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Mega Man

NYCC 2016: Good Smile Company

Oct 08 // Tianxiao Ma
NYCC 2016 GSC photo
Lots of toys for gamers!
Good Smile Company's Mamitan has been hard at work revealing their upcoming figures at NYCC. There are lots of Nendoroids and figmas but I wasn't expecting this many video game figures. The full armor Megaman X Nendoroid has ...

Wonder Festival 2016 photo
Saber and Yuuki are going to burn fans
If you saw Scaredroodle's report on up coming Anime Expo exclusives from Good Smile Company then you already got a preview of some of the exclusives headed to Wonder Festival 2016 Winter. Strangely enough, Nendoroid 447-b&nbs...

Mega Man photo
Fighting robot beats up bank account
Kahotan has posted a preview gallery for Good Smile Company's upcoming Nendoroid (classic-series) Mega Man and -- SPOILER ALERT! -- he's totally adorable. Oh, and did I mention he's available for pre-order? Nendoroid Mega Man...

Mega Man photo
Hopefully just the beginning
Exciting news! KidRobot has announced that its Mega Man "Capsules" (blind-boxed figures) will be released August 4th. The selection includes a line of 3-inch figurines, smaller keychains, and larger 7-inch "medium" figurines ...

Mega Man photo
Mega Man

KidRobot 'breaks' into SDCC with Breakman and Mega Man

Taking a break? We're here to help
Jun 11
// Scarecroodle
KidRobot has announced that it intends to sell two 7-inch "medium" figure exclusives at SDCC: Break Man (Mega Man 3) and a Mega Man colorway. Both will retail for $49.99 and are available in limited quantities. Fans will reca...
Megaman photo
I'm Blues, I'm Blues, ba bi di ba bi da!
Remember when First 4 Figures previewed some images of a Proto Man statue over a year ago? Yeah, I had forgotten about it, too, until we received word that two versions of the statue were going up for pre-order. F4F's 13-inch...

X-Plus photo

Wonder Festival 2015 Winter: X-Plus

Kaiju and anime; classic and modern; crazy and cool
Feb 10
// Oansun
X-Plus drops some new and old figures, making a great impression this year. Some wacky stuff here, folks. Let's break the diverse range down a bit. The vinyl masters are offering another chance for some high demand figures in...
Mega Man photo
Mega Man

Gigantic Mega Man available for pre-order

Rockman will tower over your collection
Jan 26
// Rachael Chambers
If you've ever wanted a 13" Mega Man statue to grace your shelves, you are in for a treat. X-PLUS has added the Blue Bomber to their Gigantic Series, which also includes versions of Super Sonico, Vegeta, and other classic cha...
F4F Mega Man X photo
F4F Mega Man X

First 4 figures debuts Mega Man X with glowing awesomeness

Mega Max X blasts in full force
Dec 10
// Rio McCarthy
First 4 Figures has debuted a new piece that I so wish could be sitting on my shelf! I'm so excited about their new Mega Man X statute, which is made from a high quality polystone resin that's hand painted. It will be in a 1/...
F4F Mega Man  photo
F4F Mega Man

First 4 Figures announces Mega Man, we hope it's a proto man

Lights could make everything better
Sep 16
// Andres Cerrato
First 4 Figures has had a pretty good track record with their pieces. Digging into the golden days of gaming, they've brought out some great statues from Metroid, Zelda, and Sonic franchises. They've now stepped into the year...
Capcom photo

SDCC 2014: Capcom

A surprising amount of Mega Man
Jul 30
// Pedro Cortes
Let's keep riding that San Diego Comic Con wave! The event may be over, but we still got stuff to show you. Next up, I've got the scant showings at the Capcom booth. While there wasn't anything particularly mind-blowing, ther...
SDCC 2014 Capcom photo
SDCC 2014 Capcom

SDCC 2014: Capcom's panel

Mega Man merch for mega fun
Jul 25
// Tianxiao Ma
Capcom's panel at SDCC was mostly game-oriented, which should be of no surprise to anyone. If you were looking for the sweet loot, though, there was a merchandising segment which detailed some of the goods available at the show. You can expect the usual franchises represented, but there was an interesting announcement toward the end. Click on to see the panel notes!
Mega Man Zero photo
Mega Man Zero

