LEGO's next sets up for consideration are a nerd's dream

Next LEGO set could be for Macross, Zelda, BTTF, Adventure Time, Sherlock, or Japan itself
Feb 14
LEGO CUUSOO has announced the latest round of fan-made sets up for consideration to be made into real products that anyone can buy. Previous winners include the Back to the Future DeLorean time machine with Doc and ... read
1983 Tokyo Toy Show

Witness toy history with this 1983 Tokyo Toy Show video

See the event that would help give birth to the Transformers franchise
Jan 16
There are a lot of retro nostalgia toy videos on YouTube; mostly retrospects and individuals gushing about their favorite figures. So rare is it for a video to surface that takes a slice right out of time, and even more-so wh... read
You might remember back in July Harmony Gold field a lawsuit against Hasbro over their SDCC 2013 exclusive G.I. Joe and the Transformers: The Epic Conclusion figure set which, among other things, includes a repainted/remolded... read feature

Custom Made Monday: For the love of BMO and soy sauce

My Little Pony, Wolverine, Dragon Ball Z, and more!
Oct 07
It's Monday once again, and that means it's time for another edition of Custom Made Monday. This week's roundup features more popular characters, as well as beautiful original creations. There's some great fan creations and ... read
Nendoroid Petit Macross

Nendoroid Petit Macross set gives me an information high

Also, my boyfriend's a pilot now
Aug 27
If there's any franchise that's needed some more figures of its characters, its Macross. While Frontier has been getting most of the attention being the latest hot thing, the older series such as Seven or Plus have been somew... read
Harmony Gold vs Hasbro

Harmony Gold sues Hasbro over SDCC Jetfire

Harmony Gold claims use of Jetfire in SDCC exclusive G.I.Joe vs. Transformers set causes damage to their company
Jul 25
Well here's a lawsuit 30 years in the making. Back in 1984 when Hasbro was piecing together the start of the Transformers franchise they shopped around Japan for robot toys they could cram together into a single, cohesive sto... read
Gundam, Pokemon, Macross

Gunpla, Pokepla, and Macross fight it out in pre-orders

Yes, this is a lot of plamo
Jun 19
Things will be very busy for the modeler this summer. With a flurry of pre-orders today, you can already stack that backlog up even higher. Today's selections aren't just the typical Gunpla, but also selections from Macross a... read
[Updated with with pre-order links at the bottom] Mikatan just previewed GSC's latest Nendoroid of Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier. I don't know about you all, but Macross Frontier is still an enchanting show to me des... read feature

Nendoroid Sheryl Nome, now in color

Ah, much better
Apr 27
Also from the current Good Smile Company event, we've got some fuzzy pictures of upcoming Nendoroid Sheryl Nome! We previously saw her unpainted at Miyazawa Model Expo, and now she's all bright and shiny. Despite the fuzzy im... read

Bandai makes old new with 1/72 Hikaru's VF-1A/S Valkyrie

Now let's get down to Focker while we're at it
Mar 29
The love for Macross has been a nearly 30 year affair. With Frontier receiving so much of the attention over the past couple of years, it's time to step back and look at what got us to this point. While chogokin and other fig... read

See Banpresto's latest figures from the 31st Prize Fair

Fate/Zero, K-ON!, IDOLM@STER, and many others hit the show!
Feb 22
Just when you thought all of the figure shows were over for February another one sneaks in with a bunch of new things to see. Dengeki Hobby has posted their coverage of the Japan Amusement Expo 2013 31st Prize Expo showi... read
Mikatan has posted a little gallery of photos from the Hobby Maker Exhibition that follows Wonder Festival 2013, and to no one's surprise, it's mostly of Good Smile and Max Factory items.  There's some new stuff in here,... read feature

C3 x Chara Hobby 2012: Collectage

Aug 27
Collectage are collections of premium chibi candy toys made by Bandai (here's the link to their main page). So far, the figures they're showing off are from Nisemonogatari and Tiger & Bunny, as well as a teaser for upcomi... read

C3 x Chara Hobby 2012: Dengeki shares its exclusives!

Aug 27
Dengeki Hobby took Chara Hobby as a chance to show off the various exclusives they will be offering to buyers over the coming months and some are real doozies! We've already seen the beach queens but we now have shots of Jizu... read
Our favorite Galactic Fairy songstress is back in another outfit, and a whole new song and dance (from Sayonara no Tsubasa) for the Figuarts ZERO line! I received this sample as a prize for the most recent Monthly Megapixel c... read feature

Reserve or Regret? Import round up for May 31, 2012

May 31
So another month has come to an end and it seems the figure makers want to make sure our wallets are empty before closing it. The big thing would have to be the assortment of figures from Fate/Zero from Good Smile Company and... read

Reserve or Regret? Import round up for May 15, 2012

May 15
Who is getting paid today? Hopefully many of you because that's money you'll want to put to the side for today's Reserve or Regret! Though few, there is mostly fan favorites today up for pre-order. Probably the biggest releas... read

Reserve or Regret? Import round up for May 14, 2012

May 14
Oh, hey, it's a Monday. If this Monday has you down, one way to make yourself feel better is to spend some money you don't have. So how about it? Might I interest you in something in today's Reserve or Regret? Maybe something... read

Reserve or Regret? Import round up for April 16, 2012

Apr 17
Buy somethin' will ya! Hmm... if that wasn't a few characters longer, maybe that would have been a better title for Reserve or Regret. That is what I'm trying to get you to do with this daily feature after all. Pre-orders hav... read

