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11:00 PM on 01.06.2014

McDonald's will have Adventure Time Happy Meal toys

McDonald’s next Happy Meal toys will be making a lot of Adventure Time fans very happy. Starting January 17, Adventure Time toys will be available in Happy Meals. There will be six toys available: Sword Swingin’ ...

Vanessa Cubillo


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Show and Tell: McDonald's My Little Pony Happy Meal Toys photo
Show and Tell: McDonald's My Little Pony Happy Meal Toys
by Rio McCarthy

You knew it was only a matter of time before my My Little Pony fascination showed up again on the site, and you have to wait no longer. Growing up, I always loved collecting the different McDonald's Happy Meal toys, whether it be the dreaded Teenie Beanie Babies, or whatever may have been my favorite show/movie at the time. I'm sure I drove my mom nuts.

Guess what! I'm 23, and I'm STILL driving everyone nutty! March was the magical month for Happy Meal toys, because if you wanted the "girls" toy it was My Little Pony, or if you wanted the "boys" toy it was Transformers. It's pretty much win-win, except that the Transformers toys don't... transform... so forget them! It's all about My Little Pony!

Hit the jump to take a closer look at all of our favorites that have been included in this 2012 edition of the My Little Pony Happy Meal toys!

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