SHF MMZ Zero gets Western release details + gallery

A C-Rank figure of a S-Rank character?
Jun 10
// Scarecroodle
Bluefin Tamashii Nations has unveiled the North America release information and new photos for Bandai's upcoming S.H. Figuarts Zero (Mega Man Zero series). Zero will come with his Z-Saber, Buster Shot, Triple Rod, and Shield ...
SHF Zero (MMZ version) photo
SHF Zero (MMZ version)

S.H. Figuarts goes for Zero, produces Zero

What you've always wanted is Zero
Jun 03
// Andres Cerrato
You've wanted Zero for a while now. When it was announced that Tamashii Nations was producing Zero from Megaman X, you said that you liked Zero, but you really wanted this Zero. Now that one is actually happening and here are...
Mega Man Zero photo
Cyber-Elves and elemental chips sold separately?
Remember Capcom's little April Fool's stunt last year where one of the four characters shown was going to be made into a D-Arts figure? You know, the teaser which involved the Mega Man Zero-series Zero, classic-series Roll, a...

Toy Fair 2014: Kidrobot photo
Toy Fair 2014: Kidrobot

Toy Fair 2014: Kidrobot

Licensed merchandise ahoy!
Feb 18
// Brian Szabelski
Kidrobot's blog has posted, in two parts, a quick tour of their Toy Fair wares for 2014. Some of their Toy Fair surprises were spoiled a little early (namely, the Mega Man and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles lines), but even tho...

