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2:00 AM on 11.20.2014

Max Factory, Phat!, FREEing, and Gift show off the goods at Miyazawa Model Exhibition

Kahotan made good on her promise and posted a second gallery for figures on display at Miyazawa Model Exhibition Autumn 2014. This time around the focus is on the companies of Max Factory, Phat!, FREEing, and Gift. Most ...

Jeremy Emerje Crocker

6:00 PM on 08.15.2014

Tomopop Birthday Club: A present for Martin

I'm normally very meticulous with keeping track of my figure mail. I log every purchase and keep an eye out for every package. So when this large box turned up my doorstep, I was a touch confused. It's pretty clearly postmar...

Martin Siggers

4:00 PM on 05.31.2014

MegaHobby Expo 2014 Spring: Alter goes back to the well for a new Fate Testarossa

Man, remember when Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha was the hottest thing in the figure world? A few years back it seemed like we'd get a new Nanoha or Fate figure every week. A lot of those figures were made by Alter (I own ...

Martin Siggers

1:00 PM on 03.05.2014

Alter's Summer Holiday Hayate now up for pre-order

We saw her rather lovely preview last week, and now Alter's bikini-or-shorts-depending-on-your-preference version of Hayate Yagami is now up for pre-orders. That's the good news. The bad news is she's listed at a whopping &ye...

Martin Siggers

Hayate completes Alter's Summer Holiday Nanoha trio photo
Hayate completes Alter's Summer Holiday Nanoha trio
by Martin Siggers

I don't like bikini figures, but even I'm a fan of Alter's 'Summer Holiday' versions of Nanoha and Fate from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS. As is typical with Alter, there's a level of craft and detail in the work which makes them palatable even to me. Now Alter have completed the core three by showing off a finished version of Hayate Yagami, who we've seen extensively already but has mysteriously been slow to come to market.

As usual with Alter, it's difficult to find fault with the final product though. Hayate looks lovely, with her hat, basket, top and shorts combo giving her a very different look from the two previous entries in the range. Impressive (and unusually for Alter) all of the above can be cast off in favour of a no-frills black bikini. You even get a tiny, bikini-clad Reinforce II included, who can either be clipped to Hayate's hat or posed on her own mini stand.

It's a smart looking, tasteful figure that's sure to benefit from Alter's renowned quality and for anyone who already has Nanoha and Fate this has got to be a must buy. Order will open on the 5th of March and while no price is given, I'd say somethign around the ¥9,000 mark would be a safe bet

[via Alter's blog]

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8:00 PM on 01.22.2014

Awaken to pre-orders for Alter's new Hayate Yagami

Though figures from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha are among the most omnipresent in the collecting world. Alter has always managed to put a certain spark into theirs that defines their best products. While the new movie ca...

Martin Siggers

Stand By Ready for this Real Action Heroes Nanoha preview photo
Stand By Ready for this Real Action Heroes Nanoha preview
by Martin Siggers

After recently being unveiled at the Miyazawa Model Expo, we've now got our hands on a much more comprehensive preview of Real Action Heroes Nanoha, portrayed in her new 'Excellion Mode' from the recent movie. I have to say, it's looking good for fans of the red-headed magical girl. The gallery shows off Nanoha from a variety of angles, really letting us see the detail that's been put into her outfit and look. We also get confirmation she'll include three faces - a rather bland neutral expression alongside excellent 'smiling' and 'angry' faces.

There's also a better look at her included accessories, which mostly consist of Raising Heart in shooting mode along with a truckload of effects parts, including her trademark wing feet. Is it me or does Raising Heart's head look a little crooked in some of these shots? Let's hope that's just an illusion. There's also a rare shot of Nanoha with her jacket off, confirming that as ever Medicom have taken the time to detail every layer. They don't show how the jacket comes off though - considering those shoulders and gauntlets look like solid plastic, I'm guessing it's not a simple process.

There's a few weird omissions here (no regular mode Raising Heart? No Yuuno?) but overall this looks like another excellent release from Medicom and a must have for Nanoha superfans. Mind you, at a price of ¥23,600 you'd hope so. Pre-orders will open on the 24th (this Sunday) with Nanoha due to arrive in August of next year.

[via Digitamin and the Medicom Toy Blog]

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5:00 AM on 11.12.2013

Real Action Heroes Nanoha is here to be your friend

We've been absolutely inundated with Nanoha figures over the past few years, so it takes something pretty special to draw my attention. This is exactly that though, as at the Autumn Miyazawa Model Expo Medicom showed up with ...

Martin Siggers

Delays hit Alter's release schedule  photo
Delays hit Alter's release schedule
by Yami Casas

I knew things seemed a bit too quiet in Alter-land. After all, Alter wouldn't be Alter without a delay or two on a monthly basis, right? Right. They recently updated their September shipment schedule, and as you can probably guess, the dreaded "D" is upon us once again. This time around, it's packing quite the list of delayed goodies.



Well, thanks to the delays, my wallet can breathe a sigh of relief. However, this means I have to wait another month before Raven officially joins my Tales shrine. What about you, Tomochii's? Are any of these delays cause for budgetary relief or disappointment?

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Preview Alter's Yagami Hayate photo
Preview Alter's Yagami Hayate
by Jon Wills

Remember Wonfes? Well it was an event back in July that we covered all sorts of different figurines from different companies, but apparently not everything was shown off right away. I'm not really sure why there was a delay on this, but Akibahobby recently posted some photos of an unpainted sculpt of Alter's Yagami Hayate based on Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 2nd A's.

When I first looked at Hayate I thought to myself. "Well, she looks cute but how is she different from a Beach Queens?" Well of course she is larger, but really it comes down to the amount of work and effort that an Alter sculptor is willing to put into making everything look perfect. Not every frill or weave on her basket is identical but it all looks to be believable. Her bosom is large but properly contained inside of her swimsuit. Really she is just a proper, cute girl in a swimsuit so I can appreciate that.

What do you all think Tomopeeps? Any fans of Nanoha out there who like her?

[via Akibahobby]

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6:00 PM on 09.11.2013

Live by the sword and pre-order Alter's Signum

We had a detailed look at Alter's rendition of Signum from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha the other day, and I confessed myself extremely impressed with Alter's work. In fact, I went as far to say I'd be putting my money wh...

Martin Siggers

Alter's Signum is armed and ready photo
Alter's Signum is armed and ready
by Martin Siggers

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha may be the modern Evangelion in terms of sheer weight of figures cranked out, but the masters at Alter still know how to make something stand out, as they show off in their latest preview. Rather than yet another Nanoha or Fate their subject this time is Signum, leader of the Belkan Knights from the appallingly named Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha THE MOVIE 2nd A's

Alter have a history of producing absolutely magnificent figures based on the franchise and this one's no exception. Signum's paint looks flawless and her dynamic pose is killer, especially the billowing cape/skirt that shows off Alter's wonderful skill at working cloth shapes. Unusually for the company, she also has a large number of swappable parts, with all three of her weapon forms - bow, sword and whip - represented through replaceable arms and accessories. As someone who owns several of Alter's previous franchise entries I'm definitely picking this up and you can too when pre-orders open next Wednesday.

[via Alter's blog]

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