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Lunartik new items photo
Lunartik new items

Lunartik's Year of Tea subs, Plastik Surgery book available

One teaches you to make toys; the other gives you them
Dec 16
// Brian Szabelski
Lunartik's Year of Tea subscriptions are open for 2015! The lucky 100 folks who subscribe will get 12 mini-teas for 2015 (one per month) plus a special Cherry Tea chase and the SDCC exclusive for July's release. So if you hav...

Hooray! Buffy gets her own blind box series from Titan Merchandise

The absolute best series about vampires
Jul 17
// Vanessa Cubillo
Titan Merchandise and Luartik are really bringing it! They keep coming out with figure series from great shows and movies, and today’s announcement is the best. They will be making a Buffy the Vampire Slayer figure ser...
Alien photo

Lunartik releases Alien The Nostromo Collection

Another great blind box collection from Matt Jones
Jun 20
// Vanessa Cubillo
Matt Jones is on a roll with creating figures from popular series! First it with was Doctor Who, then Breaking Bad, now it’s Alien. Partnering up with Titan Merchandise again, Lunartik is releasing a collection of 12 f...
Breaking Bad photo
Breaking Bad

Lunartik releases Breaking Bad Heisenberg Collection

I know what Breaking Bad fans are getting for Christmas
Jun 13
// Vanessa Cubillo
Matt Jones, also known as Lunartik, is releasing a Breaking Bad figure series through Sony and Titan Merchandise. Similar to his Doctor Who series, this will include 12 figures from the award-winning AMC show. So fans of Bre...

Livestream  photo

Episode 2 of our DIY toy livestream will air tonight at 9pm EST

I will tackle Lunartik BIY Loose Tea
Mar 04
// Vanessa Cubillo
EDIT: My livestream is running now on my personal account: TomoVanessa due to technical difficulties. I'm live now! Hello DIY lovers! Tonight I'll be continuing our DIY toy livestream series. My first episode focused on ...
Lunartik photo

Lunartik is releasing a special Christmas brew

It's officially ok to talk about Christmas
Nov 29
// Vanessa Cubillo
Now that Thanksgiving is officially over, I’m not annoyed anymore by all the Christmas movies and commercials. Bring on the holiday cheer! That’s why Lunartik’s newest figure is positively delightful. I&rsq...
Lunartik Doctor Who APs photo
Lunartik Doctor Who APs

New Lunartik Doctor Who artist proofs available

Each signed by Lunartik himself, just in time for 50th anniversary
Nov 25
// Brian Szabelski
Lunartik has just released a bunch of artist proofs of his Doctor Who figures, just in time for the 50th anniversary. Produced by Titan Entertainment, most are still in stock, including a few chases and at least one version o...
Lunartik Witches Brew photo
Lunartik Witches Brew

Lunartik serves up a Witches Brew Tea in a Cup

Special Halloween version available now
Oct 25
// Brian Szabelski
Lunartik's Halloween Special Brew is now available, and it's bloody good. Or at least a bit bloody; the Witches Brew Mini Tea is a bit of undead vinyl with a eye that's fallen out of its socket. Lunartik has made 213 of these...
SDCC 2013: DKE Toys photo
SDCC 2013: DKE Toys

SDCC 2013: DKE Toys

Smaller in size this year, but not when it came to new stuff
Jul 27
// Brian Szabelski
Most of what DKE Toys had at their SDCC booth this year were the exclusives for the show, eschewing the gigantic booth they've had in years past. That meant that unlike years past, there were no tiny surprises tucked away in ...

James Fuller shows off his tasty Ghostbusters custom

Mmm marshmallows
Jul 23
// Vanessa Cubillo
James Fuller, of Fuller Designs, has just released images of his new custom. Using Matt Jones' Lunartik in a Cup of Tea, Fuller designed it to look like Mr. Stay Puft from Ghostbusters. Turning the head and arms into marshma...
Special brew with a superhero theme
As SDCC draws nearer, the time when DKE Toys starts releasing their exclusives info is upon us. Like last year, they're planning to release info every day, and it starts with the first exclusive's reveal: Lunartik's Mys'...