Tomopop Review: Bandai's D-Arts Black Zero

Jan 29 // Scarecroodle
Figure Name: D-Arts Black ZeroFigure Maker: Bandai/Tamashii NationsRetail: US$38Available at: Entertainment Earth | Big Bad Toy Store | Amazon Black Zero features the same sort of cool-busy packaging that we've seen with previous D-Arts Mega Man X figures, such as X himself (reviewed). The amount of decoration is especially impressive since it doesn't have an overly cluttered feel despite using virtually every millimeter of the package. The most eye-catching detail is probably the giant "X" that jumps across the massive window. The other three sides feature product images. The back shows off all three alternate face-plates (meaning Black Zero has a total of four possible faces rather than the three (?) included with the Zero Type-2). Black Zero comes with a pretty solid array of accessories which includes the option of his Zero Buster Cannon (works with either arm), the choice of two nozzles for said cannon, three hand sets (open, fists, and saber-holding), two versions of the Z-Saber, and an attacking version of the Z-Saber. Additionally, he has the option of four face-plates but more on that later. The sculpting work is still incredibly solid, capturing Zero's likeness remarkably well. Basically everything on the figure except the face has a tendency to reflect light although the black armored bits have the highest sheen, as they're able to reflect in low lighting settings. The crystals on his helmet and armor are pieces of translucent, colored plastic with what looks to be a painted silver area underneath which helps give them more of a shine. As in the games, Zero can store his Z-Saber on his back. The beam portions of the swords can disconnect from the hilt, which allows one of the smaller hilts to plug into a peghole. It's a neat touch. The default face features the sort of stoic expression I so often associate with the character. It's a decent enough looking face, although it seems out of place with action poses (as seen above) so it won't pop up much during the rest of the review. The second face you won't be seeing much of in the review is this smiling and winking one, which strikes me as being totally out of character. It's been a decade or so since I last played any of the Mega Man X games (I'm certainly tempted to replay them now...), but I don't recall Zero ever being that expressive. Then again, I'm also more used to his moody Mega Man Zero-series counterpart, which could have given me an entirely different impression of the character. All the same, I enjoy the humor in seeing a quiet badass acting a bit out of character. (I also wonder if the faceplate works with the previously released X figures, since it seems like a face that I would associate with either X or Copy-X). Here we have the "shouting" face, great for things like leaping poses. The pupils in the eyes are facing to the right (apparently the normal one face differently? I guess that makes for a neat perk). It's awesomely action-y. Finally, we have the teeth-gritting face, perfect for sword parries, looking injured, or just plain being angry. As mentioned, Black Zero comes with three swords. The first two are variations on the normal Z-Saber. I imagine they reflect different game styles but it's not something that I remember from the series, assuming I noticed a difference at all. The blades themselves are purple (rather than the usual light blue), which reflects their powered up state. The "blades" have pegholes in them which attach to the top of the hilt. The bottom of the hilt (the silver ring with the black spike) can also unpeg from the hilt, which allows you to just slide the weapon into Zero's hand. Another convenience is the fact that these two hilts are identical so you don't need to switch them out if you want to change blades (the third Z-Saber, the action one, features a larger peg which renders it functionally incompatible with the others). The sword coloring is pretty neat. The alternating lighter and darker shades give it more of a video game appearance, looking as if it were part of an animation. The swinging-animation Z-Saber is probably the most eye-catching of the bunch. Given the size and heft of the blade, it makes use of a larger peg to keep it in place and balances better than I thought it would. It's good for any number of poses which look great from certain angles, but said angles don't always photograph well. I also can't seem to get a perfect swinging all the way down to the ground pose, as is seen in the games. Although Zero is most often associated with his swordplay, the character has had his Z-Cannon as a back-up weapon (or primary weapon) in most of the games. The cannon looks fantastic. The green "crystal" features the same effect as the other crystals on his body while the two smaller green circles on the side of the cannon use a shiny metallic paint. Black Zero comes with the choice of two optional parts for the cannon's nozzle. The default is a reddish crystal (seen right) while the alternate has an empty space in the center. Although no buster shot parts were included, I imagine it's probably compatible with the buster shot accessories that came with the various D-Arts Mega Man X releases and Zero Type-1. The overall articulation is very strong. The jointing works a lot better than what we saw on the D-Arts Classic Mega Man that came out not that long ago. The jointing is remarkably smooth and has a good range in most areas. The only real issue (besides that hair...) may be that the feet/calves/boots don't have much weight to them, which can affect the balance at times. This mostly impacts Matrix-style posing where the character is leaning a bit backwards. The surface area on the soles (or treads?) on his boots and the ankle joint otherwise compensate for the issue. Zero's hair can also be somewhat problematic, as it's only really jointed for side to side movement. It can't even rotate to simulate a falling pose, let alone move up to allow extra clearance at the head/neck. Finally, for the all-important question of whether Black Zero can play soccer with D-Arts Classic Mega Man, the answer is yes; yes, he can. They might want to find a soccer ball first, though (maybe it's something that Bandai can include in a future Mega Man-themed D-Arts release!). All in all, D-Arts Black Zero is a pretty cool redeco of an already great figure with a perk or two over the previous version. Although it may be a colorway, it's something canonical to the games and represents a recurring secret feature (or a palette-swap in other games). It's not something I imagine you'd necessarily buy instead of the standard version, but it's certainly something that might tempt you if you already have the D-Arts Zero Type-2. [Big thanks to Bluefin Distribution for providing this review sample]
Review: Black Zero photo
Once you go Black Zero, you can't go back... to your normal armor if you're playing Mega Man X 4, 5, or 6
The Mega Man franchise is all about upgrades (often in the form of new abilities taken from defeated opponents) and, when Mega Man X swung around, Mega Man (now called X) got a few fancy new armors ... two of which were made ...


Kidrobot will be releasing a Mega Man figure line

Keychains, full figures, and mini figures
Jan 28
// Vanessa Cubillo
Kidrobot sure has been busy! It’s only January and already we know that they’re working on a TMNT line, and now we’re seeing that they will be releasing a Mega Man line. A few hours ago they’ve releas...
Mega Man photo
Mega Man

First 4 Figures' Proto Man is a cure for the Blues

Wait, how does that work...?
Jan 16
// Scarecroodle
First 4 Figures has unveiled some concept art for an upcoming Proto Man statue. Fans will recall that Proto Man is Mega Man's older brother Rex who mysteriously vanished after a car crash who was placed in storage after a pot...
First 4 Figures Mega Man photo
First 4 Figures Mega Man

