Vinyl Thoughts 5 photo
Vinyl Thoughts 5

A peek at the customs of Vinyl Thoughts 5

Show opens in Dallas on Thursday evening
Sep 23
// Brian Szabelski
Just a quick reminder: the Vinyl Thoughts 5: MADL Makers show is this Thursday in Dallas, Texas, and Shelby over at Vinyl Thoughts has sent us photos of three of the customs in the show. The custom 5-inch MADLs are:  &l...
Vinyl Thoughts 5 photo
Vinyl Thoughts 5

Vinyl Thoughts 5 goes MAD

Custom show returns to Dallas with a MADL theme
Aug 18
// Brian Szabelski
Vinyl Thoughts is heading back to Dallas and Quixotic World for their fifth show, and this time the theme's a bit mad. Or I should say MAD: Vinyl Thoughts 5 - MADL Makers will feature more than 70 artists customizing MADLs as...
MADL Phase 4 photo
MADL Phase 4

MADL Phase 4 officially launches March 8

Special launch event to feature MAD at Rotofugi
Feb 27
// Brian Szabelski
MAD's new MADL Phase 4 series is almost ready to invade stores near you, and for this series, he's wrapped two of his classic characters around the MADL body. The trio of releases are MAD's Mad Ape, Modernhero and Maemaemon, ...

Artmymind throws down a few new customs

That is a Ryu and Sagat MADL set, in case you were wondering
Jan 14
// Brian Szabelski
Artmymind have some new customs they've completed and are showing off; as you might expect, they're pretty cool. First (via Tenacious Toys), we have photos of a custom MADL set done on commission that are of Street Fighter's ...

What time is it? Time for some Finn and Jake custom vinyl love
MAD has something for you Adventure Time fans out there: a custom MADL based off Finn and Jake! Mostly Finn, but still, it's actually a fun design. I'm not too sure what the scale of the MADL is (probably a 5-inch one), ...


Carson Catlin cut up plenty of vinyl for DesignerCon

The figures suffered, but we reap the rewards
Oct 30
// Kristina Pino
Check out the gallery for some pictures of the always-fun stuff that Carson is bringing over to Designer Con, which includes another full 10-figure set of 3-inch Dunnys (US$50 each), three 10-inch Mad'ls (US$300 each) with 5-...

Wheelbarrow's new Dunnys are clearly eye-catching

C-THRU ty_po Dunnys, other designer customs available now in his shop
Oct 25
// Brian Szabelski
Ryan the Wheelbarrow has some new entries in his ty_po custom toy series available, and they're clearly a little different. Bad puns aside, the new C-THRU ty_po Dunnys use nine transparent Damarak the Destroyer 3-inch Du...

NYCC 2012: Ian Ziobrowski

All the NUGGS in town -- on display!
Oct 15
// Kristina Pino
I'm always impressed with Ian Ziobrowski's work because he's so great at expressions on his customs. I love the faces on his figures -- they make 'em stand out! Check out the gallery for pictures of his recent works which wer...

Jade Mini MADLs now available

Latest in handcrafted 3-inch figure series from MAD
Sep 07
// Brian Szabelski
It seems so far we've been late to every single Mini MADL release because these tend to sellpretty quick, but today, we've caught one on time! The Jade Mini MADL is now available for purchase, each 3-inch figure handcasted in...

RocketBoy Customs offers up a custom MADL raffle

Aug 09
// Brian Szabelski
RocketBoy Customs (a.k.a. Ryan McClure) is offering up a custom MADL for raffle, based on the  Wally Street character from Ryan's comic, Waking Wally Street. The 5-inch MADL is one of a kind, and features Wally with some...

Mini-MADLs coming in resin soon

Mar 09 // Brian Szabelski

According to SpankyStokes, MAD is shrinking down his MADL figures and taking them to the world of resin! The Mini-MADL series was teased via a new photo showing the clear resin pulls of the smaller, 2-inch tall figure, which ...


Carson Catlin shares 3 new custom cuts!

Jan 04
// Rio McCarthy
I cannot put into words how much I love the look of cutout customs! Carson Catlin has shared three of his pieces and I'm absolutely in awe. This time around we have a Munny, a Labbit and a MADL custom, all of which look incre...

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