Reserve or Regret? Import round up for March 26, 2012

Mar 27
Getting sick sucks. It also sucks to know that I have been allowing you folks to get away without spending money. That has gone on long enough. Pull out those credit cards, borrow some cash, or do what you must because it's t... read

Prize Fair 2012 Summer: Banpresto

Feb 18
Seems like the events just keep coming. Just a few days ago, GA Graphic posted a look at the prize figures from Banpresto that would be on display at the AOU Amusement Expo 2012 event being held in Japan on February 18, 2012.... read

Ichiban Kuji Revisit Macross F once again with Two new figures

Oct 24
You know, at this point, I'm starting to feel bad for the rest of the female cast of Macross F who don't get many figure releases, like Klein Klan. Then I see a new Sheryl Nome Figure and forget about it! Probably a good thin... read
Oh, hey, wasn't the latest Macross Frontier movie just released on DVD and Blu-ray? What perfect timing to talk about the little lady idol that has stolen my heart? If you've been following my ramblings on this site, you'll k... read feature


Tomocast 32: Macross

Oct 18 // Pedro Cortes
This is one of those episodes that I've been waiting to do for a while. I love the Macross franchise, what with the typically excellent music, dramatic stories, sexy ladies and sexier planes. So for this episode, I got associ... read feature

Tonight I'm joined by Tomopop associate editor Andres Cerrato, Japanator associate editor Hiroko Yamamura and Chris Guanche of Mecha & Anime Headquarters fame to talk about the seminal Macross series. We'll talk abou... read feature

For those who weren't lucky, here's a gallery of the Macross F ~Utahime Collection~

Jun 08
Oh, Banpresto's Ichiban Kuji. Your name only fills collectors with rage or tears as they empty their bank account. Especially if you're a fan of Macross Frontier. Banpresto has another set coming out called the Ichiban Kuji P... read

New Macross Frontier R-Style figures just don't do it for me

May 24
Chibi Macross Frontier figures just don't do it for me. There's just something about their design that does not lend itself to the style. Now there are some exceptions to the rule, like the Macross Half Ag... read

Blow away your whole tax return on this re-release of SDF-1 Macross

Apr 18
There is absolutely nothing more iconic in anime than the majestic sight of the Super Dimensional Fortress Macross. Yamato is re-releasing their 1/3000 scale toy, and trust me, fans -- you do not... read

A closer look at the Macross Frontier Second Stage prize figures

Mar 28
The influx of Sheryl and Ranka figures will never end! Akiba Hobby is showing off images of the Ichiban Kuji Macross Frontier ~Diva Collection~ Second Stage set of figures by Banpresto (first seen here!). Sheryl is looking go... read
It's pretty much common knowledge by now that I have effectively three major pillars in my hobby (well, two big ones and one slightly less major one). First, I love mecha. Gundams are all well and good but I have a real so... read feature

The next figures from the latest Ichiban Kuji Macross F set make an appearance!

Mar 08
As expected, Banpresto released another set of Macross F figures in their Ichiban Kuji line to coincide with the release of the second movie, Macross F: Sayonara no Tsubasa, or the Wings of Goodbye if you want to use ye olde ... read

Prepare to welcome spring with Banpresto's newest SQ Prize figures

Mar 04
Banpresto has revealed their release schedule for their upcoming SQ Prize figure line. From what I gather, the SQ line is a premium line of UFO prize figures, featuring popular anime heroines. I'm loving the poses o... read

Buff up with Yamato's Macross armor set

Mar 02
Sigh... The good old GBP-1S armor system. It is still the standard I use to today to measure any mecha armor. It is nothing like the passe exo-suits the kids are saying are all the rage nowadays. Designed for Yamato's 1/60 Hi... read

Check out this awesomely meaty figure of Ranka Lee, just released by Banpresto

Feb 28
Around mid-December, we saw an image of a cute-looking Ranka Lee prototype and were left with the suggestion that sometime in February we'd be seeing her again. Now, right on time (on the very last day of February) we have go... read

Bundling lovely trading figures in magazines is a conspiracy to make me read more

Feb 24
I absolutely love bonus items, and they are even sweeter when they come with things I already budget and buy. Japanese publishers are heating up the battle to sell issues with some tempting anime... read

February brings a whole load of new Macross Frontier Ichiban Kuji goods

Feb 21
Oh Ichiban Kuji, how you love to torture me with all your unobtainable seductions! A little while back Chris Seto gave us a look at some of the unpainted shots of these upcoming figures, and the final images have re... read

Reenact the greatest getaway in anime history!

Jan 24
Can't figure how to dress up your Yamato 1/60 VF-1 on a Saturday night? How about a Zentradi officer uniform from Yamato? I was jumping out of my seat when we got a preview of this last July. Well, it's no... read
I'm probably at risk of sounding like a broken record at this rate but I think that most readers will be aware of my stance regarding Sheryl Nome (I like her, a LOT!). So when some images of the latest Sheryl figure started c... read feature

More Macross Frontier figures are incoming, courtesy of Banpresto!

Dec 22
The second Macross Frontier movie, The Wings of Goodbye, is almost upon us, with the theatrical release being scheduled for early February. So you know what that means: more figures of the lovely galaxy fairy, Sheryl Nome! Oh... read

Banpresto reveals some cute Macross Frontier diva Ichiban Kuji prize figures

Dec 17
Fans of our resident divas from Macross Frontier will be excited to see these upcoming figures of Ranka Lee and Sheryl Nome, as a part of the Ichiban Kuji ~Diva Collection~ First Stage. The first reveal was a 20cm tall Ranka ... read

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