First 4 Figures teases Mega Man figure

Early design posted to Twitter
Jan 12
// Brian Szabelski
First 4 Figures tweeted out a teaser photo this morning, which happens to be of Mega Man. Tagged with the line "Guess who is coming?", it's safe to say there's a statue of Mega Man on the way with him in mid-stride, and that ...
Figuarts Zero Sigma photo
Figuarts Zero Sigma

Figuarts Zero Sigma will be available at NYCC

Yes, he's huge. We get it already
Sep 22
// Scarecroodle
Bluefin Tamashii Nations USA has announced that they'll have Bandai's Figuarts Zero Sigma on sale at NYCC next month. The announcement comes paired with a packaging photo that shows how much larger the box is compared to D-Ar...
Nanoblock Megaman photo
Nanoblock Megaman

Mega Man gets pixelated with Nanoblock pre-order

Possibly more than 8-bits in there...
Aug 15
// Scarecroodle
Kawada's Nanoblock Mega Man (Rockman) and Cut Man sets are currently available for pre-order. The Mega Man set is listed as including the necessary pieces to build Mega Man in either a standing pose or a buster cannon pose. T...

SDCC 2013: Tamashii Nations

Jul 23 // Brian Szabelski
SDCC: Tamashii Nations photo
From One Piece to Godzilla, there's a little something awesome for everyone
So we've seen Sailor Senshi and superheroes, xenomorphs and other morphers. But the Tamashii Nations booth was home to more than just some new reveals; plenty of figures coming in the next 6 months were all on display, from t...

SDCC Capcom photo
SDCC Capcom

SDCC 2013: Capcom

What's better than video games? Game toys! Well, sometimes.
Jul 21
// Jon Wills
Capcom had a small booth at SDCC this year. However the few items shown did not disappoint as they were made to celebrate 25 years of Mega Man and Street Fighter respectively. First up, it's hard not to notice the cool blue f...
SDCC 2013: PrototypeZ photo
SDCC 2013: PrototypeZ

SDCC 2013: PrototypeZ Studio

Erick Sosa's newest project already impresses
Jul 20
// Brian Szabelski
Tucked away in a corner of the San Diego Comic Con show floor was a lonely little display case that played host to some incredible sculpts. These Street Fighter statues are the work of PrototypeZ Studio and legendary sculptor...
D-Arts Black Zero photo
D-Arts Black Zero

Once D-Arts Zero goes black, he can never go back

Because you can't unequip the armor upgrade
Jul 04
// Scarecroodle
Bluefin Tamashii Nations has posted an image for the upcoming D-Arts Black Zero, which is slated to release as a Tamashii web exclusive in November 2013 (Japan) and will receive a U.S. release in December 2013. Black Zero (an...
Rush tissue box photo
Perfect for wiping away tears as Capcom continues to cancel Mega Man games
Capcom may not be making Mega Man games anymore, but they still know how to cash in on the image. And cash in they do. They're latest attempt to make money off the franchise that helped make them but continue to forsake is a ...

D-Arts Mega Man poll photo
D-Arts Mega Man poll

Fan poll shows MMZ Zero is most wanted Mega Man D-Arts

Wins by a landside, but surprises abound
Jun 02
// Brian Szabelski
Back in April, we had Capcom's April-Fools-that-actually-wasn't, where they showed off four designs and said one would be made into a D-Arts figure. Ultimate Armor X was the one they'd picked, but the story of the other three...
Mega Man amigurumi photo
Mega Man amigurumi

Cuddle up with this Mega Man amigurumi

You almost forget he kills robots for a living
May 23
// Tianxiao Ma
PixelBlock's shop is full of sweet video game plushes, but this Mega Man amigurumi stood out to be. I'm not sure why; I'm not even that big of a Mega Man fan. It's a combination of the simplistic design, the attention to deta...

ACen 2013: Bandai/Bluefin

This year's Anime Central had figures from DBZ, Mega Man, and more
May 20
// Vanessa Cubillo
At Anime Central, Bandai had figures on display from their own line in the Bluefin booth, as well as D-Arts and SH Figuarts. There was nothing particularly shocking or brand new from them here. Most of their collection ...
Mega Man's adversary has even got his cape to look fancy
Popping up on the Tamashii Nations/Bluefin Facebook page today was a gallery of the upcoming Figuarts Zero Sigma from the Mega Man X series of games. He's a Tamashii shop exclusive in Asia, but lucky for us in North America, ...


