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3:00 AM on 02.17.2014

Toy Fair 2014: Matty Collector's DC offerings not so dead

[ UPDATE: New details added ] When Matty Collector's Scott Neitlich insisted that the DC Universe was done, he must have been speaking in a more figurative sense as a new series will be coming out. While the Super Powers seri...



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12:30 AM on 02.17.2014

Toy Fair 2014: Mattel announces Club Etheria & more!

Matty Collector has revealed its new mystery club: Club Etheria, a She-Ra: Princess of Power-themed club! Mattel had some of the club's selections on display, among other offerings. Club Etheria is what Matty has dubbed an "a...


4:00 PM on 02.14.2014

New Masters of the Universe-themed sub tba at NY Toy Fair

Matty Collector's Scott Neitlich has revealed that a new Masters of the Universe add-on subscription (similar to last year's Club Filmation) will be announced during a closed event for the press on Sunday. The unnamed club wi...


10:00 PM on 02.13.2014

Sports Illustrated chooses Barbie for its swimsuit issue

I never thought that in my time here at Tomopop that I would write about the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, but yet here we are. The special issue, which gets people who don't have internet connections to buy print media,...

Andres Cerrato

11:00 AM on 01.28.2014

Get Fisto'd in Matty's latest contest

Do you own a Fisto? Would you like to own a Fisto? If so, Matty Collector is poised to Fisto you right in the face with their latest contest: a photo competition to win a signed Fisto! Fisto was originally released in Februar...


8:00 AM on 12.20.2013

The Twelve Days of Castle Grayskull; a dev blog

Matty Collector is currently pimping out the Four Horsemen's development blog for the Masters of the Universe Classics Castle Grayskull (ie, that giant awesome but totally expensive adult playset) which, by the way, is still ...


9:00 AM on 12.16.2013

December is the Matty month of castles and pink rabbits

Matty Collector's December sale begins in a few hours. Hit the jump for details.


5:00 PM on 11.22.2013

Castle Grayskullgate? More Digital River drama

Toyark reports that Matty Collector's Castle Grayskull roll-out has apparently hit a snag with apparently many people receiving payment processing error notifications or cancellations from Digital River. Matty Collector released an official statement in regards to the problem and Matty's Scott Neitlich has released a video to alleviate some fan concerns. More after the jump.


1:30 PM on 11.22.2013

Seven Days of Cyber Monday may induce 'Matty Madness'

Matty Collector has announced that its Cyber Monday will be a seven day affair, starting noon EST on Wednesday, November 26, (Nov 25 for subscribers with Early Access) and running for a week thereafter. The actual Cyber Monda...


11:00 AM on 11.14.2013

24 hours 'til Matty Collector's November sale

Matty Collector's November sale begins in 24 hours (or now if you have early access) and with it comes the long-awaited DCU Ras al Ghul. Also being released are Ozymandias (rounding out The Watchmen/Club Black Freighter) and Masters of the Universe Classics Geldor. Details after the jump.


3:00 PM on 11.06.2013

Stan 'the Man' Lee holds Standor 'the Toy' Lee

Matty Collector has uploaded some additional Comikaze 2013 photos, including a shot of Marvel Comics icon Stan Lee (alongside Mattel's Scott Neitlich) holding the new Masters of the Universe Classics Standor (based on Stan hi...


8:30 PM on 11.04.2013

Did you find Loo-Kee (and Broom) at Comikaze 2013?

Loo-Kee and Broom (She-Ra: Princess of Power) made a surprise showing at Comikaze 2013 on Sunday. Both may be released in Matty Collector's Masters of the Universe Classics line although there's currently no word as to when o...