Mayo Chiki!


FREEing makes you suffer with Kanade from Mayo Chiki

Surprise! Have a disappointing figure of Kanade with an equally as bad Subaru to follow!
Oct 18
// Jonathan Tubbs
Well, this is unexpected. I didn't think we would be seeing any new figures from Mayo Chiki! but FREEing has surprised me with a new figure of the sadistic Kanade Suzutsuki. Unfortunately this surprise is on par with having a...

This new Konoe Subaru kit does nyat require a paint job

May 24
// Emily Smalara
Always liked the look of some of those oh-so-pricey resin kits but found yourself to be all thumbs when it came to the delicate painting required for any semblance of quality? Clayz has got you covered with this upcoming resi...

Mayo Chiki's Subaru has an embarrassing WonFes exclusive

Jan 20
// Jonathan Tubbs
I happen to catch butler romance anime Mayo Chiki! one day and despite the fan service, the title hit my weakness with a cute story and the interaction between main characters Kinjirou and Subaru. So I've found myself in...


Alone on New Year's? Take solace in this Konoe gallery

Dec 31
// Emily Smalara
Despite receiving a bit of a lukewarm reception when pre-orders showed up, I'm still a big fan of Wave's upcoming Subaru Beach Queen. She's super cute, if a bit embarrassed-seeming, but if you ask me she's easily one of the b...

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