Take a gander at D-Arts Ultimate Armor X

All this translucent PVC can be yours in August
Apr 23
// Brian Szabelski
It's been a week or two since Bandai/Tamashii Nations surprised everyone (and disappointed some) with the reveal of the not-April-Fools D-Arts Ultimate Armor X. And now, we have some photos of the actual figure on the Tamashi...

Deadline to buy Mega Man 25th Anniversary statue extended

You now have through April 26 to guarantee your figure
Apr 19
// Natalie Kipper
Fans of the Blue Bomber have a little more time if they are still on the fence about pre-ordering Capcom's Mega Man 25th Anniversary Statue. The planned deadline of April 21 has been extended to April 26, giving collectors mo...
Canon doubles as a pillow; helmet doubles as geek bait.
Do you remember last week when when the D-Arts Ultimate Armor Mega Man X figure was announced and we saw this guy wearing a weird Mega Man plush helmet? Well we no longer have to wonder as Capcom has given us the answer. The ...


D-Arts Ultimate Armor X pre-empts Roll, Iris, & MMZ Zero

Oh, you guys...
Apr 05
// Scarecroodle
Capcom has allegedly announced the results of their April Fools' celebration and subsequently another X variant will be joining the D-Arts line. The Ultimate Armor, first introduced in Mega Man X4, is a hidden armor upgrade t...

