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Lunartik's Year of Tea subs, Plastik Surgery book available

Lunartik's Year of Tea subscriptions are open for 2015! The lucky 100 folks who subscribe will get 12 mini-teas for 2015 (one per month) plus a special Cherry Tea chase and the SDCC exclusive for July's release. So if you have a friend who ...

Alien photo

Lunartik releases Alien The Nostromo Collection

Matt Jones is on a roll with creating figures from popular series! First it with was Doctor Who, then Breaking Bad, now it’s Alien. Partnering up with Titan Merchandise again, Lunartik is releasing a collection of 12 figures from the...

Breaking Bad photo

Lunartik releases Breaking Bad Heisenberg Collection

Matt Jones, also known as Lunartik, is releasing a Breaking Bad figure series through Sony and Titan Merchandise. Similar to his Doctor Who series, this will include 12 figures from the award-winning AMC show. So fans of Breaking Bad can c...

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Lunartik is releasing a special Christmas brew

Now that Thanksgiving is officially over, I’m not annoyed anymore by all the Christmas movies and commercials. Bring on the holiday cheer! That’s why Lunartik’s newest figure is positively delightful. I’ve always ad...

Lunartik Doctor Who APs photo

New Lunartik Doctor Who artist proofs available

Lunartik has just released a bunch of artist proofs of his Doctor Who figures, just in time for the 50th anniversary. Produced by Titan Entertainment, most are still in stock, including a few chases and at least one version of all 11 Doctor...

Lunartik Witches Brew photo

Lunartik serves up a Witches Brew Tea in a Cup

Lunartik's Halloween Special Brew is now available, and it's bloody good. Or at least a bit bloody; the Witches Brew Mini Tea is a bit of undead vinyl with a eye that's fallen out of its socket. Lunartik has made 213 of these little fellows...

SDCC 2013: DKE Toys photo

SDCC 2013: DKE Toys

Most of what DKE Toys had at their SDCC booth this year were the exclusives for the show, eschewing the gigantic booth they've had in years past. That meant that unlike years past, there were no tiny surprises tucked away in a corner that t...


James Fuller shows off his tasty Ghostbusters custom

James Fuller, of Fuller Designs, has just released images of his new custom. Using Matt Jones' Lunartik in a Cup of Tea, Fuller designed it to look like Mr. Stay Puft from Ghostbusters. Turning the head and arms into marshmallow parts, he ...


DKE's first SDCC exclusive is Lunarik's Mys'tea'rious

As SDCC draws nearer, the time when DKE Toys starts releasing their exclusives info is upon us. Like last year, they're planning to release info every day, and it starts with the first exclusive's reveal: Lunartik's Mys'tea'rious. The ...

Lunartik's Spud photo

Custom Delights: Lunartik's Spud

Lunartik has revealed his custom for the upcoming Custom Vinyl Cavey Show, and it's actually pretty darn funny. Taking the Cavey's normal bean shape, he's sculpted around it and made the little critter into a potato, complete with eyes that...

Lunartik photo

Matt JOnes, Doktor A hosting custom Loose Tea contest

Make yourself a fresh pot of tea and get out the design implements! Matt JOnes and Doktor A are hosting a contest which has entrants designing their own Loose Tea Lunartik in a Cup. You don't necessarily have to buy one of the DIY...

ToyCon releases photo

A look at ToyCon UK's wares and exclusives

ToyCon UK opens up this weekend, and many of the major British designer artists will be in attendance (with some surprises, too). Add in the fact that many will be bringing their own pieces to Baden-Powell House, and you have a list of excl...


Custom Giant Monster Embryos emerge

We have previously discussed Taylored Curiosities' Giant Monster Embryos, and the fact that some will be customized as part of the ToyCon UK festivities. We're now getting a peek at some of the custom Embryos from Haus of Boz, Lunartik, NER...


Lunartik's Doctor Who designs return for Series 2

You might remember that back in January, we posted about Lunartik's Doctor Who mini-figures, but he's not done with just one series. Spotted by SpankyStokes, Series 2 has been revealed by a Forbidden Planet pre-order, and it's centered arou...


Under the Radar: Lunartik's Doctor Who blind-box figures

Fans of Doctor Who might want to check out what Lunartik has been working on lately. He's partnered with the BBC and Titan Merchandise to design a new series of 3-inch blind-boxed figures based on the current 11th Doctor series, including a...