Lunartik's Spud photo
Lunartik's Spud

Custom Delights: Lunartik's Spud

Custom vinyl Cavey for this Friday's show
May 26
// Brian Szabelski
Lunartik has revealed his custom for the upcoming Custom Vinyl Cavey Show, and it's actually pretty darn funny. Taking the Cavey's normal bean shape, he's sculpted around it and made the little critter into a potato, complete...
Lunartik photo

Matt JOnes, Doktor A hosting custom Loose Tea contest

Where Do-It-Yourself becomes Brew-It-Yourself
May 06
// Natalie Kipper
Make yourself a fresh pot of tea and get out the design implements! Matt JOnes and Doktor A are hosting a contest which has entrants designing their own Loose Tea Lunartik in a Cup. You don't necessarily have to buy...

A look at ToyCon UK's wares and exclusives

Apr 02 // Brian Szabelski
Lunartik will be bringing two pieces with him to ToyCon UK. First, there's Royal Tea, a new Mini Tea Special Brew in a pretty white and blue pattern. It'll be a limited release of 200 Teas, each one signed and numbered, for £15 a piece. Also at his booth will be a 2.5-inch resin figure called The Royal Fail - Mail Bomb. It's done-up in ToyCon colors (pink, turquoise and black ... you will be seeing a lot of that color palette in this post) with a run size of 25 signed-and-numbered pieces, retailing at £30. He has also invited a special guest artist to his booth, but hasn't revealed who yet. Sergey Safonov is making the trip from Moscow for the show, and while he won't have his own booth, he'll be hanging out at some fellow artists' booths during the show. At the Hang Gang booth, he'll have a Grape Juice variant of Choir Boy Godot, the superglossy black Luno, and a black/GID Darkest Night piece. At's booth, Sergey is revealing his newest figure, Govra. It'll be available in two designs, Eclipse and Zenith, and there will also be a Govra print available. A signing will take place at the booth at 1 p.m. Creo Design is finally launching their 6-inch Lofing figure at the event in both regular and DIY versions. The regular version will retail for $40 USD (£27.50) while the DIY version will be $30 USD (£20), and will be runs of 300 pieces and 200 pieces, respectively. Remaining figures will be on sale in the Creo Design shop after the event.Also debuting at the show is Creo and Blue-Frog World's Masks of Doom, a series of resin masks for 4-inch Munnys based a bit on MF Doom's awesome mask; and Creo x dust's two pieces, AlterEGO and RAS2013. There's a lot of colorways available, so check the full release list on the ToyCon UK site.And of course, how could we forget all the custom QiQis? Most have been revealed, and you can find all the photos on Creo Design's Facebook album for the event.  Alto will have several pieces at the event. First, there's the Boxen of Oxen, four show-exclusive Little Ox variants. There's 10 of each, retailing at £25 starting at 10 a.m. GMT. And speaking of Little Oxen, new custom Little Oxen will be on display (and on sale) from Sneaky Raccoon, Ume Toys, Drew Millward, Mr. Lister, RunDMB, Lisa Rae Hansen and David Stevenson. Alto's Evil Origami will also be in attendance with the "Unfold" custom show going on tour. Pieces at the show will be those from Lisa Rae Hansen, Klingatron, Conzo, Effektive, Daniel Seex, Robbie Porter, Verity Keniger, Lindstrom Effect, Berg, and DMS. He'll also have a few blank Evil Origami available for £15 each. Then there's the new collab between Alto and DMS, Skelevex. The skull-shaped piece will be at the show in a variety of colors and finishes, according to Alto, and prices will be between £100 and £125 each. There will also be a raffle for two green flocked, wooden plaque-mounted Skelevex heads. Dudebox's offerings at ToyCon will include the remaining Dai Ocean and Bob figures they have in stock. Dolly Oblong teased something for ToyCon with muffinman ... and it's a Billy Brains version of Baldwin! Twenty will be available for £35 each. Also, there will be Dairobo papercraft and a Momo plush available, too. Tesselate will have his works displayed at the GenericArt booth (more on that later), and they include two new debuting members of the ED-IT JD team: C1100 (in two colorways) and the imposing Z9900_P. Also at the show will be new Keyeyes with TC keys (because ToyCon, right?) and special colorways of the B5100 and C1200 robots. Planet Domu will have two pieces coming with them to ToyCon. First is the Womo figure, a collaboration with RunDMB, of which a one-off custom will be at ToyCon for £80. Also debuting at the show is the War Tourist resin figure, a Domu x RunDMB collab, available in the 4-inch DIY version for £45. There will also be custom War Tourists from artists like Stu Witter, Pete Fowler Jon Paul Kaiser and A Little Stranger; see the ToyCon UK pager for full details. The Tarantulas are bringing a new trio with them: Chompy Man, 1983, and Bubblegum II. The three are apparently collaborations with Onell Design, Fig Lab and Real x Head, with prices to be determined, and Bubblegum II is the vinyl version of a resin figure from SDCC 2009. Jon Paul Kaiser is bringing a new sculpt, his Libertas skulls, in both regular and scribed versions. They use his trademark two-tone style, but the scribed versions have some scribbling on them. Secret code? Maybe ... maybe. Either way, 10 regular skulls (£65) and 5 Scribed skulls (£80) will be available at his booth during the show as soon as the doors open. Ume Toys will have some old resins, like Fletcher the