Limited Edition 3-Eyed Mickey Mouse now on sale

Feb 27
This is one of my "do not know if want" moments. Temenosuke has brought Disney x CLOT x MINDstyle's 3-Eyed Mickey to my attention, which just went up for reservation at a whopping ¥15,750. What do you folks think? Origina... read

Tron Stitch now available to join your Ohana through Sideshow

Jul 11
Back in April I updated everyone when community member clevetheripper let us know that Tron Stitch was available to purchase through DeKorner. He's still somewhat available there (you have the option to purchase a signed figu... read

Lilo Cosplay Stitch is in stock at Tenacious Toys!

May 16
Remember back in 2009 when MINDstyle did that really cool Experiment 626 project with the Stitch forms we were always rambling on about? It's been a while since I've seen anywhere you could pick up that precious Lilo "Cosplay... read

Finally spotted: Tron Stitch on sale!

Apr 21
Back in January I was baffled by the lack of Tron Stitch anywhere to be found. It was supposedly released for Tron: Legacy and during San Diego Comic Con 2010, but now the bafflement is over. You can now purchase one of these... read

Two more Pook-a-Looz vinyl toys announced by MINDstyle

Jan 11
Additional to the Pook-a-Looz vinyl figures that Colette posted about last week, MINDstyle has added pictures of the Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter. These are beyond adorable, and I really, really hope that we have a chance ... read

MINDstyle teases two series of Stitch mini figures for release this year

Jan 07
MINDstyle blog has been teasing not one, but two series of Stitch mini figures to be released starting in the Second quarter of this year. The first series features a lot of classic Disney characters. My favorites by the look... read

Under the Radar: Tron Stitch

Jan 06
Continuing with the ultra-cute Experiment 626 series is the recently released Tron Stitch, by Scott Zillner. This toy has a limited size of only 300, and was set for release at San Diego Comic Con, 2010. On the MINDstyle blog... read

MINDstyle announces Pook-a-Looz series 1

Jan 06
In case you don't already know, DIsney has a very cute plush line of their popular characters called Pook-a-Looz. MINDstyle has announced this morning that they will be adapting the distinctive collection into collectibl... read

Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda creates a perverse new version of Alice in Wonderland

Jan 06
Whoa. Like, whoa. I am so into this new take on Alice in Wonderland, it is not even funny. Created by Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park and sculpted by Dave Cortes from Inu Art Studio, this figure will be distributed by MINDst... read

Problems with MINDstyle's exclusive vinyl figure for Epic Mickey

Jan 04
One of the things I got for Christmas this year was the Collector's Edition of Epic Mickey. I was really excited for it, because it comes with some stickers and an extra disc, but especially for the vinyl figure. When I looke... read

Promoted Post: Somakun's amazing custom Experiment 626 as Toothless

Dec 10
   Our community member Somakun has a truly spectacular custom he did, and shared on the c-blogs not too long ago. It was too good to not share it on the front page with everyone else, though. This custom, titled Ni... read

Giant, angry Mickey Mouse is not one to cross

Nov 23
So has anyone else heard about Disney's new plans? No more traditional fairy tales? Yeah, apparently they're no longer a viable source of income, and Disney has no plans on doing what they've been doing best for decades. But ... read

Alright boys, put 'em up! It's Mad Mickey and Manny Pacquiao in the ring!

Nov 09
Show me your dukes! Wait, no! Not me! I was just looking at Mad Mickey and Manny Pacquiao and imagining the fight for myself! In any case, here are two Bloc28 figures that are running for an upcoming fight this month. MI... read

Alice in Wonderland: teaser number two!

Nov 02
Last week, MINDstyle teased what looked like the Mad Hatter on their blog. Over the weekend they went and posted a second teaser, this time with less Hatter and more of what looks like a full-bodied figure of Alice, herself! ... read

MINDstyle reveals their NBA Collector Series line

Oct 29
MINDstyle has another post up on their blog, and like our last one, this one's kind of interesting, too. Apparently, they are making a line of licensed NBA vinyl figures. They'll be blind-boxed and come with a basketball acce... read

Take a gander at the Epic production process

Oct 28
By Epic, I definitely mean Epic Mickey vinyl figures! We've been talking about the game, because it comes with a MINDstyle five-inch vinyl of Mickey as seen in the game with his paintbrush weapon. It also comes with a few oth... read

MINDstyle teases an Alice in Wonderland release

Oct 28
So, this is the teaser. I'm not sure if it's a set or a single figurine, but it's apparent by the image above that the Mad Hatter is somehow involved! MINDstyle posted this with a simple quote: “I have just three things... read

MINDstyle making a ... Tron Bambi?

Oct 27
Over at MINDstyle's blog, they've posted their latest collaboration with Disney. And ... it's Tron Bambi? Yes, I'm serious: an exclusive sculpt by Edison Chen and the Clot family for their Shanghai store, Man Is In The Forest... read

MINDstyle teases the animatronic Donald Duck from Epic Mickey

Sep 09
MINDstyle have kept us wondering about the future of the collectibles from the Wii game Epic Mickey. We did see the announcement of a figure from them being packed with the game's Collector's Edition, and now MINDstyle has up... read

Epic Mickey Collector's Edition, is it epic enough?

