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1:00 PM on 08.18.2014

Vinyl Thoughts 5 goes MAD

Vinyl Thoughts is heading back to Dallas and Quixotic World for their fifth show, and this time the theme's a bit mad. Or I should say MAD: Vinyl Thoughts 5 - MADL Makers will feature more than 70 artists customizing MADLs as...

Brian Szabelski

5:30 AM on 05.16.2014

Wave goes totally insane with Beach Queens Premium

While I think Wave's Beach Queens line is (usually) fine, I'm not exactly chomping at the bit for news about them. That might be why I missed that a pair of Galilei Donna Beach Queens announced last month kicked off...

Martin Siggers

MADL Phase 4 officially launches March 8 photo
MADL Phase 4 officially launches March 8
by Brian Szabelski

MAD's new MADL Phase 4 series is almost ready to invade stores near you, and for this series, he's wrapped two of his classic characters around the MADL body. The trio of releases are MAD's Mad Ape, Modernhero and Maemaemon, with the latter of the three being a design by MAD's daughter. It looks pretty cute!

The series had a soft launch of sorts back at the end of January when MAD put a bunch of these in his shop, but this is the official release party and signing for these will be March 8 at Rotofugi (2780 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago) from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Central. MADL Phase 4 pieces will be US$35 individually or US$100 for a set of all three (a US$5 discount).

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Kidrobot unleashes the HolidAPE Dunny photo
Kidrobot unleashes the HolidAPE Dunny
by Brian Szabelski

The annual Kidrobot holiday Dunny is upon us, and it's MAD's HolidAPE. This year's design is indeed a primate in holiday colors; one is a red-and-green Christmas affair, while the other is a silver/white/light blue Hanukkah variant. It even has a menorah and dreidel on the ears in place of the ball ornament and candy cane.

These guys are US$11.99 and available at and most designer toy retailers.

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Custom Delights: MAD's Finn and Cartoon Network MADLs photo
Custom Delights: MAD's Finn and Cartoon Network MADLs
by Brian Szabelski

MAD has something for you Adventure Time fans out there: a custom MADL based off Finn and Jake! Mostly Finn, but still, it's actually a fun design. I'm not too sure what the scale of the MADL is (probably a 5-inch one), but what I like about it is how MAD's own style has been fused with the show's animation style to create something that should be recognizable for fans of either.

But even if you're not a fan of Adventure Time (somehow), MAD's got a second MADL that he's done with features characters from Cartoon Network series both past and present. I might actually like that one better than the Finn one ... if only we could get a glimpse at the other side of it.

Sadly, you can't get either custom ... but you can get something inspired by them. MAD's Battle Ready silkscreen print is available in the Cartoon Network shop for US$69.95 (it's 18 inches by 24 inches and limited to 200 prints). The print, like the customs, takes MAD's style and applies it to Jake and Finn

[via myplasticblog]

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Tomopop Review: Bruce Lee's Temple of Kung Fu: Series One photo
Tomopop Review: Bruce Lee's Temple of Kung Fu: Series One
by Kristina Pino

When Brian first previewed these figures, he was definitely excited for the release, even after it was pushed back. From the beginning, Bruce Lee's Temple of Kung Fu (MAD x Round5 with Collect Bruce Lee) looked like a winner.

With 28 different designs, some of which are variants or mystery figures and most of them featuring extra molding and accessories, there's much fun to be had with these figures. Check out my full review based on some samples after the jump!

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Android Series 03 coming on Sept. 24 photo
Android Series 03 coming on Sept. 24
by Brian Szabelski

We brought you a little bit of news about Android Series 03 last week, but we've got even more to share! First, there's the release date: Android Series 03 starts dropping on Sept. 24 at 11 a.m. Eastern (8 a.m. Pacific) in the Dead Zebra store, with retailers receiving them shortly after that; check in with your local shops to see when they've got them in stock! Plus, the DYZplastic blog has shown off a few new designs for the series, and some are pretty cool.

Our gallery has photos of all the revealed designs, including the Red, Clear and Nexus Androids; Barista Boy by Andrew Bell; Intergalactic by kaNO (yes, Beastie Boys-themed!); Cry-On by MAD (with spray can shaking sounds!); and Professor Skully McRivethead by Huck Gee. Add to that list a design you can see on the checklist, Whoogle the Owl by Gary Ham, and Series 03 is looking pretty solid. What do you think of the designs, Tomopop readers?

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