Fatcat and Pepper Popcorn, that it appears he's bringing to ToyCon, but he'll also have a new dapper piece. Say hi to Harrington the Third, a fellow that's one part hat, one part mustache, and one part legs. The resin Harrington is 6.5 inches tall and five will be available at the show for £55 each. There will also be 5 Ditas available (in Hellfire red and black, cyan, Ume pink, cocoa and aged bronze varants) for £75 each. Squink! is bringing a new resin Dunny with him, Happy Dream Man; the little guy will be available in three different colorways for six total at the show. He'll also have a ton of custom vinyl and resin figures of all types, including his Dreamer resin figure, at his booth. Map-Map is promising to show ToyCon stuff soon, but looks like he's working on a custom resin figure. Okkle is bringing his Runts Zero series and a whole bunch of customs. He's been tweeting out what those customs are, including a Foomi called Spring Spirit, a little Trikky called Tinks, and a Raffy he's calling Tim the Giraffe Accountant, complete with glasses. Likewise, Haus of Boz has been tweeting out her customs for ToyCon UK. Not a surprise, they look wonderful. There's the Dunnypillar, Sky Devil, or a series of Huck Gee Rhinos called Black and White. Oh, and there's poop. Yes, a Munnyworld accessory customized and prettied up to prove that you can polish a turd. No photos yet from Cris Rose, but the promise of "50-60 bots for the show, plus an exclusive pin badge colourway and 3 new bot sculpts." Likewise, no news from Lunabee, but she's been tweeting teasers. Looks like lots of different types of custom vinyl creations are on the way! TADO have their Panda Otaku (in two versions), but they're also doing plushes, wooden keychains and resin figures! The resins include two new designs - The Hermazinger and Miss Panda Super Idol. Stitches and Glue are bringing their new release, BuBu, to ToyCon. He's apparently a little monkey in a cage; photos shall be forthcoming, I suspect. [UPDATE: Photos are in! Bubu is 12 inches tall and has arms that extend 65 cm in length.] The Hang Gang is your hangout if you like kaiju or sofubi, with exclusives in ToyCon colors from: Super7 (Mummy Boy and a Foster I will never have now *cries*); Max Toy Co. (Kaiju Negora); Uamou (Uamou figure); Unbox Industries and Jeff Lamm (Spike Wad); and Gary Ham (Wooper Looper). Full details on all the prices and release times are on their blog. Monsters & Mecha will have their Raar plushes (not to be confused with the Dynamite Rex figure, as there's no exclamation point in the name) at the show in various colorways. Artransmitte has a few things from Super7 (a Casket Cruiser colorway), Dynamite Rex (Raaar!), and Brutherford Industries (the UK edition Ice Scream Man featuring a bowler hat). TOYSREVIL has the round-up already taken care of (and they're linking to it anyways), so check it out for a full rundown. Triclops Studio, long story short, is going to be bringing new figures for its' B.A.S.T.A.R.D. series. They've just been teasing them on their blog for most of March. is playing host to new releases from Rebel Scum and Robotic Industries. On the Rebel Scum side of things, the release is a new piece, Kawbanite, featurins a KAWS figure in a crunchy carbonite (actually resin) shell. Six pieces will be available total in two colorways, on sale for £35. Meanwhile, Robotic Industries says goodbye to The Rising with a final purple and black colorway, limited to five pieces and on sale for £30. But they say hello to Dead Dog, a 7-inch-by-4-inch-by-2.5-inch resin figure that lives up to its name. These will also be limited to five pieces at the show, on sale for £40 and coming with a Giclee print. In addition, a new run of Ethan Mk1 custom 5-inch Munnys will be at ToyCon. The Munnys, featuring a resin-cast head with moving mouth, are limited to a pair each in three different colorways, and they'll be £45 each. Mintyfresh has several exclusives for the show. They are: the Union Jack Hug the Killer by Nikopicto; Moony and Stay Gold versions of RESTORE's Debris Japan; two Gazer Busts from Angry Woebots; and the Trooper Lotus from Clogtwo and Mighty Jaxx. GenericArt will be home of artists like Tesselate during the event, but they're also doing some custom shows and releases. One of those is the Mini Tea custom series Fans of Tea 3. Among the participating artists are Reet Neet with his Forrest Gump-inspired LieuTEAnant Dan figure; and Kerry Dyer, who has created a Shakespeare Tea and a series of customs called Taming of the Brew for the event. GenericArt is also playing host to Art in the Groove, a custom vinyl event featuring ... actual vinyl. As in records. A number of British artists have been invited to participate, so be sure to check it out as well if you go. Previous announcements: David Stevenson ToyCon UK exclusives Taylored Curiosities Fossilized Morrows and Giant Monster Embryos Lisa Rae Hansen's MegaSeth A Little Stranger x ToyCon UK's TCon plush and vinyl figure  Cavey ToyConcaveysaurus exclusives ... and the non-ToyConcaveysaurus exclusive colorways Doktor A's Phizogs Unbox Industries/Jeff Lamm exclusives
ToyCon releases photo
More vinyl and resin this weekend than Disco Demolition Night in a pine forest
ToyCon UK opens up this weekend, and many of the major British designer artists will be in attendance (with some surprises, too). Add in the fact that many will be bringing their own pieces to Baden-Powell House, and you have...