Lunartik celebrates the holidays with new papercraft Teas

Lunartik is giving the entire world a Christmas gift this year, and it won't cost you anything more than some paper and time. He's released two new papercraft creations based on his Tea in a Cup figure, Santea Claus and Elfy Tea. Both featu...


Lunartik unleashes Halloween Teas

Just a few hours ago, our review of Lunartik's Mini Tea in a Cup Series 2 and Loose Tea figures went live. By absolutely stupid coincidence, today also marks the release of Lunartik's special Halloween brew, the Bloody Hot Pumpkin Tea. In a...


Tomopop Review: Lunartik Mini Teas Series 2/B.I.Y. Tea

Lunartik's Mini Teas have returned for a second series, with 17 new designs at the fingertips of collectors. The first series seemed to be received positively by the designer toy community from the places I've visited online, and I, too, wa...


Lunartik Mini Teas Series 2, BIY Tea open for pre-order

Fans of Lunartik, your time has arrived: the Mini Tea Series 2 pre-order is almost here! Happening in a half an hour at 4 p.m. GMT (11 a.m. Eastern, 8 a.m. Pacific) at Lunartik.com, the 2.5-inch Series 2 figures will be available, with the ...


Tomopop Exclusive: Lunartik Mini Teas Series 2's Emperor

Lunartik's Mini Teas Series 2 is on the way soon (Sept. 10 according to his last update) and previews of the series have been showing up on the web. We're happy to bring to you one of those previews from the upcoming series, a variant ...


Fuller shows off custom Joker, Harley and more

Looks like Fuller's been busy too, because although we've just featured some of his work last week he's back with even more. Check out the gallery for images of an amazing Joker and Harley pair (already have been sold separately), as well a...


Matt JOnes makes some spiffy custom Mini-Teas

Matt JOnes of Lunartik has been a busy, busy toy artist recently. Not only has he been overseeing the production run of Lunartik Mini series 2 but the Mini-Tea Tour 2012 hit Cambridge just yesterday. And yet, Matt still fits in time to make...


Lunartik's Mini Tea Tour 2012 comes to Cambridge

Lunartik's Mini Tea Tour 2012 is invading the city of Cambridge in the United Kingdom for two stops during the month of August. First, from Aug. 3 to 16, the tour stops at Cambridge Art Salon (29 Cromwell Road, Romsey, Cambridge, CB1 3EB), ...


Lunartik's Big Licker coming June 27

Been wondering when Lunartik's newest piece is going to be coming out? The answer: soon. Actually, specifically, Wednesday, June 27. It's not a Tea in a Cup, but the first wave of the Big Licker resin figures! Coming as a two waves of 30 fi...


Custom Delights: Lunartik's The Street Artist

Lunartik has sent us a shot of his custom for They Came From The Streets 2, a unique piece called The Street Artist. Made of resin, clay and acrylic paint, Lunartik has sculpted Quite New doing some chalk work on the sidewalk of himself and...


Lunartik serves up The Art of Tea

Tea has been an important thing for Lunartik, both as a creative fuel and as inspiration for his Tea in a Cup series. His newest resin piece celebrates that combination of art and tea in the appropriately titles The Art of Tea. Featuring a ...


New works from Lunartik rise from the oceans

Lunartik has been a busy fellow lately, and he's apparently been out to sea ... or at least that's what the theme of his recent works seem to indicate! First up, there's Waves, a custom Qee he did for the Heavy Metal Qee Project at For...


Under the Radar: Lunartik in a Sole

Matt Jones and Niels de Jong are combining artistic forces to prove that you can't know a toy until you have walked a mile its colorful shoe. Matt's Lunartik figures ride comfortably in Niels's soles, both of which are hand painted. The 3 i...


Lunartik brews limited-edition ZX Teas

Lunartik's newest Tea in a Cup series has just been released, the super-infused ZX Teas blend. The 6.5-inch tall Teas feature black bodies and come in several colorways: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink and purple. Each colorway is li...


Lunartik creates Snow Mountain Teas for charity

Lunartik has yet again created a new set of custom Tea in a Cups for charity, this time for Marie Curie Cancer Care's Twitter Advent Calendar. The event helps Marie Curie Cancer Care raise money for nurses to help people with terminal can...


Lunartik's Mr. Tea pities the fool that don't pre-order

You might remember Mr. Tea from Lunartik's Mini Tea in a Cup as one of the special brews, but now, he's getting a regular-sized Tea in a Cup release! The Mr. Tea piece is 6.5 inches tall and comes with a cup and saucer, golden tea stirrer a...


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