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Mario Kart 8 toys are coming to McDonalds

Now a reason to see that creepy new mascot
Jun 16
// Vanessa Cubillo
Has your excitement died down yet from playing the new Mario Kart for the WiiU? No? Alright, McDonalds wants your business! Their next Happy Meal toys will be coming straight from Mario Kart 8. I’m not even going to ca...
WTF, McDonald's...? photo
WTF, McDonald's...?

McDonald's gets a creepy-looking new mascot for the Happy Meal

No. Just... no
May 23
// Scarecroodle
[UPDATE: Happy is now featured on the U.S.A.'s HappyMeal site] Abandon all hope ye who eat here. McDonald's has decided to give the Happy Meal a new mascot, a creepy box with teeth ironically named "Happy" (rather than "Freak...
WTF, McDonald's...? photo
WTF, McDonald's...?

Spider-Man looks pretty in pink; McDonald's to carry boy & girl-specific Amazing Spidey 2 toys

May 01
// Scarecroodle
In yet another bizarre Happy Meal move, McDonald's has segregated its Amazing Spider-Man 2 toys into separate (but equal) gendered offerings. Little girls (and some boys) will have the opportunity to pick up a set of pink Spi...
Adventure Time photo
Adventure Time

McDonald's will have Adventure Time Happy Meal toys

But only if you're a boy!
Jan 06
// Vanessa Cubillo
McDonald’s next Happy Meal toys will be making a lot of Adventure Time fans very happy. Starting January 17, Adventure Time toys will be available in Happy Meals. There will be six toys available: Sword Swingin’ ...

Show and Tell: McDonald's My Little Pony Happy Meal Toys

Mar 23 // Rio McCarthy
We've got all eight of our friends still packaged up in their little bags, as if you'd just pulled them out of a Happy Meal! I'm not going to lie though, I mostly just went to the restaurant, got a sweet tea, and bought them separately so that I didn't have to keep eating the meals. Well, who better to start off with than the #1 pony herself, Pinkie Pie! As you can see on the left, we have a more up close look at her in the bag. On the right we have all of the bag's contents: the bag itself, Pinkie Pie, the instructions, and the keychain clip. It's easy to see on the top of the head is where the keychain clip will fit around. You can also see that when you first get the ponies out of their bags that they will be standing in a clear piece of plastic. It definitely helped to keep any legs from getting broken, but the paint is still the good ol' Happy Meal toy quality. The photo above shows that we've got plastic hair going on for these Happy Meal ponies, which would normally be the same type of hair as the tail. Granted these are supposed to really showcase that they are from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic as opposed to the past generations, so keeping their hair static does help to keep the characters more recognizable. Next we have the #2 pony, that will always be my #1, and that is Rarity. She is by far my favorite pony, and those who know me have seen me clearly have a lot of similarities to this young miss. If you've checked out our forums, you'll also see that she adorns both my avatar and signature! Although it's hard to see, I wanted to show a more clear shot of the keychain. You might have noticed that the ponies only have a cutie mark on one side of their flank. It's also far larger than it normally would be, and in Rarity's case, she usually has three smaller diamonds instead of just one big one. The cutie marks are actually correct on the keychain itself, so at least they got it right somewhere! Rarity sadly happens to be one of the only ponies that looks terrifying from the opposite side. Her hair is sculpted to cover where her other eye should be. Well, sort of. There still could be part of it showing, but instead she has a huge bare side of her head. Also, psst! Rarity! Don't look now, but someone dyed your purple tail pink! Apparently the same person also gave her a 'Twilight Sparkle-esque' streak in her hair as well. I'm not sure why. Regardless, though? Fashion pony is best pony! Speaking of Miss Twilight Sparkle, she would be #3 in our series of ponies! Someone got the memo on her mane and tail colors, as she's looking just grand over there. There are only a couple that look good from both sides, and she's one of them. Though her blank flank on the opposite side is a bit sad to see. Now we've got #4 in the group, which is the soft spoken Fluttershy. She's got her super adorable shy pose down, and she's ready to join you at your desk. Well, as long as it's not too noisy or scary. Fluttershy's hair actually covers her entire side of her face, so it looks pretty nice from the other side. Just watch out for that stare! Applejack bucks up at #5, and is a pretty adorable pony in her own right. If I'm Rarity, my mom has definitely taken claim to Applejack, and yes, she watches the show as well. She's a pony who knows how to get things done out on the farm. Her toy turned out adorable, but I admit I miss that cowboy hat of hers. The first of our background ponies to be added to the set of toys this run was Lily Blossom, who happens to be #6. Well, I use the term "background ponies" loosely, as I don't believe she's ever been in the show. She has, however, had some toys in the regular My Little Pony line, so I wasn't surprised to see her added in. I love her mane, too! She's definitely got the most beautiful locks of all the ponies. Now's the part where my best friend comes in and yells, "Sonic pony is best pony!" and while I have to admit I do have a soft spot for Rainbow Dash at times, Rarity still wins in my book. Rainbow Dash comes in at #7, and looks beyond adorable in her toy. I'm very glad they did try to 'rainbow' her mane as well. Her tail also has all kinds of colors thrown in together to make the rainbow, so they definitely tried harder with this pony than some of the others. She's also one of the only ponies that looks great from head on. Several of the others either look scary, or you can't see their face correctly due to how their mane is sculpted. Rainbow Dash, however, is right on the money! Our second background pony, who takes her place at #8, is the teacher to the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Cheerilee. They did try to do her mane the best they could, and her body color is spot on so I'll definitely give them that. Though do you remember when I said some of the ponies don't looks so good straight on? Yeah, this picture kind of terrifies me! Now you might be saying, "Rio, did you really just do an entire feature on My Little Pony toys from McDonald's?" The obvious answer is "Yes." Let's make this clear though, that this is one of the few and far between times that I literally kept going to the restaurants around town almost every day trying to find the ponies I was missing! If you're a fellow Pony enthusiast, I think you'll find them quite charming as well, but it's not surprising that I'll be keeping them as figures and not using the keychain attachments that came with them. Have any of you been to your local McDonald's and picked up any of these yet? Tell us your stories on which ones you got, and if you had any hilarity ensue while you asked!

You knew it was only a matter of time before my My Little Pony fascination showed up again on the site, and you have to wait no longer. Growing up, I always loved collecting the different McDonald's Happy Meal toys, whether i...

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