Custom Giant Monster Embryos emerge

Creo Design, Lunartik, Haus of Boz and NERVISWR3K show off their creations
Mar 27
// Brian Szabelski
We have previously discussed Taylored Curiosities' Giant Monster Embryos, and the fact that some will be customized as part of the ToyCon UK festivities. We're now getting a peek at some of the custom Embryos from Haus of Boz...
Pre-orders spotted at Forbidden Planet
You might remember that back in January, we posted about Lunartik's Doctor Who mini-figures, but he's not done with just one series. Spotted by SpankyStokes, Series 2 has been revealed by a Forbidden Planet pre-order, and it'...


Under the Radar: Lunartik's Doctor Who blind-box figures

Extermination has never looked so tiny and cute
Jan 14
// Brian Szabelski
Fans of Doctor Who might want to check out what Lunartik has been working on lately. He's partnered with the BBC and Titan Merchandise to design a new series of 3-inch blind-boxed figures based on the current 11th Doctor seri...

Lunartik celebrates the holidays with new papercraft Teas

Now you can make Santea Claus and Elfy Tea from the comfort of your couch
Dec 24
// Brian Szabelski
Lunartik is giving the entire world a Christmas gift this year, and it won't cost you anything more than some paper and time. He's released two new papercraft creations based on his Tea in a Cup figure, Santea Claus and Elfy ...

Lunartik unleashes Halloween Teas

Spooky brews available right now
Oct 26
// Brian Szabelski
Just a few hours ago, our review of Lunartik's Mini Tea in a Cup Series 2 and Loose Tea figures went live. By absolutely stupid coincidence, today also marks the release of Lunartik's special Halloween brew, the Bloody Hot Pu...