Custom Made Monday: Game on

Mar 11 // Brian Szabelski
Mega-Hic!-Man by Igor Ventura So as always, we'll start with the header. It's a beautiful piece from Igor Ventura, made for 1AM Gallery's Game On show opening March 22. Called Mega-Hic!-Man, it's a Mega Man-inspired Munny, fused with a bit of a drinking problem. Just simply amazing: the beer-themed patterning on his body looks great enough, but the real treat is that Mega Man's blaster has been turned into a jug of liquor. We'll have some details on the show coming up in another post, so stay tuned for that. Codename Blanka by Sekure D Also taking part in 1AM Gallery's Game On show is Sekure D, and he's put his love for the Street Fighter franchise on display with Codename Blanka, which I believe is a customized Foomi from Kidrobot's Munnyworld line. While he now plays mostly as Cammy (See? He's a great guy) or Ken, Sekure's first character was Blanka. That inspired Sekure's 6-inch piece for the Game On show, taking a favorite from the past and adding some of his own style to it. Most evidently, it's the face that sports Sekure's multi-colored urban style, but there's plenty of nice detailing all over the place. The broken leg chain and the sculptwork around the hair and feet are what really stand out for me. Tanooki Mario by Albert Art Keeping the video game theme going here, Albert Art has transformed a Qee into Super Mario Bros. 3's Tanooki Mario. Now, as everyone knows, Tanooki Mario is best Mario (followed closely only by Raccoon and Hammer Suit Mario from Super Mario Bros. 3 and Cape Mario from Super Mario World) The only thing that could have made this better for me? If Albert was releasing this in a set of two figures, the other being the statue that Tanooki Mario turns into. For some reason, I've never seen anyone do that, and it seems like it'd be a great piece to try and recreate. Mrs. Poogy by Kasey Tararuj D'awwwwww. Kasey's latest creation is a custom 3-inch Uglydoll figure commissioned by a collector based on their hamster. Kasey did it a few months ago, and the little furball is actually pretty cute. Sadly, the real Mrs. Poogy passed away shortly after the figure was completed, so in a way, it'll let the collector remember a beloved pet. D-Rex by Reet Neet Reet Neet's latest is based off the 3-inch Dunny model, turned into a green T-rex. What's great about it? Well, to start, it reminds me an awful lot of those cheap plastic dinosaurs I grew up with, right down to the wide-open eyes and sculpted teeth. Nothing like a little bit of a nostalgia kick to start the week! Prober by Patrick Wong Patrick Wong's latest is a new character that Patrick and tattooist Ryan Tsutsumi brainstormed during a collaborative painting session, with each artist designing half a face for the character. According to Patrick, Prober is an immortal being that continuously intervenes in human life, acting as a bringer of justice to those who do evil. It's been illustrated in both graffiti and as a paste-up, but recently, Patrick did a 7-inch Munny based on the character. It carries a mystical staff and, according to Patrick, is shown with its two sets of eyes doing what it does best: digesting souls. The one-off custom is not for sale, but if you're interested in Patrick making something for your collection, he does take commissions. Check out his website (linked above) for more info. Bruiser by InfiniteRabbits From InfiniteRabbits, we have this burly little dude named Bruiser. As far as I can tell, he's a customized Muttpop Tequilla that Thomas is working on for a collector, and I have to say Bruiser looks like he'll live up to his name. That tough-guy look is helped by the fact that Bruiser's got some angler fish in him, along with those pointy rows of teeth. On the other hand, though ... he does look quite happy for a burly fellow, doesn't he? Dustbuster by Michael "FichtenFoo" Fichtenmayer FichtenFoo has recently finished up a new 1/35-scale model kit based on a design by Miguel Lopez and modeled by Nate Clowar. If it looks a little bit like Borderlands, that's what inspired the original design. The painted piece, attached to a customized base, looks really good and weathered, down to the tiniest little parts.  See his earlier in-progress photos here. If you want one of your own, the kits are available for US$90 right now at Industria Mechanika. Blackbeetle ver. Metabee by ???? An unknown customizer on FG-Site has given us this cool custom Metabee kit from Kotobukiya, recoloring it to more or less resemble Blackbeetle (or Blakbettle). While it does seem to mostly be a repaint, there's not much in the way of Blackbeetle merchandise out there at all. In fact, this is the first time I've seen anyone think to use the Metabee kit for a custom, too. Just a shame that there wasn't an actual Blackbeetle kit released ... TK Katsu by Mouse9090 From the ThreeA forums comes this cool looking custom figure from Mouse9090. It's based on the TK base, with a fair amount of customization done. I especially like how the little mask turned out; it feels like a regular ThreeA release! There's a whole section of the forums dedicated to custom ThreeA figures, so if you're ever looking for something interesting, hop on over there. The customs range from simple repaints to more elaborate creations and the occasional kitbash or two. Custom Evil Origami by Run DMB Finally, we wrap up things with a custom Evil Origami figure by Run DMB. It's done in his usual style, with some red and grayscale details on a black backdrop. Looks very fiery, like embers burning among ashes from a fire. [That wraps up this week's installment of Custom Made Monday! If you have any customs you'd like to see featured, or just spot something that's eye-catching and fits the feature, be sure to e-mail us and let us know!]
Custom Made Monday photo
The designer vinyl community gears up for one of the coolest looking shows this year
After a one-week break due to being busy, Custom Made Monday returns! This week's edition brings a certain flavor to it ... a very heavy gaming flavor. Whether you're a fan of the classics or more in tune with the modern titl...


Toy Fair 2013: Bluefin / Tamashii Nations D-Arts

Hope you guys like Megaman
Feb 13
// Andres Cerrato
Megaman has been doing quite for Bandai, so the good news is that the line is going to continue forward. As most fans know by now, the next planned release is the pair of Bass and Treble. There have been a couple of questions...

Prepare for Treble and make it double

To protect the world from Megamation...
Feb 08
// Scarecroodle
Treble and his robotic human (Bass) have new photos courtesy of Bluefin's Facebook page as well as pre-orders open at select retailers. I've long been a fan of Treble (known in Japan as Gospel) and absolutely love how this on...

D-Arts classic Mega Man (Rockman) new photo select screen

You know you wanted to see more.
Dec 18
// Scarecroodle
Tamashii Nations has a new photo gallery for the very soon to be released D-Arts classic Mega Man (Rockman). Included in the photo set is a look at the packaging and a better look at what comes in the set. Judging from everyt...

Not X-2, but a reissue of D-Arts Mega Man X

A second time around...
Dec 17
// Scarecroodle
Bluefin Tamashii Nations USA has announced that the D-Arts Mega Man X will be getting an Americas-exclusive reissue. While Bandai may have released their D-Arts Mega Man X (or Rockman X) just a little over a year ago, apparen...

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