable handmade Samus mini amigurumi (4 inches tall!) created...


Tomopop Review: figma Samus Aran

Kept you waiting, huh? If you're like me, the original announcement of figures from Nintendo series caught you off-guard. It's more common now, since we're waiting on the release of Link from the Legend of Zelda and we've recently had annou...


Tomopop Review: Max Factory's Zero Suit Samus Aran

Hurrah for globalisation! With figure companies now noticing the size of the markets outside of Japan, we have started to get figures which are distinctly aimed for western buyers. The Bishoujo figures from Kotobukiya are a good example of ...


Figma Samus is out, there's already a custom Gravity Suit

Japan saw the much-anticipated release of figma Samus Aran over the weekend and they work rather quick when it comes to customs. This was a rather simple custom as it's just a quick paint job, but it's only been two days. This is of course ...


Metroid's Samus Aran figma and figure up for pre-order!!

Ok, I'm not going to lie. I may not be any good at the Metroid games, you know, like, at all, but I still just absolutely love Samus Aran. When I was little, it was nice to have an awesome blonde girl, who was not only a freaking tough boun...


Here's more on Samus' figures at Comiket 81

2012 is going to be an exciting year for us. We let the cat out of the bag with the pair of new Metroid releases, Max Factory bringing us a figma of Samus Aran in the Other M armor while Good Smile is putting their sculptors to work with a ...


Max Factory and Gift preview their Comiket 81 products

With the end of the year coming, a lot of businesses are posting their last entry for 2011 with either a good bye message or just a simple notice of being closed. The Max Factory blog decided to do something better. After a bit of year end ...


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