Tomopop Review: Lunartik Mini Teas Series 2/B.I.Y. Tea

Oct 26 // Brian Szabelski
Figure Name: Mini Tea in a Cup Series 2Figure Maker: LunartikRetail: US$9.99/£6.99 blind box; US$159.84/£110 for 16-piece caseAvailable at: (individual | case) | myplasticheart (individual | case) | Local retailers (check for availability) As usual, we start with the box ... or cup, in this case. Lunartik has kept a similar graphic design to the Series 1 boxes, but eschewed the usual blind box style — literally a box — for something more coffee cup-style, complete with lid on top. The tea ratios are on the back of the cup while the Mini Tea Series 2 name and info are on the front. As someone who's seen a lot of blind-boxed and blind-bagged releases, I think the cup-style box is a great choice. It really stands out as being different and reinforces the tea theme of the character and series.  The top cover, hiding the figure inside, is actually the Tea Token Collector's Card. This is where you put your Tea Token stickers to send in to Lunartik and claim your limited edition Mini Tea. It's nicely designed to fit the cup's shape and meant to be colored like tea. Hooray for themed boxes!  Underneath that (we're still digging down layers here), we find another little ratio card, made to resemble a tea bag, that folds out. One of the things you can really see with the ratio card is how there's a lot more in terms of detailed designs in Series 2; Series 1 featured a lot of smaller versions of Lunartik's previous pastel, single-colored releases. It's a welcome change because there's only so many colors you can go through, after all. Alright, enough about the cup. Let's get these little guys out! Perhaps by pure coincidence, one of the two designs we have is the one we featured a few months back! This is Emperor, an Asian-inspired tea (with the Chinese character/Japanese kanji for "tea" on the cup), a red fellow with golden eyes inside of an off-white colored cup. Each Tea is still the same sculpt and same 2.5-inch size, with the same points of articulation as found in Series 1 at the arms and neck. In a sense, they're a lot like some of the earlier Dunnys and other series; you're really getting new designs here on the same exact platform. That's not to say Emperor is a bad design; I quite like it. It's simple, yet there's enough to make it stand out among the other Mini Teas. But if you were going in to this review thinking there might be some sculpt change in Mini Teas Series 2, then sorry to burst your bubble, but that's not the case.  Of course, the bottom of the cup is where you'll find all the printed info on the Mini Teas. The base itself is very stable and there's no problem with stability, such as leaning or tipping over, unless you decide to push it over yourself.  The second tea happened to be Organik, a green tea-themed entry that's cast in light and dark green colors. It's a little bland and basic, but most blind-boxed series have a figure like this. I think it'll satisfy fans of Series 1 who really liked the simple pastel colorway versions of the Mini Teas. Alongside these two, though, we also received a third Mini Tea, and he's a little bit different: Figure Name: B.I.Y. Loose TeaFigure Maker: LunartikRetail: US$9.99/£6.99 Available at: | myplasticheart | Rotofugi | Local retailers (check for availability) First, as always, the packaging. No death plastic here: everything is taped together on the back to keep it in place, and the packaging is easy to take apart. It's also worth noting that Lunartik's packaging design choice allows you to see all of the parts of the design out front before purchase,so you know exactly what you are getting. It's also super shiny, as evidenced by the reflection of my camera and hands in the back box shot. The taping job and one other clue lead me to believe that Mr. Lunartik himself had used this piece previously in either a photoshoot or something else, because the flaps do look like they've been opened already and retaped with regular tape. Here, you see all the parts of the Loose Tea figure ... except two. The second clue about my figure possibly having been a display piece or otherwise opened previously by Lunartik is that the eyes are not here. They should be two separate pieces you glue into the head to keep them in place, and I don't suspect every Loose Tea is missing its eyes or we'd have heard about it. As mentioned, though, you can see all the parts in the packaging, so you'll know if the eyes or arms or what-have-you are missing. The low number of parts really indicates the simplicity of the design, plus makes it rather easy to assemble once all the parts are painted (or unpainted) to your liking. You also don't have to worry about paint bleed when it's disassembled like so, which should lead to you make a much cleaner-looking custom. Instructions for painting and assembly are included, as the carding on the back of the Loose Tea opens up to reveal all of this. The instructions are very easy to understand for both novices and veterans alike, and include instructions on how to download the Loose Tea Design Template and where to go to upload photos of your completed tea. There will also be a tips section on the Loose Tea page soon to help you make your Loose Tea a custom all your own. Having something like this with your D.I.Y. figure really is essential, so it's great to see Lunartik include it. That being said, assembly is a little bit of a hassle. Notably, the arms with their simple push-peg-into-hole design were the most troublesome as I was a bit worried I'd be applying too much force and snap the vinyl peg right off. Everything else fit pretty well, with only the body not fitting completely snugly (there's a teeny tiny gap you can see there, as the notch appears to have been cut a millimeter too big), and once assembled, it looked pretty much like any other Mini Tea I've ever seen: Well, sans the eyes of course. Not much I can really do about that, though. If you didn't like the first Mini Teas in a Cup, Lunartik's newest series won't convince you otherwise because the only real difference here are the new designs. However, if those little guys in tea cups tickled your fancy before, Series 2 should make you pretty darn happy. There's plenty of new style choices on the figure now that Lunartik has moved past the solid pastel colorways of Series 1. As for the B.I.Y. Loose Tea, it's what you'd expect: a blank, DIY Tea in a Cup that comes unassembled so you can paint the pieces yourself, or if you choose, change things up a bit. Assembly could be a little easier — and I hope yours isn't missing the eyes, too — but there's nothing wrong with the concept or execution of the Loose Tea, and the included instructions are clear enough that anyone should be able to get some great results. If anything having the individual parts already disassembled should make painting a lot easier than say, a Munny or MadL. [Thanks again to Lunartik for sending these along!]
A second serving with a little different flavor
Lunartik's Mini Teas have returned for a second series, with 17 new designs at the fingertips of collectors. The first series seemed to be received positively by the designer toy community from the places I've visited online,...