Aug 30
I am now of the opinion that every game that is planned for release gets some sort of collector's edition, we just don't hear about all of them. As as a lot of them are getting progressively sillier (see: Modern Warfare 2's N... read

MINDstyle takes the hardwood with NBA minifigs

Aug 03
Sure, people are tired about hearing about Lebron James this summer, but he's not in this set so we won't have to talk about him! This fall, MINDstyle is bringing their unique vinyl style to the court with Series 1 of their N... read

SDCC 2010: Yotoy's first painted prototypes shown at MINDstyle

Jul 24
Am I stalking the work of Norio Fujikawa? Yes, well, I might be. I've been fascinated with his designs since we saw his Rocket Boy and Girl images, and we jumped on the chance to do an interview with him recently. In fact, we... read

Vinyl Pulse, MINDstyle announce SDCC Stitch exclusive

Jul 19
Vinyl Pulse and MINDstyle have teamed up to release a special version of MINDstyle's Stitch figure just for Comic Con. Designed by Angry Woebots, this "angry" Stitch means business and is limited to a run of 300 pie... read

MINDstyle's Alien Invasion turns the alien from Toy Story into a platform

Jun 07
You all probably remember the little aliens at Pizza Planet in Toy Story and now, MINDstyle has brought those aliens to life in vinyl form for a new custom show entitled Alien Invasion. These iconic little aliens have been cu... read

MINDstyle gives us a sneak peek at Year of the Tigger and more

Jun 01
What's MINDstyle got in store for us this year? Well, they gave us a look on their blog this morning at two new figures we can keep an eye out for. The first, Year of the Tigger, is a part of the Art Toy Collectible line and ... read

MINDstyle's Mad Mickey is live and in color

May 20
I swear, I've talked so highly about this figure, but after seeing it in color I'm at an absolute loss for words. I am so in love with this figure it's not even funny, and MINDstyle has absolutely blown my mind. In a recent b... read

MINDstyle's P.O.P. Collection Mad Mickey prototypes emerge

Apr 22
You might remember my earlier prototype post of MINDstyle's Mad Mickey, but he's now been sculpted and is ready for painting. Over on the MINDstyle Blog they posted the newest images, and seeing them has made me incredibly gi... read

Professional boxing meets vinyl: MINDstyle's Manny Pacquiao prototype

Apr 05
I admit that I don't follow professional boxing quite as closely as I used to, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't know Manny Pacquiao's name. Aside from having held seven world titles, he's probably the most famous Fili... read

MINDstyle's Mad Mickey is an angry prototype

Apr 05
MINDstyle has stolen my heart once again with yet another fabulous Mickey Mouse they've created. They have now shown off their prototype for Mad Mickey on their blog, and I'm so excited to see what it looks like sculpted and ... read

MINDstyle releases the Toy Story Aliens as the newest invasion

Mar 02
“You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful place in the world, but it requires people to make the dream a reality." That was one of my favorite quotes that Walt Disney once said, and was ... read

MINDstyle's Disney x Stitch vinyl figures series one

Feb 16
I admit that I've been openly in love with MINDstyle's Stitch form ever since it was originally announced. As we saw the figure morph into an entire project, we also got to see its versatility as it was transformed into many ... read

Get ready for WEENfaktory and the WEENeze

Jan 12
Mr. WEEN aka MADSTEEZ aka Mark Paul Deren is teaming up with MINDstyle to bring WEENfaktory to the world. To explain, it is essentially a traveling exhibition that will promote and sell the works of the&nb... read

MINDstyle announces Tron figures coming in time for Comic-Con

Jan 05
Leave it to MINDstyle to take something that totally rocks and make it rock ... more. We just spied a note on their blog that they are bringing a new debut to this year's San Diego Comic-Con: Tron figures. They will apparentl... read

Disney and MINDstyle reveal final Mad Hatter Project artist

Dec 30
MINDstyle has finally announced the fourth special guest artist for their 2010 Alice in Wonderland inspired art toy project in collaboration with Disney, the Mad Hatter Project. Michael Lau, oftentimes considered the originat... read

MINDstyle acquires the Looney Tunes license, pure awesome to follow

Dec 28
If you know anything about designer toys, when you hear the name MINDstyle, you know what to expect: a high level of quality and attention to detail. It took us a while to dig ourselves out of the pile of toys we all got for ... read

Two sugary-sweet figures from Buff Monster x MINDstyle

Nov 15
MINDstyle is releasing two new figures with Buff Monster (whose website is titled Art of Super Happy Pink--how awesome is that?) next year. The first is a limited edition hot pink 15" edition of his signature Buff Monste... read

MINDstyle and Disney go at it again with the Mad Hatter Project

Oct 30
MINDstyle and Disney have really hit it off, as they are beginning yet another collaboration art project in toys. A very select group of artists have been asked to reinterpret characters that were in Disney's Alice in Wonderl... read

MINDstyle releases the hounds, er.. Stitches with Series 2 of Stitch Experiment 626

Oct 20
The original run the of MINDstyle's Stitch Experiment 626 Artist Series showed me how different artists can customize the exact same toy, and how absolutely creative and differently all of them will do so. Series 2 has now be... read

Pre-orders for Chernabog, Fantasia's frightening villain, end tonight

Sep 14
The film Fantasia holds an extra special place in my heart. Walt Disney's masterpiece of classical music fused with animation has been one of my greatest stress-relievers for almost 18 years. If I am ever feeling like my worl... read

Peekaboo's Stitch customs might peck your eyes out

Aug 17
It seems like customs artists these days have a strange affinity for making Disney's lovable Stitch character a terrifying shadow of his normal self--or at the very least, the sort of thing that's more than a little unnerving... read

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