Fans of Lunartik, your time has arrived: the Mini Tea Series 2 pre-order is almost here! Happening in a half an hour at 4 p.m. GMT (11 a.m. Eastern, 8 a.m. Pacific) at, the 2.5-inch Series 2 figures will be avail...


Lunartik's Mini Teas Series 2 is on the way soon (Sept. 10 according to his last update) and previews of the series have been showing up on the web. We're happy to bring to you one of those previews from the upcoming ser...


Fuller shows off custom Joker, Harley and more

Aug 14
// Kristina Pino
Looks like Fuller's been busy too, because although we've just featured some of his work last week he's back with even more. Check out the gallery for images of an amazing Joker and Harley pair (already have been sold separat...

Matt JOnes makes some spiffy custom Mini-Teas

Aug 04
// Natalie Kipper
Matt JOnes of Lunartik has been a busy, busy toy artist recently. Not only has he been overseeing the production run of Lunartik Mini series 2 but the Mini-Tea Tour 2012 hit Cambridge just yesterday. And yet, Matt still fits ...

Lunartik's Mini Tea Tour 2012 comes to Cambridge

Aug 02
// Brian Szabelski
Lunartik's Mini Tea Tour 2012 is invading the city of Cambridge in the United Kingdom for two stops during the month of August. First, from Aug. 3 to 16, the tour stops at Cambridge Art Salon (29 Cromwell Road, Romsey, Cambri...

Lunartik's Big Licker coming June 27

Jun 25
// Brian Szabelski
Been wondering when Lunartik's newest piece is going to be coming out? The answer: soon. Actually, specifically, Wednesday, June 27. It's not a Tea in a Cup, but the first wave of the Big Licker resin figures! Coming as a two...

Custom Delights: Lunartik's The Street Artist

Jun 07
// Brian Szabelski
Lunartik has sent us a shot of his custom for They Came From The Streets 2, a unique piece called The Street Artist. Made of resin, clay and acrylic paint, Lunartik has sculpted Quite New doing some chalk work on the sidewalk...

Lunartik serves up The Art of Tea

May 29
// Brian Szabelski
Tea has been an important thing for Lunartik, both as a creative fuel and as inspiration for his Tea in a Cup series. His newest resin piece celebrates that combination of art and tea in the appropriately titles The Art of Te...

New works from Lunartik rise from the oceans

Apr 26
// Brian Szabelski
Lunartik has been a busy fellow lately, and he's apparently been out to sea ... or at least that's what the theme of his recent works seem to indicate! First up, there's Waves, a custom Qee he did for the Heavy Metal Qee...

Under the Radar: Lunartik in a Sole

Apr 10
// Natalie Kipper
Matt Jones and Niels de Jong are combining artistic forces to prove that you can't know a toy until you have walked a mile its colorful shoe. Matt's Lunartik figures ride comfortably in Niels's soles, both of which are hand p...

Lunartik brews limited-edition ZX Teas

Feb 17
// Brian Szabelski
Lunartik's newest Tea in a Cup series has just been released, the super-infused ZX Teas blend. The 6.5-inch tall Teas feature black bodies and come in several colorways: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink and purple. Each...

Lunartik creates Snow Mountain Teas for charity

Dec 13
// Brian Szabelski
Lunartik has yet again created a new set of custom Tea in a Cups for charity, this time for Marie Curie Cancer Care's Twitter Advent Calendar. The event helps Marie Curie Cancer Care raise money for nurses to help people wi...

Lunartik's Mr. Tea pities the fool that don't pre-order

Dec 06
// Brian Szabelski
You might remember Mr. Tea from Lunartik's Mini Tea in a Cup as one of the special brews, but now, he's getting a regular-sized Tea in a Cup release! The Mr. Tea piece is 6.5 inches tall and comes with a cup and saucer, golde...

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